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Migrant Crisis

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Thu 28 Jan 2016, 10:18 pm

Muslim Countries REFUSE To Take ‘Refugees’ Over ‘Fear Of Terrorism’
Five of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. Although the oil rich countries have handed over aid money, Britain has donated more than Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar combined.
Between 10 and 12 million Syrians have been displaced by the bloody civil war raging in their country. Most still remain within Syria’s borders, but around four million have fled over the borders into neighbouring countries, mostly Turkey Jordan and Lebanon, and beyond.

Lebanon, which has 1.1 million Syrian refugees, shut her borders to the Syrians in June of last year. Jordan, host to another 630,000, followed suit in August last year, preventing more Syrians from abandoning their country.

By early August 2015, European states had received nearly 350,000 asylum applications from Syrians, nearly a third of whom applied to Germany for asylum. Another 65,000 have applied Sweden and 50,000 in Serbia. Hungary and Austria have received close to 19,000 applications each although that figure is likely to rise, while the UK is processing 7,030 applications, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
Yet amidst cries for Europe to do more, it has transpired that of the five wealthiest countries on the Arabian Peninsula, that is, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, not one has taken in a single refugee from Syria. Instead, they have argued that accepting large numbers of Syrians is a threat to their safety, as terrorists could be hiding within an influx of people. Sherif Elsayid-Ali, Amnesty International’s Head of Refugee and Migrants’ Rights, has slammed their inaction as “shameful”.

He said: “The records of Gulf countries is absolutely appalling, in terms of actually showing compassion and sharing the responsibility of this crisis… It is a disgrace.” None of the Gulf States signed the 1951 Refugee Convention, which legally defines a refugee as “A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality”. However, they have taken refugees in the past.

Twenty-five years ago, hundreds of thousands of Kuwaitis fleeing Saddam Hussein’s invasion were given refuge. According to Arabian expert Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi: “in Abu Dhabi, the government rented out entire apartment blocks and gave them to families for free.”

Instead the countries, all of which are within the Top 50 list of wealthiest nations by GDP, have opted to donate aid to those affected by the crisis. According to the Daily Mail, the UAE has funded a refugee camp in Jordan giving shelter to tens of thousands of Syrians, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar have donated funds, food, shelter and clothing to Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

Total donations from the Gulf States are believe to total £589 million, less than a quarter of America’s £2.8 billion, and a fraction of the £65 billion they spent on defence in 2012 alone. The UK has handed over £920 million so far, but the Prime Minister yesterday pledged to increase that figure to £1 billion. He also promised to take in thousands more refugees.

Al-Qassemi has argued in the that the standing that the Muslim countries now have in the world confer on them a moral obligation to step in. “The Gulf States have emerged as the nerve centres of Arab diplomacy, culture, media production, commerce and tourism, amassing an unprecedented degree of soft power unrivalled in the region and beyond,” he said.

They also form “the most influential bloc within the 70-year-old Arab League.”

“But with great power comes great responsibility. The Gulf must realise that now is the time to change their policy regarding accepting refugees from the Syria crisis. It is the moral, ethical and responsible step to take.”
Source: http://www.breitbart.com/

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Wed 27 Jan 2016, 3:21 pm

WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To UK!’
ByPAMELA GELLER on January 26, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.52.11 PM

WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To UK!’ by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, January 25, 2016;

Video footage (above) reveals the moment migrants and anarchists marching through the centre of Calais on Saturday broke through police lines and stormed the city’s port which connects France to the United Kingdom.

The French government is adamant that current security provisions in the area are adequate and effective, yet the video shows riot police backing away from a crowd of migrants chanting “UK, UK”, before turning and running. One migrant angrily screams at the camera: “We are people. We are Muslim! We want to go to UK!”

The migrants were then able to break through security fencing; 50 made it all the way onto the UK-bound ferry Spirit of Britain.

It is not clear from the video how many migrants broke through the police line and marched into the port, but it is apparent that initial reports of 150 were an underestimate. Later reports suggested that anywhere between 500 and 1000 migrants made it within port boundaries, although only 50 succeeded in boarding the UK bound ferry Pride of Britain.

However, the new video, which was filmed from within the migrant crowd, sheds new light on how the migrants were able to access the port in the first place. It shows a line of around 20 riot police blocking access to Rue de la Mer, which leads to the port. A large contingent of migrants and anarchists walk up to the police line chanting “UK, UK”.

At first police try to move them on, telling them to “go left”, which the migrants refuse to do. Instead, following a speech by man holding a loudhailer, the police simply back away before turning and running, allowing the migrants to stream past them. A few police try to recreate the line further down the street, only for their commander to order them to fall back.

The migrants, some carrying the red flag of the New Anticapitalist Party of France, race towards the port, again chanting “UK, UK” and cut through the fences. Only after a few hundred have streamed through do the police attempt to halt them by firing tear gas canisters at the opening in the fence line.

The video was compiled by Taranis News, a French magazine which launched in 2014 and which appears to be supportive of the no borders/pro-mass migration movement. Much of the footage featured in their videos is shot from within the migrant groups, suggesting that activists are passing them footage for dissemination. They were also the first to break the video showing a homeowner forced to defend his property against a breakaway group of migrants using just an airsoft rifle.

