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Post  Admin on Thu 10 Dec 2015, 8:22 pm
1,500 Years After First Christian Church Planted, Britain No Longer Christian Nation

Almost 1,500 years after St. Augustine of Canterbury founded England's first Christian church in 597 A.D., the British people have been told in no uncertain terms that they're no longer living in a Christian country.

A sensational report released this week by the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life challenges this country's time-tested moral and public values system. In language that raises eyebrows — and tempers — the report says the United Kingdom should cut back the Christian tone of major state occasions and shift toward a "pluralist character."

Events such as coronations should be changed to be more inclusive, it says, while the number of bishops in the House of Lords should be cut to make way for leaders of other religions.

The recommendations from the commission, chaired by the former High Court judge Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, highlight major changes in British society, such as the decline in people who say they are Anglicans, down from 40 percent in 1983 to less than  20 percent in 2013. 

Although membership in the commission included leaders and academics from every major religious tradition, a spokesman for the Church of England blasted the findings as "dominated by the old-fashioned view that traditional religion is declining in importance and that non-adherence to a religion is the same as humanism or secularism."

That may be referring to the commission's call for new policy on religion and belief in the U.K. that would "provide space and a role for all within society, regardless of their beliefs or absence of them." 

Royal sources say that Prince Charles, 67, would have considerable sympathy with some of the report's recommendations. The heir to the throne has often spoken of wanting to be, when king, defender of faiths and not just "the faith."

Key recommendations include:

The creation of a Magna Carta-style secular statement of values governing public life as an alternative to the much-proclaimed but little-understood adherence to "British values."
The scrapping of religious assemblies for schoolchildren, along with ending of the segregation of children by faith at schools throughout the land.
An end to the dominance of 26 Anglican male bishops in the House of Lords (the British Parliament's upper house) and the replacement of some of them with Muslim imams, Jewish rabbis and other non-Christian clerics.
The complete overhaul of the coronation service for the next monarch so that leaders of faiths other than Christianity play major roles.
A major rethinking on the British government's anti-terror policy so that radical views can be expressed at universities and institutions of higher learning by preachers and teachers who are currently damned as extremists by security and intelligence networks.
Two years in the making, the report was set up by the Woolf Institute, which was established at Cambridge University in 1998. It is this country's leading think tank studying relations between Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities. 

While gathering evidence, the report's commissioners met with Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury who is spiritual leader of the world's 800 million Anglicans; Ephraim Mirvis, the South African-born Chief Rabbi (Orthodox) of the Commonwealth; and leaders of Britain's fast-growing Muslim community (currently estimated at 2.8 million).

Even so, some Christians are furious. They believe humanists and secularists are the brains behind this controversial report, which has been damned as "seriously misguided" by the Church of England, the country's established church since the 16thcentury. Its Supreme Governor is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title "defender of the faith." 

At her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth swore "to uphold the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel, maintain the Protestant reformed religion established by law and preserve the settlement of the Church of England."

There is not a single reference in the coronation service to a religion other than Christianity or a denomination apart from the Church of England.

But that was over 60 years ago, when most Britons who were asked to fill in forms asking their affiliation simply put "C of E" (Church of England), whether they went to church on Sundays or not.

Meanwhile, the Church of England is battling internal divisions as well. Welby is busy preparing for a "make-or-break"  meeting in Canterbury next month—one that could determine the long-term future of the Anglican Communion.

He is attempting to hold together a group of 37 Anglican primates who are bitterly divided on the subject of human sexuality.

Church of England sources say the meeting will attempt to repair damage caused by feuding clerics on the explosive issue of full Christian rights for gay men and women and pave the way for the next Lambeth Conference — until now the showpiece of Britain's Anglican/Protestant Christian heritage—in 2018. 

© 2015 Religion News Service. All rights reserved.

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Post  Admin on Tue 08 Dec 2015, 11:36 am

Calls to cut number of bishops in House of Lords to make way for other faiths
Mon 07 Dec 2015
By Aaron James
A landmark review into the place of Christianity and other religions in Britain has recommended some Anglican bishops should be removed from the House of Lords to make room for other faiths.

Specifically, the Commission on Religion and Public Life called for the number of bishops to be cut from 26 to 16, to allow clerics from other major religions in Britain to be represented, as well as other strands of the Church currently which are excluded, such as the Roman Catholic Church and Black-majority churches.

The Commission is the first of its kind and took two years to compile. The commissioners involved, a third of whom were Christians, went across the UK canvassing opinions on how to adequately include different religions, and people with no religion, in modern Britain.

The review was launched on the back of three major changes since the Second World War:

A significant increase in the number of people identifying themselves as having 'no religion';
A significant increase in the proportion of people practising faiths different to Christianity, and;
A significant change in the diversity of the British Church, where Anglicans and Methodists have declined while Black-majority churches, Evangelicals and Charismatic and Non-Denominational churches have increased.
It made a number of other proposals, including:

Scrapping compulsory Christian worship at schools
Reducing the number of school admissions based on a child's faith or religious background
Making national events more inclusive of other faiths, for example the Coronation
Making religious programming more representative of British society, including other religions and atheists on Thought of the Day and Songs of Praise
Religious education to be compulsory in all schools, and for this to reflect other religions and atheism better
Promoting better understanding of all religions in the media and wider society.
Rt Revd Lord Harries, a former Bishop of Oxford and now peer, told Premier it "doesn't bother me at all" that the number of Church of England bishops in the House of Lords could be cut.

He continued: "I believe that Jesus is Lord and Saviour of the whole cosmos... But we live on Earth in a very diverse society, we also have to work to find those areas of commonality with other people.

"It's [the report] certainly not trying to take Christianity out of public life and public consciousness, but we are reflecting the fact that up to half of the population now say they have no religion.

"If we're wanting a society in which everybody feels truly home, our public events must be symbolised in a slightly different way.

Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, a Christian, former senior judge and chair of the Commission, told Premier: "I would not have put my name to this if I thought it was in any way likely to diminish the importance of Anglicanism and indeed the Christian religions.

"They remain enormously important. We still have 40% of people who for one way or another say that they are Christian.

"I would fight to support the Anglican religion in this country."

The Church of England welcomed some aspects of the review, but also said: "We are however disappointed that the report misunderstands the role of Church of England schools in providing a rounded education to more than a million pupils from all backgrounds as part of our commitment to the common good.

"If there is a significant problem with our schools it is that many of them are so popular that they are oversubscribed and not every parent who wants to can send their children to one.
"The report also misunderstands collective worship in schools. We believe that if the law on collective worship were repealed schools would risk losing this vital element of shaping a community that reflects the full breadth of human experience.

"We know, for example, that the response of many schools to the horror of the Paris attacks will have been in the context of collective worship.
"The report is dominated by the old fashioned view that traditional religion is declining in importance and that non-adherence to a religion is the same as humanism or secularism.
"In a fortnight where we have seen overwhelming public support for the Church of England over the Lord's Prayer cinema advert, it is important to remember that most public opinion is strongly opposed to the marginalisation of Christianity."

The Evangelical Alliance, present at the review's launch in Portcullis House in Westminster, expressed regret that it was not included in the group of commissioners who compiled the findings and recommendations, given that it represents more than two million Christians in Britain.

The commissioners said they included a wide range of evangelical views as they collected evidence from Christians across Britain.

It said in a statement: "The Evangelical Alliance welcomes the call in this report for government to acknowledge and embrace authentic plurality.

"Some suggestions in the report, particularly in relation to education, could be interpreted as reflecting a distinctly secular perspective and need clarifying, because there is no such thing as secular neutrality. It's a myth.

"Effective democracy, substantive human rights and liberty are intractably linked to the Bible and the Christian faith.

"If we want to continue to enjoy the fruits of our culture, as a society we will need to continue to tend, or at the very least acknowledge, the roots of our culture.",3W4GF,619BHX,E14H8,1

Bishop of Carlisle: pray for Cumbria as Storm Desmond hits
Sun 06 Dec 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Cumbria has been hard hit by floods brought about by Storm Desmond.
As flooding continues to affect many areas of the region Christians are being encouraged to pray for all of those affected.
The Environment Agency has declared 130 flood warnings, while residents in parts of Cumbria were evacuated from their homes.
The Bishop of Carlisle, the Rt Revd James Newcome told Premier that through all the negative, he hopes that: "that out of all of this something very positive will come, in terms of developing relationships - kindness of all kinds shown, often in small but very significant ways, and a sense of people pulling together as they have in the past."
He said: "The last 24 hours have seen unprecedented weather conditions which have brought hardship to many living in Cumbria due to flooding.
"I live in Keswick so have seen for myself the terrible problems that this storm has created and fully sympathise with those affected."

"Our church is probably under water", says community worker
Sun 06 Dec 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Jonny Gios a Methodist Community Worker in Kendal has told Premier that the community spirit will overcome Storm Desmond.
He was speaking after nearly 200mm of rain fell in Britain's wettest area Shap, in Cumbria: "I'm still getting messages now saying 'can we help?', 'can we come down to the church a help rescue people and provide food and things?'
"So the community is really coming together - unfortunately our church, I think is probably under water."
A man has died as a result of Storm Desmond, causing Cumbria to declare a major incident.
The Environment Agency has declared 130 flood warnings.
Rain continued to fall overnight in Scotland, northern England and northern parts of Wales.

The poor with no insurance are devastated: Cumbria church worker
A church worker in Cumbria, who has been helping to support victims of flooding, has told Premier that many poor people have lost everything because they did not have contents insurance.
"We need to get plans in and community support so that when this does happen we can respond better and help those who can't afford to be insured. I think that's something that we have to look at on a government level."
Talks are due to take place between churches and the council on Monday evening, in an attempt to help affected families recover in time for Christmas.

