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Post  Admin on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 3:20 pm

When Apostasy Runs Amok
By Jan Markell
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March 1st 2012
In the early days of all things "purpose driven," I didn't say much.
I was, admittedly, skeptical. I had a hunch churches might experience
the promised growth thanks to the movement behind "purpose driven," the
seeker-sensitive movement; however,/it might not be a healthy growth/.
But as the years moved on,I started hearing about wreckage. Calls and
e-mails told me that beloved congregations were caving to all things
unsound and even unscriptural. Members were told that the ends justified
the means. In other words, numbers trumped everything.

So, I began to watch Pastor Warren more carefully. When he praised the
freedom in Syria in 2006, I just shuddered. When he spoke to the Islamic
Society of North America (ISNA) and withheld the gospel, I reacted
again. ISNA is a front for the /Muslim Brotherhood. / When he told Alan
Colmes to "give Jesus a try for 60 days," I came close to writing him off.

When Rick began featuring occultic "New Agers" in his church sanctuary
in January 2011, I further realized that "America's Pastor" wasn't as
sound as he had been portrayed. Rick allowed a year-long effort at
fitness to headquarter out of Saddleback Church and concluded the event
by cheering that Saddleback members lost 250,000 pounds. Rick, some
souls might have been lost during that time because Drs. Amen, Hymen and
Oz represent the dark side of the world, not the light of Jesus. These
men are secularists. At one time, Dr. Oz even had a link on his Web site
that took you to a place where you could learn how to talk to the dead.

But Rick did it again coming out of the shoot into 2012
I am being a bit outspoken about this. http://www.onenewsnow.com/Church/Default.aspx?id=1545418
He's leading an effort to heal divisions between Christians and Muslims by partnering with Southern California mosques. He is proposing theological principles that include acknowledging Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

A Saddleback Church spokesman says this effort "is a path to end the 1,400 years of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians." The root of this madness goes back to "A Christian Response http://www.yale.edu/faith/acw/acw.htm to a Common Word Between Us and You" This was a joint effort between Muslims and Christians to deepen dialogue and relations at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Pastor Warren was one of the signers, along with hundreds of other Christian leaders. They also acknowledged that neither Muslim nor Christian would try to evangelize each other. Just like that, evangelism evaporates in the minds of major Christian leaders. We've got to all get along! Rodney King, you would be proud of us!

One of the statements of this "Common Word" effort was that religious peace would bring world peace. No, the return of Christ will bring world peace. Evangelical signers of this document should have known better.

I stand with Joseph Farah on this issue. He states, (http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/rick-warrens-bridge-to-islam/print/) "If you compare the personality of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- the Christian and Hebrew God -- with Allah, Islam's god, the contrast could not be more stark. The Hebrew-Christian God is characterized by love. The Islamic god is characterized by war and vengeance. The Hebrew-Christian God provides a clear path to redemption and personal salvation in a fallen world -- through repentance. The Islamic god provides only one certain path to personal salvation -- martyrdom. The Hebrew-Christian God elevates the status of women. The Islamic god does the opposite.

"The Hebrew-Christian God encourages followers to be a light to the whole world. The Islamic god encourages jihad on the non-Islamic world and, ultimately and unambiguously, calls for the death of unconverted Christians and Jews."
What becomes immediately apparent is that while making friends with Muslims is certainly an admirable goal, Warren has prioritized the three goals of making friends, building peace and working together on shared social service projects over and above the commandment of Jesus to baptize and make disciples of the whole world.

Author Joel says that rather than obeying the Great Commission and creating disciples of the Jesus of the Bible, Warren is "building a Tower of Babel that leads to nowhere."

The ultimate hope of Christianity is the Lord's return. Islam awaits a Mahdi who would eradicate Christianity. Thus, I agree with Richardson's conclusion: "If Warren was pursuing friendships for the purpose of evangelism, I would openly stand with him in this goal. But I think it is clear that Warren is pursuing an agenda far more in line with the spirit of the age than with the goals of the early Christian Church."

