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Post  Admin on Sat 22 Dec 2018, 1:05 am






What a title, it will become clearer as we go on, so have you had a good year?
We have had an interesting year
Life here goes on, we live very quietly, here in our housing complex, we continue to teach and cook and serve God.
Another birthday passed for both of us, next year is a 0 for me, you can guess which number goes before it, and no I am not 80, although I am starting to look it!
Summer time was fun, in Nanjing, it is very hot, so we decided to go somewhere a little less hot but still in Asia. Helen's father is Indonesian Chinese and he has many relatives still there, so we decided to pay them a visit. Tony and Abbi with Mr Cool (Joe), were our gracious hosts during our time in Jakarta and then other relatives hosted us in Medan. We flew into Jakarta four hours late, actually well after midnight.
Jakarta is on Java and is the capital, we had a brilliant time here, seeing Indonesian life and tasting the food. The food  at one point was even too spicy for Helen!. Tony took us to a huge street cafe, where we had the best fish I have ever tasted.
Sunday we went to their church and met his brother, who lives in a beautiful house, complete with swimming pool.
On Monday morning we set off to Medan on Sumatra, where we were met by other relatives, this for me was the highlight of our trip, not because of Medan, but we were taken to Lake Toba.
I lived near to the Lake district in the UK, but this lake makes those lakes look like puddles!. It took 4 hours to get there, as we approaching the lake, we saw many monkey's on the sides of the road, we went to the Museum of Batak life, these are the people who live in this area, their houses are unique, please put Lake Toba and Batak Musuem in a search engine. 
Our hotel room was right by the lake, I have never been to such a quiet place, you just want to bottle up the quietness and peace of this place. breakfast was taken with a view of the lake, it was the best place that I have ever had breakfast anyway.
There is a large island right in the middle of the lake called Samosir Island, we missed the car ferry, so we went on the slow boat over to it. We went to the bazaar where all kind of souvenir' s was sold by some very eager islanders.
To find a spot for lunch, we took motorbikes to our restaurant, they told us to hold on to the back, but one Englishman decided to take videos from the back of his, this was my favourite memory of the whole year. The restaurant served English food, I of course had to have fish and chips and yes with tomato sauce. Afterwards we took a stroll down to the ferry point, we viewed the lake from comfy sofas and just relaxed, as we waited for the ferry, I could of stayed all day.. oh the peace and stillness.
All too soon, we returned to Medan, but on the way home we visited the birthplace of Baba, and saw the two active volcanoes that surround the city, we also had lunch overlooking the far end of Lake Toba, although we had to go up the rockiest road I have been on, but oh the views.. wow
Our time was up too soon, but we will return one day.
The second major event of summer was the world cup held in Russia (wait till it comes to China), for this I needed the co-operation of my fellow Brit Kris as he watched every game on Chinese TV.  We didn't understand a word the commentator said.. he got fairly excited when one side scored though.
Myself and Helen went round to his flat for England' s second group game vs Panama, two very excited Englishmen and two amazed wives, especially as at half time, it was 5-0 to England. After England scored their second goal from a penalty, we tried to high five and failed, we were so excited..