Archbishop of Canterbury's refugee plans stalled
Sun 06 Dec 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Plans for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to offer a home to Syrian refugees in a Lambeth Palace cottage are on hold due to bureaucratic delays. 
The Archbishop made the announcement ten weeks ago as 84 Church of England bishops criticised David Cameron's government for ignoring their help to offer accommodation to around 50,000 refugees.
The Sunday Times has reported that officials at Lambeth Palace are so concerned about the delay that they have come up with a back-up plan to invite Christian refugees from the diocese of Egypt instead.
But they dropped this idea after worries were raised that it could single some families out and leave others behind.

Multi-faith march in Bradford after Christian convert attacked
Sat 05 Dec 2015
By Hannah Tooley
A multi-faith peace rally will be held in Bradford on Saturday following the attack on a man who converted from Islam to Christianity. 
Wilson Chowdhry, from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is behind the idea and told Premier it is all about unity: "It's a multi-faith peace vigil that will be attended by key figures from the Islamic faith, Hindu faith, Sikh faith and Christian faith.
"We hope that by showing unity in this fashion we're showing seeds of peace and love, rather than hatred and division."
The event is being held after the attack of a Christian man in the city.
Nissar Hussain converted from Islam to Christianity in 1996 and claims that problems surrounding his faith began in 2008 when his family appeared in a Channel 4 documentary, Holy War, about how Muslim converts are treated.
Mr Hussain suffered a fractured knee cap and hand when he was attacked outside his home in St Paul's Road, Manningham, Bradford, last month.
CCTV footage shows that he was struck 13 times with a pickaxe handle and kicked and punched repeatdly.
Petition asks BBC to ditch Christian boxer Tyson Fury from Sports Personality of Year shortlist

A petition which is calling on the BBC to remove the Christian boxer Tyson Fury from its Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist is gaining support.
Wed 02 Dec 2015
By Antony Bushfield
A petition which is calling on the BBC to remove the Christian boxer Tyson Fury from its Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist is gaining support.

"Tyson Fury is not a role model," the petition says as it accuses him of being homophobic.

The devout-Christian gave the glory to God last weekend when he was crowned the new heavyweight champion of the world after beating Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko.

Before the fight he tweeted: "Feeling great, blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ"

But he's a controversial character having previously told the Mail on Sunday there were three things that would happen "before the devil comes home".

He said: "One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?"

In 2013 he was fined £3,000 by the boxing authorities after suggesting opponents were "gay lovers".

Those statements, and previous quotes deemed to be homophobic, have led to the petition being set up.

Mr Fury does not display "the kind of behaviour that merits inclusion on such a well-respected award programme", the petition claims.

But responding to the petition the boxer stood by his comments: "I don't regret anything I've ever said. I'm a man of honour and a man of my word, and what I've said I stick to through thick and thin.

"Whoever wants to challenge me, let them come and challenge me. Whoever doesn't like me, I don't care anyway.

"If you want to give me the award, give it me, and if you don't - keep it."

He's up against Jessica Ennis-Hill, Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome, Mo Farah, Kevin Sinfield, Adam Peaty, Lucy Bronze, Max Whitlock, Greg Rutherford and Lizzie Armitstead.

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Post  Admin on Fri 20 Nov 2015, 10:07 pm
UK teen spent student loan to join ISIS
19-year-old Yahya Rashid alleges he wanted to join 'Islamic Utopia' but not fight; jailed for five years.
By Arutz Sheva staff
First Publish: 11/20/2015, 7:33 AM
ISIS flagReuters
 A 19-year-old who spent his student loan traveling to the Turkey-Syria border and wanted to join the Islamic State (ISIS) group is behind bars in Britain, police said Thursday.
Yahya Rashid paid £906 (1,300 euros, $1,400) for himself and four friends to travel to the Turkish border town of Gaziantep in February.

He stayed in an ISIS safe house but shortly before he was due to cross into Syria, he changed his mind and returned to Istanbul.

Rashid, aged 18 at the time, was then detained by Turkish police and deported back to Britain, where he was arrested on his arrival.

Police believe his traveling companions did cross into Syria and are still there.

Rashid, whose family is originally from Somalia, was sentenced to five years in a youth offenders' institution Wednesday for terrorism offenses.

"You told the jury you had never held a gun in your life and there is no reason to believe that is untrue," Judge Philip Katz told Rashid as he passed sentence. "But goodness knows what you would have gone on to do as a foot soldier of ISIS."

Rashid's lawyer Mark McDonald claimed his client had wanted to live in an "Islamic utopia" but not fight.

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Post  Admin on Sun 15 Nov 2015, 10:23 pm
ISIS TERROR WARNING: Britain NEXT to be ATTACKED by jihadists, supporters claim
BRITAIN is at risk from the next Islamic State attack, supporters of the evil terror group have warned in unconfirmed tweets. By TOM PARFITT
They made the chilling threats on Twitter after at least 160 people were killed by a series of co-ordinated attacks on Paris last night.

After gloating about the horror that shocked the world, armchair jihadists tweeted that London could be next.

The twisted tweeters also claimed to have two other major capitals in their sights – Washington DC and Rome.
They made the chilling threats on Twitter after at least 160 people were killed by a series of co-ordinated attacks on Paris last night.

After gloating about the horror that shocked the world, armchair jihadists tweeted that London could be next.

The twisted tweeters also claimed to have two other major capitals in their sights – Washington DC and Rome.
London was last hit by a terror attack in July 2005, when 52 commuters were killed by suicide bombers linked to Islamist group al-Qaeda.

But officials have reportedly been working tirelessly to thwart ISIS attacks since the militants declared a caliphate last summer.

Last month Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, admitted the security service can "never be confident" in stopping all terror plots against Britain.
Washington DC's police department has deployed extra officers to high-profile locations in the city – including the government's Capitol complex.

But aspokeswoman insisted: "There is currently no known threat to the Capitol complex."

Security has also been beefed up at the city's French Embassy but a fashion show went ahead as scheduled at the venue yesterday.

Hosts paused the event for a moment of silence to honour the tragic victims of the Paris attacks.

London 7/7 bombings
Tue, July 7, 2015
On July 7th 2005 Aldgate, King's Cross, and Marylebone Underground stations, as well as a number 30 bus on Tavistock square, were attacked by a group of terrorists in London. SLIDESHOW 1 OF 60
The wreck of the Number 30 double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, Central London, following the July 7 terrorist attacks [AFP/Getty Images]
French president Francois Hollande at the Stade de France
The last terrorist incident in Washington DC was in April 2013, when a man sent letters laced with ricin to Barack Obama.

James Dutschke's plot to poison the President was thwarted by officials and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
This summer a knife-wielding fanatic stunned Rome by holding the blade to a tourist's throat, according to reports.

He allegedly shouted "Allah is great" and "it is God that sends me" in front of horrified visitors to the Colosseum.

Chiara Frisco, 26, said: "I felt myself pulled suddenly into the middle of the crowd. 

"Then I felt the blade of the knife that he was holding against me. I feared the worst would happen.

"I could not see the weapon. The whole attack lasted seconds but I felt a tremendous fear.

"The man was yelling like a maniac. Luckily the police came though."

Paris terror attacks
Sat, November 14, 2015
Around 127 people have been killed and dozens injured after a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris. The attacks took place at the Bataclan concert hall, Boulevard Voltaire, Belle Equipe bar, rue Fontaine au Roi, Petit Cambodge restaurant, and Le Carillon bar.

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Post  Admin on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 11:16 pm
The Film That Uncovers What is Really Happening in Mosques Across The UK
Prince Charles has spoken out against the radicalization of young Muslims. He described this radicalization as ‘alarming’ and explained how his own charity, The Prince’s Trust, is working with Muslim youths to stop this. He was speaking to BBC Radio 2’s The Sunday Hour prior to a six day trip around the Middle Easy, including meetings with Kings Abdullah II of Jordan and Salman of Saudi Arabia. It is obvious that the future King sees this radicalisation as a threat to the UK. He also said, of his future role as monarch that he will not just be Defender of the Faith (part of the Monarch’s official title) but “Defender of the Faiths.” As the future head of the Anglican Church, he also expressed his support for Christians all around the Middle East. He did not, however, speak about the rise of anti-Semitism.

While anti-Semitism itself isn’t necessarily a threat to national security of the UK, US, and many other countries like radical Islam, it is a threat to the social cohesion of these countries. Many Jews in the UK feel they no longer have a future there and are planning to move mainly to Israel or the US. This rise in has been mentioned by the Home Secretary, Theresa May and the Communities Minister, Eric Pickles. At a speech to the UKs Board of Deputies, they assured the leaders of British-Jewry that they are planning legislation to specifically target anti-Semitism.
But will this do anything to curb the rise in anti-Semitism, especially amongst the UK’s national institutions. The BBC and Sky News, both famed amongst British Jews for being anti-Israel, have had anti-Semitic incidents in the past months. While the BBC apologised for its reporter Tim Wilcox saying “Many critics though of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.” It has, however failed for posting a controversial question about the Holocaust the day before International Holocaust Day. Sky News, meanwhile, has failed to apologise for two of its lead reporters saying anti-Semitic comments. First, Adam Boulton put it to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis that Israel is to blame for anti-Semitism, then Eamonn Holmes said it is ok to be anti-Semitic if you’re Palestinian.
The BBC have taken this to another level and have been accused of ‘race baiting’ by inviting the extremist ‘King of anti-Semites’ George Galloway MP to take part in its flagship political program, Newsnight, when it is being filmed in Golders Green, a predominantly Jewish area. Mr Galloway, is famous for calling on Muslims to kill British soldiers at the start of the Second Gulf War, and for being given an oil barrel by Saddam Hussein. His latest incident, was describing his Parliamentary constituency as Jew and Israeli free, and that Israelis were not welcome there.
With incidents like this, is it any wonder that there is now an anti-Semitic parade being organised in Stamford Hill (another predominantly Jewish area, mainly Chareidim). The Metropolitan Police have said that they are looking into it and have not decided whether to allow it or not. While protesting is a sign of a free society and a hallmark of British democracy, this serves no purpose other than to allow racism onto London’s streets. If this march happens, then it is a sign of another treasured British institution, the Metropolitan Police, leaning towards anti-Semitism.
With all this going on, is it any wonder that Jews want to leave. The future Monarch is doing well to combat Islamic Radicalisation but he also needs to get The Prince’s Trust to combat anti-Semitism. After all, Jews have helped build the UK into what it is today. A strong bill is needed to tackle anti-Semitism and show British Jews that the Government has not forgotten them. Words are fine, but it is action that matters!
Published: October 5, 2015

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Post  Admin on Fri 23 Oct 2015, 7:28 pm

Mosques May Be Closed To Prevent Extremism In The UK
OCT 21, 2015
Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new proposal Monday to counter extremism in the United Kingdom that includes an idea to close certain Mosques.