Being a critic of Rick Warren costs one plenty! I have lost friends and other loved ones because I have not always been supportive of all things purpose-driven, or market-driven church growth. Do I think Rick loves God and is serving Him to the best of his ability? Yes. I just think "Peace Plans" and global initiatives don't belong in the house of God. Cozying up to Mullahs and uttering words they want to hear produces nothing but a laughing Mullah. Such agendas morph into ideas and plans that are counter productive to God's ultimate call on the church.

What we can agree upon is that Pastor Rick Warren needs our prayers. While he vehemently denies that he is involved in the Chrislam movement, actions speak louder than words. My radio co-host, Eric Barger, addressed that topic both on air and at my "Understanding the Times 2011" conference. Contact us for more info. We have complete CD or DVD sets of all conference speakers.
The Chrislam movement

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Post  Admin on Tue 11 Oct 2011, 4:59 pm

Subject: Fw List of 71 'Christian' churches partnership with Islam

71 American Churches

Embracing Chrislam

American churches denied Jesus Christ
on June 26, 2011

Light and darkness cannot be mixed

List of Islam Cuddling Churches

Congregation Location

1. Anchorage First Christian Anchorage AK
2. University Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa AL
3. Quapaw Quarter UMC Little Rock AR
4. Federated Community Church Flagstaff AZ
5. First UMC Phoenix Phoenix AZ
6. All Saints Cathedral Pasadena CA
7. First United Lutheran, San Francisco CA
8. Light of ChristEcumenical Catholic Church Longmont CO
9. Park Hill Congregational Denver CO
10. Union Congregational Nucla CO
11. Temple Micah Denver CO
12. Riverfront Family Church Hartford CT
13. The National Cathedral Washington DC
14. Seekers Church Washington DC
15. North American Old Catholic Church Washington DC
16. National City Christian Church Washington DC
17. New Ark United Church of Christ Newark DE
18. Faith United Church of Christ Clearwater FL
19. Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola Pensacola FL
20. United Church of Christ at The Villages The Villages FL
21. Virginia Highland Church Atlanta GA
22. Decatur United Church of Christ Decatur GA
23. The Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist College Park GA
24. St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church Honolulu HI
25. Church of the Epiphany Honolulu HI
26. Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Episcopal Diocese of HI Honolulu HI
27. Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation Ames IA
28. Congregational United Church of Christ Iowa City IA
29. Urbandale UCC Church Urbndale IA
30. Hillview United Methodist Boise ID
31. Boise First United Methodist, Cathedral of the Rockies Boise ID
32. First United of Oak Park Chicago IL
33. St Thomas Mission Chicago IL
34. The Chicago Temple First UMC Chicago IL
35. First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne IN
36. Northminster Baptist Church Monroe LA
37. The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst Amherst MA
38. Grace Episcopal Amherst MA
39. Church of Our Savior Arlington MA
40. St Paul's Cathedral Boston MA
41. Old Cambridge Baptist Church Cambridge MA
42. Hadwen Park Congregational Church Worcester MA
43. Veritas United Church of Christ Hagerstown MD
44. Trinity United Methodist Mountain Grove MO
45. St. Mary's Episcopal Church Ely MN
46. First Congregational Great Falls MT
47. MtView/Trinity UM Parish Butte MT
48. Unitarian Universalist Ocean County Congregation, Toms River NJ
49. Christ Episcopal Church Toms River NJ
50. Zion Methodist Church Las Vegas NV
51. Prepare New York New York NY
52. Auburn Theological Seminary New York NY
53. The Sacred Center of New York New York NY
54. Christ Church United Methodist NewYork NY
55. The Riverside Church of New York New York NY
56. All Souls Bethelehem Church Brooklyn NY
57. First Congregational UCC Corvalis OR
58. Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ Sioux Falls SD
59. Baha'i Faith Community Center Nashville TN
60. Saint John's United Methodist Church Austin TX
61. Hope for Peace & Justice Interfaith Peace Chapel Dallas TX
62. Cathedral of Hope Dallas TX
63. Wasatch Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City Salt Lake City UT
64. Grace Episcopal Church St George UT
65. United Church of Bellows Falls Bellow Falls VT
66. Cathedral of the Diocese of Vermont Burlington VT
67. Vermont Ecumenical Council & Bible Society Burlington VT
68. Dummerston Congregational Church UCC Drummerston VT
69. Memorial United Church of Christ Fitchburg WI
70. Trinity Episcopal Church Janesville WI
71. First Congregational Church UCC Casper Casper WY