Meanwhile Calais Migrant Solidarity, one of the main socialist groups accused of stirring up trouble within The Jungle has backed away from taking credit for Saturday’s riots, instead insisting that it was the migrants themselves who masterminded the port break in. Any attempts to blame Westerners, they said, amounted to “racism” perpetrated by the “right wing.”

“The main organisations who called for and organised the demonstration were the CISPM (International Coalition of People Without Papers and Migrants) and the ATMF (Association of French Maghrebian Workers) but the call was supported by a vast array of different solidarity groups. Coaches to the demonstration came from all across France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and also a large contingent from the UK,” they explained in a blog on their website.

“The idea that ‘refugees’ could autonomusly [sic] and easily board a boat in the Calais habour [sic] is incomprehensible for the British press,” they continue. “This rhetoric and discourse is deeply racist.

“This was an action autonomously organised by people living in the jungle, people without papers, and refugees, these people were supported by activists from countries across the world.

“To claim anything different is to deny the reality of the situation, that the people of the Jungle are willing to disrupt, occupy, and fight the institutions that keep them from their freedom!”

The French government is facing numerous calls to deploy the army to Calais to restore order to the area. The town’s mayor, Natacha Bouchart said at a press conference that she accepted the need for humanitarian assistance, but not “this anarchic situation.”

The French Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has so far demurred, however, saying only that the French government had “total determination” to maintain law and order.

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/01/watch-french-cops-run-from-migrants-screaming-we-are-muslim-we-want-to-go-to-uk.html/#sthash.BEw02f0l.dpuf

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Tue 26 Jan 2016, 8:13 pm


Swedish Police Force to Flee Angry Muslim Mob at Migrant Center Out Back Door
ByPAMELA GELLER on January 26, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.36.55 PM
The chief of the Swedish army General Anders Brännström told men under his command they could expect to be fighting a war in Europe against skilled opponents “within a few years”. With police running away from marauding mobs, it won’t be much of a war.

“Swedish Police Force to Flee Angry Mob at Migrant Center Out Back Door,” By Jim Hoft, Jan 26th, 2016:

Swedish police officers went to Signalisten asylum in Vasteras last week to rescue a 10 year-old boy who had been repeatedly raped at the “refugee” center.

Unfortunately, the police officers were forced to flee the center out a back door after they were confronted by angry migrants.

The incident was first reported in Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper a week after the attack.
police sweden

police runningRussia Today reported:

A police patrol of 10 officers was forced to flee a refugee center in Sweden after being surrounded by a mob of violent migrants. Law enforcement officials had arrived to relocate a 10-year-old boy after reports of his repeated rape at the facility.

One of the officers described what had happened in a police report obtained by the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper.

“Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit,” the officer said.

The incident took place in the Signalisten asylum in Västerås last Wednesday but police didn’t provide any information to the press until Monday this week.

The authorities decided to relocate some of the refugees from the Signalisten asylum after reports on Saturday that the boy was being subjected to repeated rape there. However, the asylum staff were unable to complete the transfer by themselves as they were met by hostile attitude from the refugees, so they called the police.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/01/swedish-police-force-to-flee-angry-muslim-mob-at-migrant-center-out-back-door.html/#sthash.exdQ7r08.dpuf

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Mon 11 Jan 2016, 12:14 am

Eyewitness Cologne: Germany Deploys 143 Officers To Stop Migrant Rape, 1,500 Officers To Stop Anti-Rape Protest
by OLIVER LANE9 Jan 20162,798
COLOGNE, Germany: A peaceful protest turned violent in the blink of an eye today as German police turned water canon on the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) march against the rape of German girls by refugees.

The protest had been called at short notice in response to the growing public anger felt across Germany at the apparently premeditated and systematic sex assault of hundreds of girls as they parties on New Year’s Eve on Cologne and other German cities.
Despite taking place in multi-cultural west Germany, which has been the most enthusiastically accepting of Angela Merkel’s policies of mass migration and scorning of traditional values over 3,000 took part — a record for an anti-migration march in this part of the country.
Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat

The demonstration started with speeches and socialising among those attending, an event that stood in strong contrast to the deafening and chaotic leftist counter demonstration just yards away.
PEGIDA has long prided itself on taking the moral high ground against their hard-left detractors and set out to maintain that reputation today. Loudspeakers announced alcohol, glass bottles, and face-coverings were banned.
Yet a small number of marchers – identified as football hooligans who had travelled to the demonstration from outside of Cologne – started to cause trouble after the speeches started and the march had begun.
A firework was thrown, which caused the police to halt the march while they dealt with the perpetrators. ‘Kettling‘ the troublemakers who had displaced others at the front of the protest seemed to inflame the situation which descended into water canon and pepper spray being deployed by officers.
Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat

Speaking to Breitbart London after the march, an elected member of the Cologne City Council who had been on the march and was dismayed by the violent infiltrators spoke of police agent provocateurs, a tactic that has been the matter of discussion and controversy in Germany of late.
While many in the march found amusement in the extremely large number of police officers who had been deployed to the demonstration compared to the bare-bones 143 officers who were expected to keep the peace on New Year’s Eve, the speakers at the rally were entirely sympathetic towards the police.
Thanking the officers for protecting them from the violent left-wing “antis” who have been the plague of other PEGIDA demonstrations across Germany, the speakers acknowledged the decision to deploy less officers at New Year’s Eve had been a political one, with a request for backup controversially denied by the minister for the interior.
The overtly political nature of the march and dissatisfaction with the political elite who have brought mass migration upon Germany was clear from the outset. The first speaker, who opened his remarks by hailing the whole of “Europa” said to the crowd: “we are not here to instrumentalise events, because we know these people come from warzones.
Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat

