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Post  Admin on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 1:04 pm


John 2:5


When Jesus performed His first miracle, He was at a wedding celebration. His mother knew that in order to see His power at work, there was one key: “Whatever He says, do it.” It’s the same way with us today, our obedience opens the door to see His power manifest in our lives. The Scripture says, “If we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land.” In other words, we’ll experience God’s abundant blessing when we follow His commands.

Oftentimes, we may be so focused on the thing we are believing for that we overlook simple obedience in other areas. For example, you may need a financial miracle. Maybe you’re tithing and sowing seed like you should, but are you holding unforgiveness toward someone? Is there something else you know you should do?

Today as you meditate upon the Lord ask Him to search your mind and heart. Don’t let anything block His power. Whatever He says, do it and watch that obedience open the door to His blessing in every area of your life!

NOTE that iIn the days of Jesus weddings celebrations could last for over a week and food, drink and entertainment had to be provided for all the guests by the bridegroom. Even in more present era in the 1930's weddings could last for 2 or 3 days. Back in Jesus day it would be a disgrace to the family if there was not plenty through out the time of the celebration.

So it was at the celebration Jesus was attending and His mother. Mary, asked Him to do something about the shortage of wine.It is evident that she knew the power her Son had. Being the obedient son He was, He obeyed. Thus the wonderful miracle of Jesus turning water into wine occurred. Serving the best of everything at the first of the celebration was the normal thing to do and after everyone had fully drunk the host would serve a cheaper wine as the guests wouldn't even know the difference at this point. However, it was different when the wine Jesus provided was served everyone was amazed for it was far better than what was served at the first and so the comment: “…but thou has kept the good wine until now…” was heard.

What can we learn from this miracle?

II. Christ’s participation in the events of life, John 2:1-2

A. The Circumstances - (A wedding – Always a huge social event those days. The celebration could last as long as a week.) We are not told who is getting married, but the focus is not on who is getting married but the miracle that takes place at the wedding feast. It had to be someone special since Mary gets involved to help out the host.(verses 1, 3, 5.)
If this scene teaches us anything, it tells us that Jesus chose to participate in this common, routine, everyday event. Jesus isn’t just for Sunday friends. He desires and deserves to be included in all of your life.
(You see, He is either Lord of all, or He isn’t Lord at all in your life – Acts 10:36.)

B. The Call - Jesus is here by invitation. Someone possessed the forethought and thoughtfulness to call Jesus to this event. He was an invited guest.
Never be guilty of attempting to exclude Jesus from any areas of your life. By virtue of His sacrifice for us at Calvary, He deserves inclusion in all we are and in all we do. Remember 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 – If we are truly His, then He has access rights to everything! You need to open area of your life up to God. You need to stop holding back and give God access to everything.
In too many lives Jesus is left standing outside looking in. (Rev. 3:20).
There are times when Jesus stands ready with the solution to your problem, but instead of butting in, He waits patiently for your invitation! Why not make that happen today?)

C. Christ’s Consideration - Notice that when He was called, Jesus came. In all the events of life, the child of God need never fear Jesus not coming to the aid! He cares and when we call, He will answer us and move in our need. (Matthew 7:7-8; Jeremiah 33:3.)
As the old hymn states:
“Oh what peace we often forfeit,
Oh what needless pain we bear,
When we do not carry,
everything to God in prayer.”
Philippians 4:6-7. Jesus will take you farther, faster!)
III. Christ’s power in the events of life (John 2:3-9)
A. Verse 3 (A Problem) - Sometime, during these festivities, they ran out of wine. This doesn’t sound like much of a problem to us, but to the Jews, it could be ruinous!

1. First, it was a matter of honor. The bridegroom was responsible for providing adequate supplies. If something ran out before the party was concluded, it simply meant that he hadn’t planned well and hadn’t provided for all of his guests.

2. Secondly, to run out of wine would cause public embarrassment for the groom and his family.

3. Thirdly, in some instances, the offending family could even be fined. Therefore, this was a problem of considerable size to these people. Life doesn’t always go as we had planned it! There are times when problems arise and troubles come our way. Job 14:1; John 16:33; Ecclesiastes 2:23. It is good to know that when our problems do come that we can take them to Jesus. As the old hymn says: ("Take it to the Lord in prayer")

Those all around us may see them as nothing, but Jesus understands our pain and feels our need – Hebrews 4:15.)

Christ and His Disciples in the storm tossed boat – Mark 4:36-41; and the Disciples alone in the storm tossed ship – John 6:16-21. In both instances, they felt Jesus was out of touch with their need. Both times they were wrong! Jesus knew their troubles and felt their need. He moved in on their problem and made a difference for them. He will do the same for you!)

B. Verses 3-5 - In this time of trouble, Mary shows us just what we need to do when troubles arise in our lives. She gives us 2 steps that we should always take in the troublesome times of life.

