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The Second Diary Michelle Molina

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The Second Diary Michelle Molina Empty The Second Diary Michelle Molina

Post  Admin on Sun 17 Jan 2010, 7:49 pm

The Second Diary
Michelle Molina
Oct 26, 2009

"Resignation to the will of God frees the mind from a

bondage, the bondage of earthly pursuits and

expectations. Whatever God
wills is pleasing to the resigned soul." Robert Walker


Following the awesome response to the "Diary of

Hell", I thought it
would be great to view it from the other side. The Other

Diary...of Heaven.

The Diary of Heaven
Day 1
I can't believe I am really here. At first I thought I

was dreaming
but I know I'm not. There are so many people. Love and

peace permeate the
entire place. It's like that is what the air is made of: love

and peace.

Angels are all around. There is music and singing

coming from
everywhere. It is so beautiful. I wish I could find the

source of the
singing but it seems to be coming from all around.

I don't know how I got here. I remember a car

accident. Then I felt so
weak. Then I remember seeing an angel standing over

me with his hands
reaching for me. I lifted up my hand to him and then I

was here.

I heard someone say that we are going to see God

and then we are all
going to a feast. I wish I had studied more of the

scriptures about heaven
while I was on earth. I am going to keep following this

crowd. They all seem
to know where they are going.

The streets are gold, but not like I thought they

would be. The
closest comparison I have is a pure gold ring I had

when it was brand new.
There is no tarnish or oils on it to diminish its shine.

Well these streets
are purer looking than that gold ring and they look as

though they have
never been walked on. I know they have, but they look

so clean and
sterile.like nothing dirty has ever touched them.

Oh my! I saw my clothes for the first time while

looking down at that
street. This is not what I wore on earth. It is a gown -

white, but not like
the white I wore before. It shimmers in the glow of this


Someone just exclaimed, "Oh glory to God" and that

sent off shouts of
praise and adoration like I have never heard. Just one

person saying
something about the Lord in praise seems to send out a

chain reaction that
reaches to the very Throne Room!

We are nearing the place where God is. I can tell

because I can hear
"holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty" and know

that has to be those
creatures that worship around His throne all the time.

There are people in here with us on the other side of

the room. They
don't look like we do with clean garments and excited

looks on our faces.
One man is clenching his fists and looks like he wants

to run out of here. I
feel sad for them. I don't know why.

One by one, those people on the left side of the

room are standing
before God. It is strange that I have no concept of time

here. It seems as
though they spend a good amount of time before God

but then again it seems
that they are in and out in no time. There is one thing

that I can never get
used to. I have heard it thousands of time by now.it is

the silence that
falls over heaven when God says, "Depart from me."

I want to run up to God and hug Him and tell Him I

love Him. There is
pain in His voice every time He says it. No wonder it

gets so quiet up here.
Everyone must want to do the same thing to make Him

feel better.

I saw people I knew.people I talked to about God

and people I worked
with. I saw family and friends. It is hard knowing I will

never see them
again. One man I have never seen tried to come over

here and was screaming
at someone he must have known on earth. He kept

saying, "Why didn't you ever
tell me? Why!? We played golf every weekend and you

had time. Why? Why?
Why?" His screams faded. I was looking away. I didn't

want to look at that.
I hope no one does that to me.

Although it seems like the other group just got

started, it is our
turn now. I am trying to think if there was anything that

might make it look
like it is a mistake for me to be in this group. I know if

there is, it is
too late to get clean. That time was only for my time on


That was fast.my name was just called. I am

standing there. God is
smiling. I see Jesus beside Him. Funny how I thought

Jesus would be on the
right SIDE of God, but it is at His right hand.which is His

left side. He is
smiling at me too. I want to say thank you to Him, but I

feel like I have to
wait to see what He wants me to do.

Now I see my life.this must be what everyone has

been looking at
before me. I see the night I surrendered my life to God.

Oh, how happy I was
that night. I saw the night I almost gave in to immorality

and Jesus smiles
as I called on His name! I saw the night people, one by

one, that I kept
sharing my faith with. Some rejected my words and

were in that other group.
Some thought that they were in right standing with God.

But some accepted
the truth that their sin needed to be forgiven and their

lives surrendered.
I see them, one by one, taking my hand and praying

with me.

I know what is coming up. The night I walked away

from God. The night
that the pain of life and the temptation to sin was more

than I was willing
to fight. I try to calm myself. This is bad.

But that scene never comes. Instead, I see another

altar.this time in
front of my bed as I wept and confessed the years I had

spent away from God
and living for myself. I see His blood covering me. It is

so beautiful! I
see Jesus smiling.or is He laughing with joy. He is so

happy about this.

And that was only three weeks before I died. An

involuntary shiver
runs through me. What if..

Jesus is coming to me now. He holds out His arms to

me. I run into
them!! I cannot believe how wonderful this feels. He

smells so good.so pure.
I am crying now.telling Him how much I love Him and

thanking Him for calling
me back, day after day while I was in sin until I yielded.

He says, "My child, I have desired this moment since

before I hung on
that cross. I saw you. I saw your struggles and

everything that would draw
you from me. I destroyed their power and called you

every night and day. I
danced the day you came back to My Kingdom and I

have waited for this moment
to hold you close to me.forever."

I can't breathe.I want to take all the love for Him

that is bursting
inside of me and push it into His heart.so He will know

how much I love Him.

Again, He smiles."I already know, my child, how

much you love me."

He is leading me somewhere.I see a great table and

a feast. He sits me
down and places a plate before me.

I know He sees everyone else but it seems as

though He only sees me.

Then God speaks.

"For this Wedding Feast, I created you. For this

moment of completion,
when my Son and His bride are united, I created you. It

is the reason you
were called to come out of darkness into the light. It is

the reason that
you lived apart from the world. It is for this moment,

when time is
swallowed by eternity, when you know that every

battle, every trial, every
temptation and everything from the realms of darkness

that you resisted and
overcame will no longer have any place in your life.

"For the Lamb of God and His Bride.rejoice!"

And the angels did!

Has this all been one day?

Friends, I hope you enjoyed our glimpse into the

future. What may be a
time of rejoicing for many will be atime of grievous

sorrow for others.
There will be people standing before God on that day

that will be asked to
leave. They will look at us, the ones who pleaded with

them to lay down
their sin and live for God, but at that time there will be

nothing we can

What group are you in today? Have you made a

decision to ask Jesus to
wash your sins away? Are you living for Him? Is there

any area of hidden
sin? Sin is anything Jesus would not do.

If there is, today, if you chose, you can have all of

your sin washed
under His blood by doing what you just read. By

repenting and turning from
your sin and turning to God, Jesus will wash you clean

and walk back into
your life.

The decision is yours. He has opened the door and

is calling you home.
I know you hear His voice. What are you going to tell


Living for the Call,
Michelle Molina

"Dear Father, I come to you today in the name of

your Son, Jesus
Christ. I stand in need of forgiveness. I have been living

in sin - living
for myself. I repent and turn away from that today.

Cleanse my soul and make
me pure again. Restore the joy of my salvation and

renew a right spirit
within me. I forsake the wickedness and will not turn to

it again. I am
sorry. I need you to be the Lord and Savior of my life.

Thank you for
cleansing me in the blood of Jesus. Amen."

Your sister in Christ,

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