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Noonday Devotion by Keith

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Thu 09 Feb 2012, 5:20 pm

Welcome to Simply Scripture

What a joy it is to share with you again..get your Bible and make yourself comfortable with a cup of Tea/coffee/soft drink and go on then, a cake.. I'll have a doughnut if your asking!!!!

Please take time to view the featured page links, situated at the bottom of this message. Please also share these messages with all your friends and groups. Let's get the word out into the world.

God Bless you


John ch 17


These words of Jesus in ch 17 in the Gospel of John are dedicated to the issue that often divides the church and that is the unity of the Church, and are directed at us. Those who Jesus says will believe through the message the apostles will give Vs 20 - 23.

20Neither for these alone do I pray [it is not for their sake only that I make this request], but also for all those who will ever come to believe in (trust in, cling to, rely on) Me through their word and teaching,

21That they all may be ONE, [just] as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me.

22I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one:

23I in them and You in Me, in order that they may become one and perfectly united, that the world may know and [definitely] recognize that You sent Me and that You have loved them [even] as You have loved Me..

Jesus leaves these words as the final things, he says before he goes to the cross. I think he is really trying to stress how important, this subject is... Amen.

The Closeness of God the Father and Jesus the Son, is so primary and paramount, they are linked by love and their relationship is so closely intertwined and here Jesus prays that we as His church may have that unique closeness. Can I ask you why don't we?.

Well this is what Jesus wants for His church. He wants us to be together, completely unified in spirit with no splits over minor points of doctrine. You know in heaven.. there will be no special area for Baptists and another for Methodists....just imagine having to spend the whole of eternity with a load of people from another denomination!!!!

Someone very wise said,"the world is waiting to see believers sold out for God". This world, is not interested in our petty arguments, it is interested and sits up and takes notice when Christians stand up and are counted true to their faith.

We have all we need to be unified, we have the very glory of God living in us, indeed Jesus was on earth to do the will of His Father, and to glorify Him, not to lift up Himself, Likewise we as believers are here to glorify God and His son Jesus and not to serve ourselves or to seek our own glory.

Jesus is pouring out His heart passionately in this passage, this church is what Jesus wants.,UNITY AND LOVE BETWEEN US.

Please notice verse 23, It is only when we are living in unity and have got our love walk down to a fine art, that we can reach the world, only then can we share love with unbelievers, because if you and I, can't share it or show to those of the brotherhood of faith, how can we share with this dying world, the love we claim to have, it says many times in 1 John that if we don't love our brothers, we don't have the love of God in us. 1 John 4:7-21.

Where does Jesus want us? Many believers have asked this. Well He doesn't want us in the doldrums, look at the following verses. He truly wants us with Him. He wants you as a believer to experience life in all its abundance, especially spiritually. Revelation 3:20 John 10:10

Eph 2:6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

To finish this prayer for us, Jesus promises to continue to make his love known, to us who believe he is a never ending revelation, new things and new aspects of Him are revealed every day to us, he lifts the curtain very slowly on his glory, bit by bit, he reveals more of Himself to us.

How blessed it is for the brethren to be joined in unity. Let's make that our aim.

Psalm 133 (Amplified Bible)

A Song of Ascents. Of David.

1[a]BEHOLD, HOW good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

2It is like the precious ointment poured on the head, that ran down on the beard, even the beard of Aaron [the first high priest], that came down upon the collar and skirts of his garments [consecrating the whole body].

3It is like the dew of [lofty] Mount Hermon and the dew that comes on the hills of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, even life forevermore [upon the high and the lowly].

Look at these verses, unity in the church, is a strong fragrance. You can tell a church that is living in unity and love as soon as you walk into it, and the world can smell it too. What fragrance is your church giving off?. A beautiful fragrance of unity and love or a sickly fragrance of disunity and strife.

In the Early church, God poured out his Holy Spirit on it, but how many times do you read that the disciples and indeed the whole church had all things in common, they were living in unity with each other.

It says that on the day of Pentecost, the disciples preached to Jews from all over the world, now there must of been room for splits, but there wasn't, because the church was so focused and so Spirit led.

Church.. God will not move in revival power, unless and until, we live in unity, and that means loving each other from the heart and not having a prideful attitude of 'our church is better than yours'. It is time church to live for God and love our fellow believers like never before.

It is time church, to wake up and smell the coffee, to get out of our little church bunkers and show a world, that is completely fragmented, that the only way is Jesus, and to do that we must show love one to another.. deep love from the heart.

God is angry at his church, he is not happy to see HIS church, living in disobedience to what HIS Desire is.. for it to be unified.

How much longer must God wait till HIS church wakes up and takes notice.
God bless you


Featured Website

Please read this wonderful page and appreciate your Pastor

Special Song

Please listen and sing along as you worship the Lord

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Tue 17 Jan 2012, 1:07 pm

"The Lord Will Provide"Jews call it “The Binding of Isaac.” Christians most often call the story in Genesis 22, “The Testing of Abraham.”

God said to Abraham, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.”

His blood must have run cold as Abraham pondered the mandate from Jehovah. But the next morning he saddled his donkey and took with him his son, Isaac, two servants, and enough wood for a burnt offering. They traveled for three days before reaching the appointed place. There he placed the wood upon the shoulders of his only son, much as that wooden cross would later be borne upon the shoulders of the only begotten Son of God.

As they walked away from the servants, Isaac broke the silence. “Father…? The fire and wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” I believe Dad choked back a tear when he offered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”

Moments later, Isaac was bound for the sacrificial offering. Abraham drew back the knife he had used many times before to skillfully slaughter the lamb in a manner that would cause little suffering. As he looked into the eyes of his only son, at the very last moment, the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!” When he looked up, there in a thicket was a ram caught by his horns. God had provided the sacrifice, just as Abraham had prayed He would!

So impressed was he, that from that day forward Abraham called the place, “The Lord Will Provide.”

Beloved, I want you to know that God is never late! Sometimes He may wait until the very last moment possible, but He is always on time. Maybe He is waiting for our change of heart before He acts. Or, maybe He is just waiting until such a time that we will know without a doubt that His provision is truly miraculous. Sometimes God waits until our own resources are completely exhausted, until we are so frustrated that we have given up to self and given over entirely to Him…until we quit believing that we can do anything about the problem. Just as the angel spoke a second time to Abraham, so God speaks to us at the very last moment…“...because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you obeyed me.” Amen and Amen!
Tommy Harrison

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 8:59 pm

Coffee Break


"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippines 4:6

Earlier this year one of the churches in our area made yard signs that said, "Let's Pray About It". You can see them in front of many houses, but the question arose, "What is 'It'"? What is the thing that we are going to pray about? The church may have had one specific thing in mind when they made them up.. I don't know.

This morning I want to talk about the "it" in our lives. Sometimes "it" is a wayward child that desperately needs to come back to the Lord. Sometimes "it" may be a failing marriage, a broken relationship, rejection by a friend. Perhaps "it" is a decline in your health, a bad report, the loss of a job, a material need, grief over the passing of a loved one. "It" might be a misunderstanding that needs to be corrected. "It" could be a trial, a mountain in your path, a roaring lion, a fiery furnace, a storm that's raging. "It" could be a besetting sin that you can't seem to get victory over. "It" can be many things. "It" can occur at anytime- especially when you least expect "it". "It" comes in all sizes- big and small. To be such a little word, "it" sure carries a big load.

There is one thing about "it" though-- "it' is not bigger than God or too big for Him to handle. "It" is not in control. "It" is not stronger or wiser than God. "It" cannot withstand the power of God. "It" has to yield to the name of Jesus. "It" has to submit to and obey God. If "it" is a storm when He speaks, "Peace be still", "it" has to be still. If "it" is a mountain "it" has to move.

I don't know what your "it" is, but I do know that when you pray about "it", when you take "it" to God, when you cast "it" upon the Lord, "it" will be taken care of. So don't continue to carry "it", don't keep struggling with "it", don't keep allowing "it" to defeat you, give "it" to God... He can handle "it".

Have a great day. Whatever "it" is, take "it" to God in prayer.

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Tue 22 Nov 2011, 5:53 pm

to stir your faith
Christ Exalted!

(James Smith, "Christ Exalted, Saints Comforted, and Sinners Directed" 1855)

If we look at the comparisons which are made use of by the Holy Spirit to set Christ forth--we behold something more of His loveliness.

He is compared to a MOTHER, and is said to have more than a mother's tenderness, kindness, and care.
His concern for His people is constant,
He never loses sight of them for a moment, and
He pledges His Word that He will never forget them!

He is the CITY of REFUGE, with . . .
the broad and clear road,
the gates wide open, and
the hearty welcome awaiting every sinner who approaches to escape the threatened vengeance!

He is the STRONGHOLD, which emboldens, supplies, and secures all the prisoners of hope.

He is the ROCK, which shades, shelters, and refreshes the weary traveler.

He is the DAY-STAR, which betokens brighter scenes, and guides the vessel of mercy across the boisterous deep--to the haven of perfect redemption and safety.

He is the SUN of RIGHTEOUSNESS, whose rising . . .
cheers the benighted pilgrim,
makes glad the weary citizen of Heaven, and
produces moral beauty and fruitfulness in our world.

He is the APPLE-TREE among the trees of the forest . . .
whose blossoms are beautiful,
whose shade is refreshing, and
whose fruit is sweet to the taste.

He is the BREAD of LIFE, which came down from heaven . . .
satisfying the hungry,
strengthening the weak, and
giving life unto the world.

He is the BRAZEN SERPENT, which heals easily, instantly, and perfectly--all who look to Him by faith.

He is the WATER of SALVATION, which . . .
cleanses the filthy,
refreshes the weary, and
makes glad the city of God.

He is the only WAY, which leads from sin, condemnation, and wrath--to life, holiness, and heaven!

He is the HEAD, which thinks, plans, and contrives for the welfare of the whole of His mystical body.

He is the DOOR, which admits to . . .
the pastures of Divine truth,
the privileges of His Church below,
and His Father's glorious presence!

He is the FOUNDATION on which all must build for eternity, and which alone is able to support our hopes and sustain our souls--amidst the wreck of matter and the crash of worlds!

He is the CORNER-STONE, which unites, beautifies, and strengthens the whole building of divine mercy.

He is the TEMPLE, where God . . .
meets with us,
accepts us, and
imparts His blessing to us.

He is the ALTAR, which sanctifies both the gift and the giver.

He is the VINE, which communicates life, nourishment, and fruitfulness to all its branches.

He is the ROSE of SHARON and the LILY of the VALLEY--fragrant, lovely, attractive, perfuming, and unequaled in beauty and grace!

He is the FORERUNNER, who is gone before His flock . . .
removing the obstacles,
marking out the road, and
ready to receive them as they finish their course.

He is the FRIEND . . .
who loves at all times,
whose mind never changes,
whose love never cools, and
who never neglects a friend in distress.

He is the greatest, best, and most glorious GIFT of GOD--including, securing, and conferring--every good thing upon those who sincerely receive Him.

