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TRUMP :Germany will never be same again.

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TRUMP :Germany will never be same again.

Post  Admin on Thu 28 Apr 2016, 7:46 pm

TRUMP Tells Breitbart: Germany ‘Will Never Be The Same Again… Migrants Could Be ISIS’

U.S. Presidential candidate and Republican front runner Donald Trump said Wednesday on Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM that Germany “will never be the same” after the pro open borders migrant policy enacted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Speaking to show host Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump said: “I think [the migrant crisis] is horrible. I think what’s happened is horrible, and they should have built a safe zone [in Syria]. I think for Merkel to have allowed millions of people into Germany… and Germany is totally destabilised now… I don’t believe it’ll ever be the same, maybe in 200 years but it’ll never be the same and Germany of all countries, I cannot believe they allowed this to happen.”

A new study from a migration think-tank in Germany revealed this week that Islam has become a major religion in the country because of mass migration. The chairman of the German Foundations on Integration and Migration said that, “Germany has become demographically a multi-religious country,” due primarily to the mass migration of Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East.

Mr. Trump’s comments echo those of even some of Chancellor Merkel’s closest allies. Last year the country’s finance minister Wolfgang Schauble declared: “We need to limit the influx to Europe… We can’t manage this task at a national level anymore.”

And Mr. Trump spoke of the impact on the United States of America.

“You look at what is going on with migration, and we have a lot of the migrants. We have migrants coming over here by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, and they’re putting them in different parts of the country and we know nothing about them, where they come from and who they are and its a terrible situation Steve, you were a believe before I was possibly. You were one of the few.”

Finally, Mr. Trump touched on the fact that Islamic State terrorists are using the migrant crisis to infiltrate Europe, a fact now admitted to by most high level policy makers in Europe – and one that was first brought to light by the British Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage MEP.

Mr. Trump said: “What’s going on is incredible. People are coming into this country. We have absolutely no documentation. We have no idea who they are. And they very well could be ISIS.

“You look at those lines of migration there are so many young, strong men on those lines. Could be ISIS.”

Authorities are also increasingly aware of the fact that Salafist recruiters are targeting those coming into Europe who are not already radicalised, as Breitbart London has previously reported.

Mr. Trump has previously referred to Mrs. Merkel’s migration policy as “insane”.


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