The controversial plan is meant to work against all forms of extremism but focuses primarily on radical Islamists. Cameron said the fight against  terrorism might be the “defining one of this century,” and he outlines a number of proposals to help prevent young British citizens from joining extremist organizations.
“Islamist extremists don’t just threaten our security, they jeopardize all that we’ve built together – our successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy,” Cameron wrote on his Facebook page. “While Islamist extremists in no way represent the true spirit of Islam, we cannot ignore the fact that they attempt to justify their views and actions through Islamic scripture and theology.”
One point in the 40-page plan sets out to “restrict access to premises which are repeatedly used to support extremism,” which may include mosques.
he plan has been met with much opposition from the Muslim community in the country. Shuja Shafi, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, claims it has “McCarthyist undertones.”
“Whether it is in mosques, education or charities, the strategy will reinforce perceptions that all aspects of Muslim life must undergo a ‘compliance’ test to prove our loyalty to this country,” he said in a statement.
The proposal would also give parents of teenagers under the age of 18 the right to cancel their children’s passports to make

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Post  Admin on Mon 19 Oct 2015, 8:25 pm
The UK prime minister unveils the specifics of a counter-extremism strategy promised earlier in the year and gives $7.7 million to the fight.
Mon, October 19, 2015
Parents will be able to have the passports of their teenage children canceled if they are at risk of joining the Islamic State or other Islamist terrorist groups.

The measure is part of new “Counter-Extremism Strategy” being announced by David Cameron today.

Other steps include:

Preventing radical preachers from posting materials online.
Barring anyone convicted of terrorist or extremist activity from working with children or other vulnerable people.
The announcement comes a day after a £5 million ($7.7 m) fund was established to provide “credible alternative narratives to the dangerous views propagated by extremists.”

The money will go to fund a “national coalition” against radicalization, formed from local initiatives, charities and a Muslim newspaper putting out an anti-extremist message.

Cameron first announced his anti-extremism strategy in a speech in June, when he pledged to fight both violent and non-violent extremism and to completely overhaul the government’s approach to de-radicalization.  

In that speech, he became the first Western leader to pinpoint the ideology of Islamist extremism as the root cause of terrorism, distinct from, but related to, the religion of Islam.

The British counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, staffed primarily by former Islamist extremists who now challenge their former ideologies, advised the government on its new more direct policy.

Approximately 700 British nationals have travelled to Syria or Iraq to fight for extremist groups such as the Islamic State.

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Post  Admin on Thu 08 Oct 2015, 11:00 pm

[url= Christian media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6251184_daily news 8 october&utm_content=Cameron&dm_i=16DQ,3PZG0,619BHX,DE5V7,1]David Cameron tells faith schools "we will shut you down" if you teach intolerance[/url]
Wed 07 Oct 2015
By Hannah Tooley
The prime minister has announced plans to force all religious schools to register and be inspected.

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference David Cameron said those teaching intolerance will be shut down.
"If an institution is teaching children intensively then whatever it's religion, we will, like any other school, make it register so it can be inspected - and be in no doubt, if you're teaching intolerance, we will shut you down," he said.
He promised the country that it was his "duty" to keep Britain safe and that it was time to "really confront extremism".
But the Evangelical Alliance warned any new measured had to be carefully considered.
David Landrum, director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance, said: "It is right that we actively 'rebuild Britain as an even greater country' and take stringent measures to eradicate extremist ideology.
"However, it is vital that committed Christians are not labelled as extremists by those who may disagree with aspects of their faith.
"Any bill to tackle extremism must not undermine the very democracy that it seeks to protect. We would urge the prime minister to consult with all faith groups to ensure that historic freedoms of religion and belief are secured in the implementation of this bill."
Peter Byrne/PA Wire
David Cameron added: "Did you know, in our country, there are some children who spend several hours each day at a madrassa?

"Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with children learning about their faith, whether it's at madrassas, Sunday schools or Jewish yeshivas.
"But in some madrassas we've got children being taught that they shouldn't mix with people of other religions; being beaten; swallowing conspiracy theories about Jewish people.
"These children should be having their minds opened, their horizons broadened, not having their heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate."
Peter Byrne/PA Wire
He concluded: "So I can announce this today: If an institution is teaching children intensively, then whatever its religion, we will, like any other school, make it register so it can be inspected.

"And be in no doubt: if you are teaching intolerance, we will shut you down."
As part of his attempt to tackle the problem of extremism impacting young people, he has vowed to shut down Muslim Madrasas that preach hate to children, he added that schools "teaching children intensively" will have to register for inspection.
The PM stressed extremist schools were part of a wider problem of segregation within some communities, adding extreme madrassas "incubate these divisions".
"There are parts of Britain today where you can get by without ever speaking English or meeting anyone from another culture.
"For too long, we've been so frightened of causing offence that we haven't looked hard enough at what is going on in our communities.
"This is passive tolerance and I'll tell you where it leads: To children, British children, going to Pakistan in the summer holidays, before they've even started their GCSEs, and forced to marry a man they've never met."
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
"Children, British children, having their genitals mutilated, not just in a clinic in Lagos but the back streets in Britain.

"This passive tolerance has turned us into a less integrated country; it's put our children in danger. It is unforgivable.
"So let me say it right here: no more passive tolerance in Britain. We've passed the laws - now I want them enforced."
He also vowed to keep the nation safe, tackle poverty and ensure opportunities for all.
But Labour have criticised him for launching a personal attack on leader Jeremy Corybn.

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Preacher who says Islam is "satanic" asks judge to force radio host to give evidence in his favour

Thu 01 Oct 2015
By Antony Bushfield
An evangelical preacher who branded Islam "satanic" and "heathen" has appealed to a judge to summon BBC radio host Stephen Nolan to appear as a witness in his court case.

Pastor James McConnell is due to stand trial in December charged in connection with a controversial sermon he made last year.
Defence solicitor Joe Rice told Belfast Magistrates' Court his legal team wants Mr Nolan, a Radio 5 Live and Radio Ulster presenter, summonsed.
"On this occasion Mr Nolan has regretfully said he is not prepared to assist. He has indicated through his BBC lawyers in London he will only assist if there is a court summons.
"On this occasion, as the pastor put it, Stephen Nolan is the biggest miss-show in the country."
Pastor McConnell, 78, is being prosecuted under the 2003 Communications Act.
He faces two charges - improper use of a public electronic communications network and causing a grossly offensive message to be sent by means of a public electronic communications network - after remarks made from the pulpit of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in north Belfast were streamed online.
Hundreds of Christian supporters attended Laganside Court Complex in Belfast city centre for the short hearing which had to be held in one of the largest courtrooms.
District Judge George Conner gave the defence team seven days to produce a written application outlining what evidence they believe Mr Nolan could provide.
The judge said: "I want to know what evidence the witness could reasonably give."
Pastor James McConnell

Mr Rice said the defence was also considering lodging an abuse of process application.
And, in a scathing attack on Northern Ireland's Public Prosecution Service (PPS) he revealed his first "substantive" communication with prosecutors in a month was this morning - 45 minutes before the hearing was due to begin.
Handing the judge a letter which had been faxed to his office, the solicitor added: "The prosecution have adopted the tactic of the silo. We have been kept in the dark."
Prosecutor David Russell told the court there not been any undue delays in the case and the decision to proceed was made following a rigorous investigation which included lengthy consultations.
"This was an extremely careful and thorough process," he said.

Throughout the hearing McConnell sat in the public gallery beside by friends and family members. His wife Margaret, who has accompanied him to previous hearings was not present. It is understood she is recovering after a fall.

Outside he, addressed a crowd of applauding and cheering supporters who were carrying banners which read "Christianity under persecution" and "civil and religious liberty for all".
He said: "This is for the defence of the gospel.
"As far as I am concerned the Muslim issue is over. The issue is the freedom of speech; the freedom of conscience; the freedom of worship and the freedom of preaching the gospel and saying what is in your heart.
"If they do put me in prison, when I get out again I will preach the same message.
"I hope I get my Christmas dinner. I will be there on December 14, 15 and 16. I am not running away, definitely not. I am going to take my stand for the Lord."
The hearing was adjourned for mention on October 29.,3PJMG,619BHX,DCHPC,1

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Pakistani Christians not all "at risk" says UK government
Thu 01 Oct 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Christians in Pakistan are not all "at risk" of persecution according to the British government.
Cross bench peer Lord Alton submitted nine written questions to Parliament on the subject of Pakistani Christians and their plight.He is concerned that not enough is being done to support believers who live in the predominantly Muslim country.It is thought tens of thousands of Pakistani Christians have already fled violence to countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, where tourism visas are relatively cheap.Lord Bates answered one of the questions saying: "The UK recognises there may be individual cases of religious persecution.

