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Post  Admin on Wed 24 Nov 2010, 1:57 pm

Welcome my dear friends

This message is so special. I truly believe that the Lord has laid this on my heart to send this out. as you may know I live in Morecambe in the UK (United Kingdom). I am privileged to live virtually 100 yards from the ocean and the most beautiful view in the whole country. I will be sharing about the countries of the UK, at a later date...the needs here are general to the UK.

I love my country very much and am asking people to pray for revival for us. Britain has given many great christian leaders such as John and Charles Wesley, George Whitfield, Smith Wrigglesworth and George Whitfield.

We are in desperate need of Revival.. the last one was in wales in 1904-5.

Every Wednesday at 7pm.. I invite people who live in the UK, to join me in prayer for revival for their country for 15-30 minutes in the following 4 areas

Their own lives
Lives of their Church
Their town/area
The nation itself

I am aware that many of you, do not live in the UK, so please pray at 7pm every Wednesday in your own time zones for your own country/church and own lives to have a deep revival. By doing this, we will create a wave of prayer around the world on Wednesday evening.

Please share this with all your friends/contacts/pastors/housegroups/prayergroups and anyone else you can think of

Thanks for Joining me in prayer

God bless you


Britain Ablaze


Thank God for the influence of the UK on the world in the Past. From Wycliffe to John Wesley to Duncan Campbell and now through the Alpha Course. Indeed I live 10 miles from one of the best Bible schools in the world Capernwray and 60 miles from the Keswick Convention

There is growth in the church albeit slowly. Thank God for the many fervent Christians in the UK

Prayer Points


I am asking for deep prayer as I love my country

More than ever, Britain needs a massive move of God to spread through the Church, to alleviate the sense of lethargy and attitude that the church cannot do anything to halt the evils of Society. The church needs to stand up for Jesus and speak out against the evils of Society

There needs to be wholesale repentance by the church.. amen. The church has lost it's fervent flame and although some churches are sharing the gospel and active in evangelism, many aren't and neither are individuals

Pluralism and tolerance are now the norm. Please pray that this would be replaced by a return to Biblical values

The last proper revival was in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in 1949 and In Wales in 1904-5. For a country that has known such revivals under Wesley and Whitfield, this is terrible. Please pray that the Church grasps hold of the desperate need for revival 2 Chronicles 7:14 -20

Pray that the church and individual believers, would have a Holy Boldness to share the Gospel. Christians are often mocked in the Media. Please pray that they would stand up and speak for Jesus

The established churches need a move of the Holy Spirit. They are liberal in theology and there are thousands of dead or dying Anglican Churches in the UK. Although some Anglican churches are lively and active

Their is hope.. please water these tender rots with much prayer

Social change and upheaval, have caused some to seek deeper meaning. Britain has a celebrity driven culture. Pray that this is broken down. The main topic of the media and indeed the country is the X Factor. Pray that people would talk about Jesus

New ministries have blessed the country such as Soul Survivor and The Message trust

Courses such as the Alpha Course and Christianity explored have introduced many to the claims of Christ. Please pray that much fruit would be gathered from this ministry

The church needs

Deep Spiritual unity
A return to the centrality of Scripture and the Cross of Christ
A renewed confidence in the power of the Gospel

Pray for the Evangelical Pastors, that they would stand true to the Gospel and proclaim Christ Crucified and risen again. Pray for the Many Evangelical Bible schools such As London Bible College, Spurgeons College and Faith Mission College in Scotland

Young People are in great need. Many teenagers roam the streets at night, drinking and causing trouble. Pray that this Yob Culture, would be replaced by a desire to serve God. Please pray that every Evangelical Church reaches out to them

Thank God for the work of Scripture Union, Youth For Christ, OM and Child Evangelism Fellowship in the schools. Pray that these agencies have much fruit for there labours

Religious Education is compulsory in schools, but other religions are having to be taught. Pray that Christian teachers, would not compromise their faith and also pray for Christian boys and girls in their school situation

Pray for the many students involved in Christian unions in the thousands of Colleges and universities. Pray that their witness would be strong and vibrant and that many students would come to trust Jesus as Saviour. This week, we have had serious violence among students. Please pray that they would find the Prince of Peace

Over 400,000 overseas students come to the UK annually. One fifth of these come from China. This is an open door. Pray for the Navigators, IFES who are seeking to reach them

Pray for a renewed missions Vision. The UK, has always been one of the countries, which has sent many overseas to serve Christ. Pray that many people would be challenged and called to serve on the foreign mission field. The UK is now seen as a mission field. Pray that many would come to serve the church in the UK

Minority Groups

South Asians- Many are in Enclaves in Cities such as Bradford (my home town), Leicester and the Northern Wool towns such as Burnley and Blackburn. There has been violent disorder in several of the towns in recent years. There has been a turning to God from among the Sikh and Hindu's, but very little progress has been made with the Muslim Community. Please pray for all ministries, Church's and Individuals who are seeking to reach these people and pray for lasting fruit.. men and women who would go forth and touch their own communities and even countries for Christ

Caribbean and African People - Many are church going. Pray for the many church's that they would be Spirit led and Biblical

Somali People- Number 100,000. Please pray for the work started amongst them in both Liverpool and London

Chinese- Number 500,000. Large communities in London, Liverpool and Manchester. Th Chinese Overseas Christian Mission, OMF and Om, are all working amongst them. Thank God that 5% of them are evangelical.

Jewish Community- Large communities in Both Bradford and Leeds. Pray for the 3-4000 Messianic Jews in the UK, that they would reach out to their own community

Muslims - Number 2 million and the Muslims has vowed to claim the UK for Allah. Pray that the Church wakes up to this. Many churches and Ministries are reaching out to these needy people. Pray especially for the outreach to Muslims in London, which is seen as a battleground city

Pray that believers and unbelievers alike, would read the Bible. Britain was known as a land that read and lived by the Word of God. Pray that it would return to do this. Pray that Christian's, would not only read the word of God, but obey it and put the bible back at the centre of National life

Thank God for the many christian publishers and christian bookstores. Pray that their ministries, would be blessed especially in this age of Digital media

Pray for christian radio stations and TV programmes such things as Premier Radio etc. Pray that they would reach many.

We live in a digital age. Please pray that people would be reached by the thousands of web sites, chat rooms. Paul used every method to reach and save some. May the Gospel, go forward in every way in a culturally relevant way to reach my land.

I love my Country and wish it to come back to the Lord. Please join us in prayer at 7pm Every Wednesday (in your time zone), to pray for revival.

God bless you and Thanks


My website Link

Please read this wonderful Page

Operation world on the Uk

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