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Post  Admin on Sun 19 Jul 2015, 10:30 pm

IT COULD ONLY BE FROM G-D: Mind blowing examples explained in a manner that will leave no doubt that G-d gave the Jewish people the Torah
JUL 17, 2015
PROVING G-D IN A RATIONAL MANNER…if you’re an intellectually honest person, then this will blow your mind; if you’ve already made up your mind before even reading this, then you’re intellectually dishonest.


People often make Judaism out to be so complicated (and it can be), but Judaism in it’s simplest form is as follows.  Someone gave the Jews the Torah, either a man or G-d.  To find out who, it is necessary to examine the Torah and then Oral Law that has been passed down for the last 3327 years.  I am telling you 100% that G-d gave the Jews the Torah because no human thousands of years ago could have possibly known the things that are in the Torah, could have predicted the things in the Torah, or could have fooled 3.5 million people into believing in a lot of things which go completely against human nature.  Jews are obligated to follow the Torah whether they want to or not, just like a member of a corporation has to follow company policy.  At the end of a Jew’s life they are going to be held accountable for the events of their life, and the standard by which we are all judged is the Laws of the Torah.  Some people will get rewarded, others will get severely punished.  What you want or feel or believe does not matter, just like when a ceo tells you to do something you don’t agree with, you do it.  Modern thought and morality has influenced Jews to the point where a majority of us don’t even know ANYTHING that is in our beloved Torah.  This post is going to change that.  I am going to list 10 proofs that no one other than G-d gave us the Torah, and you are going to have opportunity to prove me wrong.  If you do, congratulations you’ll be the first in history to find a flaw with the Divine Torah.  However if you don’t, then you will have no excuse to start learning a little more because whether or not you care or agree or love Judaism, you are obligated to follow it and you will be judged by it.  For all you lawyers, doctors, and accountants out there who critically think every day of your life, critically think about what I am saying and see who is more likely to have given the Torah.  Buckle up for the ride of you life, the information you are about to read is startling…….
—Jews have known for 3327 years that it takes the moon exactly 29.530590 days to renew itself in the lunar month cycle.  Ok, getting 29 days is understandable, maybe even 29.5 days would be understandable.  But how could a primitive society with absolutely no technology come up with a number that nasa finally came up with at the end of the last century.  No human could have known this number unless it was given to it by G-d

—Someone commanded the Jews to have a Bris Milah (circumcision) on the 8th day.  I’m telling you it was G-d, some of you are still skeptical.  THe most amazing part about the Bris is that ONLY ON THE 8th DAY of a human’s life is the ability to clot blood over 100%.  On the 8th day the prothombin levels (ability of a person to clot) is at 110%.  Up until the 7th day it rises until it hits 100%, on the 8th day it’s 110%, and every day for the rest of  a person’s life it goes back down to 100%.  Hhhhmmmm, on the very day that someone commanded us to have a Bris is the safest day of a person’s life to have the Bris…guess it was just a lucky guess (inserting sarcasm)

—There are a few parts in the Torah where it talks about a sheath surrounding the sun.  3327 years ago the most sophisticated piece of machinery that could see the sun was the human eye.  Yet, the Jews knew that the sun had a sheath.  Only recently has nasa discovered that there is a sheath (protective coat) that surrounds the sun, which keeps the incredibly hot center from destroying us.  Guess it was just another lucky guess by a human 3322 years ago right?  Oh and by the way the passage in the Torah says that at the End of Times, G-d will “bare the sun from it’s sheath and use it to enflame the wicked”…keep breaking Shabbos and eating pigs and marrying non-Jews and this passage might just be referring to you.

—The are passages in the Torah where someone claims that the Western Wall will never fall.  This wouldn’t really be that remarkable had the Wall not been in the hands of our most bitter enemies for almost 2000 years, or if the other 3 sides of the Wall hadn’t been destroyed, or if all the scud missiles that hit Jerusalem in the gulf war hadn’t come in, or if it wasn’t in the hands of the jordanians for 19 years between 1948-67.  Only an all-powerful Being could make such a ridiculous claim that the Wall wouldn’t fall and have it come true.  A human can not pull this off.

