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Post  Admin on Sun 10 Oct 2010, 9:45 am

Please do not use without permission...
posted with permission.


Christians should NOT celebrate or partake of this evil holiday. I have family and friends
who do like this holiday and for this reason, I do post autumn/fall/ halloween recipes
in the groups. I love this time of year, I just don't celebrate halloween. Below are my reasons.

I will most likely post this a few times until Halloween is past.

As Christians we need to be made aware of these FACTS.
As Christians we need NOT to be celebrating or parttaking of this
annual holiday.

I will probably post this a FEW TIMES before October 31 for
benefit of newer members coming in.

Christians should not celebrate Halloween because its customs and
practices come from an ancient, pagan (Celtic) festival of the
Therefore to participate in Halloween is to serve the devil;

Christians should not celebrate Halloween because pagans and
satanists still observe it today as an -holy day;

Christians should not celebrate Halloween because it is wrong to
participate in something that is used for evil or has evil
connected to it.

For the fanciful child, it's a dream come true to dress up as a
favorite literary character or fairy-tale heroine on Halloween. On
one day of the year, children are permitted to indulge their
fantasies – both costume and candy – and the streets are filled
with small Snow Whites, witches and goblins. But why do we celebrate
this "child's" holiday called Halloween?

Recognizing the evil behind these pagan "celebrations" of
communion with nature and spirits, the Catholic Church moved its All
Saints Day from May to Nov. 1. The day was set aside to honor
marytred Christians. Protestants soon followed, but the occult
symbols and practices of Samhaine are still dominant.

"HALLOWEEN" in today's age is considered a harmless tradition. But
is it?

Did you ever wonder where the tradition of "Halloween" came from?
Halloween Kid's Treat or Pagan Trick?

Many Christians celebrate holidays, such as Halloween, without thinking about their origins, true meaning or where they came from. It's tradition, so they go along with it. It is impossible to separate Halloween from the Druids because they originated the "holiday." Druids were Celtic priests and they were EVIL.
For several hundred years before Christ, the Celts inhabited what is now France, Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland and the Celtic Druid priests did much evil.

Is HALLOWEEN as harmless as everyone says?

The following are some "facts" that have been collected and are
documented as fact.
After reading them, you can judge for yourself if you
feel "Halloween" is harmless.


FACT 1 -- It was the Celts who chose the date of October 31 as
their New Year's Eve
and who originally intended it as a celebration of everything that
was wicked and evil.
It was a time to celebrate the "dead". During their celebration,
the Celts would gather around a community bonfire and offer up
sacrifices of their animals, crops, humans, and sometimes, even

The wearing of costumes made from the heads and skins of other
animals, would also tell one another's fortunes for the coming
year. It also helped conceal their identity when doing
something "evil".

Sacrifices and the wearing of costumes. Sound familiar?

FACT 2 -- Encyclopedia Britannica says of this so-called harmless
"The souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes on
this night.
The autumnal festival acquired sinister significance, with ghosts,
witches, goblins, black cats, fairies and demons of all kinds said
to be roaming about.
It was a time to placate the supernatural powers combating the
process of nature.
It was the day on which the help of the devil was invoked."

Ghosts, witches, goblins, black cats. Sound familiar?

FACT 3 -- Regarding Jack O' Lanterns. Jack O' Lanterns are not
a "harmless tradition".
Yet many Christians today carve them and put them outside as
a "tradition" without even knowing about or understanding the
significance of this. This is very dangerous. To follow tradition
without checking it out FIRST can be extremely harmful.
We learn once again from the encyclopedia Britannica that
the "Jack O' Lanterns" were hallowed out pumpkins carved in
the "appearance of a demonic face with a lighted candle inside"
used to help lead the way in the dark. It started as an ancient
symbol of a damned soul that was named for a man called "Jack" who
supposedly could not enter heaven or hell.
As a result he was doomed to wander in darkness with his lantern
until Judgment Day.
The purpose of the placing of lighted candles were to ward off and
scare evil spirits from houses.
The lighted candle was to show the way for the demons to come
and "play tricks" on the living.

As Christians, we should stay clear of this. Another tool for
satan to work through.

To carve the Jack O' Lantern out and place a lighted candle inside
is actually taking part of that evil.
Is this done today? Sound familiar?

CHRISTIANS.. ..... do not buy or use Jack O' Lanterns and place
candles in them. To do so is parttaking of evil. I urge you NOT to
do it.

FACT 4 -- Black cats. Why the black cats? It was believed that the
cats had been "changed" in form
as a punishment for evil deeds. This was the belief of the Druids,
the Celtics priests.
Black cats at Halloween. Sound familiar?

FACT 5 -- Research on the subject turns up Ancient Celtic priests
known as "Druids" who used "Stonehenge" as their special site for
observance of their pagan religion.
A major holiday called the "Vigil of Samhain" was held on
October 31. Samhain was the "god of the dead" to the heathen. At
this feast of the dead the Druid priest would engage
in religious rites and rituals that included "human and animal
sacrifices". This as we know, is practiced still today. Two of the
several reasons for this event were to "worship the lord of death
(satan)" and to "call forth evil spirits to visit the living and
bring hardship and catastrophes" .
The evil spirits and the evil dead would have liberty on that
night to play havoc on humans.