Michael D. Inman
- The Only Thing Necessary For Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to do
Nothing -- Edmund Burke...
"If the First Amendment fails, use the Second one."

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Post  Admin on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 3:52 pm

Just want to let you know if you are interested in wanting to know
more about "Chrislam". Jack Van Impe, has a new DVD out called, "
Chrislam: One World Religion Emerging". Jack Van Impe reveals the
dangerous truth about the coming one world religion of Chrislam, an
ungodly melding of Christianity, Islam, and other global faiths! He
talks about -

What Chrislam really is, what it means, and where the Bible predicted it.
What is Chrislam's secret of success? How is inter-faithism ( a
tsunami of compromise that could destroy Christianity) advancing so
powerfully in Christian America?
Why knowledge of God's Word keeps believers safe in these latter days.
What key leaders are promoting Chrislam - which leading ministers are
promoting inter-faithism!
(Yes, Dr. Van Impe names names!)
How Chrislam has infiltrated prestigious institutions of higher learning.
What strategies are being employed to poison our high schoolers and
even grade schoolers with Chrislam.
What two final components must be in place before Christ returns?
They are already in progress.
What is "ear tickling"? What does the Bible say about it?
Why are so many preachers falling for inter-faithism?
What is apostasy? How does it overtake ministers?
How would you recognize an apostate? How does the Bible depict them?
How should you respond if your minister promotes Chrislam?
How many ways are there to heaven?
Who are the "three Jesuses" being promoted today?
What are the five"fundamentals of the faith"?
What is the "blasphemy law"? When it's passed, what will it mean to you?
What shocking, prophetic event happened in America on June 26,2011?
What does the Bible say about Chrislam?
What is the six-day theory?
And much more!

I believe it is critical for every Christ-follower to receive and
understand about Chrislam, so that you and your family will not be
led astray. Share it with your Sunday School class, pastor, Bible
study, and church! An unholy, anti-Christ movement has crept into
the modern Church, and it must be exposed! Chrislam is evil and
dangerous. - Jack Van Impe

If you are interested in buying this DVD, call Jack Van Impe
Ministries at 1-800-584-7777 and ask for the DVD of " Chrislam: One
World Religion Emerging", for a gift of $24.95

You can also order the companion DVD of -"Reclaiming & Restoring
BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY" on the DVD for a gift of $24.95, Jack talks
about -

Churches turning away from the "Old Time Religion" - what does it really mean?
Doctrinal sermons being replaced by self-esteem and psychobabble nonsense
Contemporary services turning the worship service into a circus
sideshow, and the sanctuary into a nightclub.
Rock bands presenting songs with meaningless lyrics
No mention of sin.
Removal of all crosses.
Deletion of altar calls and invitations to receive Christ!
And more!
Plus - Is President Obama a Christian?
Can Christianity and Islam co-exist?
Is it true there are many ways to heaven?
Who are America's and Christianity' s false prophets?
Why are they so popular and embraced?

"The Bible says in these latter days the love of many will grow cold-
apostasy will set in - and supposed religious leaders will have a
form of godliness but lack its power. We're seeing these prophecies
fulfilled today! You and your family deserve to know the facts - the
truth that many supposed 'Christian' leaders want to hide from you! -
Jack Van Impe


Michael D. Inman
- The Only Thing Necessary For Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to do
Nothing -- Edmund Burke...
"If the First Amendment fails, use the Second one."
'IN GOD WE TRUST', I will bless those who bless Israel.....Genesis 12:3

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