He is the KINSMAN . . .
who redeems the forfeited inheritance,
who ransoms all His poor relatives from slavery,
and whose name is held in renown.

He is the LAMB of GOD, who took up, expiated, and forever put away--the sins of all who trust in His blood.

He is the MESSENGER of the COVENANT, who . . .
brings good news from God,
carries all our requests to God, and
ever stands as a Mediator between us and God.

He is the PEARL of GREAT PRICE, or the priceless pearl, which . . .
all who sincerely seek--find,
all who find--may claim, and
all who possess--are enriched forever!

He is the PHYSICIAN, who . . .
heals all disorders,
restores every patient to perfect health,
and bestows medicine and care, freely.

He is the RANSOM, which . . .
procured our release,
ensures our liberty, and
preserves us from going down into the pit!

He is the RIGHTEOUSNESS, which . . .
justifies us from all charges,
entitles us to eternal life, and
enables us to lift up our heads with boldness in God's presence.

He is the TRUTH, which . . .
enlightens the mind,
purifies the heart, and
regulates the life.

He is the FIRE, which . . .
purges our dross,
brightens our graces, and
cleanses our consciences from works which deserve death.

He is the SHEPHERD, who . . .
knows every sheep,
watches over the whole flock, and
never loses a lamb, by disease, accident, or beast of prey.

He is the CAPTAIN of SALVATION, who . . .
collects His soldiers,
disciplines His troops, and
leads them forth to certain victory over sin, the world, and the devil.

He is the LADDER, by which we . . .
rise from this earth,
lose sight of carnal things, and
ascend to the presence of God!

He is the SURETY . . .
who engaged for us in the everlasting covenant,
who is held responsible for our salvation,
who has pledged to set us before His father's throne forever.

He is the WALL of FIRE, which surrounds, enlightens and infallibly protects--all His redeemed people!

He is the chief among ten thousand, and the ALTOGETHER LOVELY ONE!

Precious Lord Jesus, allow me . . .
to know You more fully,
to trust You more heartily,
to serve You more diligently,
to enjoy You more frequently,
to imitate You more closely,
to exalt You more highly, and
to show forth Your salvation from day to day!

Your love--is my heaven,
Your presence--is my delight, and
Your service--is the joy of my heart!

Let me daily . . .
walk with You,
work for You,
and bring glory to You!

Oh, send Your Spirit to my poor heart . . .
to exalt You,
to honor You,
to endear You to my soul!

Use me to bring . . .
lost sinners to Your cross,
believers to Your throne of grace,
backsliders to the path of obedience.

Be my . . .
strength in life,
solace in death, and
eternal portion beyond the grave!

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty BY CONNIE

Post  Admin on Fri 18 Nov 2011, 6:00 pm

3 Striking Prayers

Noonday Devotion by Keith Bible

There are three striking prayers found in the Bible which deserve our individual and undivided attention. Believe it or not - the first one was prayed by a group of three thousand demons. The second was prayed by a multitude of people. And the third was prayed by a man who was just set free from demonic power.

There is so much instruction that can be gleaned from each prayer. May we receive from the Holy Ghost all that He would have us learn from each example.

I. The Prayer Of The Unclean Spirits

Mark 5:11-13 relates - "Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding, And all the devils besought him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them. And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine; and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand,) and were choked in the sea."

Here we have the demons pleading with Jesus to allow them to go into the swine. They knew that they would be cast out of the man. However, they did not want to be cast into the "deep" as Luke 8:31says - "And they besought Him that He would not command them to go out into the deep." Some commentators believe that they were referring to the "bottomless pit" mentioned in Revelation 20:1 which is sometimes referred to as the "prison house of Satan" - "And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years." These evil spirits would rather be anywhere but in the "pit" or the "deep." Even though they had the intention to do greater mischief and wickedness, Jesus "gave them leave." He answered their request.

There are two things that we want to observe here. One is that the demons are set on doing their work of mischief no matter which form is available. As soon as they realized that they had to quit their hold of the demoniac, they wanted to continue their mischief in another form. In this case, they entered into the swine - thus destroying the people's property. By doing so, they turned an entire town against Jesus. They went from alienating one man from God to an entire town having their hearts turned against Him.

The second thing we want to observe is that demon spirits are always in a hurry to get away from Jesus. Hence, this argues the importance of living holy so as to have the Presence of the Lord in our lives in a tangible way. The demons cannot stand to be where Jesus' Presence is.

I. The Prayer Of The Multitude

Mark 5:14-17 relates - "And they that fed the swine fled, and told it in the city, and in the country. And they went out to see what it was that was done. And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind; and they were afraid. And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine. And they began to pray Him to depart out of their coasts."

One would think that the strangest prayer ever prayed would be when the demon spirits prayed. Most would find it hard to believe that devils would be found praying at all. Yet, in the above example, we see that they, at times, earnestly entreat God - not as humble supplicants or from a motive of love but out of fear and with a motive to do further mischief.

Nonetheless, as we move on down to Mark 5:17, it is here that we find an example of one of the strangest prayers ever to be prayed - a prayer that an entire city lived to regret. Here we see a multitude of people who experienced one of the greatest miracles of all times - a man possessed with a legion of three thousand demons being totally delivered and transformed before their eyes.

Mark 5:3-5 described this possessed man as one who - "had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him. And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones."

Imagine trying to raise your children with this man on the loose in your neighborhood. What kind of terror did these people live under - knowing that, at any time, he could break loose and perhaps attack them or their children?

In these verses of Scripture, we find the demoniac totally delivered -"sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind." Were the people happy to see such a welcome sight? Absolutely not! The Scripture says - "and they were afraid."

Wait a minute! Are these people backwards or what? Shouldn't they be relieved that the "crazy" man was no longer "crazy" and a terror to them and their children? What's up with this?

The strangest part of this entire scenario is the request that they offered to Jesus after He demonstrated His might and power in their midst. Verse 17 says - "And they began to pray Him to depart out of their coasts." The whole city came out to meet Jesus - not to bow down and worship Him or declare that He is truly God. On the contrary, they began to plead with Him to depart - to leave them alone.

Why in the world would anyone pray and even plead with Jesus to leave them alone?

These people - after seeing the miracle - trembled. They had some semblance of fear over what just happened. However, it was not enough to overshadow the price that they would have to pay - the cost or consequence of having Jesus invade their life.

These people had an unclean business. They had something which God condemned as abominable. One thing they failed to realize was that when Jesus shows up and works in His power, all unclean things have to be forfeited or given up. They were highly upset that they lost their swine business. It mattered more to them than Jesus having His way or spiritual deliverance coming their way. They didn't want salvation; they wanted their sin.

The demoniac gave up his devils and was totally set free by Jesus. Here were these fine upstanding citizens - who unbeknownst to them - had devils as well. When the time came to give up their sin and devils, they refused. They held onto them and kicked Jesus out of town.

Jesus gave them exactly what they wanted. He answered their prayer. He left them alone. And because they rejected Him, today this entire multitude is in Hell - regretting every minute that they held onto their uncleanness and sin.

Notice that Jesus did not argue, debate, or attempt to change their minds. The Scripture says that as soon as they prayed - "...And they began to pray Him to depart out of their coasts" - what follows is -"And when He was come into the ship..." (Mark 5:18). He left their city immediately. The People's New Testament made this comment on His reaction to the people's rejection of Him - "Christ does not stay where He is not wanted. He never visited the country of the Gadarenes again."

Unlike the demons in the first example, these people were not hurrying to get away from Jesus. On the contrary, they wanted Jesus to hurry and get away from them.

III. The Prayer Of The Delivered Man

Mark 5:18 relates - "And when He was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed Him that he might be with Him."

Before it was too late, the delivered man cried out to Jesus. He knew that the Lord was leaving to go to another country. He did not want to be counted among those who were rejecting Him and petitioning Him to leave their midst.

This newly saved man prayed that he could follow Jesus wherever He went. Unlike the people of Gadara, he had no problem with any cost involved in serving the Master. He was more than willing to give up any and all uncleanness in his life. He wanted to be with the Savior...enjoy communion with Him...receive His instruction... and be under His care, influence, and protection. He desired to have Christ's gracious Presence with him so that he could become more and more acquainted with Him.

As sincere and pure as his request might have been, Jesus rejected it - only because He had a greater work for him to do among his acquaintances - "Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee" (Mark 5:19).

In summary, the demons in the first example were wanting toget away from Jesus. The multitudes in the second example wanted Jesus to get away from them. And now, in this third example, we find the delivered man earnestly desiring to follow Jesus wherever He went.

All of this learning was conveyed through the prayers of those involved in this story.

Just what kind of instruction are your prayers giving to others?

May God Bless His Word,


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty MY HEART

Post  Admin on Mon 14 Nov 2011, 5:08 pm


I wish to share what God has been doing in my life. There have been some amazing things happening in my life and I wish to share what I am committed to and why

First of all, my commitment to God is total and is the thing that rules my life. I am constantly reminded of the wonderful sacrifice of Calvary and my response to that can only be one thing and that is to offer up my life as living sacrifice.. amen

Romans 12
1I APPEAL to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.
2Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

The early disciples and many saints through the ages and many present day saints, show that living a life that is on fire for God is the only way to live.. amen. There is no other option for the believer.. amen
Anything that comes between the believer and fellowship with God, must be ditched. In recent weeks, I have got rid of my Television, maybe it was not wrong, but the images it projects and the time it takes up, takes away from time that should be spent in prayer and bible reading.. amen
So my time with God is precious, I will protect it at any cost, I will take time to meet with God, because he promises to meet with us, if we put aside time to meet with Him
Apart from Falling deeply in Love with God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit, I have fallen in love with Helen
God has given me the gift of Helen. Who I love with all my heart
Helen is totally unique, she is the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31, she has the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians chapter 5. All these fruits she has in abundance. Helen overflows with Love, Joy and Peace and God has blessed me so much by bringing this Godly, dynamic and beautiful woman of God into my life. I am totally amazed constantly by Helen and wish to thank Helen for her prayers, love and constant encouragement
Website Ministry
The two websites are closing.. at ourchurch. They have become a distraction and so they have closed. I thank everyone, who has accessed them.
Now I come to the devotions, the Lord wants me to do these differently. I will be sending out the devotions, twice a week from Monday-Thursday, On Friday- Saturday, we will be concentrating on the persecuted church. Noonday Devotion, will be more relevant and up to date, it will contain fresh manna from my quiet time
What I am asking from you my friends is the following
To read the devotions and pray over the prayer requests
To pass them on as the Spirit Leads
Click the music and featured page links
To Let me have any links you would like me to place as the featured page link

Why Have I done these things
To deepen my Love relationship with the Father
To study more the precious word of God
To spend time with Helen My Beloved
Other changes that are to be made include that I will send out no ministry on Sunday, this is the Lord's day and I should minister for 6 days, but Place Sunday on a special footing, so please do not e-mail on Sunday.
I will only talk to men online.. the only exception to this is Susan and this is because she is my editor. And of course Helen of course

Thanks and God bless


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sat 12 Nov 2011, 6:38 pm

I have e-mailed Our church and asked them to delete my two websites, they are becoming distractions to me spending time with the Father.

