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Practical Atheism?

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Practical Atheism? Empty Practical Atheism?

Post  Admin on Tue 6 Apr 2010 - 13:58

Practical Atheism?

Have you ever met an atheist? An atheist believes there is no
God. Do you know what God's response to that is? "The fool has said in his
heart, 'There is no God'" (Ps. 14:1).

While no Christian would ever be guilty of being an atheist,
many Christians are guilty of being practical atheists. Practical atheism
does not believe there is no God; practical atheism lives as if there is no
God. Could you be a practical atheist?


Notice the convicting similarities between atheism and practical

1. An atheist does not pray. So many Christians do not really
pray. They may mumble something with a bowed head before dinner or before
bed, but there is no real time to seek God in prayer. The Lord says in the
Book of James, "You do not have because you do not ask" (Jas. 4:2).

2. An atheist does not read the Bible. So many Christians do
not read the Bible. The average Christian is very susceptible to the
devil's lies because he/she does not take time to read and study God's Word.

3. An atheist walks by sight, not faith. So many Christians do
the same thing. They fail to evaluate their situation in light of God's
miraculous power, so they worry and fear and fail to simply trust God. How
quickly we forget, "Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God" (Heb.

4. An atheist does not give to the Lord's work. So many
Christians do not either. Many Christians spend more money on their pets
than they do the Kingdom of God. A recent statistic revealed that if all
the members in an average-sized church were on welfare, and each one tithed,
the giving to that church would double. WOW!

5. An atheist lives only for this life. So many Christians are
guilty of the same. They store up their treasure on earth. They live and
plan as if this temporary, mortal life is all that matters. They make
decisions with only earth in mind, not heaven. The Bible says, "The eyes of
a fool are on the ends of the earth" (Prov. 17:24).


If some of those similarities are too close for comfort, don't
sink down in guilt and shame. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Confess it as sin,
and ask God to change your heart. Tell Him that you do not want to live
another day as if He were not alive and able to work miracles.

The story is told of Martin Luther, the great Christian reformer
of the 1500s. There was a time in his Christian life when he was very
depressed for days on end. His wife, Kate, came into his study all dressed
in black as if she were in mourning. Luther asked her what exactly she was

"Have you not heard?" she questioned. "God is dead."
Luther responded, "Woman! That is absurd! God is not
"Well," she replied, "if God is not dead, then stop living
like He is!"

My friend, God is not dead, He is alive and well. He still
answers prayer, He still speaks through His Word, He still blesses when we
honor Him with our wealth, He still moves mountains when we come to Him with
a mustard seed of faith, and He still rewards those who diligently seek Him.

No matter what you are facing today, God is able. Take Him at
His Word and trust Him!! Determine to live every day in the light of His
presence. Remember, His name is Jehovah Shammah, "the Lord ever-present. "
He is ever-present for you this day and every day. Live like it!


Jeff Schreve
www.fromhisheart. org

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