"However, not all Christians are at risk.
"It is important to carefully consider each case on its merits."
[url= Christian media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6230680_daily news 2 october&utm_content=pakistan&dm_i=16DQ,3PJMG,619BHX,DCHPC,1]READ MORE[/url]

Cornwall church accuses Lloyds Bank of losing its priceless artefacts
Thu 01 Oct 2015
By Aaron James
A church in Cornwall has accused Lloyds Bank of losing artefacts it has given them for safekeeping. 
One of the items from Veep Parish Church in St Austell include a silver communion cup dating back to 1579, before the English Civil War, which is thought to be worth more than £4,000.
Other artefacts include a silver flagon tankard, dated back to 1737, and a silver plate dated 1738.
Bernard Bonsey, the Veep churchwarden, originally tried getting the items back to put on display for Easter 2015. The church still does not have its deposits
Mr Bonsey told the Daily Telegraph: "I truly believe the bank has lost the silverware but won't admit it.
"No one at Lloyds seems to know, or worse, seems at all interested, and despite repeated requests have heard absolutely nothing from them.
"This cup is pre-English Civil War and is extremely rare because during the war, the majority of the country's silver was melted to pay the troops, and therefore could be very valuable; in excess of £4,000."
[url= Christian media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6230680_daily news 2 october&utm_content=cornwall&dm_i=16DQ,3PJMG,619BHX,DCHPC,1]READ MORE[/url]

Bishop of London on creating new churches: "We're programmed to say yes"
Thu 01 Oct 2015
By Marcus Jones
The Bishop of London has told Premier he's "programmed to say yes" when people give him ideas on how to grow the Church.
In an interview on the subject of evangelism, Rt Revd Richard Chartres said he's constantly looking to form new worshipping communities.
He was speaking to Premier ahead of delivering a lecture at Lambeth Palace on the theme of evangelism and witness.
While attendances across the Church of England are reported to be marginally falling, the Church in London is said to be bucking the trend.
Speaking about how his diocese turned things around, he said: "We were in a pretty dire and depressed state in the early 1990s.
"There were financial difficulties; there was a problem of morale. There was faction; there was division.
"By painful incremental change, the conditions came about for a transformation of the morale.
"There's [now] an enormous 'can do' sense in the diocese which has actually grown quite significantly. The electoral role has doubled since 1990."
The Diocese of London is almost half way through a project called Capital Vision 2020 which is looking to continue the growth. The diocese is focussing on becoming a Church which is Christ-centred and outward looking.
[url= Christian media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6230680_daily news 2 october&utm_content=evangelism&dm_i=16DQ,3PJMG,619BHX,DCHPC,1]READ MORE[/url]

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Archbishop Justin Welby to accept refugees at Lambeth Palace
The Archbishop of Canterbury has offered to house Syrian refugees at his official London residence.
Most Revd Justin Welby has said there is room for one or two families in a 4-bedroomed cottage at Lambeth Palace.

Tt was something the archbishop has been considering for "a while", according to Lambeth Palace.
His gesture follows a similar move by the Catholic church after Pope Francis said two refugee families would move into Vatican housing.
Britain is taking 20,000 refugees from the camps on the borders of Syria over the next five years.

A Lambeth spokeswoman said: "As a Christian who leads the Church of England it is something he feels absolutely passionate about.
"As the archbishop has said, Jesus was a refugee, and there are refugees here who are desperate for sanctuary from war-torn places and the archbishop is completely torn about their situation and wants to make a difference."
It's believed the rent for the refugees will be paid for by charitable funds under the archbishop's personal control.
[url= Christian media&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6182179_News email Sep 20&utm_content=refugees&dm_i=16DQ,3OI77,619BHX,D8LQN,1]READ MORE[/url]

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Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of The Labour Party, has a slew of associations with Islamist extremists, more than any other leading British politician. Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of Britian's The Labour Party, has many problematic associations with Islamists and known terrorists. These connections are made all the more galling in the light of his victory in Labour's leadership election, putting him in the position of being the only leader of a major British political party to have called terrorists his “friends.”

A backbench MP for the majority of his career, revelations about his associations began to surface once he was a candidate for the Labour leadership. Presented here is a list of these associations:
In July 2015, his associations with Ibrahim Hewitt made national news. Hewitt is a hardline Islamist preacher who believes that adulterers and apostates should be killed and compared homosexuals to pedophiles. Corbyn described him as “a very good friend.” He visited Gaza with Hewitt’s charity Interpal. Interpal is regarded by the US government as part of the funding network of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate that runs the Gaza Strip. In 2003, the United States government designated Interpal as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” along with several Hamas figures and Hamas supporting charities in Europe.

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 BRITAIN NEWS AND ALERT's - Page 23 143005

[url= Christian]Church of England commissions prayers marking Queen's long reign[/url]
Tue 08 Sep 2015
By Desmond Busteed
Special prayers have been written by the Church of England to mark the Queen becoming the longest reigning British monarch.
On Wednesday Queen Elizabeth II beats the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria - 63 years and 7 months - more than a century ago.

The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and her faith has been an important part of her life.
The prayers have been drawn up by the Church's Liturgical Commission and approved by Buckingham Palace to be read at services across the country.
One gives "heartfelt thanks for her service to her people", while another expresses gratitude that "you have given Elizabeth our Queen a heart to serve her people, and have kept her devoted in this service beyond all who were before her".
"She's a person and great faith and great commitment and I think she is I'm sure very thankful for the wonderful degree of health she's had over these many years, [which has] allowed her to give such faithful service," said Minister Ken Mackenzie to Premier, who leads Sunday service at Crathie church, where the royal family worship during visits to their Balmoral.
At Westminster Abbey, where the Queen married the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 and had her coronation in 1953, bell ringers will also ring a quarter peal at 11.30am for 50 minutes.

Worcester Cathedral will mark the event with a peal of bells entitled 5040 changes of Cambridge Surprise Maximus, starting at midday.
The Bishop of Worcester, the Rt Rev John Inge, said: "This is a very significant day on which Her Majesty the Queen becomes our longest ever reigning monarch, surpassing Queen Victoria.
"I encourage as much ringing as possible in the diocese on that day and during the week as a mark of appreciation not only of the length of the Queen's reign but of her magnificent Christian service throughout it."
The Holy Innocents' Church in Kidderminster is holding a special morning service, followed by the planting of 64 daffodil bulbs to mark the Queen's almost 64 years on the throne.
Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex will ring a three-hour peal on September 10 - the day after the monarch reaches her milestone - starting at just after 1pm.
Listen to Crathie Kirk minister Ken Mackenzie speaking to to Premier's Des Busteed on the News Hour:

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A Christian-Zionist Revolution is Brewing in Britain
A new group is looking to emulate the success of the Christian pro-Israel movement in America - and they are rapidly succeeding.
Christian supporters of Israel rally in LondonMordecai Voice
When it comes to Christian Zionism, most people think of the United States - and with good cause. Groups like Christians United For Israel (CUFI) have been among the leading lights in Israel advocacy, with a highly motivated and active grassroots base and support from a diverse range of senior clergymen and women. In terms of numbers, they outstrip even their Jewish pro-Israel counterparts, and in terms of commitment and activism, they often put them to shame.

Less well-known are the Christian Zionist movements outside of the US, for example in Europe. This fact is also, to an extent, not without good cause: for a variety of reasons, Christian Zionists in Europe, while certainly active, have never managed to emulate the success of their American counterparts.
But that could be about to change. In the UK, something of a revolution is brewing, thanks to the vision and tireless efforts of one quietly-determined pastor in reaching out to both Christian and Jewish communities alike.
Dr. Oliver Manyemba is a Pentecostal Christian pastor, as well as a trained investment banker and lecturer at a top London university. He is also a one-man powerhouse who is shaking up the face of UK Christian Zionism - and, by extension, both wider Israel activism and Jewish-Christian community relations.
Born in Zimbabwe, Manyemba was active for several years in some of the more established Christian Zionist organizations in London, but noticed a frustrating trend: while longstanding groups were indeed working hard to fight Israel's corner, they were doing so without reaching beyond a very narrow demographic base of white, middle-aged (or older) Church of England Christians. Millions of potentially sympathetic Christians, most notably among Black and Asian communities, were not being reached, and Manyemba resolved to fix that.
It was at that point that our paths first crossed, some three years ago. At the time, this author was also on the London pro-Israel activist scene, and as part of efforts to cultivate ties with non-Jewish allies I was introduced to Oliver, who was looking to study the Bible's authentic Jewish interpretations. Apart from becoming my first (and so far only) Christian Bible-study partner, he shared with me his incredibly ambitious vision to mobilize hundreds of thousands of previously un-engaged Christians nationwide to the cause of Israel - a vision which at the time appeared a thousand miles away.
Today, he leads Christian Watchmen over Zion (CWZ), a group that most British Jews will have never heard of, but which is now rapidly realizing that vision by emerging as the fastest-growing pro-Israel movement in the country.
CWZ is mobilizing Christians nationwide Credit: Christian Watchmen over Zion
It is nondenominational, with members spanning the gamut of the confusing mesh of Christian denominations in Britain; from Roman Catholics to Church of England and Eastern Christians. But CWZ's core constituency and driving force is the rapidly-growing Pentecostal movement, particularly among the African and Afro-Caribbean communities.