I also have cut my groups by half and my e-mail contacts by a third and so I will be able to send out ministry three times a week.. but not on Sunday as is Lord's day. Also Noonday Devotion, needs to be fresh manna, taken from my quiet time, from my personal time with God, which I will do anything to protect and stir my faith in intimacy with God

I hope you understand where I am coming form



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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Mon 10 Oct 2011, 12:07 pm

Devotions to start week of 15th October
From: "keith hobkirk"

The devotions will start back on this date, with China Cry and I am really excited. I will be moving at probably the same time.. but I Will cope. there are still some details to be Ironed out on the new Static caravan.. so please keep praying,. The sites has been updated and so I ask that you would visit them.

There are 12 pages on each site, with songs and Links to view and listen to

All I ask is that you share what I send with all your groups.. the WORD OF GOD needs to get out into the world and we need to be radical to change the world like the fist Christians were in Acts.. amen.. Please see Acts chapter 17

Please sign the guestbook on the home page and place your prayer requests on the guestbook situated on Prayer power on link below and come back often to pray over the requests. I t will be nice to know where people are viewing the site from.. which countries etc.

The second site has so much for everyone.. please click the link below and be blessed
Thanks for all your prayers, love, encouragement and support

God bless you my friends


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Tue 04 Oct 2011, 3:28 pm

My child, I know that it was not your desire to get out of bed and write the words that I desire to speak to you. You say, it is late but it is never to0 early or to0 late for Me to speak and you should be obedient unto the call no matter what time of the day it is. You say, Lord, I don't know what to write and it is true that you do not know what I will be speaking, but I know what needs to be said and you need to have a listening ear to the sound of the Master's voice at all times, even as the ones on earth that have a master and must do what they are told to do. You wonder why people are living in such troubled times, but I say unto you, there are a people at all times and in all places living in troubled times. The world has always been full of trouble and it shall not cease and there is no peace a part from Jesus Christ, for He is the only peace for the whole human race but most do not know Me as savior and Lord and that is and has always been the reason for the troubles of the world and mankind. There are too many people that are void of love because they know not Me but most have some kind of religion that they believe in and are willing to die for, but there is only one true God and no one can know Him until they have accepted the Son, who is the only one that offers redemption from the wiles of the evil one who has continued to torment, and destroy the lives of the human race that I have created to have fellowship with Me that I might teach them to worship Me in spirit and truth. The longer you linger at My footstool of learning the more wisdom, the more knowledge, and understanding you shall receive and the more love I can bestow unto you and you can bestow unto others for there is no love a part from God even though there is a feeling called love but it will be a selfish love, but I AM able to deliver you from selfishness and all that is ungodly, for I AM your only hope of salvation and righteousness. I have given you the righteousness of God through the blood that was shed for you on the cross and it is a forever cleansing for the soul. satan will try to keep you from coming to Me and he will try to confuse My people but He knows that I have always been a faithful Heavenly Father and I AM ever watching over My children to draw them back to Me and My heart of love and compassion when they fall into his deception. He is working harder now to deceive and to destroy everyone that will give him an ear. Oh! I speak now unto My children, I say unto that one who feels rejected and alone, that one that is hurting, I want to share My love and compassion with you. I want to hold you even closer to Myself, I want your attention, I want to tell you that you are loved and you cannot even rob yourself of My love but you can rob yourself of faith to trust in Me and My love at all times. I want to share every moment with you and lift you up to the throne of grace and make you even more in My likeness with a strength and love that you have never possessed before.
The Lord bless you and keep you and He makes His face shine upon you and gives you peace in a world where there is no peace. Never forget that you are loved by the one from whom all love comes. You cannot earn the love of God for it is always freely given. Let it be freely received.
Now take your rest in Me.

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Thu 29 Sep 2011, 9:38 am


As I come back to sending out the devotions, prayer requests, I truly want to share the two things God has laid on my heart over the past few months.

These things are direct from the heart of God and need to be heard by today's church. I would be grateful if you shared them and printed them out and gave them to fellow church/house group members


Thanks to two very special Pastors Mark Johnstone and Mansell Morgan, whose powerful ministry has stirred my spirit. To my beloved friends Susan, Pastors Alex and Jacob and Helen, who has been such an encouragement and inspiration to me.

We all look for the secret of the christian life, we read books, attend conferences, we listen to Cd's, videos, DVDs of ministry and still somehow we don't get it. The Lord has been showing me, that



Jesus told us in Matthew 6

6But when you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open

When I first came to my present flat, in 2009 and when I was in Canada for 4 months in 2007, I spent time in prayer to the Lord, just sharing with HIM and pouring out my heart to HIM and allowing HIM to minister to me. Telling HIM, that I loved him, just for who He was and nothing else. Over the last year-18 months, I have lost that deep closeness, that being in the presence of God in that secret place gives you.

How long has it been since you told God you loved HIM?

The Lord has been stirring my heart, and has been speaking deeply to my heart, through the ministry of His Holy Spirit using HIS Holy Word.. amen. He has also used several anointed friends.. see top of e-mail for details.. thanks to them all.

Everything flows from the secret place, our walk with God and others is transformed, our view of people is transformed. It is the place, where we see how big God is and how small we are.

Church, God wants you to turn off the TV and DVD, He wants to meet with you, in that place. It is the place of prayer and power. . This is what is meant by redeeming the time.. buying it back. God wants us to redeem the time.. to use it wisely. Spending time in the presence of God is worth twice as much as time doing worldly things. amen

Church , HE also wants you to stop reading those books about HIM and listening to those sermons, however good , they are and meet HIM in that secret place of prayer. Maybe you will not say a alot in that place, maybe it is time to remain silent and let God speak, I know because, I can't half go on Sometimes, the Lord cant get a word in.

Here is a beautiful verse

Psalm 91

1 HE WHO [a]dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].

It is time to turn off the TV , put away those books and stop listening to those sermons and spend time in the secret place.. if you are spending more time watching GOD TV or CBN or something else, you are getting God second hand, He wants you to come personally to HIM and meet HIM right now. It is estimated that the average christian in the so called western world spends about 7 minutes a day in prayer and bible study.

God said this to my heart that His word is not to be dissected by us, it is there to dissect us.. not the other way round.. so often we have pick and mix obedience.. that my friends is plain disobedience.

Mansell said last Sunday evening that some verses are so etched on your heart, they wont leave U. Well Joshua 24:15 is the verse that has been on my heart for months.. It says

15And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

The Lord does not force us to serve HIM, He does give us a choice, it is up to us to make the right and only sensible choice. It is time Church to totally commit to God.. anything less is sin.

I talk to fellow brothers and sisters in Africa and China and they suffer for the gospel, they have times of prayer that last hours, we get bored and start looking at our watches if the sermon goes on for 2 minutes longer that it should.. amen

I write and serve God, but these things can and have been idols.. yes service to God can become an idol.. because it takes the place of HIM.

Time to tear down all idols and to serve the Lord and HIM alone, Church!

The Lord asks us all.. this question.. are you going to serve Me and Me alone?. The question is still relevant today and my answer is the same as Joshua's.

Please send me feedback even if you disagree

I have shared what God has placed on my heart

God bless you


Song that stirred me originally

John and Josee Waller sharing.. this is my heart as well

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sat 10 Sep 2011, 2:51 pm

Just to give you all an update on my move. The static caravan is going through probate, which is a legal procedure, as it is part of a will.It will take.. well as long as it takes. Please pray that this would be in God's timing and that I would have patience. I will send you my new address, when this process is complete. I have to give one month's notice on my present place also, when the probate process is complete.. this allows me time to get everything organised

I will return with the devotions and ask for your patience, whilst I move. Until then I ask that you please go on the persecuted church page on the site, as this is the one that I am updating every week. The rest are being updated also.

Here is the link, new updates for prayer are placed on this page every Friday

Thanks everyone

God bless and thanks for praying


If you do not wish to be on the e-mail list then please say so.. just send an e-mail with unsubscribe in the title

Am also looking for testimonies for transformed lives page on site. Please share how you came to Know Jesus and what changes HE has made in your life. Please keep it between 500-1000 words.

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sun 21 Aug 2011, 6:37 pm

Welcome to "God's Word to You"!

God's Word to You today is found in Hebrews 12:28-29

28Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29for our "God is a consuming fire."

We are receiving a kingdom with God!

We will live with Him forever and are saved in spite of ourselves!

Why would we not go to Him with reverence and awe?

And when was the last time you allowed your love for God to consume you? Have you ever let love for Him consume you?
I have a passion for God because of where I have come from. Because I know what it is like to be lost. I have people tell me how they think because of living for God most of their lives they have little or even no testimony.
Yet I at times wish I had found God sooner and wish for a way to get back lost years. And because of my lost years I am who I am today. Because of them knowing God as long as they have and not falling into the things I did they have had more time to glorify God.
Funny isn’t it? We both would seem to be wishing for what the other has yet God just wants both of us to love Him as passionately as He loves us. No matter where or when we come to Him He just wants us to come.

Have you come to Him yet?


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Fri 27 May 2011, 2:19 pm

Sent purely to bless you
"Who can understand his errors?
Cleanse thou me from secret faults."
Psalm 19:12

Our Secret Faults
Secret faults are a problem with a great many folk today. They are secret from themselves ~ but not from God!
Although, in comparison, few are guilty of obvious sins such as murder, robbery, embezzlement, or even adultery. But what about those secret sins ~ the so-called faults, which many of us perhaps deem unimportant? If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that there are faults to be found in each of us.
Webster's dictionary defines fault as weakness of character; something wrong or imperfect; responsible for something wrong ~ vb. find fault in or with.
Now, just how unimportant are faults? And are they really unimportant to our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors? Do these faults seem insignificant to those we have contact with daily? And do they limit our usefulness and hurt our effectiveness? It is the little things like secret faults that ruin relationships. And we all have them.
Just suppose there had been fault found in Jesus. Would we have a Savior from sin? Would we have peace with God? Would we have the certain hope of eternal life? The answer is NO to each question, for God found no fault in His beloved Son. May we strive to be likened unto Jesus, without one secret fault.
"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD,
my strength, and my redeemer."
Father, we come before You this day, asking You to forgive our secret faults. We give You thanks for Your Son, Jesus, whom we have forgiveness through His death for sins such as these. By your grace, dear Lord, enable us to overcome our faults, through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.
Giving God the Glory!
Serving in His Unconditional Love,
JESUS is our One true source of joy!
NOTHING compares to the promise we have in Him

hope this blesses you.. written by lorraine ezell
"If He Walked In"

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." Proverbs 15:3
I have something to ask you this morning. "If Jesus walked into the room where you were, would you do anything differently?" If He walked in would you change your speech and the language you were using? Would you change the channel on the television? Would you change your clothes? Would you try to hide something that you have in your hand? Or would you continue as you were?