“We are here to fight rape culture. And we are here to fight politicians who would instrumentalise us against the German people. Remember, PEGIDA is here to protect.”
Calling for the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel — a common theme in speeches and chants throughout the day — the speaker said: “the warnings were not heeded. But now Merkel has got what she wanted, new year’s eve and the loss of our freedom. Now they treat us like idiots and hope we will not notice their mistakes”.
“I do not accept the politicians scape-goating the police. It is not their fault. The police risk their lives every day for this stupid government, and are deployed to the borders to ‘welcome’ refugees rather than being sent to real crime scenes.
“The police have been warning the politicians and the press for months they are understaffed and cannot guarantee public safety. And now we are supposed to believe this is their fault? This is madness”.

Angela Merkel: “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal” – Used New Year Message for Country to Embrace Millions of “Newcomers”
ByPAMELA GELLER on January 9, 2016
Criminal or devout? And if, as Merkel says, Muslim migrants are more violent, why bring them into the country by the millions?
Merkel has refused to abandon her welcoming stance towards war refugees.

GERMANY has registered nearly ONE MILLION refugees this year after Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open the country’s doors.
Muslim migrants taunted Cologne police after raping and robbing women, “I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me here!” — Syrian refugee sex attacker.
Violent migrants taunted police by ripping up temporary residence permits. Why not? They could always get new ones the following day.
Chancellor Merkel’s New Year’s message:
“Don’t be cold-hearted to our 1.1million refugees: Merkel begs Germans after her popularity drops over open door policy,” Daily Mail, January 9, 2016:
Chancellor used New Year message for country to embrace newcomers
Urged Germans to see the challenge as an ‘opportunity for tomorrow’
Mrs Merkel has been blamed for fuelling the European migrant crisis

The influx of more than a million refugees should be welcomed as an ‘opportunity’, Angela Merkel told Germans last night.
The country’s leader used her New Year address to urge citizens not to have ‘coldness in their hearts’ but to embrace the 1.1million newcomers.
Mrs Merkel has been blamed for fuelling the European migrant crisis by promising to welcome those who make it to Germany.
She was initially praised by Germans for her decision to allow many of those escaping war and poverty to stay. But with the numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa reaching more than a million, doubts have grown and her popularity has suffered.
A record 3,771 refugees have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in the last year. Yet Mrs Merkel yesterday stood firm about the need to embrace migration, urging Germans to see the challenge as an ‘opportunity for tomorrow’.
The chancellor, who grew up in East Germany when it was behind the Iron Curtain, said in yesterday’s TV address: ‘Next year is about one thing in particular: our cohesion. It is important we don’t allow ourselves to be divided.’
In a direct riposte to those staging anti-immigration rallies, she said: ‘It is crucial not to follow those who, with coldness or even hatred in their hearts, lay a sole claim to what it means to be German and seek to exclude others.’
The efforts to cope with the challenges would be worth it in the end because ‘countries have always benefited from successful immigration, both economically and socially’, she said. ‘I am convinced that, handled properly, today’s great task presented by the influx and the integration of so many people is an opportunity for tomorrow.
‘There has rarely been a year in which we were challenged so much to follow up our words with deeds.’
She added: ‘There is no question that the influx of so many people will keep demanding much of us. It will take time, effort and money.’
Mrs Merkel’s popularity has taken a battering at home as a result of the influx of refugees. She has vowed to reduce migrant numbers this year and is trying to convince other EU members to take more.
And Turkey, which acts as a gateway to Europe for many migrants, has been promised billions by EU leaders to help protect its borders.
Three German regional elections to be held in March will serve as key tests for Mrs Merkel, with opinion polls already predicting a surge in support for the populist anti-immigration movement AfD.
Former Eastern bloc countries have so far shown no signs of relenting to EU pressure to take more migrants. Czech president Milos Zeman last week called the refugee influx ‘an organised invasion’.
And Hungary’s government has filed a legal challenge against the EU’s plan to distribute 160,000 asylum seekers under a quota system.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/01/angela-merkel-we-must-accept-migrants-are-more-criminal-used-new-year-message-for-country-to-embrace-newcomers.html/#sthash.8cV9SeCQ.dpuf

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Tue 10 Nov 2015, 10:58 pm

VIDEO: German Government weighs legislation to force children to service Muslim migrants
ByPAMELA GELLER on November 10, 2015
German Govt considers forcing German youth to service Illegal Migrants. They are already doing it.