Its objective is to reconnect Christians to authentic Biblical teachings - most importantly, the place of the cause of Israel or "Zion" and Jerusalem as a central focus of Christian belief. 
And its success in just two years has been staggering, drawing in thousands of grassroots members along with an ever-increasing number of churches and a diverse range Christian leaders.
Dispelling ignorance, standing with Zion
One of them, Archbishop Dr. Abraham C. C. Evangelou, was present along with a larger CWZ delegation at a farewell party for the outgoing Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub last month. It was the largest and most diverse Christian group present, and the only one to include such senior clergy, underlining the central position the group has already taken on the pro-Israel scene.
Evangelou, who started his ministerial career in the Greek Orthodox Church, now heads the Apostolic Christian Church and Ixthus Church Council, the latter of which boasts some two million members worldwide, including 1,500 ordained ministers, and has 40 churches in England alone.
CWZ's core message, he explained, is summed up by the Psalmist: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."
"Our aim is to educate the Christian world as to the relationship we should be having with Israel, and to build a relationship with our Israeli and Hebrew brethren who are the foundational background to our Christian roots and Christian faith. We feel indebted to them for preserving the Scriptures for us to benefit from."

Archbishop Dr. Abraham Evangelou (C) and Pastor Oliver Manyemba (L) led a delegation to outgoing Israeli Ambassador Taub's farewell dinner Credit: Ari Soffer
"CWZ has been received very warmly in my churches, and many of our members have already joined. Many of my bishops who I consecrated have become prominent members of CWZ," he said. "?We also have a good relationship with Christian Friends of Israel, and I work with them too - anything positive, pro-Israel, we support that."

But why, given the prominence of the Land of Israel and its connection to the Jewish people in the Bible, do Christians need educating about it at all?
"Ignorance, misconceptions and also sometimes anti-Semitism," answers Dr. Evangelou.
"The early church had a negative perception of Judaism and the Jewish people," he notes, rejecting out of hand the replacement theology still found in some corners today, including most of those which gravitate towards the anti-Israel movement. "We're disqualifying that perception and showcasing all the good things about Israel and the Jewish people. I believe education is the most important thing, and that discredits any prejudice, racism or anti-Semitism."
That message - reconnecting to the Bible's "Hebrew roots," rejecting replacement theology (and with it the imperative to proselytize Jews), and focusing on the centrality of the Holy Land in Christian doctrine - is to a great extent the driving-force of contemporary Christian Zionism, from major groups such as CUFI to emerging innovators like Hayovel. 
Oliver Manyemba's vision for CWZ is to be the doctrinal or ideological powerhouse of that movement. 
What that requires, first and foremost, is to "open Christians' eyes" to the real-life application of the Bible. It might sound strange, but even many church-going, Bible-believing Christians often fail to associate the "Israel" of the Bible with the real thing. 
"In Zimbabwe, when we prayed for the peace of Jerusalem, we thought of our families or our village. But that's not what God had in mind - He was talking about the real, physical Jerusalem!" Manyemba explains.
It's a message echoed by another prominent CWZ leader, Bishop E. O’Reilly Buchanan - one of the most senior Christian clergy involved in the movement. A charismatic speaker and humanitarian activist, he oversees churches from the UK to Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Bishop E. O’Reilly Buchanan Credit: Ari Soffer
He describes CWZ as a movement whose emergence is long overdue. "It's like an oasis, a glass of cool water after journeying in the desert."

But Bishop Buchanan also emphasizes that the potential was always there. Quoting the Biblical Prophet Hosea ("My people perish for lack of knowledge") he too insisted that ignorance, rather than hatred or conscious anti-Israel sentiment, was responsible for the lack of active support for Israel among many Christians.
CWZ's rapid success (their bi-annual conferences attract thousands already, including both Jewish and Christian community figures) is merely the logical result of opening people's eyes to the truth, he said. "It's like a spring that comes up from the ground - even if you block it, it will always find a way to burst forth."

In just 2 years of activity, CWZ conferences already attract thousands Credit: Christian Watchmen over Zion
Another key to their success is a focus on young blood. Reverend Jacqueline Brown, a pastor of Jamaican origin, runs CWZ's Youth Program.

She also regularly takes Christian groups to visit Israel - something she believes is a must for any self-respecting Christian supporter of Israel.
"Standing with Israel means physically going there as well, to experience the holy sites, the people, the land, and to connect with them," she explained.
That includes places like Shiloh, Bet El, Har Grizim and other key Biblical sites in Judea and Samaria. One thing all the CWZ activists I met had in common was their rejection of efforts to delegitimize Israel's presence in those areas, particularly given its centrality in the Biblical - and Jewish-historical - narrative.
A grassroots revolution?
While CWZ's efforts are largely education, the groundswell of pro-Israel sentiment it is fomenting is encouraging an emerging grassroots movement of Christian activists on the ground.
Pastor Tim Gutman founded "Mordecai Voice" several years ago, with the single aim of "standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel and the Jewish community." His inspiration for the movement - as its name hints - is the Biblical Mordechai's fateful words to Queen Esther, which he says underlines the role Christians should take in supporting Israel: "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father's house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?"
Like CWZ it seemed to emerge out of nowhere, and its first event (in 2011) saw an eclectic mix of Christians joined by a handful of curious Jewish activists at a solidarity rally for Israel outside the British parliament.

Mordecai Voice rally outside UK parliament Credit: Mordecai Voice
Gutman - whose father was a Jewish refugee from Europe - says he's greatly encouraged by the sudden invigoration of the UK Christian-Zionist scene. While not formally linked, his group now works closely with CWZ, and he hopes the movement will swell in numbers, giving a sometimes embattled, demoralized Jewish community (at least vis-a-vis Israel activism) a much-needed boost.

"I feel the work of groups like CWZ and the Israel Key conference [another emerging Christian pro-Israel group - ed.] are seeing a groundswell of unprecedented support for Israel and there is a real sense of optimism that this will translate into a louder and louder voice of love for Israel - the kind America enjoys today," he said.
"We have a real sense of excitement at the growing love and understanding among the Christian Community for the importance of Israel and our passion is to see us proclaim this publicly, so the Jewish community will know and of course Israel will know: we stand with you shoulder to shoulder."
As part of those efforts, Mordecai Voice holding a solidarity rally in Golders Green, the heart of London's Jewish community, on September 20. The date was picked to coincide with the latest planned installment of neo-Nazi activities targeting British Jews. Although previous far-right efforts flopped spectacularly, Gutman says it's clear British Jewry is under attack, usually from the same people who constantly vilify the Jewish state.
"Our aim is to show the Jewish community both in the UK and of course Israel that there are thousands upon thousands of Christians who support, love and believe in them," he said. "We want to see Christian and Jewish groups united to proclaim publicly that Israel is not alone and the Jewish community are not alone in the face of increasing anti-Israel rhetoric and blatant anti-Semitism."
To his fellow Christians his message is simple: put your money where your mouth is and be active.
"Lots of Christians say 'Yeah, we love Israel,' so we're telling them: Come out and show your love!"

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EXCLUSIVE: Lord Carey speaks out about support for assisted dying
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has explained why he has changed his mind on assisted dying.
Fri 07 Aug 2015
By Antony Bushfield
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has explained why he has changed his mind on assisted dying.

In a video released exclusively to Premier the senior Anglican clergyman said he felt he had to explain to his friends who were "very surprised" and "very disappointed".
"The first is the fact of pain," he said, "We have in this country one of the finest palliative care systems in the world, there's no doubt about that."
He added: "Never the less, in spite of that, people do suffer and many cancer patients experience excruciating pain.
"Secondly there's the issue of fear. People have said we're afraid of where the legislation might end up, it might lead to very vulnerable people being abused by very cruel and greedy relatives.
"But we can construct laws that are strong, that are resistant and I believe that the unintended consequence is a really bad way of opposing the bill.
1.38 min VIDEO
Lord Carey announced he had changed his mind on assisted dying in July 2014 and said he would support legislation that would make it legal for terminally ill people in England and Wales to receive help to end their lives.

The bill he had backed didn't have enough time to progress through parliament before the election but has now been brought again by Labour MP Rob Marris.
It will go a vote in the House of Commons on 11 September. MPs will have a free vote on the issue, meaning they will not have to agree with their party.
Under the plans two doctors would have to independently confirm the patient was terminally ill and had reached their own, informed decision to die.
Many Christian charities have condemned the proposals and the current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby previously said assisted dying was "mistaken and dangerous".
Lord Carey has now joined the Dignity in Dying campaign which has released the video exclusively to Premier.
He added: "To say that we are suffering with you is, in my view, a very poor argument indeed.
"There's nothing noble about excruciating pain and I think we need as a nation to give people the right to decide their own fate.
"In my view it is a profoundly Christian and moral thing to devise a law that enables people if they so choose to end their lives with dignity."
The Church of England said it could not support the bill and that Lord Carey was entitled to his own opinion but added that the current archbishop had been clear of his view.