I have a feeling that if Jesus did literally walk into the room where some, if not most, Christians were, they would start making some immediate changes- such as was described above. I want to leave you with a thought today, and the thought is another question. "Why?" Why would you do anything differently than you are doing now?

We should live as if Jesus were standing beside us all the time- because in reality, He is. He is with you wherever you are. He sees everything you do and hears everything you say. I think it is a little amusing, in a sad sort of way, when people that I am around will let a curse word "slip" and then say to me, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that". I understand that they are apologizing to me out of respect for who I am- and I appreciate that. But my reply is always, "You don't have to apologize to me, God heard you". He is the one that we need to be concerned about offending. If we will change what we do and what we say out of respect for an individual, shouldn't we be much more concerned about changing it before God.

A Christian's first priority is to please our loving Heavenly Father- in our actions, attitudes, speech, attire, conduct, etc. If we will strive to do that, we would never have to worry about or change anything we are doing if He really were to walk into the room.

Have a great day. Are you living your life as if Jesus is always standing there watching? The reality is--- He is watching!

For further reading:
Matthew 28:20
Hebrews 4:13
Psalm 139:1-12

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Fri 22 Apr 2011, 5:04 pm

Please continue to remember Our Youth Leader Ian and his wife Joanne. Ian is suffering pain in his joints

For my beloved and I really love this guy.. my beloved Pastor Mark as he preaches three times over Easter.. for the anointing of God to rest on Him

For Richard and Esther and the Home Church in Morecambe. Healing also for their little son Daniel

For me to find employment

Thanks for viewing the sites, please share with all your friends and prayer groups

Jesus is Alive.. amen

Dear Friends


I greet you in the precious name of Jesus.. the Lamb Who was slain and was raised from the dead and now sits on the throne at the right hand of the Father. The one Whose Precious blood was shed for us.


I hope you can read the following powerful verses

Isaiah 53
Colossians 2:11-15
Romans 5
1 Corinthians 15
Hebrews 10:19-22
Genesis 22

Here is a special card for you.. I hope you will be blessed by it

Over the last year, you have blessed me so much by sharing on what is on my website. Thanks for doing that. That website is still in operation and will continue to challenge and stir the believer and to reach out to the unsaved. So please keep coming to it.. its address is towards the bottom of this message

But now, I have done another site, which I hope will be as much of a blessing to you all. These sites are linked and operate in conjunction with each other

I am not telling you, what is on the sites.. I am leaving you to browse them at your leisure and all I ask is that you share this news with all your friends, groups, churches and prayer groups.

These sites are there to stir your faith and to shake the church, so that it gets fired up about reaching the world with the good news that Jesus Saves.. amen

Here is the new and the old website (well it is not old really. both get updated often so please come back as often as you wish). I wish to thank my Dear friend Susan Hughes for her wonderful contribution to the website. There are many Links on both so please click those and be blessed

Please browse and be blessed and please share this message with all your contacts. If you first language is not English, there is a translate tool box which can translate the sites into thirty languages


Thanks and God Bless you

Your Friend and Brother in Christ


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Wed 20 Apr 2011, 12:04 pm

Dear Friends


I greet you in the precious name of Jesus.. the Lamb Who was slain and was raised from the dead and now sits on the throne at the right hand of the Father. The one Whose Precious blood was shed for us.


I hope you can read the following powerful verses

Isaiah 53
Colossians 2:11-15
Romans 5
1 Corinthians 15
Hebrews 10:19-22
Genesis 22

Here is a special card for you.. I hope you will be blessed by it

Over the last year, you have blessed me so much by sharing on what is on my website. Thanks for doing that. That website is still in operation and will continue to challenge and stir the believer and to reach out to the unsaved. So please keep coming to it.. its address is towards the bottom of this message

But now, I have done another site, which I hope will be as much of a blessing to you all. These sites are linked and operate in conjunction with each other

I am not telling you, what is on the sites.. I am leaving you to browse them at your leisure and all I ask is that you share this news with all your friends, groups, churches and prayer groups.

These sites are there to stir your faith and to shake the church, so that it gets fired up about reaching the world with the good news that Jesus Saves.. amen

Here is the new and the old website (well it is not old really. both get updated often so please come back as often as you wish). I wish to thank my Dear friend Susan Hughes for her wonderful contribution to the website. There are many Links on both so please click those and be blessed

Please browse and be blessed and please share this message with all your contacts. If your first language is not English, there is a translate tool box which can translate the sites into thirty languages


Thanks and God Bless you

Your Friend and Brother in Christ


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Mon 18 Apr 2011, 11:04 pm

Welcome to Noonday Devotion


This is the second special Noonday. I hope you are blessed by it and that you share it with all your friends and contacts.

Please take time to view the featured page links at the bottom of this message

Jesus is alive and he lives in the hearts of His people.. AMEN

Does He live in yours?

God bless you and thanks for taking time to read this message


Matthew 28
6 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
What an awesome invitation!
To everyone who comes to the tombs of all the great leaders and philosophers of history, you will find their bones and lots of pilgrims who come to view the bones and memorials to their leaders etc.
But in the case of Jesus, it is different!!! !!. Outside the tomb of Jesus, is a sign that says ' he is not here..HE IS ALIVE'
The difference between Christianity and every other faith, is that we worship and treasure someone who is NOT DEAD. He rose from the grave.. indeed he did more than rise from the grave.. he destroyed and defeated death itself. Death indeed is the final frontier for us, but Jesus has been there and it has no power over HIM and likewise over men and women who trust in the risen Saviour.

Paul says that if Jesus hasn't risen from the dead, then the faith of the Christian is in vain... really he is saying that if Jesus hasn't risen from the dead then what the Christian believes is total nonsense.

But Jesus has risen and lives in the hearts of everyone of his believing people today.. amen
Paul puts it eloquently In 1 Corinthians 15
55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

Have you ever been stung? By a wasp or nettle.. I certainly have and it is painful. But through the Resurrection, Jesus has taken the sting and pain out of death and sin. Death for the Christian is not the end.. it is only the start.. it is the entrance into fellowship for eternity with Jesus and his Father.. amen

Our text says Come and see. Today the invitation is still the same.

I leave the final word to my brother Matthew Henry, and his comments

Sin gives death all its hurtful power. The sting of death is sin; but Christ, by dying, has taken out this sting; he has made atonement for sin, he has obtained remission of it. The strength of sin is the law. None can answer its demands, endure its curse, or do away his own transgressions. Hence terror and anguish. And hence death is terrible to the unbelieving and the impenitent. Death may seize a believer, but it cannot hold him in its power.
God Bless you

Special Poems

Three Hours of Darkness

When upon the Cross of Calvary, great darkness fell for all to see,
For three hours upon the land, a darkness many didn't understand,
That time after Christ was crucified, the time He suffered and died,
A time filled with silence too, when Christ had died for me and you.

Darkness surrounded His death, as He approached His last breath,
Darkness on the land was unfurled, around The Light of The World.
Silence fell on the mocking crowd, whose evil shout was very loud,
As the light scattered the darkness, hearts again, showed hardness.

Upon Christ God placed on Him, the darkened iniquity of man's sin,
Made to be sin for Adam's race, upon that cross He took our place,
And God couldn't look and see, that sin Christ bore for you and me,
So through that dark span of time, God the Father had turned aside.

As Christ was on that bloody stake, the Son, the Father did forsake,
He gave His spirit, at His last breath, to His Father, as He saw death,
The earth quaked, opening graves, and bodies of saints were raised,
And as that Temple Curtain torn, the Age of Grace by God was born.

A soldier with sword and rod, said "surely that was The Son of God."
The Son of God for all sinners lost, was taken down from the cross,
Thinking of that cross, we must recall, the Lamb of God died for all,
He died upon a bloody stake, so His Resurrection we could partake.

(Copyright ©04/2009 Bob Gotti)

The Tomb Is Empty

Face it friend, the tomb is empty; death couldn't hold Christ, you see,
Although He died for you and me, He's now on the Throne of Eternity.
The stone, covering where Christ lay, by God's hand, was rolled away.
In that tomb where Christ was laid, only Christ's grave clothes stayed,
There He stood, in a body Glorified, Jesus Christ, who bled and died.

Mary was the first one to that tomb, bearing a heart filled with gloom,
She assumed the body was taken, but she would be gladly mistaken,
For, with her heavy heart that day, she would soon hear an angel say,
You will not find Christ Jesus dead, for He rose just like He had said.
She left to tell others not to grieve, for The Lord, they too would see.

Now Mary filled with a joyful heart, from an empty tomb would depart,
Filled with wonder she ran to those, other disciples, to say Christ rose.
Peter began running fast ahead; as they had thought Christ was dead,
Now he ran with much anticipation, enthused by a brand new situation,
Looking inside he just saw clothes, for from the grave Christ had rose.

But all hearts stayed, like the tomb, until Christ entered into that room,
Showing them His hands and side, proving He was The One who died.
Christ would stay for forty days, filling their hearts with joy and praise,
Filing them with His Hope and victory, that will last through all eternity,
Where they shall remain forevermore, with their Savior, Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©04/2007 Bob Gotti)

Featured Page link

Please read this beautiful page on the Resurrection of Jesus


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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sun 03 Apr 2011, 4:01 pm

Welcome to Simply Scripture

What a joy to share with you once again. It is my favourite time of year, spring is here.. at last.

I hope you are blessed by what I share with you and would share it with others.

Please click on the featured Page links at the bottom of these Messages.