The playing of tricks. Sound familiar?

Do we really want to participate in a holiday tradition where
people and animals were and still are killed as a sacrifice? Is it
harmless? The answer is NO! It is NOT harmless. It is evil and to
parttake of any portion of this holiday is parttaking of that evil.
It's satan's biggest holiday.

FACT 6 -- As mentioned earlier as part of their celebration, the
Celtics would dress in robes and wore hideous masks. People hid
behind masks because they were afraid evil spirits would come in
and possess them. Another reason was their hideous deeds would
go undetected. This is where the tradition of the wearing of masks
at our present day Halloween as we know it came in.
Do we really want our children and grandchildren parttaking of
this evil?

Wearing of masks. Sound familiar?

FACT 7 -- While the Roman Catholic Church Christianized the "Vigil
of Samhain" on November 1 and called it "All Souls Day" or "All
Saints Day" as it is sometimes called today, the satanist religion
claimed it for their hallowed eve.

Coincidental? No. The Roman Catholics as Christians, felt that if
they could not stop the pagans from celebrating their festivals,
that they (the Catholic Church) would include them.
Hence the old vantage, "if you can't fight them, join them" comes

The celebration of Halloween is simply the survival of an ancient
pagan belief and contrary to common belief, it is very far from
harmless, especially in today's generation when the satanists claim
this as their most holy day.

FACT 8 -- "Begging" began hundreds of years ago in Ireland.
Children and farmers went from house to house begging for food for
the village Halloween festivities in the name of their
ancient gods on this halloweed eve. Good luck was then promised to
the generous donors, and serious threats were made against those who
would not give anything.

In today's generation children and even some adults go around
begging for candy as a tradition and find it fun. If given, as then
it is now, fine. If not, a trick would be played. Tricks
are played today. Eggs are thrown at houses, cars, all sorts of
things go on today.

Again, sound familiar?

FACT 9 -- The tradition of the giving of candy was to "placate the
witches, the demons and the dammed souls" so that they wouldn't
play tricks. This tradition has withstood time. The giving of
candy was to placate witches. It sounds harmless but if it were
used to placate witches and demons, why would we enter in to such a
tradition? We are parttaking of that same evil.

The giving of candy. Sound familiar?

Fact 10 -- One fact that cannot be denied is in today's generation
weeks before our traditional "Halloween", numbers of children and
animals are abducted and disappear, slaughtered and sacrificed. In
my area it is recorded that cats were killed and sacrificed on
Halloween eve.

Does that sound "Harmless"?

Fact 11 -- "Wearing of Costumes". "Costumes" promote violent
behavior. After all, the wearer of the costume is hidden, disguised,
and unknown. Clothing designers make money, however, and so do the
rental shops of costumes. Why would anyone want to disguise themself
unless they were up to no good?

The wearing of Costumes. Sound familiar?

Oh it all seems harmless enough some will say, but its not. If we
parttake and celebrate Halloween, we are endorsing the evil and
parttaking of that evil. As Christians we need NOT participate or
celebrate or allow our children to participate in this very
wicked, evil so-called holiday.

Fact 12 -- Let's not forget the "razor blades, poison apples and
candy, along with other harmful things" that are found in
children's candy placed their by demented and/or demonized people
and which is on the increase in our present day generation.

That most certainly sounds familiar.

Fact 13 -- "Halloween" is the highest of "Holy Days" for the
satanist' religion.
That alone should stop you from celebrating or parttaking in it.

Fact 14 -- "Halloween" is a blending of traditions and satanism!
And it is definitely NOT harmless!
As Christians, we are strictly forbidden to have anything to do
with witchcraft, spiritism and the demonic.

The Bible admonishes us in Deuteronomy 18 and warns against
passing through the fire, using divinations, spells, observers of
time (astrology), etc.

Deuteronomy 18:10 "There shall not be found among you any one that
maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that
useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a

Doesn't Halloween include all of that?

As Christians we need to be educated, to educate our children, to
stay clear of and have nothing to do with anything remotely
suggesting satanism. We need to use wisdom with regard to allowing
our children to part-take of such a demonic traditional holiday.

Don't celebrate Halloween, friend. Stay clear as the Bible warns
us. Celebrate Jesus, His birth and His, resurrection, and the
glorious salvation we have through Him instead. God bless you my
friend as you ponder on these thoughts. The choice is up to you.

Dressing your children/grandchild ren up in costumes, or
handing out candy, etc., is parttaking of this holiday.
Take a stand for Christ and DO NOT participate in this,
satan's holiday.
Let the Holy Spirit be your guide.
COPYRIGHTED 1997 Theresa Quinto Pavone
Revised COPYRIGHT©2005 Rev. Theresa Q. Pavone,A.TH, B.TH

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