 My second visit was when England made the last 16 vs Columbia, England led 1-0 into the last minute, Columbia scored, extra time and then dread of dread penalties, thirty minutes passed, oh no it's a penalty shoot out, England Missed, Columbia missed, England goalkeeper saves, England score.. England win, at 4.31am Chinese time, one happy Englishman walked home through deserted Nanjing. 
We didn't win it, but we came 4th, that's not bad, and as one commentator put it ' where were the Germans, but who cares'.
During the year we have met some new friends, Xeres is our latest new friend, he is Norwegian but with American father and Scottish mother!, anyway we are blessed to have him and other English friends, who we have had the pleasure of welcoming to our home.
Life goes on steadily, I still receive much appreciated parcels from back hone from my dear friend BD, he was in Japan recently, he's been to Russia and now Japan, so he's getting closer, he is promising to come to China, but he may have flown to Jupiter if Jezza gets in via the UK elections!. He is very busy sorting out this Brexit mess,  he is a bit busy as his two Coffee mates's want their coffee (Boris and George)
Talking of Cooking, we now make our own shepherd' s pie, pizzas and flans, you are welcome to come and taste if you are ever in China.
Thanks also to my two dear friends in the USA, Mike who has celebrated the arrival of baby Daniel, with wife Pek Kuan,  who is of Chinese descent, they are very proud parents, although Daniel does like to cry a little bit. Also David who we will meet in 2019, thanks to you both for your wise counsel and patience.
The next year (2019), is a big one, as I mentioned earlier, it's a 0 year, my oldest friend has just celebrated his, bus pass is in the post!. On a sad note, my friend Michael, who I was blessed to serve alongside when sharing gospel in Open air in Lancaster when last in UK, died suddenly in November, his was a life that counted, a life blessed by God.
As you get older you realise how short life is, the more memories you have, you need to make every day count. Bitterness and arguments should have no place in our lives. One thing I have learned this year, is that forgiveness is a gift you can give, it's a gift to be shared.  We need to forgive quickly. That is the one thing we can do to make our lives brighter in 2019.
Some final thanks:
My Chinese brothers and sisters for loving me and accepting me, even though they don't understand meThe Chinese people and especially some very special little people, you brighten my lifeMy Chinese family especially Baba and Mama, the latter doesn't understand a word of what I say, now where's my book of Mother in law jokes!!!
Finally to my wife Helen, you are the love of my life, my inspiration, my heart. We have been together for six years as a married couple and I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. I LOVE YOU xxxx
To my Daughter Ming, am so proud of you, you have grown into a beautiful young lady, you will graduate next year and then the world is your oyster, you have my love and prayers always..Dad xxxx
Through every minute of every day, one thing sustains me and that is my relationship with God, it is this that keeps me on an even keel, the wonder of his love never leaves me, the joy of my salvation is always with me and his strength upholds me
PSALM 18:1-3 are some of my favourite verses, it sums up what God means to me:
I love you, O Lord, my strength.
2 The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
    my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
    my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
3 I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,
    and I am saved from my enemies.