A General Synod motion to oppose the bill was unanimously passed.
A statement from the Church said: "We believe that the Assisted Dying Bill has the potential to damage both the wellbeing of individuals and the nature and shape of our society.
"If enacted, the Assisted Dying Bill would put at risk many more vulnerable people than it seeks to help.
"Every person's life is of immeasurable value and ought to be affirmed, respected and cherished by society. This is true even when some people no longer view their own lives as being of any further value."
The Church is encouraging parishioners to write to MPs to express the opposition to the Bill.
About the Author
Antony Bushfield
Antony works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

Christians condemn euthanasia show at Edinburgh's Fringe
Fri 07 Aug 2015
By Antony Bushfield
Christian campaigners are condemning the decision to let a comedy show about euthanasia go ahead at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show - named ''Dicing With Doctor Death'', which claims to look at the funny side of the right to die debate, had faced attempts to get it pulled.
The one-man show by Dr Philip Nitschke, who has helped four people die in his native Australia, features tips and advice on how to commit suicide.
He told Sky News: "I've noticed in the public meetings I've been holding over the years that you always get the message across in a much more palatable way if you can make it amusing.
"I'm not making fun of the 'right to die' debate. I'm putting it out there as one of the cutting-edge social issues of our time. What's amusing is that we as a society can't deal with it."
Police had raised concerns about the show, along with council officials, that it may breach UK laws.
It is illegal to assist someone to commit suicide in the UK and this would include telling them how to kill themselves.
Dr Gordon MacDonald from Christian charity CARE told Premier's News Hour despite the show being on at a comedy festival, it was far from a joke.
He said: "It's a very serious matter. Basically we're talking about giving people advice as to how to kill themselves and that's not a laughing matter, it's quite concerning.
"Clearly people may be depressed who are going along or they may have other mental health issues."
Audience members will sign a disclaimer saying they will not use the methods spoken about to commit suicide.
But Dr MacDonald said that wasn't "worth the paper it was written on".
"It's not appropriate for it be put on," he added. "They wouldn't tolerate somebody putting on a show that was advocating suicide bombings at the fringe, that would be seen as a criminal offence, the police would investigate it and I don't see that there's a huge difference with this show".

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 BRITAIN NEWS AND ALERT's - Page 23 Anjem_Choludary_Rad_Cleric
How did Anjem Choudary become a hate preacher?
By Jeremy Morgan -  August 7, 2015 0
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Anjem Choudary has over the last few years, perhaps become the world’s most famous Western based Islamic hate preacher. He has become the media’s go-to-man for the Islamic ‘extremist’ opinion, or simply the Islamic opinion, in his own profession.

How did Choudary become a hate preacher? Did he come to the United Kingdom along with his family as a child refugee, facing poverty, adversity, discrimination and social alienation at every turn? Well, as it turns out, no.
Choudary was born in the UK, and his father worked as a market trader. Young Anjem attended school, like any typical child, however, post secondary school he enrolled into Southampton University as a medical student.
Anjem (known then as Andy) was well known for his partying, which is probably the reason why he failed his first year. Anjem is not the first person to do such a thing, in what has become quite a cliche in the university experience. Nor is he the first person to ever find ‘religion’ after a bit of lust and debauchery.
Anjem never completed his medical training, but opted for law instead, becoming a solicitor.
Now, this does not sound like the story of someone who has suffered from social injustices and isolation. On the contrary, Anjem had a lot of friends and was well on the way to a successful career and life.
In many respects, Anjem has had a rather normal, if slightly privileged background and upbringing. He was born and grew up in a nation which had embraced his immigrant family, and provided free and good quality healthcare and education, giving him every opportunity for flourishing and personal fulfillment.
So what on earth went wrong?
It is this very question that is perplexing the West, if we can even ask it.
Of course, a major part of the problem in our dealing with extremist Islam is that we are not asking this particular question, and when we do, we are providing ‘ready made’, prescriptive answers which often assume problems that aren’t Hate preacher Anjem Choudary during his university days.there, whilst ignoring the real ones that are.
We assume that people such as Choudary suffer marginalisation, are uneducated, and are easily impressionable, and in a last ditch effort to find a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging in life find it in things like extremist Islam.
But this is certainly not the case for Choudary, nor is it the case for many others. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, likewise has not had a life of oppression and few opportunities, but is in fact a scholar with a doctorate in Islamic Studies. Likewise, Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda and the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks came from a very wealthy Saudi oil family. Oppression and alienation are not behind the experiences of these men.
Rather, Choudary, and others of his ilk have consciously and decisively rejected everything that the West stands for. Indeed, Choudary rejects the nation and culture which raised and nurtured him. What on earth has caused this aggressive and treacherous reaction from people like Choudary?
A significant part has to do with the fact that Western culture has been undermining itself for the last few generations. It has offered the younger generations a vision of fulfillment through material and sensual consumption, and a vague, new age spirituality to believe in. In fact, the only things that people are allowed to believe in in the modern West are are those of little or no consequence. A Church of England faith that is more interested in polite cups of tea, than Jesus, or ‘interesting’ foreign religions that celebrates things such as art and dance rather than rigid caste systems or human sacrifice. Whilst multiculturalism celebrates all cultures as being ‘equally valuable’, the flip side is that all cultures are equally worthless.
What is behind the hate preaching of Choudary and others is partly a protest against the West, but it is not a protest against the things that we normally presume. Choudary and others are protesting against the vacuousness and the corruption that has beset the West in recent generations. The West needs to admit that it has failed to impart on him (indeed several younger generations of Westerners) a sense of cultural identity, and to give him anything of profound existential ‘worth’. The West has not only lost its religious faith, but also its cultural faith.
However, this is not all that there is behind the hate preaching of Islamic extremists, nor is it the sole cause.
Islamic extremism is not simply a knee jerk reaction against the failure of the West to teach and impart its culture. Islamism is a movement with its thinkers and scholars – many of them are their leaders. It is a movement dedicated to reform Islam, and to return it to its more pure form before Western and medieval accretion and corruption. As a movement, with its seeds going back to the 19th Century.
Indeed, in Islamism we are not seeing an extreme or distorted presentation of Islam, as many Western leaders and commentators often like to purport, but rather, we are seeing a more pure form which reforms and returns Islam directly to the life andAnjem_choudaryteaching of Mohammed.
For the West to win this war, it needs to offer a better alternative to the ugly brutality of Islamism. To be quite frank, that shouldn’t be too hard. But in order to do this, the West must regain its nerve and its self-confidence. The West must stop apologising for itself, and start celebrating the fact that Western culture represents the greatest, most successful and freest culture in all history.
Then will win the cultural battle against Islamism, and give people like Anjem Choudary, and others something to belong to and believe in.

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Post  Admin on Wed 05 Aug 2015, 10:27 pm

 BRITAIN NEWS AND ALERT's - Page 23 Anjem_Choludary_Rad_Cleric
Anjem Choudary faces UK terrorism charges over Islamic State
1 hour ago
 From the section UK
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary has appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court charged with inviting support for the so-called Islamic State.
He and another man Mohammed Rahman, indicated they would plead not guilty.
Anjem Choudary was remanded in custody until 28 August.

Both men have each been charged with one offence under section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000, alleged to have taken place between 29 June 2014 and 6 March this year.
The BBC's Simon Jones, reporting from outside the court, said that when asked by the judge to give an indication of how he would be pleading Choudary said: "Cameron and the police are guilty."
The judge replied to say he took that to mean he would be pleading not guilty.

Mr Choudary 48, was described in court as a "high-profile figure" in the media and on social media.
The court also heard that the charge is related to him sending messages to his 32,000 followers on Facebook.
Mr Choudary, of Ilford in east London, and Mohammed Rahman, 32, of Whitechapel in east London, were arrested on 25 September last year on suspicion of being members of IS, which is a proscribed organisation.
Proscription means membership of the militant group is a criminal offence, and that the organisation cannot lawfully operate in the UK.
Sue Hemming, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "It is alleged that Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Rahman invited support for Isis [also known as IS] in individual lectures which were subsequently published online."

Mr Choudary is the former UK head of Islamist group al-Muhajiroun - also known as Islam4UK - which was banned in 2010.
The former lawyer planned an Islam4UK march through Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, to honour Muslims killed in the Afghanistan conflict, but those plans were later scrapped.
The town is where repatriated bodies of dead UK soldiers were driven through the streets from nearby RAF Lyneham.
Ofcom launched an investigation into interviews broadcast on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 with Mr Choudary in the days following the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

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Post  Admin on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 10:13 pm

Britain: Bid to Crack Down on Islamic Extremism Faces Resistance
2015-07-24 | The Gatestone Institute

Britain is facing an "unprecedented" threat from hundreds of battle-hardened jihadists who have been trained in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, according to MI5, the domestic counter-intelligence and security agency. It warns that are now more Britons trained in terrorism than at any point in recent memory.
More than 700 Britons are believed to have travelled to Syria and Iraq, according to British authorities. Over half of these Britons are thought to have since returned home, where they pose a significant threat to national security.
Britain's terrorism threat alert is at the second-highest level of "severe," meaning an attack is "highly likely."
MI5's warnings are included in a major new report on the regulation of surveillance powers. Also known as the Anderson Report, the 380-page document was written by the UK's Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, David Anderson QC. The report states:
"MI5 has pointed out some of the recent factors which reinforce their concerns about the terrorist threat. Terrorist related arrests are up 35% compared to 2010. The number who have travelled to Syria and undertaken terrorist training since 2012 is already higher than has been seen in other 21st century theatres, such as Pakistan/Afghanistan, East Africa and Yemen.
"The threat posed on their return comprises not just attack planning but radicalization of associates, facilitation and fundraising, all of which further exacerbate the threat. The number of UK-linked individuals who are involved in or been exposed to terrorist training and fighting is higher than it has been at any point since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. MI5 regard this aspect of the threat as unprecedented. Some travelers were previously unknown to MI5.
"The volume and accessibility of extremist propaganda has increased. UK-based extremists are able to talk directly to ISIL fighters and their wives in web forums and on social media. The key risk is that this propaganda is able to inspire individuals to undertake attacks without ever traveling to Syria or Iraq. Through these media outputs, ISIL have driven the increase in unsophisticated attack methodology seen in recent months in Australia, France and Canada.
The report reveals that MI5 has successfully disrupted two attack plots by lone wolves in the past nine months, both in the late stages of preparation. According to MI5, "identifying such individuals is increasingly challenging, exacerbated by the current limitations in their technical capabilities."
Separately, the UK's lead police officer on counter-terrorism, Mark Rowley, announced the latest arrest figures — nearly one every day — which underline the scale of the challenge British police are facing to tackle the jihadist threat.
According to Rowley, there were a record 338 arrests for terrorism-related offenses in the last financial year (April 2014 to March 2015), a 33% increase on the 254 arrests in the previous year. He said that 157 (46%) of the arrests were linked to Syria, and 56 were under 20 years of age, an "emerging trend."
Rowley said that 79% of those arrested were British nationals and 11% were female. He added that 50% of the arrests were made in London and that roughly 50% of those arrested were later charged (up from around 40% in previous years). The arrests ranged from fundraising for jihadist groups to facilitation, preparation and execution of terrorist attack plans.
Read the whole story here.