God bless you



John 14

1DO NOT let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely on God; believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely also on Me.
2In My Father's house there are many dwelling places (homes). If it were not so, I would have told you; for I am going away to prepare a place for you.
3 And when (if) I go and make ready a place for you, I will come back again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also.
4And [to the place] where I am going, you know the way.
5Thomas said to Him, Lord, we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?
6Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.
Dear friends
I have been led to these verses and the Lord has shared some beautiful things with me. It is amazing to receive from the Lord, and to be taught by Holy Spirit. Believe me, I have no insight at all into Scripture, it all comes from the Holy Spirit.. who is the best teacher amen
The disciples were so full of questions in this part of scripture and Thomas (bless his heart), was asking Jesus about the way. Jesus had been talking about going to heaven and preparing a place for us.. don't you just love that. Jesus is preparing for our arrival....isn' t that thrilling?
I just want to concentrate on verse 6. The words are so familiar to us.. THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE
Here is what the Lord has shared with me and I hope you will be blessed also.
Jesus is The only Way to God
We have so many competing images in today's world, we are told that this religion is the answer to all the troubles in the world. But there is only one answer to the problems of the world.. and that is Jesus.. amen.
Jesus was talking to men, who were Jews and who knew all about the many sacrifices that the Jews had to make to do. But this was going to change because Jesus was going to die the ultimate sacrificial death on the cross, He was and is the perfect sacrifice for sin. A lamb totally pure and unblemished. . amen
The priest of the Old testament, had to go through so much ritual, rather like today. People go to church, they give money, they do good deeds, which are all fine in their own way. But they are missing the point. Man cannot reach up to God.. He has reached down to them and offered them free salvation if only they would accept it.
I love the verses in Hebrews 10, that state the new deal that the Christian has
19Therefore, brethren, since we have full freedom and confidence to enter into the [Holy of] Holies [by the power and virtue] in the blood of Jesus,
20By this fresh (new) and living way which He initiated and dedicated and opened for us through the separating curtain (veil of the Holy of Holies), that is, through His flesh,
21And since we have [such] a great and wonderful and noble Priest [Who rules] over the house of God,
22Let us all come forward and draw near with true (honest and sincere) hearts in unqualified assurance and absolute conviction engendered by faith (by [b]that leaning of the entire human personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness), having our hearts sprinkled and purified from a guilty (evil) conscience and our bodies cleansed with pure water.
Jesus shows us the truth about God
If you read further on in John 14, we see that Philip asks Jesus to show them the Father. Jesus replies that he and the Father are linked so closely.. amen
9Jesus replied, Have I been with all of you for so long a time, and do you not recognize and know Me yet, Philip? Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say then, Show us the Father?
10Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in Me? What I am telling you I do not say on My own authority and of My own accord; but the Father Who lives continually in Me does the ([a]His) works (His own miracles, deeds of power).
11Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me; or else believe Me for the sake of the [very] works themselves. [If you cannot trust Me, at least let these works that I do in My Father's name convince you.
Jesus is fully God..completely and utterly. What the Father is like is what Jesus is like. How Jesus acted on earth s what the Father is like.. amen
How did Jesus act on earth?
He acted in Love towards people
He criticised religious hypocrisy
He looked on people with compassion
He gave Himself as a sacrifice
We need no longer ask, what God is like. We have beheld His glory in His Son.. amen
As John puts it so beautifully in Chapter 1 of his gospel
14And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us; and we [actually] saw His glory (His honor, His majesty), such glory as an only begotten son receives from his father, full of grace (favor, loving-kindness) and truth.
Jesus gives us the Life of God
Many years before, God had promised to give the people a new heart. This was promised in the book of Ezekiel.
In Chapter 11
19And I will give them one heart [a new heart] and I will put a new spirit within them; and I will take the stony [unnaturally hardened] heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh [sensitive and responsive to the touch of their God]
And Chapter 36
26A new heart will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you, and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.
This was now made possible by the sacrifice of Jesus upon the Cross. Anyone, who came to him and knelt at the foot of the cross in repentance and faith, and received Jesus as Saviour was now able to be in right standing with God.
The promise made to Ezekiel, was now able to made true and is still being made true today.. amen. All over the world.. men and women are coming to a life changing experience of Jesus and His power to change lives.
Let me finish with 2 wonderful verses
John 1
12B.But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority (power, privilege, right) to become the children of God, that is, to those who BELIEVE in (adhere to, trust in and rely on) His name.
2 Corinthians 5
17Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a NEWcreation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!
Jesus came to give life back, He came to save from sin and to completely loose the bonds of sin, death and fear. He came to give us freedom and power and a sound mind.. to give us life here on earth that is truly amazing.
John 10
10The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it [b]overflows) .
Not only that, but also you will spend eternity in His presence. Now isn't that amazing. All you have to do is kneel at the foot of the cross and :

A - Admit you are a sinner
B- Believe that He died for you
C- Confess Him before men and live for Him every day
Please click the links below to see how Jesus has and is changing lives today. Let Him change yours
God bless you

Featured Page link

Please read these amazing testimonies. . Jesus is the only one who can and does change lives

http://www.changed- uk/

My website

Please read my testimony

http://www.ourchurc f/faithhopelove/

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

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Welcome to Noonday Devotion

I do hope you enjoy what I share. Today is special, because under my devotion are two wonderful poems.

Under those are some wonderful links, including one to a missionary family in Greece. Please click on these wonderful links.

Please pass these messages on to all your friends and groups. If you wish to print them out and share them with your church, then again please do.



God bless you


Noonday Devotion by Keith


2 Timothy 1

16 May the Lord grant [His] mercy to the family of Onesiphorus, for he often showed me kindness and ministered to my needs [comforting and reviving and bracing me like fresh air]! He was not ashamed of my chains and imprisonment [for Christ's sake].

17 No, rather when he reached Rome, he searched diligently and eagerly for me and found me.

This believer is a wonderful example to us.

Have you ever had your name included in a book?

In various parts of the New Testament.. Paul describes numerous people.. they are priceless friends to him. What a great privilege to have your name mentioned in the Book of Books?

This brother refreshed Paul.. like fresh air. He was like a breath of fresh air to Paul.

How many times have you acted like this brother?

Have you shown kindness to another brother? vs 16

Have you ministered to another brother or sister's needs? vs 16

Have you acted like a breath of fresh air to another brother or sister? vs 16

Have you sought out another brother who is in trouble?.. diligently seeking him/her out vs 17

This is love in action. What makes the church different.. their love one for another.. AMEN

The Holy Spirit is called the COMFORTER for good reason.. he is the PARACLETE.. one who comes alongside.

If we are truly filled with him, then we will come alongside our fellow brothers and sisters, it is more than how are you on Sunday morning and then move on to your friends. It is time to get personal with people, to take time, to get out of our comfort zones.. amen

This brother was not ashamed of being associated with Paul.. he was in prison, but this brother was so happy to be associated with Paul.. he identified with Paul. What would we have done in his situation?. Would we have gone to see Paul or kept our distance?

When we are around our brethren.. are we are a breath of sweet fresh air or do we carry the stench of gossip and backbiting?

Believer, if you are gossiping and backbiting your fellow Christian's, the Lord is telling you to stop it .. NOW. Because it smells in God's nostrils.. amen

Let us act like this brother did, to ALL the fellowship of Faith

God Bless you


Poem 1 by Susan Hughes

"For the LORD God is a sun and shield;
he bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does the LORD withhold
from those who walk uprightly." (Psalm 84:11)










Poem 2 by Karen Crouse
Here We Are

Here we are in your presence
Lifting holy hands to You
Here we are praising Jesus
For the things He's brought us through.

I don't have the words to tell You how I feel,
I just don't know what I can say
I'm not worthy to speak Your Holy Name,
Yet You tell me You love me just the same.

Here we are in Your presence
Lifting holy hands to You
Here we are praising Jesus
For the things He's brought us through.

I never thought that it could be this way,
And I never thought I'd be the one,
But You found me dying in my sin.
And You looked at me with love that took me in.

Here we are in Your presence
Lifting holy hands to You
Here we are praising Jesus
For the things He's brought us through.

Created by: Karen Crouse 10-20-2010

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

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What a joy it is to share with you once again.

I hope you will be blessed by what I have shared with you in my own writing and also the articles below.

Not only are there articles from me and others, there are links to some wonderful websites. I hope you will share this message with all your friends and contacts

Thanks and God bless


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Proverbs 16

32 He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

We look at the 9 fruits of the Spirit and seem to miss the last one.. self control.

It is not really self control.. it is really self letting go and letting the Holy Spirit take over.. it is SPIRIT CONTROL

Our reaction to our circumstances will say everything about us. We either react in the flesh or in the Spirit

In Ephesians 4 we read this

26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

How can we not sin when we get angry? We have to let God take care of that situation. Purposefully we need to look through spiritual eyes and that is only done, by letting the Holy Spirit have control over our mouths, emotions and minds.

My beloved Pastor Mark (who is absolutely wonderful), put it like this, when being filled with the Spirit

The Spirit dominates our emotions and dictates our behaviour

When we are living and walking under the control of the Holy Spirit, we are a living testimony to the power of God. People are watching constantly, they want to see whether you as a Christian match up to what you say on Sunday.

Your christian life is truly effective when you live a life under the control of the Holy Spirit 24/7 and not just on Sunday.

Why do you think God has saved you believer? This verse in 1 Peter 2 says why:

9 But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God's] own [d]purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Do you show forth the virtues of God believer?. His grace, His love, His goodness?

God bless you


Teaching 1 by Lorraine Ezell

"Stop Struggling"

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Are you burdened? Loaded down with cares? Struggling under the weight of some situation? Why? You have an invitation from the Creator of the Universe, the God of glory, the Lord of Lords to come to Him and exchange your heavy burden for His light one.

We live in a world that is full of trials and difficulties, things don't always go the way we would like for them to. There are hardships that come into our lives. But we aren't left alone to struggle with them on our own. We aren't left to try to solve our own problems and find our own solutions. The Lord is our helper. He is our strength. He is our problem solver. He has and is our answer.

Today, stop struggling. Accept His invitation. Go to Him. Cast your care upon Him. Let Him give you peace. Let Him give you rest. I am speaking to someone specially right now-- it is time you stop carrying that burden; it is only weighing you down. All your struggling over it hasn't helped; all your plans to solve it haven't worked; all your tears haven't relieved it or changed it. It is time to give it to the Lord and let Him give you His rest.

Have a great day. Why are you struggling with that heavy burden? The Lord wants to give you rest from your struggle.

For further reading:
Matthew 11:28-30
1 Peter 5:7
John 14:27; 16:33

Teaching 2 by Mary Padgett

Scripture: Genesis 41:39 "There is none so discreet and wise as you are."
Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, spoke these words about Joseph who was called from the prison to interpret Pharaoh's dreams.

This is interesting because we very rarely think of a person in prison as being discreet and wise. But Joseph was discreet and wise because the Spirit of the Lord was upon him and he used everything negative about his prison experience to push himself to success. His tremendous faith in God manifested itself in every trial and test of his life. He held on to God despite the abuse and rejection of his brothers, his own feelings of loneliness in a foreign land, the test with Potiphar's wife, unfair treatment, and being forgotten by his prison friends, the baker and the butler. Instead of allowing adversity to separate him from God, Joseph allowed it to draw him closer to God. As Joseph submitted himself to God's Spirit, he lived a lifestyle of forgiveness, refusing to fall into bitterness, anger, and resentment. He kept a good attitude and worked hard at whatever came his way. His faithfulness in the small things proved to God that he was a man that could be trusted. Joseph simply fulfilled the will of God one day at a time and his true strength came because he permitted the Spirit of God to dominate his life. He leaned upon God's ability and not his own and was a testimony to those about him.

When Joseph was in Potiphar's house, Potiphar noticed that "the Lord was with Joseph and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper." And even though Joseph was a servant, he found grace and favor in the eyes of the man that he served and Potiphar made him overseer of all that he had (Genesis 39:2-4). Joseph was endowed with a great gift from God. Yet, he didn't act presumptuously when he was called to interpret Pharaoh's dream. Instead, he acknowledged that the interpretation of dreams belonged to God and that the Spirit of the Lord was the one who imparted discretion and wisdom. Pharaoh recognized Joseph's gift and declared, "Can we find such a one as this, a man in whom the Spirit of the Lord is?" (Genesis 41:38)
Exchange is the process of life. What you put in to it is what you will get out of it. What you sow is what you will reap. Joseph exchanged all the bad that came his direction and allowed God to make it into something good. He refused to give into the negative forces. Instead, Joseph used them as a tool to learn and allowed God to impart to him wisdom and discretion.