Thanks to each and everyone of you
Have a happy and blessed Christmas and joyous 2019
God bless you
KK and Family

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Post  Admin on Wed 19 Dec 2018, 9:58 pm

Please pray for the Chinese church especially over Christmas, many churches are having celebrations this Sunday, please pray for God's protection, the level of persecution is severe, the devil is seeking to destroy the church. Please pray for more men to be reached and called of God.
Post this where you can.. stand with the Chinese church
The links below are to the Han Chinese majority, they are the largest language group in the world, it is in them, that God has worked, but there are millions to be touched by the gospel. Please take time to pray and also listen to the four short sermons









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Post  Admin on Wed 12 Dec 2018, 8:59 pm

Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:09 pm (PST) . Posted by: "keith hobkirk" totallylovedbygod59






MATTHEW 1 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.
It was nearly 700 years since Isaiah's prophecy, and the Jewish people were still waiting. Generation after generation passed and still God remained silent.
But now, God steps into human history in a new way, in the form of a man: Jesus, God's only Son, who came down to earth to dwell with us.
This was and IS the turning point of history! History revolves on this axis. God the Son came down to earth in the form of a man, as fully God and yet fully man.
He had all the bodily functions we have, experienced all the emotions we do and yet was without any sin or fault.
To be living in Bible times and to have actually seen Jesus in the flesh, must of been incredible! Do you wonder what it was like? Did people realize who He was?
He lived a normal life for thirty years. HE was a carpenter in Nazareth. Can you imagine Jesus making something for you? It must of been the most beautiful piece of furniture ever made, perfect in every detail.
He walked around Nazareth; He went to the synagogue every Sabbath, as a faithful Jew. He lived thirty years in obscurity, and the three years He lived in public view changed the world forever.
In everything He did, there was perfection and now like that first Christmas, Jesus wants to come and live with you in your heart.
I hope this Christmas time, of all the people you receive into your home and all the presents you get, that you will receive Jesus as your Saviour and Lord by faith alone and that you will be able to say:
Jesus is my Saviour and My Lord!
God bless you,
Keith MATTHEW 1 21 And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins.
Here's an interesting question.
Why did He come?
Did He come to show us the right way to live?
Did He come to show up the religious leaders of the day?
Did He come to do the most shattering miracles ever seen on the earth?
He did all these things, but the main reason was: He came to die.
Sin is man's problem and he can do nothing to eradicate it. The stain of sin remained even with a series of animal sacrifices in the Old Testament that ultimately pointed to Jesus. But these animal sacrifices did not remove and could not remove the penalty of sin from man's record.
For that to happen a perfect sacrifice had to be provided, and that was the Son of God. He was born supernaturally, lived perfectly and died and rose again victorious over sin and death.
Jesus came for one reason and one reason only. Sure, He was the greatest teacher who ever lived; the greatest worker of miracles ever and the greatest critic of religious hypocrisy who ever walked the planet.
But this fact is paramount: HE IS THE ONLY SAVIOUR. He and He alone through His death on calvary and His resurrection, can and does save sinful man, when someone trusts in Him.
The only medicine that can heal sin is the precious blood of Jesus, who died for you.
Let's make this personal: He came to save and has, praise God, saved Keith Hobkirk from his sin. He came to save (your name) from his/her sin, and to give them eternal life.
Jesus is waiting for you. What will you do to find Jesus, this Christmas?
God bless you,

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Post  Admin on Fri 07 Dec 2018, 8:04 pm

Please continue to lift up our little independent church. Please pray for all the co-workers that they would be in unity and pray that all sin would be exposed in the church. Please pray for the preaching of the word each Sunday and Wednesday, that it would bear much fruit. Please continue to pray for the few men in the church that they would grow in faith and be more active. Please pray for the many husbands of sisters who aren't saved to come to faith and for the sisters to live lives of grace before them. Please continue to pray for revival in the Chinese church and that the gospel would be proclaimed in every place in China.
Many of you received people focus recently, please continue to pray for these two people, both untouched by the gospel










Unexpected Visitors

We can only imagine Joseph and Mary’s amazement when a contingent of eastern visitors known as “Magi” paid them a visit at their humble abode in Bethlehem. “Stunned” is likely the most accurate word to describe them as they would have been astonished to see these distinguished men from the East drop to their knees and pay homage to the Christ Child.
Who were these Magi?

The Magi were members of a priestly caste of ancient Persia who studied the stars to gain insight into the workings of the world. Many of these learned men would leave their Persian homes to form communities throughout the ancient world, some settling as far as Egypt. Some of these “wandering Magi” would find their way to Babylon where they became a vital part of King Nebuchadnezzar’s inner-circle of advisors.

While in Babylon, they came under the jurisdiction of a Hebrew exile named Daniel, who was “appointed … chief of the magicians, enchanters, astrologers and diviners” (Daniel 5:11). Daniel’s influence likely had an enormous impact on their interest in seeking out the child king of the Jews.

Why is this important?

By the time of Jesus there was already a well-developed notion among Jews and heathens of a Hebrew child who would usher in a “golden age” upon the earth and would save men and women from the ravages of evil upon the earth.

Where do you think this idea came from?

The Holy Scriptures

For believers in the divine sovereignty of God, the answer is clear. When the Hebrews were exiled to Babylon (and later migrated further east to Persia), they took with them their holy writings and scrolls – the Old Testament to that point. Though the Israelites were sinful, disobedient, and idolatrous, they learned their lesson while in exile and became what they were created to be, a monotheistic (one-God) people.