“Not only will German children be forced to serve the Muslim migrants their education will suffer as well,” Breitbart, November 9, 2015
The German interior minister has announced his intention to drop educational standards in the country to help migrants get into school or find a training place.
One of the greatest barriers to integration for new migrants is access to jobs, which in highly developed Germany requires a qualified workforce — something which newcomers almost entirely are not.
To counter this problem federal interior minister Thomas de Maizière has said the standards long exacted at state run schools will have to be dropped, as the system struggles to provide for the tens of thousands of new, unplanned-for pupils .
Rapidly growing class sizes as Germany’s young population balloons and the number of teachers and classrooms available fails to catch up are now officially accepted as a fact of life by the German government. Former staff are to be brought out of retirement to teach German to migrants, and present staff are being asked to work extensive unpaid overtime, reports News4Teachers.de.
Standards of physical education have already fallen considerably in Germany, as hundreds of school and university gyms are filled with camp beds and turned over to migrants
Advocating dropping the high educational standards that have helped Germany’s highly skilled workforce to flourish, Thomas de Maizière said education should be more “improvised with common sense” to help migrants. He said he hoped the change wouldn’t be a “permanent lowering of standards”, and recruiting more teachers would allow the country to return to balance.
With 20,000 new teaching positions needing to be created, such change is likely to be extremely expensive for the German taxpayer.
What effect on the German labour market and wage levels the introduction of potentially thousands of foreign competitors with artificially inflated qualifications was not explored by de Maizière in his speech.
It is little wonder the German state is having to go to such extraordinary lengths to roll out education to migrants as they arrive from around the world. According to leaked internal government documents reported on by Breitbart London last month, 81-per-cent of arrivals to the country in the coming year will have absolutely no educational or vocational qualifications whatsoever.
With so many young men arriving who have never seen the inside of a classroom, the government has already anticipated a knock-on effect on the unemployment rate. Anticipating a 400,000 rise in the claimant count from just migrant arrivals, the federal employment agency has pre-empted the growing stresses on the system by appealing to the government for more staff and money.
These changes would echo those already observed in Austria, which has just posted the latest unemployment figures, showing steep rises in areas most effected by the migrant crisis. Statistics showed foreign born adults were twice as likely to have become unemployed over the past year as natives workers.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/11/video-german-government-weighs-legislation-to-force-german-children-to-service-muslim-migrants.html/#sthash.cNNgymhG.dpuf

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Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Migrant Crisis

Post  Admin on Sun 08 Nov 2015, 10:25 pm

by SIMON KENT8 Nov 2015
New German security analysis has revealed that more than 50 per cent of displaced Syrians in Jordan intend to join the migrant invasion crossing the Mediterranean for a new home in the European Union (EU). They will join a human flood that has already seen record numbers of migrants cross via Turkey to Greece in October as Balkan states ready to close their porous borders indefinitely.

The revelation comes in a confidential situation report on illegal migrant movements by the The Joint Centre for Illegal Migration Analysis and Policy (Gasim) titled ‘Storming The Borders’.

“The migration by sea from Turkey to Greece has risen again in October,” the Gasim report states. It adds there is talk of a “rise of Syrian nationals who come from Lebanon and Jordan” before warning that 50 percent of Syrians in Jordan intend “to break out in the near future” citing Europe as a preferred destination.

A Chatham House research paper shows the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has registered around 630,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, but the actual number is likely to be much higher.

The influx of Syrians fleeing the war has increased the population in Jordan by at least eight per cent – comparable to the whole of Finland moving to the UK.

According to N24, Europe’s borders are slowly giving way and the German report was commissioned through the services of Gasim to determine the future size and scope of the migrant flow as well as its intended duration.

Gasim, located within the German Federal Police Headquarters in Potsdam, anticipates that in future Greece will have to take a more prominent role in EU border protection and conduct repatriations to Turkey. Given the current backlog in Turkey, the risk remains that refugees could then try again using so-called freighter “ghost ships” to reach Italy.

An “impasse” on the Balkan route to Germany without more pan-EU support could “cause panic and chaos among migrants and authorities”, Gasim says, adding that any further increase in numbers would have to be met by the combined resources of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Police, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Simultaneous border closures in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary are another developing risk, according to Gasim. If they did close as a result of the rush of Syrians, the “Greek system of revolving door” movements would grind to a “halt”.

The “organized handover” of migrants along the Balkan route would also be interrupted, says the situation report, resulting in chaos across the rest of the EU.

GERMAN OFFICIAL WARNS OF CIVIL WAR BETWEEN MUSLIMS AND NON-MUSLIMS: “somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war”
By 100% FED Up -  Nov 8, 2015
How did any EU official think their country could survive an invasion of millions of mostly military age un-checked Muslim men? Did they really believe these men would assimilate in their countries and respect the faith of Germany’s Christian citizens? 

A German official named Hansjoerg Mueller, of the Alternative for Germany party, said that because of Merkel’s open door policy allowing the floods of Muslim immigrants the country is ‘sliding towards anarchy’ and risks becoming a ‘banana republic without any government’. He also said that it will push the nation to civil war. The official said:

Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.
Eight thousands people in Germany took to the streets holding Christian crosses to express their rage at Islamic evil.

I honestly cannot think of a more beautiful image than that of the Holy Cross. In the Holy Cross all worry is destroyed, all that one can see is justice, for on the Cross Justice Himself was persecuted, and He prevailed over all, for He is All, and in Him, all can can find resurrection.Christianity has been so corrupted into a weak country club, that it is my obligation to teach the true strength of the Faith.

