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Life story-Elias

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Life story-Elias Empty Life story-Elias

Post  eliebb on Sun 07 Aug 2011, 12:50 pm

Dear friend,
Here is what the lord has done for me , since my childhood
Am the first born of my parents and ,

i had a dream of bringing some change to my family and the community at large.
Well, good of me, Uganda started Universal primary education which was totally free, i enjoyed it and passed highly with 10 point average, i wonder if you have the same education system with us over here.

I was very much eager to join secondary school, but there was no way, well, one day i went to one nearby school , just like 20 kms away, i asked for some work, wow, i was given to work in the school compound when am off classes, i was the happiest.

Many students used to laugh at me, but i knew why?
good of me, i could as well, laugh at me when it came to class matters.

After senior four, we sat for the national exams, and i was the best in the whole region, wow!! my name was all over , and everywhere , "How a poor young boy has made it the best!!" imagine how proud i was.!!

Now i knew Ordinary secondary education was over, but there was need for me to join high school, this time it was hard to get a scholarship as, my former school never had high school classes.

One day i had gone to the church , as i was still in holidays, , there came a visitor, he was a missionary , wow, he asked about the where a bouts of the boy who was the best in the region,,, haaa, imagine, what happened, i stood proudly and shouted , Here am!!!!!
haa, he promised to take me for high school education , .

I joined Ebenezer Christian secondary school.
Its found, near Entebbe international airport. This was my first time to come to the town. My entire life was spent in the village.
I studied, Math, Physics, Economics and Art, wow, these are said to be the hardest subjects here , but i was willing and able to.
Its within High school, that i had my first Glance at the computer-for the very first time. though my entire life wanted to reach university and study a computer related course., i had heard that computers do strange things , so i picked interest.

It took me 2 years to complete, wow, i was still the best in our school.

Now seeing i had passed well, and Uganda government has got a sponsorship policy for the best and needy students, i never feared anything, i knew it was my turning point now to get to the university.

I spent over 5 months in the vacation, as i was still waiting for the list of the scholarship beneficially to be published.. haa, it was on 16th June 2007, i was as if struck by lightning, when i found my name missing!!!!!! haa, i really cried, do u know why???? not that i was not needy, not that i never had good results, but because of too much corruption over here.
I lost hope for further education , seeing , that my former sponsor had promised me to only help me at high school.

One day , My sponsor called me, just go and apply , may be something may happen, haa. i applied for only one cause as i was sure of myself, that was Bachelors degree in Information Technology.
i was admitted, but still couldn't find school fees, that was in august 2007.

One day the guy calls me asking if i can get someone to pay me 1/2 fees and he tops up... it was a hard nut to crack my dear, by faith i accepted.
After while , i he calls me , apologizing that the wife has refused him , she said, "My husband has helped you enough".. i really cried.. after like 1 month , universities, opened, and i remained home, wow, i never knew i would get to school.

one morning, he came to my home minus the knowledge of his wife , and gave me 1/2 the fees as he had promised.
wow, i was happy as if i had got full fees. i matched to the university , confidently , i started schooling. life was very hard as , i never had all the requirements, not even a computer of my own as a computer student.
Good of me, i studied hard, to achieve my best.

During the middle of the semester, there came in the faculty , a workshop, and i was selected to be among students to attend, do you know what , i was given money enough to pay my full year.
after the year, i even had better results in the faculty , with a CGPA=4.87/5.0, i hope it was very nice.

i studied very well, till , life came hard when i lost my sponsor in my last year, i almost stopped schooling, but asked the university for scholarship.. they gave me half, and i started typesetting students work to achieve my dream..
in my final semester, i completely almost failed to sit for exams, till, some good Samaritan old lady gave me over 450 us dollars to top up on the loan i struggled to get from the university, wow!!!
that was amazing.


i completed my course in May this year , and graduated with Bachelors degree in Information Technology , i was the best in the whole university, I graduated on 5th March 2011;
Well, am right now in Kampala trying to find some work , to support my parents , brothers and sisters as they need to get back to school, as am seen as a future corner stone to my community.
By the way am a pioneer of university education in my entire clan..


I thank God who has given me that opportunity, though am still facing challenges, with my life .
Am currently not employed, but doing some volunteer job at a church, . i have hope to do something in my community , when i have made some good money , may be start some child care center or a computer school.
The reality is most people from there have never seen a computer.. so strange!!
.keep me in prayer, my rent expires tomorrow,ad i have no other way,than asking for your prayers and support.
Thanks for paying attention to my long back ground.......

Ugandan friend
Elias eliasaphnkamukunda at yahoo dot com. .


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Life story-Elias Empty Re: Life story-Elias

Post  the_sign on Fri 28 Oct 2016, 10:29 pm

eliebb wrote:I graduated on 5th March 2011;
That was six days before the Coatesville Police Department in Chester County, PA, USA, shot and blinded a man for eluding them in self defense.

That is the kind of education system America has.

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.


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