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Post  Admin on Mon 01 Dec 2008, 2:08 pm


And that's basically what soaking is all about: a simple posture of
listening prayer, a gesture of meeting, and once we hear, once we meet, we
will always come back for more. Most people realize that the more they enter
this very accessible and simple experience of sitting at the feet of the
Lord, the simpler it becomes to connect and interact with His Spirit through
the day. The fruits are generally immediate, both physically and in attitude

Prayer, intercession, petition, worship, thanksgiving, spring forth from our
true understanding or Who God is, and of What Christ has done for us. Our
attitude could be one of commanding God to do things for us, expecting Him
to respond to our needs in the manner our particular denomination or
movement has painted Him to be, But ultimetaly, we are the sole person
responsible for our spiritual life.

Ultimately, if we were alone in the universe with God, how would we feel
toward meeting Him every single day, for hours at a time? And would we
expect things to be different if we met with Him in a room, face to face,
heart to heart? We often hear the expression "quality time is a great way to
make up for lack of quantity time." But for a child, and for lovers, quality
time means quantity time. Quantity time is actually the best way for us to
connect with others, and with God, to relax and engage. The enemy knows that


To the measure that we grasp the limitations of our knowledge of God, to
this measure are we going to be hungry, thirsty, needy for more experience
of His presence. True "knowing" comes from experience. Sitting still in a
dark room, speaking to God with our eyes opened, conversing with Him as with
a confident, will reveal the degree of comfort we feel toward our Creator
and Savior. We dare not be "familiar' to the point of ordering God around
and insulting His intelligence, for He knows all things, and He knows that
our human thoughts are often vain. But God looks not to our thoughts first,
He looks to our hearts:

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show
Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. (2 Chronicles

But as He saved us and we responded by faith, and therefore became His
children by adoption, He is determined to form Christ in us by His Spirit.
All the trials of life that we face potentially carry within them the seeds
of those transformations we are invited and called to. And it is mostly in
those dark nights of the soul, that the faint glimmer of our faith can be

In these times of turmoil, we often seek relief from our enemies by standing
on God's unfailing promises, "reminding" God of His Word, refusing to give
in to despair and unbelief. We are learning to stand, get up as soon as we
fall. And we seek the restoration of broken fellowship. But when we fail to
experience the expected deliverance, when God seems cruely silent, when we
come to the place of uttering the words "God doesn't even seem to care
anymore..." and believe them, then we are in a position to truly accept what
God sees: the true natue of our faith. And there is no bypassing this desert
no shortcuts through it, no cheats we can use that would propel us into
another reality.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one Who called Moses, Joshua, and
Israel, lead them all on a journey through the desert so they may come to
the end of themselves and realize how they were relating, or using, to Him.
Christ, the God-Man Who suffered and died for us, He knows what we are made
of - as humans, and as individual persons. He has only one way for us to
follow Him: it passes through the cross.

And so we don't come to the cross spontaneously. Most of us are lead toward
it kicking and screaming for years, hoping that knowing His Word and
promises should be enough (we hope) to clear the way before us, and surround
us with riches. But through the silent echo of our cries, we start measuring
the vastness that surrounds us, the desert becomes the Potter's wheel, and
surrender to its wisdom.

Our faith is tested, again and again, and our understanding of the life of
abundance and prosperity we were promised and so desperately hoped for, is
eroded, as we follow a yet uncharted broken path leading through the

Our life in Christ is suddenly revealed as a true "life," we are awakened to
an ability to see both sides of the cross: the death and the promise of the
resurrection. Our saving faith suddenly is more than assent, it carries the
seed of a more sustaining hope. We start trusting God enough to allow Him to
reveal us to ourselves. And He trusts us enough now to allow the work of the
cross to follow its intended course.

We recognize the need for a lifestyle of surrendering to the truth that
apart from Christ, there is nothing good in us. We carry His treasure in
jars of clay - His glory is clothed with mud and water, dried up in the
scorching desert sun. And we touch ground-zero: this is Christianity beyond
religion: the kingdom of God, the rule of God in us. Follow Him.