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Post  Admin on Thu 23 Jul 2015, 8:28 pm
BREAKING: Prince Charles Makes Devastating Statement About Islam… Muslims Are Outraged
While the President of the United States is seemingly taking the side of radical Islamists, and working to weaken and destroy the fundamental principles that Western civilization and society are built upon, other leaders are stepping up to lead the fight against the destructive and murderous ideology.

The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles is in the middle of a week-long tour of the Middle East, where it is expected that he will deliver a strong message to Muslim leaders regarding the prevalence and growth of the radical Islamist mindset.
According to Mad World News, the Crown Prince intends to demand that Muslim leaders in the U.K, and around the world, stop radicalizing young people, and to show some respect for Western culture and values.
He is also telling them that any Muslims who come to the U.K. need to abide by the English standards that are already in place, and stop trying to force their way of life on the people who were there before them.
“The radicalization of people in Britain is a great worry,” the prince told the BBC. “The extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like our’s where we hold values dear.”
The prince is further troubled by how rampant the radical ideology is on the Internet, and how easy it is for young people to be radicalized online.
Such a strong stance against radical Islam and in defense of Christianity has elevated the prince to the historic title of “defender of the faith.”
The prince has lived up to the title by calling out Islam for the persecution of Christians and other minority religions in the Middle East, by unequivocally stating that Christians were in the region first, hundreds of years before the arrival of Islam.
He has strongly denounced the atrocious actions of the Islamic State, and how they have slaughtered and exiled hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis from northern Iraq.  He says that if this continues there may soon come a day when there are no more Christians in the Middle East.
“The tragedy is even greater because Christians have been in the Middle East for 2,000 years, before Islam came in the 8th Century,” Charles stated.
The prince’s tour begins with a meeting with King Abdullah II in Jordan, before also traveling to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, where he will also hopefully address the funding for radical Islamic terrorism that originate in those countries.
We commend Prince Charles for standing up in defense of the Christian faith, particularly in the Middle East, and will pray for his safe and successful return from the region.
Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you are glad to see other world leaders standing up to radical Islam, since our “leader” obviously won’t do it.

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Post  Admin on Tue 21 Jul 2015, 12:12 pm

Court rejects latest assisted suicide battle
Mon 20 Jul 2015
By Antony Bushfield
The High Court has dismissed a claim from a man with locked-in syndrome that doctors should be allowed to help him to die.

The 50-year-old, identified only as AM or Martin, argued that the General Medical Council (GMC) guidance unreasonably stopped help being given to those who want to die.
He is almost totally paralysed by a stroke, unable to speak and wants to have the option of ending his life.
The court was told that in order for Martin to travel to a suicide clinic abroad he would need his medical history.
But the judges heard doctors would not do this as they could be seen to have assisted his suicide.
GMC guidance says when a patient raises the idea of assisted suicide a doctor must listen and discuss reason but cannot "encourage or assist" the person to die.
Lord Justice Elias and Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, ruled the guidance lawful and threw out his case.

Vicar criticised over involvement in marriage reality show
Mon 20 Jul 2015
By Marcus Jones
A Church of England priest is being criticised for taking part in Channel 4 reality show Married at First Sight.

Revd Nick Devenish from St Mary and St Michael's in Cartmel, Cumbria was part of the five person expert panel who chose the couples who married without previously meeting.
Speaking to The Times, the Bishop of Manchester Rt Revd David Walker accused the show of "inappropriate and rather seedy behaviour".
Addressing the vicar's involvement, he said: "I do not believe it was a good idea for [Mr Devenish] to take part.
"The Church wants marriage to be successful and we don't achieve that by reducing it to a scientific experiment. I was at General Synod with 450 devout Anglicans and not one of the people I spoke to thought this was a good idea."
But Revd Devenish has defended the show. Speaking to the Church Times, he said: "I do not have any regrets. I do hope that society starts to consider the questions being asked by the hundreds of people we saw...Whether we do so consciously or unconsciously, the drive to have a perfect career, which affects how many hours people were working to keep a roof over their heads, means the energy to find someone else is not there.
Channel Four
"It was a privilege to have been in that place, seeking to address the problems that young people are facing. The Church has so much to offer about the importance of relationships, and particularly marriage. The Church does want to be part of people's lives; we need to move ourselves to where people are."

One and half thousand people auditioned for the show. Three couples were matched together and while two ceremonies took place, the third bride pulled out at the last minute. The two weddings were civil ceremonies and Revd Devenish did not lead the services.
His diocese hasn't commentated but the Church of England said: "Christians believe marriage is a gift from God and should mirror the love that God has for all of us - love that remains true, faithful, protective and respectful."
Ancient church painting is 'Renaissance treasure'
Tue 21 Jul 2015
By Antony Bushfield

A mystery painting that has hung in a Lancashire church for hundreds of years has been revealed as a Renaissance treasure worth at least £100,000.
Experts from a TV show found the painting, at St John the Baptist Church in Tunstall, was the work of Francesco Montemezzano.
He was a "second-level" Italian artist and contemporary of some of the greats such as Tintoretto and Titian.
The painting depicts the aftermath of Christ's crucifixion.
BBC1's Fake Or Fortune programme investigated the original purchase of the painting which brought it to Tunstall, uncovering a complicated family web that ultimately led to the buyer being identified as Frederick Needham, who was a past vicar of St John's in the early 1800s.
PA Wire
Revd Mark Cannon, Fiona Bruce, art expert Philip Mould and churchwarden Jane Greenhalgh

The vicar of St John's, Revd Mark Cannon, and church warden Jane Greenhalgh were involved in the programme and were filmed showing presenters Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould the uncleaned and unknown painting at the start of the show.
Revd Cannon said: "We were hopeful of discovering something about its history, how it got here and why it's in the church.
"We've been down some blind alleys but in the end what was neglected by us all at the back of the church turns out to be something quite special.
"It has been an exciting journey and in the end the value became less and less important - even though it is worth a lot of money, we are now focusing on using it for what it was intended for - as an object of devotion and reflection that will draw people to the church on many levels.
"The painting was given by a former vicar who obviously thought it would be an aid to devotion for his parishioners, so we hope it can do that again now."
PA Wire
The Archdeacon of Lancaster, the Ven Michael Everitt, said: "It was one of the most fascinating editions of Fake Or Fortune ever and, as well as featuring the beautiful painting, I was struck too how beautifully the programme showcased the wonderful part of our diocese where St John's is situated.

"I am delighted with the outcome and I thank Fiona, Philip and the rest of the BBC team as well as the vicar Mark, churchwarden Jane and all the parishioners for their hard work in solving the mystery of the painting.
"I am so pleased for the church that they can now name the artist of this stunning picture of Christ.
"Obviously the outcome has implications for the future, and the church, which has extensive security measures in place, has reinforced them with other measures which we can't discuss further for obvious reasons."

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Post  Admin on Mon 20 Jul 2015, 8:38 pm

REVEALED: One in ten British jihadists fighting with ISIS are now DEAD
MORE than 60 Britons have been killed fighting alongside the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria and Iraq, shocking figures have revealed.
PUBLISHED: 10:30, Wed, Jul 15, 2015 | UPDATED: 10:34, Wed, Jul 15, 2015
Ibrahim al-Mazwagi (L) and Talha Asmal (R)
The rising death toll means that nearly one in 10 of the estimated 700 British jihadists who have fled to war-torn Syria to join ISIS' brutal campaign have been killed or brought about their own death in suicide attacks. 

ISIS has suffered increasing losses since US-led airstrikes against the extramists were launched in the Middle East last year, with Kurdish and Shi'ite Muslim militias also taking the fight to the terror group on the ground.
The identities of many of the deceased British foreign fighters have emerged in social media reports with connections to the terror group.
But the number of Britons to have died fighting in the Middle East could even be higher, if those who have joined jihadists and Syrian rebel groups other than ISIS are counted.
It has also emerged that 43 women and girls are believed to have travelled from Britain to Syria in the past year to join jihadists.
There has been very fierce fighting in northern Syria in particular in which there is a good chance that a few Britons died as well
Charlie Winter, a senior researcher at the Quilliam Foundation
Scotland Yard revealed that almost one female per week had been reported missing by their families to police forces across the country in the past 12 months.

Charlie Winter, a senior researcher at the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank, said: "The battlefield in Iraq and Syria has really heated up in the last year in terms of what resistance Islamic State is facing as an organisation.
"It’s a combination of coalition airstrikes and offensives on the ground, but not necessarily just when Islamic State’s enemies are making incursions against it. It is also when Islamic State goes on an offensive.
"Just from a monitoring basis I’ve noticed a lot more reports coming through among jihadists that British fighters have died, be that in battle or suicide operations.
"It’s also worth noting that it’s not just Islamic State that these numbers are derived from, and there has been very fierce fighting in northern Syria in particular in which there is a good chance that a few Britons died as well."
The disclosures, as reported by the Daily Telegraph, come as Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to call a House of Commons vote this autumn on extending Britain's a bombing campaign against the terror group to Syria as well as Iraq.
The first Briton killed fighting in Syria was named as Ibrahim al-Mazwagi, 21, from north London, who died in October 2013.
Just last month, Talha Asmal, 16, was named as Britain's youngest suicide bomber after he blew himself up for the terror group in an attack against Iraqi fighters. 
The teenager, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, is thought to have detonated a vehicle fitted with explosives. 
Hundreds of Britons are understood to have travelled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. 
But half of the estimated 700 British jihadists are now feared to be have returned, prompting concerns some will return and use their training and experience to plan similar attacks in the UK. 
Scotland Yard revealed last week that the UK faced its biggest threat since 9/11 with 338 terror-related arrests last year.
And yesterday police arrested three men suspected of plotting an Al Qaeda-inspired terror attack on British soil.
Police said the "arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism".

