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Post  justthefacts on Thu 19 Jun 2014, 10:05 pm

Very Happy I call myself "Just The facts [JTF]" because I stride to learn, understand, and impliment the Holy Father's desire concerning me [and all who come unto Him through Christ] through the careful study and facts outlined in the scriptures.

I am not interested in the traditional teachings of men that have been handed down from grand pa or grand ma, but only in the facts that the Holy Father "Himself" has delivered through the avenues of His instruments.

Reading the bible is wonderful, but not properly comprehending that which is read may cause misunderstandings that can lead a person down the wrong path of proper reasoning unknowingly.

The Lord stated: "narrow is the path", but He did not mean to be narrow minded and shut yourself off [disconnect] due to the traditional teachings of others, because the world of God is as broad as creation itself and it is His desire that we all come to the knowledge of "His" truth.

Properly discerning and properly dividing the scriptures means to stay in a straight line from Genesis to Revelation and not deter [go astray] from Gods truth that is written due to the teachings of carnal minded people who come singing "listen to me for I have heard from God and will teach you His word".

It is written: "Many are called, but few are chosen", and the Lord warned that many will come claiming to be Christ [Christians] in these last days, so be cautious and vigilant in the search of the Holy Fathers word by testing the spirits that speak unto you [including this one].

Check out that which is spoken unto you pertaining to the scriptures by searching it throughly and paitently, and be open minded [not stiff necked, hard headed], ready to receive instruction from the Holy Spirit through whatever channel [messenger] He sends it through.

Remember, it is written: "some entertain angels unawares", so if that which someone explains pertaining to scripture seems out of the way, do not be so quick to dismiss it and check it out completely before adopting an opinion pertaining to the teaching and the teacher.

An elder is not your grand pa, but an elder in the spirit is one who has understanding and knowledge pertaining to Fathers word regardless of their age in the flesh, so be wise and ready to receive instruction from the Holy Spirit not looking to your own understandings as is the manner of men.

In the great book of Hebrews, the writter is preaching to converts [believers in the Gospel] whom they had addressed at a previous date, but after a few minutes of addressing them, the preacher quickly realized that these converts had no idea what he was speaking about pertaining to Christ and heavenly things of which by this time, the converts should not have only knew these things, but some should have grown enough spiritualy [obtained knowledge with understanding] to be able to teach others.

Notice that the preacher scolds these believers for this slackness on their part and only preceeds to "Reinform" them after he received permission from the Holy Father.

Love is a wonderful concept, and love is the foundation [anchor] that binds the body of Christ, but it is "Faith" that enables the power of God to manifests itself in the believers life, and one cannot have faith if one does not know what to have faith in.

God must be true to Himself [His word], and He will not bless unrighteousness through iggnorance regardless of how strong a person believes in that which they seek of him, and if their desire [prayers] are based upon false information obtained concerning His instructions, then they go unfulfilled.

This is a leason that the apostle Paul teaches and explains in the great book of Romans pertaining to Israel, for even with their "Zeal" for God, He would not accept them, for that which they sought was through unrighteousness not following His instructions [law], but following the word of those whom they demed their spiritual leaders.

This is why I stride to speak and explain the scriptures, but that which I speak most times falls upon death ears due to the traditional teachings of men that have muddled the waters of truth.

I am not here to tickle the ears of anyone, but to do the will of the Father of truth, for it is His word we handle, and it is His salvation that we declare [not our own], so if that which I state seems controversal, please study it for yourself before forming an opinion.

I am not bothered by this, but it is far more important that the work of the Holy Fathers salvation and edification of the brethren not be hindered by having to explain the scriptures over and over to someone who stands in controversy.

There is nothing more important to me than the brethren for whom Jesus gave His life, so do not take anything I may say as a negative, for my desire is the benefit of all who come to Christ, and that benefit is to know who you are in the heavenly and the great reward that awaits those who find the true path of "His" salvation.

God Bless



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