Also while in exile, they clung to those scriptures which pointed to the promised golden age, primarily Isaiah chapters 9 and 11. How could they not? In describing the Ruler who would lead His people in the golden age, Isaiah writes:

He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked (11:3-4).

The kingdom He will lead will be characterized by peace: “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).

As leader of the Magi, Daniel would have shared these truths with his colleagues. The Magi were a monotheistic group adhering to the teachings of the sixth-century B.C. spiritual leader Zoroaster, who himself believed in but one god, whom he called Ahura Mazda. Daniel most likely introduced the Magi to the true identity of this one God. In so doing, Daniel may well have also taught them about the precise time when this new King would arrive. Daniel 9:20-27 outlines the time of His coming. Over the next 500 years, these prophecies would be handed down among the Magi.

The “Shekinah Glory”

By the time of Christ’s birth, the Magi were already looking for the King. Then, on one unforgettable night, a “star” appeared in the sky. What was this star? Quite possibly, it was what is known as the “Shekinah Glory” of God that first appeared to Israel during their desert wanderings when the Lord led the nation in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night (Exodus 13:21). God’s “Shekinah,” from the Hebrew phrase “he caused to dwell,” signified a divine visit. The “star” the Magi beheld may well have been the “Shekinah” glory of God made visible only to them.

Add to this some divine “prompting” from the Lord, and the Magi set out to find the One “born king of the Jews” (Matthew 2:2) while the “Shekinah” of God guided them. Most likely, the contingent that left Persia for Israel was huge. Banish the thought of “three kings.” This is a determination based on the three gifts given to Jesus. Travel in those days – especially for a journey of one to two years, as theirs was believed to have been – was dangerous. A literal small army was required to navigate the Near East safely. Therefore, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the traveling party of Magi could well have numbered in the hundreds.

A Toddler, Not an Infant

When at last these weary travelers arrived in Bethlehem and beheld the Christ-Child, they bowed before the two-year-old Jesus, not “the baby Jesus.” How do we know this? For one thing, King Herod asked the Magi when they had first seen the “star.” Based on their reply, Herod issued his satanic decree to kill all boys in Bethlehem two years old and younger. In addition, Matthew 2:11 refers to Jesus as a “child,” the Greek word indicating a toddler, while the Greek word used in Luke 2:12 for “baby” refers to an infant.

While worshiping Jesus, the Magi honored Him with three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Aside from being expensive commodities fit for a king, they were also common means of exchange in that day, to be used as are traveler’s checks and credit cards today. During Jesus, Joseph, and Mary’s travels to Egypt and then up to Nazareth, these precious items would have purchased food, clothing, and lodging.

Men of Honor

Though the word “Magi” is associated with magic, we should not think ill of these distinguished searchers. On the contrary, they were a group of deeply religious men who sought God’s will, obeyed His command, diligently searched for the Christ Child, and, upon finding Him, fell to their faces in worship. In so doing, they have set a superb example of true worship to all who follow Christ.

Though there is much misunderstanding concerning the Magi and who they were – with some of this misunderstanding even making its way into song (i.e., “We Three Kings”) – history has properly honored these men as they deserve. They were among the first to seek the new Messiah, and recognized His deity and purpose from the beginning.

The Magi have earned their esteemed place in Christian history and deserve to be lauded. That which was said about these ancient sages who lived more than 2,000 years ago is still true for us today … wise men seek Jesus!


Gold, Frankinsense and Myrrh - Deity, Devotion and Death.

Matthew 2:11; “And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.”

We may not know much about the Wise Men who journeyed to give gifts to Christ, but their generosity tells us much about the young child.

The first thing they gave was gold and gold speaks of Deity.  We see this in the Old Testament where the boards of the Tabernacle were covered with this precious metal.  The Ark of the Covenant was overlaid with gold. Also, when heathens made images of their gods they usually fashioned them out of gold.