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Guns must not be sold to oppressive nations, says Archbishop of Canterbury
Fri 17 Jul 2015
By Desmond Busteed
The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged the Government not to sell guns to countries which "oppress" religious freedom.

The Most Rev Justin Welby told the Lords that religious freedom was currently "threatened on a global scale".
He said attacks on religious freedom were linked to many factors including economic circumstances, sociology and history.
"If we want to defend religious freedom around the world - and the freedom to have no religion - don't sell people guns who oppress religious freedom.
"Don't launder their money. Restrict trade to them and confine the way we deal with them - and above all speak frankly and openly, naming them for what they are."
In a debate on the need to uphold religious freedom and belief at a time of growing world strife, the Archbishop said: "Where a state claims the ultimate right of oppressing religious freedom, it stops the last and the strongest barrier against tyranny."
From the beginning of time, the world had needed religious freedom as a "global defence of freedom," he said.
The Archbishop added there were many examples of "horrific situations" around the world where people were persecuted for their religion or for their absence of religion.
"I myself have witnessed such persecution, in its rawest forms, during my visits to the 37 other provinces of the Anglican Communion. Almost half of these provinces are living under persecution. They fear for their lives every day."

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Post  Admin on Wed 15 Jul 2015, 1:56 pm

Jewish Man Who Fled Nazis Funds Rescue of 2,000 Christians From ISIS to Repay ‘Debt’
JULY 14, 2015 3:52 PM
A Jewish man in the U.K. is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christian families from Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq to show his gratitude for the Christians who saved him from Nazi persecution, The Independent reported on Tuesday.

The resettlement project, named Operation Safe Haven, last week arranged the flight of 150 Syrian Christians to Poland, where they will seek refugee. The group aims to provide 12-18 months of paid support to the refugees, according to The Independent.
The man behind the project is Lord Weidenfeld, 94, a former publisher who said he has “a debt to repay” to Christians because they provided him as a child with food and clothing, and helped him reach Britain after he fled Nazi-occupied Austria. In 1938, a year before the start of World War II, he arrived in Britain by train as part of the Kindertransport rescue effort that brought thousands of Jewish refugee children to the U.K.
“I had a debt to repay. It applies to so many young people who were on the Kindertransports,” he said. “It was Quakers and other Christian denominations who brought those children to England.”
“It was a very high-minded operation and we Jews should also be thankful and do something for the endangered Christians,” he added.
Lord Weidenfeld said he hopes to repeat the work of Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized Kindertransport trains that saved 669 youths from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. The famed humanitarian died on July 1.
Operation Safe Haven has faced criticism for its exclusion of Muslims, who have also been persecuted and forced from their homes by ISIS.
Lord Weidenfeld defended the project’s focus on Christians saying, “I can’t save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side. Let others do what they like for the Muslims.”

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Post  Admin on Tue 14 Jul 2015, 11:10 am

Watch One Brave Man
One brave Jewish man has the courage to defend Israel as anti-Israel protesters march past. 
This is such an important video for supporters of Israel to watch. It’s clear that the motivation behind the demonstrations against Israel is not about the pursuit of human rights. It’s about the hatred of Jews.

We need to ask ourselves why this one brave Jew was the ONLY supporter of Israel at the event. It’s certainly not easy to defend Israel, especially when placing oneself at risk. But there are always other ways, like SHARING this video.
Anti-Israel thugs steal flag from peace activist at antisemitic al-Quds rally in London

Published on 12 Jul 2015
The moment an anti-Israel thug stole an Israeli flag from a British peace activist. Also caught on film is the vile antisemitism of one of the anti-Israel protesters as he tries to claim "white Jews" rule the world. There was no counter protest from any of the UK's Zionist or Jewish organisations. If it wasn't for this one IAM activist there would have been no counter protest at all.... Please follow us on Facebook

Do You Support Israel?
Want to do something great for Israel today? Make a donation to United with Israel, and help to educate and inspire millions around the world to support Israel too!

We are a grassroots movement that fosters unity and love for the People, Country and Land of Israel. Every day we publish stories about Israel to educate, inspire and empower Israel supporters around the world. We contribute to vital causes like building bomb shelters and helping the needy. Donations from true friends of Israel like you make this possible, so please show your support today!

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British Mosques and Imams Refuse to Condemn the Islamic State (ISIS)
Egypt is monitoring its mosques; the US, Europe, Canada, Australia should do the same. Our organization, AFDI, issued an 18-point platform in defense of freedom years ago.

Two key points were:
— AFDI calls for immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West and for new legislation making foreign funding of mosques in non-Muslim nations illegal.
— AFDI calls for surveillance of mosques and regular inspections of mosques in the U.S. and other non-Muslim nations to look for pro-violence materials. Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Sharia that conflict with Constitutional freedoms and protections should be closed.

What would it take to convince a genuinely peaceful person to commit mass murder?
There is a a very definite mindset of jihad learned in the mosques, and nothing is being done to counter it.
Muslims in the US condemn the Islamic State, where are they teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it?
Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US or UK mosques, even as thousands of young Muslims from the West have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic State.
If the moderates really reject extremism, let them show it by instituting genuine programs expunging or at the very least vocally opposing against these teachings of islam.
This article demands “British Muslim parents must challenge mosques who refuse to condemn ISIS attacks.” It’s their belief system — that is never going to happen. The government must “challenge” them and close those mosques. 49% of UK Muslims endorse hate preachers; close to 30% support Charlie Hebdo execution 40% of British Muslims want sharia law in Britain and 20% have sympathy with the “feelings and motives” of the suicide bombers who attacked London on July 7. These people are going to police the mosques?
“British Muslim parents must challenge mosques who refuse to condemn ISIS attacks, says Sajid Javid,” By Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline, July 13, 2015 (thanks to Religion of Peace):
Business Secretary says Imams who condone attacks must be questioned
Warns ‘non-violent extremists’ were making it easier for terrorists to recruit
Most senior elected Muslim in UK condemns ‘poisonous ideology’ of ISIS

British Muslims must do more to take on extremist views, including challenging Imams who refuse to condemn ISIS attacks, Sajid Javid said today.
The Business Secretary, the most senior elected Muslim in the UK, warned that ‘non-violent extremists’ were making it easier for terrorists to recruit British children to their cause.
He said parents should be willing to question the motives of Imams if they are concerned about the influence of mosques on their children.
The call comes after David Cameron said too many British Muslims ‘quietly condone’ extremism.
Ministers are urging families to speak out against the ‘poisonous ideology’ driving hundreds of young people to wage jihad for ISIS.
Parents have been told to stop blaming police and the security services for failing to prevent British teenagers heading to Syria.
Instead, they have been urged to report their children to the authorities if they are concerned they are at risk of being radicalised.
Mr Javid said British Muslims must do more to tackle the ideology behind ISIS, and condemn terror atrocities like the massacre in Tunisia which left 30 Britons dead.
He told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show: ‘If you are a Muslim parent and you send your children to a mosque, if the Imam in that mosque hasn’t condemned what happened in Tunisia, for example, you should be asking yourself, ‘why hasn’t he done that, what’s stopped him from doing that?’
‘These are the kind of questions Muslims should be asking themselves because what’s happening is a peaceful, compassionate religion has been taken and twisted by this poisonous ideology and that cannot be allowed to stand.’
Mr Javid was born in Rochdale, Lancashire to a a bus driver father from Pakistan and grew up in Bristol.
He stressed that there was no barrier to being both a Muslim and a patriotic Briton.
‘It is perfectly possible to be both and there are millions of Muslims who do that every single day.’
But he said the problems faced by the Muslim community had changed: ‘When I was growing up as a young Muslim in Britain, the extremist ideology that you see today just didn’t seem to be around, it didn’t seem to be an issue.
‘Something has clearly changed over a number of years. I think the Prime Minister is right when he talks about if we are really going to combat extremism and terrorism then we have got to combat the ideology. It’s not about just military might.
If we are really going to combat extremism and terrorism then we have got to combat the ideology
Business Secretary Sajid Javid
‘I do think there are too many people – let’s call them non-violent extremists – that feed this ideology. They may not agree with the terrorism … but they might agree with the narrative.

‘We have got to realise the damage that they are doing. They are, in that case, it’s like taking a young person to the door of the terrorist.
‘Then you make the terrorist’s job of recruitment a lot easier because then they just have to beckon them in.
‘I think all people, Muslims included – I guess especially Muslims – they have to talk to these people, let’s say the non-violent extremists, and say ‘what you are doing, spreading this ideology, you are hurting us, you are hurting yourselves ultimately, it must stop’.
‘I think all people, but including British Muslims and others, have to do more to combat this poisonous ideology.’
Mr Javid said British Muslims must do more to tackle the ideology behind ISIS, and condemn terror atrocities like the massacre in Tunisia which left 30 Britons dead
 Mr Javid said British Muslims must do more to tackle the ideology behind ISIS, and condemn terror atrocities like the massacre in Tunisia which left 30 Britons dead
- See more at:

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