This principle will also work in your life if you allow the Spirit to work in every situation that presents itself to you. You can be assured that if you love God and are called according to His purpose, all things are going to work together for good. If you sow to the Spirit and stay focused on God during the process, there will be a great exchange and you will reap discretion and wisdom.

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

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Welcome to Noonday Devotion

Thanks for sharing with me as I share what God has put on my heart. It is a real joy to be able to do this and I do hope you will be blessed.

Please remember to share these devotions, with all your friends and please also click on the featured page links at the bottom of these messages

Thank You


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Jeremiah 9

23Thus says the Lord: Let not the wise and skillful person glory and boast in his wisdom and skill; let not the mighty and powerful person glory and boast in his strength and power; let not the person who is rich [in physical gratification and earthly wealth] glory and boast in his [temporal satisfactions and earthly] riches;
24But let him who glories glory in this: that he understands and knows Me [personally and practically, directly discerning and recognizing My character], that I am the Lord, Who practices loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, says the Lord.

I love these verses in the book of the weeping prophet.. he certainly had a lot to be weeping about. Maybe it is time for us to be like Jeremiah and weep for the state of our own lives, the lives of our churches and the life of our nation.. amen

Doing any type of ministry, can make you boastful of what you do, but we must always remember that all the glory, must go to Him. I must constantly remind myself, that not one word of what goes out comes from me, it comes from the Holy Spirit, touching my mind and heart and laying on my heart, what He wants people to hear.

I am certainly no bible teacher, English is not my best subject, but God has given me this gift, He has given it to me, to use for the benefit of fellow believers and He alone is my inspiration

What we are to glory in, is our relationship with Him. It is wonderful to me, that the God of creation, could and is, interested in me.. totally mind blowing.. isn't it
What is mind blowing is that we can recognise and know God in a intimate way, we can know Him deeply.. amen. To the Christian, this is the thing, that never will cease to amaze him/her.. amen. It certainly never ceases to amaze me.

Out of this relationship, flows our relationships with others.. amen. My friends, how we act towards others is a reflection of our relationship with God. We need to be in fellowship with God, before we can be in proper fellowship with our fellow believers and then the world.. amen

I love the verses in Micah chapter 6, they are truly special to me

6With what shall I come before the Lord and bow myself before God on high? Shall I come before Him with burnt offerings, with calves a year old?

7Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?

8He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy, and to humble yourself and walk humbly with your God?

Christian, glory in this.. that you are loved beyond measure by the God of creation

God bless you


Teaching 1 by Ed Wrather
The Unexpected
So He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up. And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read. - Luke 4:16.
And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written: ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.’ - Luke 4:17-19.
Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. - Luke 4:21.
So all those in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath. - Luke 4:28.
Last year, a deputy sheriff in Sarasota, Florida had a little bit of a shock. He was going about his day just as he always did, driving his sheriff’s vehicle to the same spot he usually used, to catch speeders beside South Oxford Drive in Englewood. To the great surprise, and shock, of Deputy Tim Czachur his vehicle rolled into a newly created hole of about five feet by five feet. The speeders in Englewood, received a brief reprieve that day. Deputy Czachur said, "Someone must have been ticketed and got upset."
It must have a shock similar to that of Deputy Czachur, that the residents of Nazareth received the day Jesus returned to his hometown. After hearing Jesus speak, the people of Nazareth were at first in shock, and later shock turned to rage as they sought to kill the hometown boy who made Himself equal with God. The Messiah had come to Nazareth, but He most definitely was not what they had been expecting.
Often as we walk through life with our Lord, we find that we encounter the unexpected as well. We find that we become the hands, feet and spokespersons for the Lord. We encounter the lost, and we "preach the gospel" to the poor in spirit. The brokenhearted are brought into our lives, and God uses us to bring healing. We find captives to the world, and the flesh and we "proclaim liberty." We find those who are blind spiritually, and help them with "recovery of sight." We help those oppressed by the devil to be "set at liberty," and we proclaim to all that now is the "acceptable year of the Lord."
As we become "Ambassadors for Christ" to our own families, neighbors, and hometowns, it may be that they will be just as shocked as the people of Nazareth on that day so long ago when Jesus returned to his hometown. What unexpected thing would God have you to do today?
Copyright © 2002-2010. Ed Wrather. Permission is given for use of the devotionals on a non-profit basis with source credited.

Teaching 2 by Lorraine Ezell
What Are We Teaching?"

"Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord." Psalm 34:11

What are we "teaching" in Christendom? What are we teaching to our children concerning our faith? What are we teaching to those who sit in our churches, read our books or watch us on television? What are we teaching them about the "person" of God? About who Jesus is? About our relationship with Him? About our responsibility toward that relationship?

Are we teaching the whole truth, compromise or a watered down gospel? Are we teaching them that He is a "Santa Claus" who lives to fulfill our every desire? Are we teaching that it is about worshiping Him and not about the fulfillment of self-centered desires?

Do we teach that we are here to do His bidding and will, not Him to do ours? Do we preach grace and mercy without accountability? Do we teach about the blessings only and neglect to talk about the consequences of disobedience? Are we teaching about holiness, purity or the fear of the Lord? Does our teaching revolve around material blessings or eternal life? Are we preaching a gospel of comfort and ease which allows people to neglect keeping their lamps full and wicks trimmed? Does what we teach provoke anyone to have the desire to be hot and on fire for the Lord instead of cold or lukewarm?

It looks like I have spent the whole time just asking questions this morning. But it is so important that we examine "what" we are teaching. The right teaching tends to life, the wrong tends to death. This is not a light thing. There is more to it than this temporary life here on earth. There is an eternity that awaits us all, and if the instructions on how to have life in eternity aren't clear then those receiving the "instructions" are going to become lost and not reach that destination. So, again, let us examine whether what we are teaching... eternity is at stake.

Have a great day. What are you teaching? Is it the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

For further reading:
Revelation 3:16
Matthew 25:6-8; 15:9
2 Timothy 4:2-4; 3:1-7
John 6:63
Titus 2:1

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

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Welcome to Noonday Devotion

Hi everyone.. from Morecambe here on the North West coast of the UK. I do hope that you are blessed and growing in your most holy faith

Please take time to share these messages with all your friends and contacts and to also click on the featured page links at the bottom of this e-mail

Thanks and God Bless you


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Job 34

31 Surely it is meet to be said unto God, I have borne chastisement, I will not offend any more:

32 That which I see not teach thou me: if I have done iniquity, I will do no more.

Job is one of my favourite characters in scripture. He went through so much, BUT his heart attitude was so wonderful.

Here it is in evidence. We often ask.. why does a Christian go through the testing of the Lord?

Here we have a few answers

He says that he has borne his chastisement. You know Job had done nothing wrong, the devil, who is the accuser of the brethren Revelation 12:10, had said terrible things about him, that were completely untrue. But still he was able to say that he had borne his chastisement. Am I/you able to say the same when we go through suffering and chastisement, whether justly or unjustly? verse 31. You know Job isn't saying these things.. one of his so called friends is criticising him.. does it sound familiar to you.. the devil will use any means at his disposal to destroy your faith in God. He will claim you are false and empty and try to twist your words.. he is a liar and the very father of lies. Look at the crazy accusation in verse 27.. isn't that something the devil says?

God does allow suffering into our lives and does indeed chastise us, when we are doing wrong. He is a true Father to us. But everything that happens is for a purpose. It is basically to refine us as gold. In both verses it says that what he has gone through will stop Him from sinning. This is one of the primary reasons, God will use chastisement believer.. to root out sin in your life and to draw you nearer to Him. It means that God loves you, but will not tolerate the sin, he does want to push you away, indeed the opposite, He wants to draw you closer unto Himself

I love the verses in Hebrews 12.. they show the heart of the Father towards us.. his beloved Children. Be encouraged believer.. chastening is meant to draw us nearer to God and to root out sin in our lives.

5 And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:

6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?

10 For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.

11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

Now the prosperity teachers say that you will have health, wealth and success. God does grant those things to his children, but they are not automatic. Jesus says that the world will hate us as will members of our families, because of our faith. Indeed the words of Jesus to the rich young ruler still ring true.

Mark 10:21

Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.

Every day is a battle... we need to stop asking God for more blessings and maybe ask him to try our faith. Jesus says that although the tree bears fruit, it is still pruned, so that it bears more fruit.. amen

John 15

2Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit [that stops bearing] He cuts away (trims off, takes away); and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.
Be blessed believer God loves you so much..amen


Teaching 1 by Pastor Cecil

Titus 3:3
“For we ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful and hating one another.”

One of the first things a police officer learns is that inebriated people can be counted on to do two things. First they always say that they have only had two drinks. (It may actually have been seven or eight, but to an officer it is only two).

The second thing is that they do the unexpected. One night I was on patrol about 1:30 in the morning when a man waved frantically for me to stop. He jumped in on the passenger side and suddenly realized I was a uniformed police officer. His reaction was tragically humorous: “Oh, I thought this was a taxi!” I told him it was and that I was taking him to his hotel room for a few hours. When he sobered up he did not recall anything of the incident.

It is not necessary to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to lose control of our faculties. The enemy of our souls sends delusions and temptations to lead us away from the Lord. In fact Satan can sugar coat these temptations so that they appear to be righteous or spiritual.

The only way we can stay close to the Lord and know the way He has prepared for us is to spend time in His Word. The way we can detect the false is to spend quality time with the Truth. How are you spending your time?

Blessings dear hearts. Draw near to God today, trust Him completely and be a blessing!

Teaching 2 by Lisa

Do it scared!
By Lisa Brittain

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. I John 4:18

I was a young professional, just a little more than a year out of college. It seemed God had placed me in the center of co-workers who knew Him, wanted me to know Him, too, and challenged me to study God's Word in group Bible study. One handsome young man would give me a few verses to read, think about, and then discuss over lunch. His interest in me was great motivation for getting me in the Word!

I John 4:18 was one he gave me. I was amazed at how this verse summarized my own life and the main struggle of my journey. Fear had been my constant shadowy companion, and love, the elusive treasure I had sought. This was the very first Scripture I committed to memory, and I reminded myself of this truth constantly.

There is no fear in love. God was saying to me that fear and love cannot co-exist in my life. If I am filled with love, I cannot be filled with fear. If I am filled with fear, I cannot be filled with love. This was great news because I did not want to be consumed by fear, but I did want to be consumed with love!

But perfect love drives out fear. God was telling me how to get rid of fear. I needed perfect love. I already knew that perfect love would not be found in the world. I had experienced plenty of what the world offered up as love and acceptance. Fear has to do with punishment. I had plenty of experience with this truth, too. So, where could I find this perfect love that drives out fear?

The answer is found in I John 4:15-17a. I used personal pronouns to apply this passage to my own life. I acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God so God lives in me and me in God. And so now I know and rely on the love God has for me. God is love. I will live in love and live in God and God in me. Love is made complete (perfect) in me so that I will have confidence on the day of judgment.

