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Jihad Hostage Crisis in #Sydney, Australia

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Re: Jihad Hostage Crisis in #Sydney, Australia

Post  Admin on Mon 15 Dec 2014, 8:10 pm

#SydneySiege Ends as Police Storm Chocolate Shop Killing Islamic Cleric jihadi Man Haron Monis Who Murdered One Hostage 
BREAKING NEWS: Dramatic end to Sydney siege as police storm cafe with guns and stun grenades as terrified hostages run for their lives. The horror is over. Police stormed the cafe after the jihadists shot and killed one of the hostages. Thankfullly, Islamic cleric Man Haron Monis is dead.

BREAKING NEWS: Sydney siege ends with Muslim gunman dead and one hostage killed after police and special forces storm cafe with guns and stun grenades
Police stormed the cafe in central Sydney where a gunman held hostages for more than 16 hours
Police moved in firing automatic weapons and throwing grenades as hostages were seen fleeing in terror from cafe
Live TV footage showed hostages running frantically from the cafe at shortly after 2am in small groups
It came hours after Man Haron Monis was named as the gunman holding people hostage in a Sydney café
Iranian refugee, 49, was charged with accessory in the murder of his ex-wife
By Emily Crane and Daniel Piotrowski and Sarah Dean and Louise Cheer and Candace Sutton for Daily Mail Australia and Leesa Smith and Heather Mcnab

12:20 EST, 15 December 2014
An Iranian-born gunman and one of his hostages were shot dead in a chaotic firefight as police stormed the Sydney cafe to end the terrorist siege.

A swarm of heavily armed police swooped on the Lindt Chocolat cafe in a hail of gunfire, ending a tense stand-off where a jihadist had been holding around 20 people captive for around 17 hours.
There were that at least three others were injured, but this could not immediately be confirmed.
Live television coverage showed at least two people being taken away from the scene on stretchers, while one hostage was seen being carried out of the building. She appeared to be in pain and blood flowed down her legs.
Nine News reported that eleven hostages had been accounted for after the police raid, which occurred shortly after 2am.
A dead hostage is carried out of the cafe after they were reportedly shot by the hostage-taker, prompting police to storm the building 
A female hostage is carried out and away from the cafe – clearly in distress with blood pouring down the legs Two female hostages look exhausted and in disbelief 
Heavily armed police opened fire with automatic weapons and hurled what appeared to be stun grenades as they stormed into the cafe

A police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia that the siege was over, but that no more details would be immediately released.
A scene of pandemonium erupted in the early morning just minutes after hostages started emerging from the cafe. Initially one man emerged with his hands up and lay down on the ground in front of police. Seconds later, a group of of five hostages appeared suddenly after apparently escaping the cafe.
This appeared to be the trigger for tactical police to move in. Within seconds, they had blasted open the cafe door and opened fire with automatic weapons, also hurling what appeared to be stun grenades. The sounds of explosions echoed through the city, and the flashes of rifle fire and the grenades lit up the area.
The gunfight lasted less than two minutes, and more hostages appeared to emerge after the police raid.
As the scene calmed down, a bomb disposal robot was seen entering the cafe.
The dramatic end to the siege came as the gunman holding the remaining captives was revealed as a self-proclaimed Islamic cleric Man Haron Monis.
Monis is a 49-year-old man living in southwest Sydney, but is originally from Iran and a self-proclaimed sheik, and also sent hate mail to the families of Australian dead soldiers between 2007 and 2009, according to The Daily Telegraph.
The seige in the Lindt cafe in Martin Place on Monday follows an unsuccessful attempt to have these charges overturned in the High Court on Friday, The Age reported.
Monis received 300 community service hours and a two-year good behaviour bond for the correspondence, which he claims were his version of sympathy cards, sent with the help from his girlfriend Amirah Droudis.
Arriving as a refugee in Australia in 1996, the hostage-taker was charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife – who was allegedly stabbed and set on fire on a flight of stairs in her western Sydney apartment block in November 2013.
The man’s current partner was charged with murder but they both received bail as the case was deemed too weak.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/12/sydneyseige-ends-as-police-storm-chocolate-shop-killing-islamic-cleric-jihadi-man-haron-monis-who-murdered-one-hostage.html/#sthash.gC4DCQmn.dpuf

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Jihad Hostage Crisis in #Sydney, Australia

Post  Admin on Mon 15 Dec 2014, 10:28 am


Devout Muslims have taken at least 13 people people hostage at a chocolate shop in the Australian city of Sydney.