The essential symbol identifying a king was a golden crown on his head. Christ is the King of Kings (Revelation 17:14). Being the King of Kings, it means simply that Christ is God. He is King of all. Gold, therefore, was a fittingly appropriate gift.

Yes indeed, gold spoke of majestic Deity. How telling that these Medes and Persians should bring gold to the Young Child. I think these sages knew the ancient prophecy which foretold that this baby should be offered the gold of Sheba. I suspect they comprehended that kings should bring the young Messiah the riches of the Gentiles (Psalm 72:15). How fitting that He who is God manifest in the flesh should be given gold.

The next precious thing they gave Him was Frankincense … All through scripture, frankincense was used in worship, especially in the daily Temple worship.  (Exodus 30:34, Leviticus 2:1-2, 14-16).

The Wise Men came to Jesus and worshiped.  What an opportunity we have to worship our majestic priest upon His throne.  May we learn to sing in our hearts, "Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulder and His name shall be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God the Everlasting Father."

The third gift they gave was Myrrh. Myrrh speaks of death.  What a strange gift to give a child!  Myrrh was a spice used in embalming. The Wise Men gave Him Myrrh because the young child came to die. Babies are usually born to live, but the Christ Child was born to die.

John Stott in his book, ‘The Cross of Christ’ reminds us that Holman Hunt has a famous picture of Jesus. It depicts Him at the door of the carpenter' s shop in Nazareth. He has come to the door to stretch his limbs which no doubt had grown cramped over the bench. He stands there in the doorway with arms outstretched, and behind him, on the wall, the setting sun throws his shadow, and it is the shadow of a cross.

Holman Hunt was correct: Christ lived in the shadow of the cross. Here, at His birth, the Wise Men brought Him myrrh …a picture of His suffering and death.
There is much to learn from the gifts of these Magi.  They gave Him gold… a sign of His Deity. May we never forget that the young child was God with us, Emmanuel!   They gave Him Frankincense, a symbol of their devotion. And they gave him Myrrh…a prophetic picture of His Death.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh…Deity, Devotion and Death 

When we understand who it was that came …..The eternal God.  And when we grasp that he came to redeem us with His precious blood, we are transformed into devoted worshipers.  When our devotion dries up it is usually because we have forgotten Christ’s Deity and His Death.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

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Post  Admin on Sun 02 Dec 2018, 9:07 pm

Sun Dec 2, 2018: "keith  totallylovedbygod59
Please continue to pray for our small church that more men would be committed to the work of the gospel. Please pray for protection for us, a church of old sisters were visited by the authorities, continue to pray for protection and care from the Father. Please pray for revival and the outpouring of the Holy spirit all over china
Please pray for the following requests, are you willing to intercede for these people and countries, please click the links





Prisoner's One Request

Source(s): VOM Australia, Release International, VOM USADate: 29 November 2018
Photo: VOM USA
Twen Theodros has spent 13 years behind bars in Eritrea. Despite having suffered brutal treatment, this young woman, who is described as a "precious, lovely Christian" by those who know her, is more concerned about others than for her own well-being. Those familiar with Helen Berhane may know Twen as "Esther."

Imprisoned in the same shipping container, Twen would care for Helen, washing her wounds, feeding her, even taking beatings in her place. VOMC's ministry partner, Release International, had recently managed to find out through contacts how she is doing in prison and request specific ways we can pray for her. Twen's reply was simple yet deeply humbling. She had only one prayer request, and that was for God to be glorified in Eritrea!

Twen, who is in her 30s, as well as other Eritrean prisoners of faith, need our prayers. Pray for their release, but also that they would remain in unity while awaiting freedom from imprisonment. At times, there can be conflict among the prisoners, simply for being locked up together in such a confined space for 24 hours, day after day, while enduring inhumane conditions.



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Post  Admin on Sun 02 Dec 2018, 1:38 am

 "keith hobkirk" totallylovedbygod59




The Wednesday Word

Grace! Grace! Grace! Part 1
Ephesians 2: 8-10.  
“For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.”  

