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Post  Spirit_Quest on Mon 01 Mar 2010, 2:03 am

-:- The Message -:-

Not sure about the message
Only that I must
Type till something happens
And hope in faith and trust

Anger I have deep inside
Reared its ugly face
I feel there's something horrid here
That's put me in my place

I can't put my finger on it
But somehow it's not me
I feel as if I'm standing here
Beside myself, you see

Negativity must go now
I've had just about enough
Time to nip it in the bud
It's time to get real tough

Breathe in the positive
Nice, slow and long
Breathe out negativity
Imagine a lovely song

Thoughts of little fluffy kittens
And rainbows in the skies
Time to feel our Creator's love
And look Him in the eyes

Sure enough He finds me
Ashamed, I stand alone
Forgive yourself our Father says
You're not always on your own

I give you gifts of talents
That you must use your way
Until then, you must teach and learn
A good deed every day

Angels are also with you
A guide beside you too
Someone's always there you see
In everything you do

As I am here always
All you need to do is ask
Say a prayer to me, I listen
Just that simple task

Even now you are learning
You have grown so much just now
Your work on Earth is not yet done
You must tell others how

Believe in Me, I am the Father
Like a miniscule grain of sand
What you do with life, is up to you
I will always understand

Trials and tribulations
Will be bittersweet for sure
Remember to always believe in me
For my love will be the cure

-:- -:- -:-

Poem by ©️Spirit_Quest

(*How my nickname was given*)

-:- -:- -:-



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