This was the most freeing truth I had ever experienced. I felt like a butterfly pushing and struggling her way out of the cocoon, finally emerging to spread my wings and fly in freedom to experience the beauty of the world all around me. I prayed differently. I listened for the voice of God. I watched for Him to illuminate my every step knowing that He loved me and wanted all that was best for me.

Even when I felt afraid, I was not consumed with fear and thus paralyzed. Because of God's love in me and my growing trust in Him, I was able to move.

I thought a time would come when I would never be afraid. Truthfully that time has not come for me. With each new place the Lord asks me to go, I feel the twinge of fear and a hesitancy to move forward. I believe the Lord allows it because the moment of fear is a reminder I have a choice – I can choose fear, which leads to disobedience, or step forward in faith, which leads to obedience and walking in His love.

For this reason my life motto is, Do it scared! This means – Obey God... whatever, wherever, whenever...take that first step of faith forward, even when I am afraid. I have learned time and time again that when I take that first trembling step, God is already there to walk with me, to speak through me, to protect me, to encourage me and whisper His pleasure in my obedience.

Maybe you struggle with fear. Will you ask the Lord what He wants you to know about His plan for you to live without fear? Will you ask Him to unlock the prison door of fear and bring you into the glorious freedom of His love? I encourage you to...Do it scared!
Fix your eyes on Jesus and SHINE!

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sun 20 Feb 2011, 1:47 pm

written by salendra.. I echo this
Friday, February 18, 2011 12:37 AM
keith hobkirk"

I renew and give my total allegiance to You, Lord Jesus Christ, Father God and Holy Spirit, fresh and a new, today and for the rest of my life, to do Your work, to do Your will and obey You at all times. I give my life, and all that is in it, as a living sacrifice, unto You which is my reasonable service , that first and foremost, all that I am would be a glory , honor, and praise unto You, Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. I commit my life and all that is in it, to You, to do Your Good Works, and to have and be in Your Total Desire, Will, and Presence, that I will, I am, and I will be, transformed into Your total likeness in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Come Lord Jesus Christ take Your rightful place in my life, I give it to You , for eternity and I ask You Lord, to bind all that I am to all that you are, in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen.

what my brother shard about preaching
Friday, February 18, 2011 1:20 AM
From: verified"keith hobkirk"
Dear Keith,
I will pray for you. I also have been looking for work for a long time. God is our provider, not the Government, nor the economic climate. "I heard that there's a recession on...well, I'm not participating!" God is the faithful One. YHWH Yireh-- HE IS our Provider. Paul wrote, "My God shall supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory, in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19. He also said, "I know how to abase, and I know how to abound. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.... I have found in all circumstances therewith to be content." Can we abase through Christ who strengthens us? Yes, if we keep our eyes on Him, and trust Him to meet our every need. Can we abound through Christ who strengthens us? Yes, if we keep our eyes on Him, and humbly thank Him for all the good He has given us, and not get puffed up and prideful: "if riches increase, set not your heart upon them." We can do all things (both abasing and abounding) through Jesus.
Please read the following experience that I had on 7 January, and see if there is anything that resonates in your heart regarding it. Perhaps it was only for me, but I thought maybe it might be for you also, in the realm of preaching as you said. Our goal is to be so close to the heart of the Lord, that His holiness will radiate and emanate out from us; the Conviction of the Holy Spirit will fill every word, and we will speak the Word of truth, and the incisive word of prophecy, as it is written: "...the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word (rhema, spoken word) of God." and "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Rev. 19:10) and "follow after agape love, and earnestly desire spirituals (spiritual things, the Gifts are the context here) but rather that ye may prophesy..." (I Corinth. 14:1) and "But if all prophesy, and there come in one who believes not or who is unlearned, he is convicted of all, he is judged of all, and thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest, and so falling down on his face, he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth." (I Corinth. 14:24-25) and "...and my speech and my preaching were not with enticiing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God." (I Corinth. 2:4-5). This does not mean that one shouldn't study the Word carefully, down to fine details.... just that all that you have from the Lord, whether by revelations in the Word or valid spiritual gifts and experiences that God has given you... "freely you have received, freely give" but by the Lord's leading.
I hope this might also help and encourage you.
Love in Jesus the Holy One
L. Alex Smith East Calder, Scotland

* * * * * * * * * *

7 January 2011

Dear Saints:
I received this tonight as we were standing in prayer before Music Ministry practise.
God is saying, "When you desire My glory beyond all else, beyond any desires for yourself, I will give you what you desire. And I will give the means to accomplish this in your life: Absoute Humility. I know that you want to be part of it; part of the ministry, seeing others respond to and embrace My Spirit and go deeper with Me.
When you put My glory-- the glory that is due to Me alone-- above and beyond any desire for your own recognition, and far beyond desires for your own advantage, I will allow you to see the end result. I will allow you to take part in producing that end result, but in Absolute Humility, you will not see that you were a part of producing it.
You have wanted to be a preacher; or you have wanted to be a musician. You can be those things-- when I see fit to give them into your hands. I have put those things inside you. They are of Me. Do not cast them aside, nor the desire to do or be those things; but I will give them to you at the proper time.
And the time is, when your desire to see Me glorified is honed and sharpened to a spear-point. Then I shall allow you to preach. But I will give you Absolute Humility. So, you will preach, but nobody will look up to you and say, "What a great preacher!" No-one will congratulate you on your Bible knowledge, nor on how spiritual you appear. In fact, people will be drawn to Me because of your preaching, or because of your singing. You will see the End Result. You will see them respond to Me; you will see them go forward into the depths of My Spirit. You will see them mature in Me, and reach unprecedented heights in Me. And this will be the result of your ministry-- but you will not know that... you will not be allowed to know that.
To yourself, you will be a nobody. Hide yourself in the cleft of the Rock. That cleft is a hiding place where not only the storms will pass by, but praise for you will pass by.
It is safe here. You will be safe from Pride. I will give you that Absolute Humility, so that you will be able to see the end result-- your desire to see Me glorified.
And you be blessedly content in this, for this will be Life to you.
I do not give that which you do not want.
If you truly want this, I will give it to you.

When I received this, I was standing in a circle of seven others; we were praying before our Music practise. Rikki was thanking the Lord for blessings, and as I was praying, I was thinking, "What is the greatest desire of my heart?" And I was thinking of "Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thy heart." (Psalm 37:4) As I was thinking this, I was thinking also, "God can say 'Yes' to us only if we allow Him to say 'No'. We have to willing for Him to do what He wants to do." If we are not willing to accept a 'No' then we are closed off to Him in that regard; and that inhibits our be open to Him in other areas."
Then it seemed that I was just standing there with a look of elation on my face and a feeling of joyful bouyancy; I was just feeding on Life from Him! It was just flowing into me, and I began stating some of this (above) to my friends round about me.
This answer (what God was giving me) was just feeding my soul... I was just drinking it in! I could have just kept standing there, like Time had no meaning... except that of course it does.
What a blessing.
Love to all from Alex
East Calder, Scotland

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Tue 15 Feb 2011, 2:50 pm

Welcome to Noonday Devotion

What a joy it is to share with you once again.. it truly is. Every one of you, who receives this, is precious to me. To me you are not just a person on an e-mail list, but a treasured friend and Child of God

All I ask is that not only do you read the devotions and if the Lord speaks to you, through something in them.. then obey it.

Also if you have been blessed, please let me know

Please also take time to click on the links at the bottom of these messages and also pass these messages onto all your friends and contacts.

Thank you so much

Your friend and partner in the Gospel


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Romans 7

19 For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.
20 Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.
Ever wonder what is going on in your life sometimes? Me too.

You know my friends, the battle is daily and ongoing. We are fighting against things, that are far above our human power and therefore it is necessary to use spiritual weapons to defeat them.

As a young christian, I sought to fight the devil in my own strength.. he just laughed at me and I was a defeated christian.. now although I fail at times and struggle daily, I fight him, with God's weapons and not my own.. amen
Still I seek to do the right thing and end up doing the wrong thing. I try to say the right thing and end up, putting my foot in my mouth.
Why does this happen? Although we have a new nature and a new heart and Spirit, placed inside of us, when we are saved. Our minds remain the same. I expect that the Lord, did not want to make it too easy for us, that is why He said we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Romans 12:1-2
The mind truly is the battleground in our lives, I know it is in mine. My mind controls my thought life and that is where most sin starts, because what we put into our minds comes out of our mouths more often that not.
What is going on in our lives is a battle, it says in Galatians 5:
17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would
So how do we win this battle. One of the ways is to take control, we see in 2 Corinthians 10, these verses
4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ
We have weapons that are spiritual, these include the Precious Word of God Hebrews 4:12, The Armour of God Ephesians 6:10-18, The Name of Jesus Philippians 2:9-11 and the Blood of Jesus Revelation 12:11
The Spirit of God will have victory in your life, if you feed on the word of God and starve the old nature. But if you feed your mind with the things of the world, the Holy Spirit, will be frozen out.
Which one are you feeding today believer ?


Teaching 1 by Rifkah

He is a free man who remembers; and is free because he remembers.
"HE (MESSIAH YESHUA) is the IMAGE of the invisible GOD, the FIRSTBORN over all creation." [Colossians 1. 15]
"I will appoint HIM first-born, highest of the kings of the earth." [Psalms (Tehillym) 89. 27 Tanakh, Kethuvim] "Let ME tell of the decree; the LORD said to Me, 'YOU are MY SON, I have FATHERED YOU this day." [Psalms (Tehillym) 2. 7 Tanakh, Kethuvim] This psalm is talking about YESHUA ha’MASHIACH. It could not have been referring to King David, as some have suggested, because David was the eighth born son of Jesse. [1 Samuel/Shemuel Alef 17. 12 - 14]
The majority, if not all cults claim that the LORD JESUS CHRIST was not eternal, but merely the first created being -- perhaps an Angel, before becoming a MAN. However, the verse does not say HE was the "first created of every creature" but "the first-born of every creature (creation)." The next verse says that "by HIM were all things created." [Colossians 1. 16]
JESUS was not created (fashioned, bent, shaped, produced, made), for HE HIMSELF, was and is the OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT CREATOR. "All things were made by HIM; and without HIM was not anything made that was made." [John 1. 3]
The MESSIAH, JESUS is born of GOD, HE was not made the "ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD." [John 3. 16] The Hebrew word "yachiyd" and the Greek word "monogenes" means the same -- only, brought forth, unique, one-of-a-kind, not to be replaced. "No man has seen GOD at any time. The ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, WHO is in the bosom of the FATHER, HE has declared HIM." [John 3. 16; Hebrews 11. 17] The DEVOTED HEAVENLY FATHER is omnipresent - though invisible, inaudible, inaccessible to the physical senses. The ETERNALLY-EXISTING SON is the "iMAGE" of the invisible FATHER, the ONE WHO declares, reveals, and embodies HIS essence and personification. Although HE is always "in the bosom of the FATHER," yet HE is eternally also "the brightness of HIS glory, and the express (precise, exact) Image of HIS PERSON." [Hebrews 1. 3] The LORD JESUS is the UNCHANGING-LIVING WORD, WHO was "in the beginning with GOD" [John 1. 2], and WHO always "was GOD." [John 1. 1]

Thus, the phrase, "FIRSTBORN of every creature" can be literally translated as "BEGOTTEN before all creation." The eternal inter-relationship of the PERSONS OF THE GODHEAD is beyond human comprehension in its fullness; the best terminology human language can use to describe it are "SON" and "BEGOTTEN." The LORD YESHUA ha'MASHIACH, "the WORD made flesh" -- is the ONLY BEGOTTEN, ETERNAL SON OF THE FATHER, forever shining forth as THE IMAGE of the otherwise INVISIBLE GOD.
As the firstborn has preeminence over his siblings, Messiah Jesus has the preeminence over all creation; "And HE is the head of the body, the church, WHO is the beginning, the FIRSTBORN from the dead, that in all things HE may have the preeminence (supremacy, superiority, incomparable, dominion, primary)." [Colossians 1. 18]
Sha'alu (Pray) for the Shalom (Peace) of Jerusalem and all of Israel!
Grant us peace, YOUR most precious gift, O ETERNAL SOURCE OF PEACE. Bless YOUR people that we may be a stronghold of peace and proclaim YOUR salvation. May contentment reign with each heart, health and happiness in the homes of those YOU redeemed. Strengthen the bonds of friendship and fellowship and plant virtue in every soul, and may the love of YOUR HOLY NAME permeate every heart. Praised are YOU, O LORD, GIVER of peace.