But the problem in the West is not Islam, nor is it Muslims. These are merely a symptom to a greater disease, and that is the toleration of evil ideas and beliefs and the decimation of Christian supremacy. Look to the forgotten wilderness, and what do you see? Old churches and monasteries from bygone days, from a time behind our own eyes. You can touch such an era with the finger of the mind, and you will see the hand of God in history. Old Crosses still stand in the cold meadows and on the highest mountain peaks, because the Faith assails the summits, and its icons can be gazed upon adjacent to the raze of the horizon, with fiery hues that burn our souls and ignite the flames of hope within us. For Christ is Hope, glimmering in the abyss of hopelessness; He is like an aura on the night sky, only if you try to grasp Him, You will see light greater than the luminaries of the darkest hour. Old monasteries are found on the edge of the loftiest cliffs, bringing hope to a humanity on the edge of the cliff of order, about to fall into the ocean of disorder and confusion.

The beauties of the Faith are so great that they will take one’s mind to ecstasy, just by contemplating on all of the wonders of the flower of Christendom. The flower of Christ’s empire sails passed the autumn winds, and lands on the seas; the waters ripple and rage, the waves split open and the anger roars, buts the pedals of this illustrious bloom emanate an aroma that makes the waters sweet. Bitterness dies, and the sweet smell and the pleasant sight of this flower gracefully floating above the most malicious waves, is the image of order; it brings illumination to those who hate chaos, and it provokes viciousness from those who love death and destruction. This is the state of Christendom when she has faith in Christ. When the flower of Christendom cleaves unto the Holy Cross, this is when she receives the sweetness of peace, “Not as the world gives do I give to you.” (John 14:27) For when Moses cleaved unto God and cried for His help, the Lord of Heaven showed him a holy tree, and from this sacred wood, “the waters were made sweet” (Exodus 15:25). And so when Christendom accepts the Holy Cross, she too will have its sweetness.

Peter stood upon the waters, for in that moment he had faith. When the waters roared and raged, and its waves arose aloft, this flower of the Faith was afraid, and he sunk. The beautiful pedals that so embellished the waters was now overpowered. But as soon as he cried, “Lord, save me”, the Holy One embraced him, and the flower of Christendom now hovered above the waters. The state of Christendom is that it is now under the waters, drowning, and it is about to die. The abysmal spirits crawl all over her, possessing people and pushing them to grab ahold of the flower and keep under the water.


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Post  Admin on Sun 08 Nov 2015, 9:16 pm

Germany imposes surprise curbs on Syrian refugees
2015-11-06 | The Guardian

Angela Merkel has performed an abrupt U-turn on her open-door policy towards people fleeing Syria’s civil war, with Berlin announcing that the hundreds of thousands of Syrians entering Germany would not be granted asylum or refugee status.
Syrians would still be allowed to enter Germany, but only for one year and with “subsidiary protection” that limits their rights as refugees. Family members would be barred from joining them.
Germany, along with Sweden and Austria, has been the most open to taking in newcomers over the last six months of the growing refugee crisis, with the numbers entering Germany dwarfing those arriving anywhere else.
However, the interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, announced that Berlin was starting to fall into line with governments elsewhere in the European Union, who were either erecting barriers to the newcomers or acting as transit countries and limiting their own intake of refugees.
“In this situation other countries are only guaranteeing a limited stay,” De Maizière said. “We’ll now do the same with Syrians in the future. We’re telling them ‘you will get protection, but only so-called subsidiary protection that is limited to a period and without any family unification.’”
The major policy shift followed a crisis meeting of Merkel’s cabinet and coalition partners on Thursday. The chancellor won global plaudits in August when she suspended EU immigration rules to declare that any Syrians entering Germany would gain refugee status, though this stirred consternation among EU partners who were not forewarned of the move.
Thursday’s meeting decided against setting up “transit zones” for the processing of refugees on Germany’s borders with Austria, but agreed on prompt deportation of people whose asylum claims had failed.
Until now Syrians, Iraqis and Eritreans entering Germany have been virtually guaranteed full refugee status, meaning the right to stay for at least three years, entitlement for family members to join them, and generous welfare benefits.
Almost 40,000 Syrians were granted refugee status in Germany in August, according to the Berlin office responsible for the programme, with only 53 being given “subsidiary” status. That now appears to have ended abruptly.
Read the whole story here.


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U.N. camps become hellish nightmare for Christians
October 26, 2015
Leo Hohmann 
Posted with permission from WND
The Syrian civil war has caused 3.5 million refugees, with more than 350,000 being targeted by the United Nations for resettlement outside the region.

The United Nations refugee camps that will be sending 85,000 "displaced persons" to the United States over the next year for permanent resettlement are infested with jihadists who target and kill Christian refugees, according to a U.N. aid worker who spoke to a British newspaper.

The jihadists are sending teams of trained killers into U.N. camps disguised as refugees to kidnap and kill vulnerable Christians, the Sunday Express reported.

But refugees are terrified to report many of the killings in case they are targeted next, according to an aid worker who spoke to the Express on the condition that his name not be used for fear of reprisals.

The emergence of Islamic hit squads targeting Christians came to light after one terrorist had second thoughts and renounced jihad after witnessing Christians helping out other refugees within the camp, the Express reported.

