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MY MANNA~God's LOVE is the oil, the balm that brings HEALING

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Re: MY MANNA~God's LOVE is the oil, the balm that brings HEALING

Post  Admin on Wed 11 Sep 2013, 8:00 pm

My Manna
"Don' t act 
thoughtlessly, but try to understand what the Lord wants you to do. 
Don't be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, 
let the Holy Spirit fill and control you." Ephesians 5:17-18.

When we think of being filled with the Spirit-
- we often 
relate it to an emotional experience or a feeling of euphoria. 

But in 
reality, the word, "filled, " could be translated, "controlled. " 
is a word that speaks of what happens when the wind fills the sails of a
boat and guides it along. 

So God is saying that-
- we are to let His 
Spirit fill us and control our lives.

The Spirit filled life is the Christ controlled life!

Another interesting thing about this word is that in the original 
- it is in a tense that speaks of something that should be done 

So you could translate this sentence:
"Be constantly 
filled with the Spirit." 

This is not a one-time event. 

Instead, it is 
something that takes place over and over again-
- just as we repeatedly 
fill the gas tanks in our cars to keep them running. 

You may have 
emotional experiences. 
You may not have emotional experiences. 

that has very little to do with the reality of being filled with and 
controlled by the Spirit.

One other thing about this phrase from Ephesians 5:18 is that-
- it's a
- not a suggestion. 

The Scripture is not saying, "If it works 
with your schedule, if you don't mind, would you please consider maybe 
letting the Holy Spirit fill and control you?" 

Rather, God is saying 
that He commands us.
He orders us, to be filled with the Spirit!

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MY MANNA~God's LOVE is the oil, the balm that brings HEALING

Post  Admin on Sat 03 Sep 2011, 10:07 pm


He IS the VINE, the living Root of Jesse (Isaiah 11) into Whom we are grafted.

useful link - http://www.considerhisways.com/tag/grafted-in/
Thriving branches feed and are nourished by life-giving sap (Spirit). The seed of BELIEF grown in our hearts to flourish into a healthy branch is saved from rotting and being burnt by BELIEVING and walking in the belief that the ETERNAL ROOT (Jesus) sacrificed HIMSELF for US.

A Saviour briefly dead, resting in darkness (in the cave) being strengthened, healed, restored to appear once more and carry on the witnessing of His GLORY through others (those to whom He chose to appear amongst) to take the GOOD NEWS to an UNBELIEVING world, of the MAGNIFICENCE of His POWER to overcome DEATH and HADES. Added to this is a continuation of the pouring out of the OIL OF HIS LOVE upon a broken loveless world. To invade GENTLY, inhabit purposefully and eternally the hearts and praises of HIS people to strengthen them, raise them up to NEW HOPE, to restore and redeem, reveal that which was lost but now is FOUND through His saving GRACE.

PRAISING HIM drives away discouragement and despair. All of a sudden, I discovered that my negative feelings began to disappear, my heart became glad, my whole mood and attitude changed. Praising Him lifted me out of the pit, my eyes began to see Him as the lifter of my head. Praising Him was doing spiritual warfare against the fiery darts the enemy was hurling at me. What I discovered was that praising Him had benefits! In my praising Him, He pervaded my spirit, His presence pushed aside the pain and discouragement. So, no matter how bad you feel, praise Him! You'll soon discover that praise is the way out of negative feelings and the spiritual medicine for your soul.

from the blog http://bigchurch.com/blog/8932/post_141250.html?highid=1654583_30040

Risen AGAIN because He FIRST rose in this world as a baby in flesh in a manger. CHOSE to Make Himself vulnerable in His earthly mother's arms just as He CHOSE to make Himself vulnerable on the ETERNAL CROSS. Strengthened each day with the nourishment of good food laid before Him for His earthly body and the nourishing of His Spirit through the loving relationship between FATHER and SON. Clothed in the quiet splendor of a heavenly King as He sat as a youth amongst the wise ones.Luke 2 [46] After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. [47] Everyone who heard him was amazed at His understanding and His answers. Out of the mouth of a babe flowed eternal love, wisdom, hope, vision (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

On the CROSS Jesus said 'IT IS FINISHED" causing us to BEGIN walking in NEW life, the life ETERNALLY GRAFTED IN to the VINE!!

How do we flourish as a branch in this eternal Vine? We walk in God's LOVE, HOPE, TRUTH and witness through our own BELIEF and LOVE RELATIONSHIP with ABBA to a WAITING, HUNGRY, SEEKING world.

My Manna
"And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." 2 Corinthians 6:16.

According to ancient Jewish legend, one day Abraham was shown his father, Terah's room of many idols.

Young Abraham, thinking that perhaps he could discover intimacy with them, made some desirable delicacies and placed them before the idols.
When nothing happened, he realized that these idols were nothing more than clay -- they could do nothing for him or anyone else for that matter.

So he proceeded to destroy all the idols, except for one.

When Terah received word of this, he went to Abraham and said, "Son, what did you do to my idols?!"

"I brought them delicacies," Abraham replied, "and then the biggest idol became envious of the others, and destroyed them all."

Terah, furious with Abraham, said, "You're lying to me! How can idols made by my own hands do such things?"

"You're right father." Replied Abraham, "Now tell me, then, why do we worship idols that can not eat, drink or even move?"

This kind of idol worship may sound far removed from us, but we too, have our idols.
They may not be made of clay but they are very real!

The love of money, possessions, success, leisure, food, sensuality, security and outward beauty...
...the love of tradition and even our friends and family...
...the pursuit of our goals and dreams are among some just off the top of my head.

Most of these are not bad things in and of themselves, don't get me wrong.
But if we are not careful, they can all easily become idols in our lives!

What is the object of our affections today?
What takes up the majority of our time, effort, and resources?

These are our idols.
Anything that we allow to run our life becomes our god.

There is only One God we ought to be worshiping.
And He will not have any other god's before Him!

Let's crush our idols today.
We need to get right with the Lord so that we may be used mightily for His Kingdom!

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