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Dear Lonelyheart

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Dear Lonelyheart Empty Dear Lonelyheart

Post  Admin on Sun 07 Feb 2010, 4:06 pm

HEAVEN #3352 Lonely Hearts, January 28, 2010

God said:
Dear Lonelyheart,
You don't like to think about it, but when you do think about it, there is that place where your beautiful heart is lonely. Lonely for what? You know not what, and yet your heart is not quite satisfied. Yes, your heart has moments of great fulfillment, and, sometimes, in those moments, you feel you have passed all the hurdles that life can offer. And then, in a moment of quietude, you hear the far-off tremor of loneliness.
No matter how much love you receive and give, you have a heart beating in your breast that longs for more. Your heart is insatiable. It is not that your heart is greedy. It just wants to be filled with love and more love and love on top of love. Your heart knows it has room for more love and greater love and deeper love. Your heart knows it has the capacity to give greater love.
Your heart longs to give richer love. It is lonely for more love to give. It doesn't want to hold on to love so much as it wants to feel love and give love. Your heart will never be emptied of love, and yet it wants a fill-up. Where is the love station your heart can go to fill up on love and give it out liberally?
This is what you are lonely for, a love station. There are gas stations. Why not a place for love where you can pull up and have your heart taken care of?
There is a heart station, beloveds. You are already at it. Life is the heart station. Life is where you can get your heart filled. It's a funny thing that the more love you give out, the fuller your heart is. This love station goes deep. It is like no other. Life is the station where you can fill your heart up with love, and life is also a drop-off place for love. There is not one without the other.
You are not advised to follow any speed limit when it comes to your heart. There are no lanes your heart has to stay within. There is only love to be given out like confetti at a parade. Confetti falls from above and delights in itself. This is how it is with love as well.
Your heart is a basket of love, and you strew flowers of your heart as if you were a flower girl at a wedding. Right and left, you toss the flower blossoms of your love. And the blossoms of your love are picked up readily, and your heart of flowers is replenished. This is the nature of your heart, to love without cost. Of course, love is priceless. Have you been setting a price on love? Have you given it rules to follow?
Bring your heart to Me, and I will give it a tune-up.
It is okay to feel lonely. It is also okay to give your love away. It is better.
A sense of loneliness has its purpose. It can live with you for a while. It can be a visitor that comes and goes. I will tell you a secret. It is not really your heart that is lonely. It is your thoughts telling you that you are alone, and so you feel wistful. Have your mind tell you that you are never alone, for I am with you.
It doesn't matter what you are lonely for. There is one cure for loneliness. And the cure is life. Life gives the perfect opportunity for you to give love away. The more you give love away, the more love you will feel. Right now, you have more love to give. Start strewing it now. Remember you are My Guest, and everyone else on Earth is also My Guest, and so I ask you humbly to give love to all My Guests. Act in My place. Be the Host of the Universe. Give everything, ask for nothing. You are wealthy in love
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