He then revealed that he had been sent with an Islamist assassin team to eliminate Christians as part of the terrorist group's ideological obsession with emptying the Middle East of all Christians.

The aid worker, who works at a U.N. camp in Jordan, told the Express that the jihadists are also kidnapping young refugee girls to sell as sex slaves.

He said: "The Muslim gangs come as refugees, but they have their agendas."

The aid worker told the Christian Post: "The last time I went inside a camp, I had a policeman with me.

"The camps are dangerous because they have IS, Iraqi militias and Syrian militias. It's another place for gangs.

"They're killing inside the camps, and they're buying and selling ladies and even girls."

WND previously reported in July and again in September, that while Christians are the most vulnerable of all people in the Middle East, not many have been going to the U.N. refugee camps because word is spreading about the dangerous conditions that await them there – mistreatment and even death at the hands of Muslims placed in positions of authority by the U.N.

This explains why Muslims make up 97 percent of the Syrian "refugees" being sent to the U.S. and Europe from U.N. refugee camps. Not only is there a bias against Christian refugees by the U.S., Britain and other Western governments, but there are very few Christians in the camps to start with.

Lord George Carey, who is Britain's former Archbishop of Canterbury, described the situation last month in an op-ed for the Telegraph. Carey said accepting refugees from U.N. camps won't help Syrian Christians who are being hunted like dogs by their Islamic oppressors, their property stolen, their men beheaded and their women raped.

While Carey said he welcomes his country's announcement to take in 22,000 Syrian refugees, the most targeted refugees are being left behind to face their Islamic killers. The U.S. has committed thus far to taking at least 11,500 mostly Muslim Syrian refugees through 2016, and Canada's new liberal government wants to accept 25,000. The U.S. also accepts 7,000 to 8,000 Muslim Somali refugees annually from a massive U.N. refugee camp in Kenya that the Kenyan president alleges has served as a launching pad for terrorist strikes against Christians in his country.

"But the frustration for those of us who have been calling for compassion for Syrian victims for many months is that the Christian community is yet again left at the bottom of the heap," Carey wrote.

The ‘Arab Spring' - which was celebrated by President Obama and other Western leaders - ultimately unleashed a wave of deadly persecution against Christians across North Africa and the Middle East. Secular dictators such as Egypt's Mubarak, Syria's Assad and Libya's Qaddafi fell out of favor with the West, which supported the religious Muslim Brotherhood-supported dictators who were waiting in the wings.

"Christians in Syria and Iraq are generally caught in the middle of these conflicts and find they are targeted by all sides, because they support democratic reform and are perceived to be sympathetic to the West," said George Marlin, chairman of Aid to the Church in Need USA and author of "Christian Persecutions in the Middle East: A 21st Century Tragedy."

"Many elements on both sides would not be unhappy if Christians disappeared from the face of the Middle East and they (the Islamists) would destroy all the Christian historical sites, the relics and the documents dating back to the founding of the Church, that are there," he told WND "Peter centered the church in Antioch before he moved it up to Rome. Syria is the cradle of Christianity."

He said Christians were generally left alone under Assad and lived peacefully. "But Islamic Turks slaughtered 200,000 Christians in Syria during the Ottoman Empire so it's nothing new."

As of December 2014, 600,000 Syrian Christians had fled their country or have been internally displaced, Marlin reports. In Aleppo, more than 65 percent have been forced to leave.

He told WND most Syrian Christians will not go to the United Nations refugee camps for two reasons. First, they are afraid they will be physically harmed and, second, they do not want to leave their country.

"The Christians are afraid to go to those camps, because the camps are basically populated by Muslims, and they're afraid of retaliation and harm in these camps," Marlin said. "So what is happening with the Christian refugees is the Christian community is basically taking care of these people, they're staying in the churches, they're staying in Christian homes, and we at Aid to the Church in Need are trying to get aid to the churches that are housing them."

He said many rural Syrians have been run off their farms and have fled to the mountains between Syria and Lebanon, while others have gone into Lebanon. Many would rather die than abandon their ancient homeland, but there could come a day when they run out of places to flee.

"In Aleppo and elsewhere, Christians who are escaping, they are staying at Christian homes, churches, places where there is solidarity so they are not necessarily leaving the country or trying to get into refugee camps," he said.

Marlin said the persecution of the Church in Syria has followed the same pattern as every other country where Islamists have taken over.

"In the eight countries I cover in the book, the tactics are pretty much the same, with the exception of Saudi Arabia which doesn't have any Christians and focuses on harassing Christians there as guest workers," he said. "In the other seven countries, the churches are being blown up on high holy days; the pastors are being abducted and murdered. We've kept these records so people can recognize the pattern."

‘Horrified' by Obama response to persecution

He said the response of the Obama administration to the war on Christianity in the Middle East has been abysmal.

"My hope in writing this book was to remind the West that the unthinkable is real and to jolt the conscience of the West, where too many people have been putting their heads in the sand, including the White House," Marlin said. "I was horrified at their response of the White House when those Coptic Christians were murdered on the beach in Libya, specifically because they were Christians, and our president referred to them as ‘migrant workers from Egypt.'