Teaching 2 by Gospel From India
Take hold of His hand!
A man who fell over the side of a cliff was hanging on to a branch that was starting to give way.

Recognizing it was only a matter of time before he would fall to his death, he shouted:
"Is anybody up there? Somebody help me!"

Suddenly Jesus appeared, leaned over the edge, and said:
"Young man, reach out and take my hand, and I will save you. But first, you must let go of that branch you are holding on to."
The man didn't want to let go of the branch.
Jesus told him, "You must take hold of My hand and let go of the branch, or I cannot pull you up."
The man paused for a minute and said, "Is anybody else up there?"
A lot of us don't want to let go.

We still want to hold on to a part of our old lives.
But there has to be a moment in each of our lives in which we have recognized we are sinners and have asked for God's forgiveness.
Then Jesus Christ comes in.

But we have to let go.
Then changes take place.

The Bible says there is a spiritual blindness in all those who have not yet turned their lives over to Jesus Christ.
So we must have our spiritual eyes opened.

We must turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God. Acts 26:18.
As we yield to God and His will for our lives, then we will receive the forgiveness of sins.

Then we will see the incredible benefits of making those changes.
But we have to let go of our branch and take hold of His hand.

Featured Website

This is one of the best websites I can find to help people, be set free in Christ. If you as a christian are suffering from an addiction or habitual sin.. please use this site and tell your friends

My Featured Site

Please view the home page of the site, which tells you a little about myself

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Thu 10 Feb 2011, 12:48 pm

Welcome to Noonday Devotion

What a privilege it is to share with you once again. I am absolutely honoured to share with my brothers and sisters, what God has laid on my heart.

All I ask, is that you not only read these devotions, but share them with your friends and church contacts. I have also placed links at the bottom of these devotions, which if you click them, will encourage and increase your faith

With Much Love


Noonday Devotion by Keith

2 Corinthians 7

1 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

So what are the promises of God for?
Basically they are for the same reason. They are there so we can put them into action.

These promises are not dead words, they are YES AND AMEN.

In the final verses of 2 Corinthians 6, we have these precious promises:
17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.
18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
We have to cleanse ourselves from all the badness of the world, because we are different.

We are children of the ONLY TRUE GOD. Many of you are parents and how many of you would find it acceptable if your children came into your presence, with dirty faces and hands? So do you think God welcomes sin into His presence.. NO he will not tolerate it believer!

Likewise as children of the ONLY TRUE GOD, we must cleanse ourselves at the foot of the cross by confessing our sin. We have the promise of forgiveness, but it is not until we put it into action, does it become effective. We may believe that God will forgive us, but until we ask for forgiveness, that promise does not become effective in our lives.
Have you activated God's promises in your life believer ?

What a wonderful promise in verse 18.. God will be a Father to us, but this depends on us obeying the command of verse 17.
When God commands us to do something.. our answer must be.. YES LORD AND AMEN.

Meaning I will go and I agree with what you say to me. Whatever God says.. JUST DO IT

I hope you have been blessed and challenged. God has challenged me as I write and shared what He has laid on my heart
God bless you

Poem by Susan Hughes













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Please pray for the awesome work being done in the West end of Morecambe by Richard and Esther Scholes. Please join with them in prayer, fellowship and support if the Lord leads

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Please view the wonderful page called Complete in Christ

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

Post  Admin on Sat 22 Jan 2011, 3:38 pm

Welcome to Noonday Devotion

What a great joy it is to share with you. I count it a rare privilege to be able to share what God has laid on my heart. The bible is the most amazing book, so full of gems.. amen

Please pass on these devotions to all your friends and contacts. Let's get the word out into the world

Take time to click on the featured page links at the bottom of these messages. I truly hope that your fellowship with the Father is deepened by these messages.

If you have any links to websites, Missionary or otherwise, then please let me have them, by reply to this mail

I love you all

God bless you

Your friend and Partner in God's service


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Luke 10

38Now while they were on their way, it occurred that Jesus entered a certain village, and a woman named Martha received and welcomed Him into her house.
39And she had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord's feet and was listening to His teaching.
40But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted with much serving; and she came up to Him and said, Lord, is it nothing to You that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me [to lend a hand and do her part along with me]!
41But the Lord replied to her by saying, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things;
42There is need of only one or but]a few things. Mary has chosen the good portion [[j]that which is to her advantage], which shall not be taken away from her.

I love this passage of Scripture. It centres around the choices made by the two sisters.
When I was a young christian, I was warned about the barrenness of a busy life. This is so true, when lots of us are so busy with doing this or that job, within our church situation.
Don't get me wrong, serving the Lord is not wrong, indeed it is good, but sometimes it is not the BEST THING.. AMEN
Before, we can give out to people, we must receive from the Lord. We must take the conscious decision to sit at the feet of Jesus
The beautiful words of invitation of Our Lord, should always, be taken up.. amen?. How often do we refuse this invitation?
Matthew 11
29Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest ([a]relief and ease and refreshment and [b]recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls.
Jesus had to say to his disciples in Mark 6
31And He said to them, As for you] come away by yourselves to a deserted place, and rest a while--for many were [continually] coming and going, and they had not even leisure enough to eat.
As believers, we must set apart quality time, for our Lord. This means taking decisions on what we do, maybe this will mean turning off the TV, this my friend is redeeming the time. By doing this, you are buying back that time and putting it to the BEST USE.. AMEN?
So many believers are like Martha, they are too busy to hear from the Lord, or they hear snatches or fragments of what He says. Are you prepared believer to be like Mary and to sit and receive from Jesus?.
Or will you be like Martha, undertaking many jobs and activities, but not achieving very much.
Believer, the most precious time you have is time with the Saviour, sat at his feet, receiving from Him, learning of Him
Before the Day of Pentecost, The disciples spent 40 days, being taught by Jesus. They were instructed by the Lord, in a forty day bible school. What happened there gave them a solid foundation for what was going to happen. Just imagine being taught by Jesus face to face. When we set aside time to be with HIM, he promises to come and meet with us Revelation 3:20 and James 4:8-10
When we sit at his feet, he wants to reveal HIMSELF to us in a new and deeper way.
Please take time to sit at the feet of the Master and learn of Him
God bless you

Teaching 1 by Thomas Watson
A choice mercy!
"Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered." Psalm 32:1
Pardon of sin is a choice mercy. This jewel God hangs upon none but His elect.
Pardon of sin draws the silver link of grace, and the golden link of glory after it. It is a voluminous mercy--there are many mercies bound up with it.
The pardoned sinner is a weeping sinner. Never did any man read his pardon with dry eyes! Look upon that weeping penitent, "she stood behind Christ weeping." Tears were distilled out of her penitent heart! O, how precious were Mary's tears--surely more costly in Christ's esteem than her ointment! They dropped from her eyes--as so many
Her amorous eyes, whose sparkles had so often set on fire all her lovers, she now seeks to be revenged on them--and washes Christ's feet with her tears! Her embroidered hair, which had so often as a net, ensnared others--she now makes it towel to wipe Christ's feet! Here was a pardoned penitent. A pardon will turn the stony heart into a spring of tears! O sinner, ask yourself the question--Is your heart dissolved into tears? Does it melt for sin? God seals His pardons only upon melting hearts.
Nothing can melt the stony heart of a sinner--but the blood of Christ.
The pardoned sinner looks upon a bleeding Christ--with a bleeding heart.

Teaching 2 by Mary Padgett
Scripture: Philippians 3:14 "I press toward the mark for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."
The Apostle Paul knew very well what it meant to mess up in life. He was a very religious man who thought that he was serving God, but instead he was working against God. Wherever he went, he was a terror and a literal death sentence to those who professed the Name of Jesus. But one day, on his way to Damascus to capture more Christians, he had a supernatural encounter with Christ and was saved. His life was dramatically changed, and from that moment on he served Jesus unreservedly and openly declared Him to be the Son of God.
Paul never allowed his past to intrude upon his future. He pressed forward to accomplish the destiny that God had planned for him. He didn't dwell on his failures, which by today's standards were horrendous. Nor did he dwell on his past achievements or put his confidence in his own flesh. Philippians 3:5 gives reasons why he could have trusted in himself. He was "of the stock of Israel and of the tribe of Benjamin. He was a Hebrew of the Hebrews, and a Pharisee. He was zealous and righteous." However, he laid all these things aside and counted them as loss just to win Christ. He forgot the past so that he could focus totally on getting to know Christ and the results of his choice were amazing. Because of Paul's commitment and dedication, he experienced miracles, wrote nearly three-fourths of the New Testament, and was a mighty witness for God before the common men and the leaders of the nations. At the end of his life, he could boldly say, "I finished my course."
God gives you a glimpse of Paul's life to encourage you in your own walk with the Lord. Your past may not be perfect and glorious and you may have done things that you wish you could erase. Like Paul, you may have ignorantly injured those with whom you came in contact with. You may suffer the results daily as you see the fruits of your foolishness. But the truth remains; you can't turn back the clock and change the past. You can only press towards the future. You must learn to reject the temptation to live in self-condemnation and unfruitfulness. God still has good thoughts for you and a plan for your future (Jeremiah 29:11). You can still finish your course if you begin to focus upon the Lord and His plan for your life. Begin today to press towards the mark of His high calling, and don't allow your past to intrude upon your future

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My favourite bible commentary is by Matthew Henry.
Special Song
Please be blessed by this song
My website Link
Please take time to read the Page called Britain Ablaze. Pleas join us at 7pm every Wednesday to pray for Revival This means 7pm in your time zone

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Noonday Devotion by Keith Empty Re: Noonday Devotion by Keith

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