The desert represents a place of death to self, personal ambition and lust
for earthly power and glory. In the desert, water is gold and shade is
silver. In 1977, I spent 3 days in the Texas desert, around a little town
called Sierra Blanca. Instead of continuing hitch-hiking east, I decided to
leave the road and head straight in the dried up land. Thankfully it was in
November, so I didn't have to worry about rattle-snakes or other critters.
For 2 days, I walked toward the hills in the distance, my back to the town.
I drank the same water as cattle did, in the same vats, even in ponds
covered with green moss. I ate what moutain mix nuts I had left with me.
Coyotes yelped for hours during the night, running in circle around where I
was sleeping.

My mental activity was slowing down, all I had to care about was walking and
resting, eating and drinking, and deciding when to turn around to go back to
town. The ground was dry as a rock, the silence was incredible, and it felt
like my mind was settled on one thing: good and evil exist. I even left my
backpack on a fence post, "leaving all behind to follow Jesus." You can tell
I was having a spiritual experience (no drugs were involved). On the last
night, after deciding to finally return to civilization, I slept 10 feet
away from the railroad tracks, and trains passing by barely woke me up. I
was so exhausted. The next day I walked back to town after wandering for
hours trying to find my backpack again. I did find it. I needed its content
to get back home, more than 2,300 miles north.

This journey changed me. Every time I faced a desert in life after that, I
would remember this trip. But every time too, I would be late in recognizing
and embracing my gut-wrenching struggles and tribulations as seasons of
growth and change. I would go through all the basic foundational practices I
had learned through the years, but never truly connected with God - I was
too busy speaking to my circumstances.

God uses sufferings as sharp tools to uproot the deepest of sins in us. "For
I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is
present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. 19 For the
good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I
practice. 20 Now if I do what I will not to do, it is no longer I who do it,
but sin that dwells in me." Romans 8:18-20

When we find ourselves surrounded and besieged, we all else fails, turn to
God and connect with Him at a heart level. Think of your best friend
comforting you, without lectures or repproach. Think of how He has to draw
out of us the resolve to stand, even if we do not get what we think we
deserve or imagine we should receive. Think of how He doesn't speak to us
like we're infants, but maturing adults. He invites us to bear the burden of
our imperfections without putting words of rejection or judgment in His
mouth, which stem only from a fragmented, distorted and limited
understanding of Reality, of Him.

God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, has pure intentions toward us,
and our transformation into a new creation is His "life's work," if you will
a creation not defined by the fall, but by the resurrection. He delights in
breathing His soul into our frames of clay, removing the blinders to see
ourselves through the eyes of His Spirit in us, giving us weapons to defeat
the power of lies and the fear of death. His whole being engages with
unbridled passion and spontaneity at speaking again and again the words "Let
there be LIGHT!" God IS Light, He IS Love. And our human notions of good and
evil, when it happens to us, only keep us away from experiencing the fulness
of His embrace in the midst of the fiery furnace.

As we mature, we realize that all that remains in the end is the fingerprint
of God's love in our souls. The work of God we are called to is to believe
in the One He sent. Faith doesn't grow from human exercises and well-meaning
repetitions. It grows from the ultimate test of experiencing the absence of
God in our agendas, it grows from listening for Him to speak to the deepest
parts of our wounded souls.

Having settled once and for all that God does care and that in Him there is
no wickedness, ever, we are left with living out of His abundant grace
through the mystery of tragedies and injustices. In the midst of His
apparent silence, God always speaks. Our sense of assurance does not rely on
external factors, but flows from the inside out. We endure pain and
brokenness, not as a curse, but as a reality of life, we do not claim to
exercise power over our livesto change things, to help God along, but turn
to Him for wisdom and character, for provision and timing.

We develop an organic faith in the undeniable certainty of His reaching for
us from the other side of the veil, weeping with us from the other side of
our inner walls. And we find that door in the wall we open for Him to come
in, in the midst of our messy vulnerability. We accept that we are exactly
as He sees us, and that He sees us exactly as we are, and we stand still,
unassuming, sobered; there is no need to try and impress Him, unlike our
carnal child was trained to do with those who hurt us, and whose love and
acceptance we desperatly coveted while we hated depending on them. Turning
our attention from our hurt to His divine grace, we soak the silence of God,
we develop our sight to look at Him with open eyes, we accept, we listen and
we respond.