Marlin believes part of the lack of response comes from the fact that Europe, and increasingly America, has lost touch with its Christian roots and thus feel no connection with the persecuted Christians of the Middle East.

It has been said that "the last acceptable prejudice is against Christianity," Marlin said. "And when people like Mrs. Clinton said that we must change our religious views (on same-sex marriage), that is where we're heading. That's what's coming next, it's no longer freedom of religion but freedom from religion. You can practice your religion in your home and within your church, but not in the public square. So yes, language matters, culture matters, and we're seeing a change in the language to justify actively shutting up of Christians in the public square."

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‘They Don’t Respect Our Law’: German Police Chief Says Force Is ‘Overwhelmed’ By Muslim Migrants
By clyde -  Oct 25, 2015 117 2 

Germany’s having just a few problems with their Muslim migrants that are raiding the country and demanding it conform to their backwards culture.

And now, since they’re allowing and even encouraging the mass migration, Germany’s officials are saying that it’s total chaos in the country right now.

The chief of the German police union has said that the migrant influx – forecast to hit 1.5 million by the end of the year – has left the nation’s police forces “overwhelmed” as they tackle sectarian conflict and “extreme criminal offences.”

Rainer Wendt (above) said new arrivals lacked respect for and knowledge of German law, which was insufficient to prosecute asylum seekers, and called for extra protection for women, children and Christians.

Mr Wendt has been Federal Chairman of the German Police Union since 2007. He welcomed new tougher asylum policy passed by the German parliament, particularly in relation to Balkans migrants, as a “good sign” but questioned why “things always have to go up in flames” before politicians “react.”

“This should’ve happened at least a year or so ago when we saw the first signs of the chaos,” he said in an interview with broadcaster N24.

All of this and President Obama wants to bring migrants here.

Take a lesson from Germany, Mr. President, and put this issue in the “Not Our Problem File,” as Ann Coulter said.


On the march to western Europe: Shocking pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks 
Battling howling winds, driving rain and icy temperatures, thousands of migrants today marched into Slovenia
Photographed from above, the refugees formed a single column as they crossed into the country from Croatia
It comes as Slovenia's Prime Minister warns the EU will break up if leaders cannot agree on how to deal with crisis
For more of the latest news on Europe's refugee crisis visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/refugeecrisis
PUBLISHED: 20:10, 25 October 2015 | UPDATED: 11:14, 26 October 2015

Battling strong winds, driving rain, mud and freezing temperatures, these stunning photographs show a slow trek of thousands of migrants making their way to Europe amid the harsh conditions of the oncoming winter.
As one European leader warns the ever growing crisis will see the EU fall apart 'in weeks', tens of thousands of people are continuing to try and reach the Eurozone via the arduous Balkans route.
And as these pictures show, they are prepared to do so despite often overwhelmingly difficult conditions.
Drone footage shows column of migrants in Rigonce, Slovenia
PHOTO'S VIDEO Duration Time 2:16
The huge column of migrants passes through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, after having been held at the Croatia border for several days
As winter approaches, many migrants are forced to wait in freezing temperatures, driving rain and howling winds

The column of migrants are just a handful of the tens of thousands to have crossed into the country in the past week
The column of migrants was filmed from the sky as it weaved through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, after having passed into the country from Croatia.
Tens of thousands of people are trying to reach central and northern Europe via the Balkans, but often have to wait for days in mud and rain at the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian borders.
Slovenia's premier this weekend warned the European Union that it 'is weeks away from falling apart' if the bloc cannot agree on a plan to confront the sudden influx of refugees through the Balkans.

Nine days after Hungary's move to seal its southern border drove unprecedented migrant flows into tiny Slovenia, Prime Minister Miro Cerar sent out a dramatic call to fellow central and eastern leaders in Brussels for emergency talks.
He said: 'If we don't find a solution today, if we don't do everything we can today, then it is the end of the European Union as such. If we don't deliver concrete action, I believe Europe will start falling apart.'
Since October 17, more than 62,000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia, with some 14,000 still passing through the country on today alone. 
Cerar said Croatia, which has already seen some 230,000 migrants pass through since mid-September, was still waiving migrants through into Slovenia without alerting Slovenia authorities.
Solvenia's premier has complained about the country's influx of migrants triggered by its neighbour Hungary's construction of a barrier
Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have all now warned they could close their borders if Germany and Austria stop accepting migrants.
More than 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration.
Following years of economic crisis, Europe's governments are struggling to cope with an influx of people from countries including Syria, where Russia's intervention has complicated efforts to end nearly five years of civil war.
Hungary’s decision to seal its borders left crowds of migrants camping by the side of the road in worsening weather. 
As a result of their new border fencing, migrants switched to Croatia, which also imposed border controls, pushing them into Slovenia.
Now the domino effect is threatening to destroy the Schengen Agreement for passport-free travel within the EU.
As EU leaders met at a Brussels summit, Mr Cerar said: ‘If we do not deliver some immediate and concrete actions on the ground in the next few days and weeks I believe the EU and Europe as a whole will start falling apart.’
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker highlighted the need for leaders to reach a consensus on the crisis by invoking the plight of migrants as the winter months approach.