Ephesians has been called the Alps of the New Testament because some of the things taught in it are amazingly glorious. Here are but two of them …
1) We are saved by grace plus nothing, and
2) We are saved by grace minus nothing.”

The Greek word for grace is “Charis.” It means, ‘unmerited and undeserved favour.’ It is, ‘God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.’ 

Martyn Lloyd Jones said, “There is no more wonderful word than ‘grace.’ It means unmerited favour  or kindness shown to one who is utterly undeserving. It is a free gift to those who deserve the exact opposite, and it is given to us while we are ‘without hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12).  
We are saved by grace!

We are delivered from the wrath to come by grace (1 Thessalonians 1:10).
We are given eternal life by grace (Romans 5:21).

Religion knows nothing of grace. Religion seeks to find favour with God by doing something (Romans 10:3).  In religion, good works are a premium. But under grace, the sinner is freely declared not guilty. Have you grasped that for yourself?

But there’s more. The believer is not only forgiven he is also acquitted.  And how is this done?  It is done simply on the merits of another person, the Lord Jesus Christ (Leviticus 16; 1 Peter 3:18). Now that’s grace!

In Ephesians 2:6-9, Notice what grace isn’t!
 ‘It is not of ourselves.’

There was and is nothing we could do to deserve salvation. We may say, “What about faith? Isn’t that something I do?” No!  Faith is a gift of God. It is not of works lest anyone should boast. 

Have we then no work to do in this great matter of our justification? In a nutshell, NONE!
What work can we work to obtain personal salvation? NONE!  What work of ours can buy forgiveness or make us worthy of Divine favour? NONE! 

Has the Lord commanded that we crawl around the earth on our hands and knees? NO!
Has He decreed that we should whip ourselves and deprive ourselves of everything good? NO!

So, what work has God commanded us to do to obtain salvation?
Once more …NONE!

Romans 4:5 "To him that works not, but believes in Him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness"  There is only one work which can save us, and that work is not ours, but the work of the God/Man. And that work is finished (John 19:30).  It can never be repeated. Salvation is all Grace, Grace, Grace!


‘Saved’ is another great Bible word from our verse. It means deliverance. It means life in contrast to the death. It must be remembered that God is obliged to save no one. All of us have sinned and rebelled. All of us deserve death, not salvation. God was not and is not bound to come and rescue a defiant humanity.... that' s why we love GRACE!

In Ephesians 2:1 the Word says, “You has he (God), quickened (made alive), who were dead in trespasses and sin.”

He is speaking of spiritual death here and in the past tense. We were dead! But, things are different now. We have been made alive. We are saved.  We are no longer under wrath…..we are saved.  And how did we get saved? … Grace! Grace! Grace!

John Stott puts it this way: “You were saved through faith, and even this faith by which you are saved is God’s gift.” This is an essential truth. We must never think of salvation as a kind of a transaction between God and us in which He contributes grace, and we contribute faith. For we were dead and had to be brought alive before we could believe.”

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

The Wednesday Word:
Grace! Grace! Grace! Part 2
by D. G. Miles McKee
Ephesians 2: 8-10.  “For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast…..” 

Matthew Henry’s commentary on our text says: “Every converted sinner is a saved sinner. Such are delivered from sin and wrath; they are brought into a state of salvation and have a right given them by grace to eternal happiness.
 “The grace that saves them is the free, underserved, goodness and favour of God; and He saves them, not by the works of the law, but through faith in Christ Jesus, by means of which they come to partake of the great blessings of the gospel; and both that faith and that salvation on which it has so great an influence are the gift of God.” 

Salvation is entirely by Grace. Paul says in Ephesians 2:1: “You has he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins.”  We were spiritually dead. We had no spiritual understanding. What did we deserve but a good burial? …If even!

