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Growing in Grace

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Growing in Grace Empty Growing in Grace

Post  Admin on Tue 02 Dec 2008, 6:12 pm

Growing in Grace

How often have you reflected on all the things that are going wrong
in your life? Is there something that no matter how much or how
little it rears its head in your life, it causes you stress? Bills,
family, work. We usually all have something that just works our
nerves. For some of us it is something small like a pessimistic co-
worker, for others it can be so much more. For example, when the
family is so broke down that you no longer feel safe with the people
you love.

For the pessimistic co-worker, don't take it personal, you must
realize that this person is a victim of their own mind and more then
anything they need prayer and love. It may be difficult but for
someone like this you must keep your positive game face on! For
family break downs, I know it is not easy. Sometimes we need to
forgive, mend and talk through some issues. Sometimes we need to
seek peace with God and walk away. Both situations require prayer
and diligence, but God has equipped you to handle it!

When these and other "stressors" come, do you know that they do not
need to consume your life (or even your thoughts). I was overwhelmed
by the thought of adding anything else to my schedule. I used to
complain about how busy I was, how hard I worked, all that I did.
All the while never focusing on God or the ways He was moving
projects in and out of my life. I was hurt by the loss of a
friendship also not looking past my feelings and looking at God's
plans for me. He sometimes has to give us situations to grow us. To
develop our patience, compassion and love (especially for Him). It
is like that old adage "you can't truly appreciate the sunshine until
you've been through the rain". Whether we like it or not, sometimes
we simply must go through! The more seasoned we become, the more we
can look at these experiences as character building!

Recently I read the Joyce Meyer book The Battlefield of the Mind. In
one of the early chapters it deals with how we think about things.
Are you looking for the good or are you only seeing the bad? Are you
adjusting to make life work or are you stubbornly waiting for someone
to come along and fix the problem? Maybe there isn't always a way to
correct a situation, but you can be sure there are ways to check your
attitude while experiencing that situation. No maybe it's not fair,
or fun, but upon birth nobody promises us a bed of roses.

I also know that change is sometimes scary, but God tells us that if
we trust Him, we need not fear what flesh can do to us. If you are
doing your best on your job, don't spend sleepless nights wondering
if you are going to lose it. I guess what I am saying to you is that
you can be the person who looks at the beautiful blue sky with a few
puffy clouds, and sees God's beauty, or you can be the person who
sees the cloud and is miserable because you assume it is going to

It is your choice on how you will view life's tough journey. It can
be your stress, tension and even ulcer. Or it can be your joy,
amazement and triumph. Which will you choose?

Your Sister in Christ,

Stephanie Blackwell

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