Pictures on Australian television showed people with their hands up against a window forced to hold up the black flag of jihad (the flag of the Islamic State, al Qaeda — of jihad).
Armed police have cordoned off area around Martin Place in Sydney’s central business district.
New South Wales police have asked people to avoid the area.
An Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter said that heavily armoured police vehicles had now arrived at the scene.
UPDATE: The Opera House, which is not far from the Lindt Chocolate shop,  has just been evacuated. Suspicious package found.
Hostages forced to hold up a black and white flag bearing what appears to be the Islamic creed at windows of cafe, as heavily armed New South Wales police take up position in the centre of Sydney’s CBD
UPDATE: Jihadists weating backpack and “vests” – bombs?
Thanks to Armaros

Before the flag was placed in the window two hostages were seen in the cafe pressed against the window with their hands up. One of them was wearing the uniform of the cafe. It is believed there are at least two men in the cafe who have taken others hostage.

Uber left Guardian already scrubbing and providing cover for the savages:

Back to the flag in the window. My colleague Michael Safi, who reports on Islamic affairs, says it’s hard to know for sure about the flag because it’s cut off in the middle. He says it looks to him like the shahada which is the Islamic creed. It certainly looks at first glance like it could be associated with Islamic State.
Australia Prime Minister PM Tony Abbott on Sydney Martin Place hostage situation: “The National Security Committee of Cabinet has also convened”

Odious Cries of “Islamophobia” “Backlash” and “Fear of Reprisal” in wake of Jihad Hostage Crisis in #Sydney, Australia 
And so it begins. Again. In the wake of every Islamic attack, instead of the Muslim world reflecting on why so many Muslims are waging jihad and wreaking havoc across the world, charges of “islamophobia” “bigotry” and “racism” (even though Islam is not a race) are being leveled — again.

Here comes the fake hate narrative, while the real hate is coming from the jihadists. If Muslims in the West condemn these attacks by jihadists, where are they teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it?
 Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US, European, Australian, Canadian, etc. mosques, even as several thousand young Muslims from these countries have gone to wage jihad. If the “moderates” really reject extremism, let them show it by instituting genuine programs to teach against it. Instead, the follow-up to these attacks are cries of “islamophobia.”

The feared”reprisals” never materialize, but that is irrelevant. The distraction is necessary to divert attention away from the motive behind all of these heinous, savage attacks — jihad.
Every horrific jihad attack is accompanied by the predictable, pathetic follow-up attack in the information battle-space. “Backlash-o-phobia” — the irrational fear of a backlash that never happens, but it changes the dialogue. And that’s the point — putting the victims of jihad on the defensive, again.

The mainstream media and law enforcement step and fetch it for Islamic supremacists and their apologists. In reality, the only people spreading Islamophobia are the Muslims who are slaughtering, beheading and violently converting non-Muslims in the cause of Islam.

The thing is — this has been the response by the Muslim world since 9/11. The West never wanted this war. And it’s islamophobic if we defend ourselves and are opposed to jihad. Absurd but true. “Islamophobia” and “backlash” have always been fictions, and were devised as attack mechanisms in the wake of a jihad attack, to deflect and distract from the ideology behind these brutal acts of violence and war.

Video grab shows a black flag with white Arabic writing held up at the window of the Lindt cafe, where hostages are being held

Reprisals against Muslims ‘likely': expert
AAP, December 15, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth)

Racist attacks targeting Australia’s Muslim community are “quite likely” in response to the unfolding hostage crisis at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in central Sydney, a terrorism expert says.
Up to 50 people are believed to have been taken hostage at the cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place where an Islamic flag is pressed up against one of the windows.
The siege began about 10am on Monday.
NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says authorities have moved to a “footing” similar to dealing with a terrorist attack.
Ben Rich, a researcher into political violence at Monash University’s School of Social Sciences, said some Australian Muslims could face reprisal due to the incident.
“I can’t say to what extent it’s going to be, but I’d say it’s quite likely,” Mr Rich told AAP.
He predicted that any violence would probably not be “organised by any particular political party” but was more likely to be “just a group of guys deciding `let’s go do something, let’s go attack someone’.”
He pointed to reprisal attacks against Muslims following recent terror acts in Chechnya and in England, after the killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in 2013.
“This type of thing brings out a lot of latent tensions in people,” Mr Rich added.
The Black Flag of Jihad in the window:
“It’s based around a black flag with white text that supposedly the Prophet Muhammad would carry, including into battle when he was fighting on behalf of the religion,” Dr Gray told Sky News.

“This banner takes different forms. It looks vaguely like the IS flag.
“The one we’re seeing in the window is a little bit different. The IS flag has just the beginning of the Shahada at the top, whereas this one has what looks to me like it could have the full Shahada, the full declaration of faith on the bottom of the flag.

“The text translates to ‘There’s no God except Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.’ This is the first fundamental tenet of Islam. It’s what you say to convert to Islam and at prayer time.
“It’s a standard statement but when it’s used in this context it’s got a more military connotation. There are various groups that use a variety of this flag.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/12/odious-cries-of-islamophobia-backlash-and-fear-of-reprisal-in-wake-of-jihad-hostage-crisis-in-sydney-australia.html/#sthash.oFyoZwlw.dpuf

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