Miro Cerar, Slovenia's Prime Minister, claims Croatia was waiving migrants through into his country without warning local authorities

A young girl looks at the photographer from inside the column of migrants, which was pictured marching through fields in Slovenia
In an interview published earlier today in German newspaper Bild, Juncker urged countries to stop handing on migrants to neighbouring states in chaotic conditions.
'The European Commission expects everyone to obey the rules of the game if we don't want to put Schengen at risk,' Juncker said.
He insisted that ‘every day counts’, adding: ‘Otherwise, we will soon see families in cold rivers in the Balkans perish miserably.’
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov warned that if Germany and Austria closed their borders with his country, Romania and Serbia would respond in kind.
‘The three countries, we are standing ready, if Germany and Austria close their borders, not to allow our countries to become buffer zones,’ Mr Borisov said.
‘We will not expose our countries to the devastating pressure of millions that would come.’ The comments expose the huge divisions between EU states over how to deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said his country had the ‘right to defend’ itself against countries which build fences.

‘We carry out our obligations, we are in solidarity with all of Europe,’ he said. ‘But the responsibility cannot be put with just some countries.’
Serbia, which is not in the EU, also said it was struggling to cope. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said: ‘It is important for the people to know that it is not a problem to register (migrants), or build bigger centres, nothing of this is a problem for Serbia.
‘But if someone thinks that we can be the place for two or three million refugees, this is unrealistic.’
With winter looming, Amnesty International on Saturday warned of a humanitarian disaster if migrants are stranded at borders.
Turkey, the starting point for most of the migrants, was absent from the meeting but was on leaders' minds, with officials viewing its help as crucial in stemming the influx to Europe.
'It is very, very important that the European Commission continues to speak with Turkey on the migrant crisis agenda,' said Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, who came back from a trip to Turkey this month vowing to push forward the country's long-stalled EU membership bid.
Turkey is pressing the EU for funds, visa-free travel, accelerated membership talks and resumed participation in EU summits in return for cooperation in stemming the refugee flow.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3289031/The-long-march-Stunning-pictures-thousands-migrants-brave-mud-rain-days-bid-Balkans-western-Europe.html#ixzz3pgaFEGui

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by NICK HALLETT24 Oct 2015
Failed asylum seekers in Germany are voluntarily returning home, but only because the government is paying them.

Magazine Focus says Germany took in 15,300 asylum seekers between January and July, which was nearly 2,000 more than the entirety of 2014 – and that was before the mass influx even gathered pace.

The Federal Government has set aside some €2.14 million to pay for voluntary repatriations, which includes travel subsidies of €200 per person, although this does not include people who have entered Germany without a visa.

The amount each person receives also increases depending on the country they are returning to, with those going to Egypt, Ghana, Lebanon and Eritrea receiving €300, while those going back to Iraq or Afghanistan get up to €700 per person.

The figures come as Germany tightens its asylum laws, allowing for faster deportation and classifying the Balkan nations of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro as “safe”, thus making it more difficult for people from those countries to claim asylum, and much easier to deport them.

However, in practice it will still take a long time before any new arrivals end up being deported. Once an asylum application has been filed, it can take up to five months to process, Weser Kurier says. Some applicants even have to wait a year before a decision as German bureaucrats struggle to cope with a surge in applications.

Maria-Luisa Leonhardt, a researcher at the Law Faculty of the University of Leipzig, said: “We already informed the interior ministry four or five years ago that too few staff were available to process asylum applications”.

Peter Altmaier, the minister in charge of the government’s asylum policy, said the move was a “signal” to migrants and would-be asylum seekers.

“We want to improve and we want to improve quickly, as early as this year, as regards expelling asylum seekers who do not have the right to remain here,” he said.

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'No real reason' to be there -- 'they want to go [to the UK] to get money'
Published: 14 hours ago
(Breitbart) A Bradford based charity will now only be helping genuine refugees near Syria after they woke up to the fact that those in the Calais “Jungle” camp are almost exclusively fit young men, who are “happy” to be there and not fleeing danger.

The charity was tired of unwanted donations being left to spoil by the economic migrants.
The Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been generously running a project to help the “refugees” based in Calais, previously claiming they were all “fleeing war and significant atrocities.”
However, on a recent visit HRF’s deputy chief executive Kassim Tokan and his team discovered unwanted clothing and food being “dumped and burnt” by the migrants.
He said migrants told him, bluntly, that they were quite happy to stay in the camp. “There is no point in staying here… Syrian people in Jordan have a much better life,” he suggested.

He said that 95 to 97 per cent of the people he observed in the camp were young, fit men – despite the BBC misleading the general public by featuring children in over 50 per of their pictures of the migrant crisis, as exposed by a Breitbart London analysis.
Tokan adding: “They have enough food, they have enough clothes and we have seen clothes everywhere thrown. I think we need to find other places. These people come from certain countries, which are safe, everything is there, they can work, but I don’t know why they came here.
The British public has been enthusiastically giving to the “refugees” in Calais since the story first entered the media, including 700 planning to ride there on bikes in single weekend.
However, tons goods were being wasted and left in mud, and at the begging of September charities pleaded for people to stop sending goods as they were “overwhelmed,” asking for money and mobile phones instead.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/charity-stops-aid-to-refugees-97-are-men/#TthfKwK3GwwFTDHw.99

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