—The Oral Torah says exactly how many stars are in the sky.  The number that is said in the Gemara is 10×19.  Various estimates today hover around this number give or take a trillion, but when the Jews knew this information the eye was the only way to detect things in outer space.  If the eye is the only instrument one could use back then to see into space, then 6,000 stars would be the most that are visible on any one night.  For the Jews to come up with a number like this, which has only recently been corroborated is beyond the realm of a human to do.  Again, G-d told the Jews this information, and it was passed down for centuries until it was finally recorded out of necessity in the Oral Torah (Gemara).

—The Oral Torah tells us that every fish in the water that has scales must have fins, but not necessarily visa-versa.  There are thousands and thousands of species of fish that have been discovered in the last 3327 years, yet no one has found the elusive fish that doesn’t have this trait.  The Jews that received this information never saw the 4 oceans of the world, yet they were so confident about this information that it says in the Gemara “anything that has scales must have fins so there is no need to check”…no Rabbi would ever tell a Jew there is no need to check something unless he was 100% sure he knew what he was talking about.  Again a human could not have made this claim 3327 years ago.

—Someone told the Jews that there are only 4 types of species that have one of the two Kosher qualities, and one only.  The 2 Kosher qualities are that it must have a split hoof and must chew it’s cud.  The Torah lists the 4 animals that contain 1 of the qualities, but not the other.  For thousands of years science has tried to find the 5th, because if they did then it would bring down Judaism.  A Divine Book does not have flaws, and even with the thousands of new species that have been found in the last 3327 years, only the 4 are still lacking the other quality.  Who is more likely to have been able to see thousands of years into the future to know this would stand up, G-d or a human?

—There is a passage in the Zohar (the Kabbalistic Book) that was written about 1900 years ago with information that was received 3327 years ago.  IT makes a startling statement when it declares that the world is a ball, it spins, it orbits the sun, there are people on the top of the ball and the bottom, it is tilted, and people all over the ball look different.  First of all the only way to know this is by being in space, second of all 3327 years ago they would not know about orbit, gravity, the titling of the earth, and that the earth was round.  How many more of these do you need to hear before you realize that the Torah is not just a cute story book.  It is a Divine Book given to the Jews by G-d, and it is to be followed by all Jews.

—There is a passage in the Megillah that is read on Purim where it says asks for the 10 sons of haman to be hung again on the morrow.  The language used in Hebrew represents something to happen in the distant future.  In this passage there are 3 letters that are smaller than usual and 1 that is bigger than usual.  The Numerical Equivalent (Gematria) of these numbers is 5607 which is the year 1946-7 in the gregorian calendar.  Amazingly in this year, 10 nazis (may their names be erased) were hung at the nuremberg trials just like the 10 sons of haman in the Megillah.  There was also a daughter of haman that committed suicide, just like the cross-dressing herman goering who committed suicide shortly before the hangings.  To prove this fascinating link there is a kicker.  Just before one of the despicable nazi’s was hung he screamed out PURIMFEST 1946.  No human could predict the holocaust or the hangings of 10 pathetic men.

—Someone assures the Jews in the Torah that no one will harm their families during the 3 times in the year when Jews are obligated to make the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (Passover, Shavuos, and Sukkot).  All the men were obligated to leave their dwellings and venture to the Holy City, leaving their families and property vulnerable to attack.  Yet in the entire history of the Jews not once did this promise fail to come to fruition.  Year after year the Jewish males flocked to Jerusalem and year after year the ones left behind did so amidst the protection of G-d.  What human could possibly guarantee Jewish males to leave their families, who were surrounded by bitter enemies and travel to Jerusalem.  No one would ever have done this year after year without KNOWING that there is a G-d.

G-d exists, He gave us the Torah, and we are obligated to follow it.  You can do whatever you want in life, that’s the beauty of the free-will that G-d guarantees us.  However, just life everything else in life, there is a reward and a punishment for your actions.  You’re not too cool or too smart to start learning about what is in the Torah.  In fact, only the strong yearn to find out the truth in life.  If this doesn’t wet your beak then you might want to check your pulse because there is no explanation or rebuttal or proof that can make any of my statements not stand up.  For thousands of years people Jews have sought to deny the Divinity of Torah for one reason and one reason only…they didn’t want to follow it.  If you want to be one of these unfortunate souls, that’s completely fine, you will receive the result of this misguided decision after you leave this world and it’s too late.  There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than knowing your purpose and mission on this earth.  Start learning about Judaism and start seeing why we are the Chosen People of G-d.


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