1. Flee To Jesus
When the problem arose, Mary took it to the Lord. This is exactly what we need to do – Philippians 4:6-7.

Christ’s response to Mary in verse 4 may seem somewhat cruel and cold. Yet, the term “woman” was a polite and common form of address. Jesus is simply reminding Mary that He has a greater agenda to fulfil that hers or that of the rest of the wedding party. It is important that we notice He called her "woman" and not "mother". He was asserting His Authority as God over her as human. In Luke 2:51, the Bible tells us that Jesus was “subject unto them”, referring to Mary and Joseph. Now, He is reminding His mother that it is time for Him to begin to fulfil His Father’s will and that He was no longer subject to her as a human, but subject only to His Father above.)

For whatever reason the fact remains that when confronted with a problem, Mary ran to Jesus. What a good example for us to follow. Notice to that Mary DID NOT HAVE THE POWER to do any miracle. She was a human. Catholics should awake to this. If she had power she wouldn't have needed Jesus, would she?

2. Follow His Commands – The lesson for us is clear! When problems arise, and troubles toss our lives, the best thing we can do is simply to do what Jesus says to do. Now, what does He say to do?

A. Matthew 11:28 – Come to Him.
B. 1 Peter 5:7 – Cast you cares on Him.
C. Romans 8:28 – Trust Him.
D. Acts 16:31 – Believe on Him for salvation.

C. Verses 6-9 His Performance
Jesus took the commonplace and made it extraordinary! He can change any situation if He is given the opportunity to do so.

1. It Was Unconventional (Water to wine)
The 3 Hebrew children: Why not send an angel to keep them from the fire? He could have, but He chose to deliver them another way. We must ALWAYS remember that God’s ways are not the same as ours – Isaiah. 55:8-9.

2. It Was Uncommon (verse 10) The host of the feast is surprised at the quality of this new wine. It was an uncommon thing. Just because God did something one way back then, that doesn’t mean that He will do it that same way in the here and now. Don’t try to squeeze God into your little box, He simply will not fit!

3. It Was Unbelievable – (The host didn’t know it, but the servants did!) When you have carried the water and felt its weight, and God moves in and changes it from some ordinary, common event into something that proves to be a blessing in your life, you never get over it.

Friends, nobody in this world may understand what you are going through but Jesus does. He knows and He understands better than we can imagine. And, when He moves in your time of need and turns your darkness to day, when He lifts your burden and shoulders your load, you know it and you will never forget it. At that wedding feast to everyone else it was just wine, but to those who knew the truth, it was a miracle.

IV. Christ’s provision in the events of life, John 2:10-11
A. He Provided That Which Pertained To The Flesh - (Example: Wine) He gave them just what they needed in their immediate circumstances. He will do the same for you – Philippians 4:19. The key word in that verse is “all”. A careful study of this word in the Greek reveals that the word really means “all.” He will meet your need!
(Example: The old widow of Zeraphath and her meal barrel – 1 Kings 17:10-16. God took care of her. Remember Elijah beside the brook – 1 Kings 17:1-6. These people never forgot what God did for them. There are millions of others who could testify as well.)

B. He Provided That Which Pertained To The Faith – Notice verse 11 – “His Disciples believed on Him.” Your faith in Jesus is never misplaced! If you display, “mustard seed” faith in your hour of trial, Jesus will enter into that need and will move your mountain. He will never fail His children!

C. He Provided That Which Pertained To The Future – Notice, v. 11 “manifested His glory.” When you see Jesus come through in your hour of crisis, it will do something for you! It will strengthen your faith and give you hope for tomorrow.
(Example: The feeding of the 5,000 thousand in John 6:1-13. The Disciples are filled with doubt and do not believe that the Lord can do this thing. But, later, when Jesus fed the 4,000, Matthew 15:32-38, we do not find them doubting. (Example: Contrast how they may have acted each time.) They have seen Him work and know what He can do! They know what’s coming, their faith has been increased!)
When you see Jesus come through for you today, you have hope for tomorrow’s trials. After all, if He can move that mountain today, then He can move that one you will come to tomorrow!
V. Conclusion
Jesus is tied to the events of your life if He is Lord of your life. He is not just some remote supernatural being who is totally removed from our need. Friends He cares about the smallest details of your life (Matthew 10:29-31), and waits for you to call Him into our times of need so that He can minister to you.

What is your need today? Do you need Salvation? Are you backslidden? Do you have a heavy burden? Some circumstances are beyond your control, but not beyond your ability to worry over. Do as Mary did, bring it to a Lord who cares. Bring it to Jesus. Cast your cares about Him for He careth for you!! Remember, if you need a miracle, just call on Him and let Him work in your life according to His Will not yours.
God bless.
Theresa Q. Pavone,A.TH, B.TH

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