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Hi I'm New Here

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Hi I'm New Here Empty Re: Hi I'm New Here

Post  Admin on Tue 07 Apr 2009, 1:30 pm


Hi Juli,
So glad you come along and join us.
We are blessed to have you with us.
I sent out a newsletter to members yesterday so you missed that post giving an update from some of our regular posters of their reasons for non posts lately because of their various trials. I haven't had time to check if this also comes up in the group as all very new stuff for me also to learn. If not I will find my copy and post on the Welcome Forum I find this the easiest place for news.
Thank you for introducing yourself that we can all get to know one another. It is good to read that even with your illness' and trials you are trusting and holding onto God : Many are the afflictions of the righteous but our God sustains us.
It is wonderful to read that with your many health problems you are battling on and learning new skills and not allowing the depression to get the better of you, I pray you will go from strength to strength.
I have also suffered in time past depression.
I have brought lots of our discussions over from MSN where we have shared with one another.
We are blessed here with a caring community where we have been able to share without others judging but here to pray for one another and encourage.

There is no posting requirements here but of course it is good when we can come along to let one another know how we are doing.
You could start a thread for yourself on Share Your Day Forum.... I found to begin our own thread a lot easier than a Good morning or check-In Thread, this way we can keep tabs on each others prayer needs a lot easier than sifting through a mix, I hope you will agree but it is up to you no pressure whichever you find best for you.
God bless you Juli,
Looking forward to as and when your able to contribute.
Love in Jesus
Elaine/aka/ Dunggate. flower

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Hi I'm New Here Empty Re: Hi I'm New Here

Post  jessie on Tue 07 Apr 2009, 8:17 am

hi julie ..great to have you here ..you sound like a brave lady ...i'm sure you are enjoying learning about the pc ..i'm from South Wales and my children are married i only have two ...daughter divorced now ...i became a christian when i was 13 many moons ago now!...looking forward to hearing from you ...jessie


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Hi I'm New Here Empty Hi I'm New Here

Post  Julie3 on Tue 07 Apr 2009, 5:33 am

Hi I am a christian wife and mother, and I have been happily married for 16 years, and we have 3 beautiful girls, Victoria age 15, Heather age 14 and Rachel will be 11, April 29th, this month. She is excited. I am currently going to computer school, to learn how to be office receptionist, and stuff. It is alot of fun. I am learning Word Professional, Excel, Powerpoint, and how to use office equipment, thru a free program that, I get paid to attend! It is sure a blessing! It will also help me get a job when I'm done there.
I have been a Christian since April 12th 1997 and also baptized the following week, as well. I dont have a home church, but I do read the Bible, listen to radio pastor's, and pray, and do my best for my children and the Lord. My family comes before computer. I also have alot of health issues, like fibro, asthma, and osteoarthritis, but I do ok. I don't have medical coverage, and I get really depressed at times. I am diagnosed with clinical depression, but I do my best to keep fighting it every day. I know God can and does help me, and even thru tempting times, he helps me, to not do things I want to do. It isnt' often I share this. Some how I feel it is ok here.
I will try to get in when I can, I go to school in the mornings, also have to pick up kids, take hubby to work, pick him up, and get meals, help with homework, etc, and so I get busy. So if I'm not on please do know your all in my prayers.
I do have hobbies, like computer, and I have alot of other things I like to do too, but never get much time to do, but computer, and family. I dont have alot of friends, so this is a blessing to me to have found your group. God bless you, Julie


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Hi I'm New Here Empty Re: Hi I'm New Here

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