Soaking is a lifestyle. It is the posture of a kneeling heart. It is an
incarnated following of Jesus, where life that consumes death and changes
our name for that of a loved son or daughter. The journey started at the
crossroads of the music and our day can continue and weave through the
fabric of our human and material environment. Choices we make will resonate
with a new element, that of a quieted soul, a refreshed heart.

Many temptations are presented to us daily, and we know by experience that
if we let the thought become an emotion, it's going to be much harder to
resist. That's why we soak again in the waters of purification by turning
away from it, engaging our mind with speaking truth, God's words, "changing
the channel" so that our inner sanctuary be not defiled by dark schemes, but
constantly kept clean and holy unto the Lord.

Clearing up a few minutes a day to soak-in peacefully in this manner,
inspired and anchored in the moment by anointed music, even as we go about
our chores and duties, we can develop a lifestyle of being quiet in God's
presence, letting ourselves be known by Him, giving Him access to our hearts
He will take care of the rest. He promised. To seek first God's kingdom and
its righteousness is to embrace not only the ways of the kingdom, but the
King Himself.

In this sense, I see soaking as a doorway into the practice of the presence
of God, not just an isolated moment of spiritual and emotional elation, but
a lifestyle eventually leading us to mature in love and faithfullness. And
as we emulate our Savior and serve others with a life flowing from the very
waters that refreshed us, we will stand and allow the dark nights of the
soul to work their purposes in our lives.

God wants to be known. Do we want to be known? How would we go about it?
Soaking music carves a sacred space for us to do so. Join the thousands who
visit various soaking wells around the world to be refreshed with living
water music, vertical music, and embrace this posture as a revolutionary
lifestyle. It requires nothing else than availability, and a desire to touch
the face with God, clothed with Christ's righteousness.

Pure and simple...

Blessed soaking!

Andre Lefebvre

Soaking Music
Copyright © 2008 - Permission granted to
distribute online freely.

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Post  Admin on Mon 01 Dec 2008, 2:07 pm

Nov 26, 2008
November 26, 2008
NOISE: In truth, depending on where you live and what you do, noise
surrounds you for more than 16 hours a day. If not external, then it is
internal noise. The world around us generates noise all the time: at home we
have appliances and media, and most of us also have people around us, as we
travel to shop for food or other life needs all public places have their own
brew of sounds. We constantly have to compromise with our environment to
find pockets of silence, and strangely enough most of us find this stillness
in the bathroom (you know it's true!), however, it need not be the only

What we come to quickly realize as we seek to experience peace in this world
is that we do not have control over our external environment. But in our
inner world, though our thoughts and emotionse are over-stimulated, we crave
for this opportunity to simply 'be in the moment', distance ourselves from
the tyranny of the urgent."

Quietness can be nurtured. One of the best way to cultivate this womb of
silence is in the practice of stillness. Many will instantly imagine a
monastery away from the buzz of city life. May work for some, but most of us
don't consider this an option. We get the concept, though.

SOAKING MUSIC: Music is an element of modern life which is almost
omnipresent, and technology brings it even closer to us, and whatever our
age, we respond to music. We swim in music, it's everywhere. It is mostly
primal, suggestive, seductive and sedative. I'm not condemning music even
when and if misused, but I'm very aware that the world uses it for more than
just entertainment - it is a vehicle for its carnal and anti-christ values.

There is a music that is born of a desire to connect with God, to express
unspoken prayers of the heart, devotional, inspiring, peaceful. We now call
it soaking music. A blues player I know calls it "vertical music." And this
is the type of music I select to share with anyone coming to Soaking.Net.

I found that soothing music is by far the most powerful vehicle for peace in
the times we live in. Not only does it immediately comfort us by its gentle
flow, it creates a blanket of sound that shields us from the outside
background noise, it pull us inward to a place of centering and anchoring.

Quieting music will release physical and mental tension, and even more so
when we set our hearts to settle down for the duration of a few songs. just
letting go and diving into the experience of the present moment. It is
normal that our needs become the fuel of our intent to meet with God, to
hear what HE has to say to us, about us, about Him and us. And allow Him to
move in situations when and how He deems it righteous to.


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