In Ephesians 2:2-3 however, as we read on, we learn the strangest thing, we discover we were dead but walking .. literally we were “walking dead men”…. We were zombies-like walking according to the world system, which is against God, and following “the prince of the power of the air,” which is Satan.

There’s a story about a graveyard in an area in Ayrshire, Scotland, where once a stranger was buried. It greatly distressed the people of that particular parish, so much so that they put a notice up on the outside of the graveyard that read, “This graveyard is reserved exclusively for the dead who are living in this parish.”  Funny!

But we were living dead people. We were alive, just like Adam was physically alive after he had sinned, but nevertheless spiritually dead. We were living  and were dead, but God made us alive.   Grace! Grace ! Grace!

Here’s a good way of looking at grace… Notice in Ephesians 1:1 the apostle calls believers saints.  However, look at what we once were. Ephesians 2:1-3..
Walking in the devil's path,
Children of disobedience,
Children of wrath.

And what made the difference?  It was grace. 
In addition, 2 Timothy 1:9 tells us we are chosen by grace;

In Ephesians 1:7 we learn that we have redemption by grace;

We are adopted by grace Ephesians 1:5.

By that same grace we are accepted Ephesians 1:6.

By grace we have the forgiveness of sins Ephesians 1:7.

By that same grace we have been made alive together with Christ Ephesians 2:5.

He has glorified us by grace Ephesians 2:6.
 Nowhere in the Bible is credit given to man regarding his salvation. It is all of grace! The making alive, the undeserved favour, the faith, the union with Christ, the good works that follow after salvation are all the gifts of Almighty God!

Is it any wonder then that Paul would write in Galatians 6:14 “But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.”

To “glory” is “to boast”. Paul is saying that we cannot boast in anything except the cross of the Lord Jesus. That’s another way of saying that we are saved by grace. All our prosperity, all our accomplishments, all our doctrinal understanding, and even all the accumulated knowledge over our lifetime is nothing to glory about. We can boast only in the grace of God as seen in the cross, the cross of Christ! Glory to His name! 

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

 The Wednesday Word:
Grace! Grace! Grace! Part 3
by D. G. Miles McKee 

In the entire Bible there is no scripture that indicates that we can be saved without Jesus Christ!

In the Old Testament, He is the coming Messiah. He is the promise of grace. In the New Testament, He is the realized Messiah who makes us alive by grace.

Grace always leads us to Christ Jesus who by grace procured our salvation (Romans 5:8).  

He Himself is our salvation (John 11:25).

He Himself is the grace of God (Titus 2:11).

Grace is embedded in His very name, for the name of Jesus, means salvation. Do you remember this verse “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved”(Acts 4:12)? 

Grace leads the Lord’s people to Christ Jesus, and no one else.  Grace enables us to “look unto Him” by faith to be saved.

 But what about repentance brother? Yes what about it?  Is it not important? Yes it is! But let me ask you…where do we get repentance? It’s the goodness of God exhibited in His Grace that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). Dear pastor, do you want to see genuine repentance in your church, then preach Christ crucified. There is no other way! It’s Grace, Grace, Grace! Sometimes we pastors find ourselves trying to motivate our listeners by the Law and its demands instead of by the Gospel. However, it takes no spirituality whatsoever to get behind the pulpit and demand change as we warn about bad habits and lax living.  This is not Gospel preaching! 

But I digress.
We can say that grace is:
1) Free Grace---the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8)
2) Saving Grace---it brings us to eternal salvation (Ephesians 2:8).
 3) Sovereign Grace—not of ourselves, but by God’s sovereign will (Ephesians 2:8)
 4) Sustaining Grace—created in Christ Jesus unto good works. He ordained beforehand that we should walk (move forward) in them (Ephesians 2:10).

 Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
 I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now I see.
T’was grace that taught my heart to fear
 And grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believed.
Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come
 ‘Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home  
John Nelson, a preacher in the 18th century had been a stonemason before God saved him. And God used him mightily to lead people to Christ. One day he was talking to a self-righteous individual who said, “I don’t need your Saviour. I live right, and I’ve done good things. I’ll take my chances with the rest of the people.”    Mr Nelson replied, “Well look here my good man, if God let you into heaven, you’d bring discord there, because all the others would be singing ‘worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and blessing,’ and you’d be singing ‘worthy am I, glory to me, because I lived a consistent Christian life.’   He said, “If an angel heard you sing a song like that in heaven, why he’d throw you over the wall.” And the redeemed folks will all chime in and say, “My soul shall make her boast in the Lord, and nothing else.”

There’ll be nobody in heaven singing about what they have done
It’s Grace! Grace! Grace!

God saves us because He is gracious, not because He sees any goodness inherent in us!
 It’s Grace! Grace! Grace!

Our certain hope stands on pure Grace, sovereign, unqualified Grace!
It’s Grace! Grace! Grace!

 God saves us because He is good, not because we are!
 It’s all of Grace.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

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 1.Who has believed  (trusted in,  relied upon,  and clung to)  our message  [of that which  was revealed  to us]? And  to whom has  the arm of the  Lord been disclose d?
 When I was thinking  about a verse  to share with  you, this one  didn' t immediately  come to mind  and when the  Lord shared  it with me, I thought, 'Lord it&# 39;s not a Christmas verse'.  But as I have pondered  and thought  about it, I  have come to see it&# 39;s relevance  to Christmas.
 Isaiah was written  700 years before  Christ was  born, and there were many  prophecies  in the OT about  the birth of  Jesus. Micah the prophet  said Jesus  would be born  in Bethlehem,  so why wasn&# 39;t that town  being watched  night and day  by the people  and indeed  the rulers?
 No one truly believed  the report  of Isaiah. The only people  God spoke to  were the wise  men and the  shepherds.  He alerted  people from  modern day  Iran/Iraq  and some of  the lowliest  people in the Kingdom of Israel.
 The arm of the Lord  has been revealed  to man, but  is man interested?  Well, no. The  birth of Jesus  was announced  by thousands  upon thousands  of angels,  but no one else  heard them  apart from  the shepherds.
 As it was with His  first coming,  so it will be  with His second  coming, no  one will believe  us when we tell  them that Jesus  is coming again.  Indeed Jesus  said that when  He comes a second  time, it will  be like in the  time of Noah.
 You will be a voice  crying in the  wilderness.  That is the  role of the  church and of the individual  believer.
 Even if people  do not believe  our report, we have to tell  it. We have  to tell people  that Jesus  has come to  deal with sin,  because that  is why He came. He did not come to show  us how to live  a good life  (although He did) or to give  us a good moral  example (which He also did), but  to deal with  the main problem  that man has  and that he  is a sinner  cut off from  his God and  Jesus came  to die for a  world where  the majority  rejects HIM.
 This Christmas,  let us give  our report,  whether or  not people  believe it  or not; let us open our  mouths boldly  and share the  true meaning  of Christmas.
 Too many believers  and churches  say, people have heard it all  before... But there is no option to say that! You are ordered  by Jesus Himself  to share His  story, the  story of what  happened at  that first  Christmas.
Jesus left the  glory of heaven. HE exchanged being  worshipped  every minute  of every day  by millions  of angels for  the cold of  a Bethlehem  stable and  and the cruel  torture of  the Cross of Calvary. I think  the least we  can do is to  share His story, don't you?
 God bless you,
 2 But you, Bethlehem  Ephratah,  you are little  to be among  the clans of  Judah; [yet]  out of you shall  One come forth  for Me Who is  to be Ruler  in Israel,  Whose goings  forth have  been from of  old, from ancient  days (eternity) .3 Therefore  shall He give  them up until  the time that  she who travails  has brought  forth; then  what is left  of His brethren  shall return  to the children  ofIsrael. 4 And He shall  stand and feed  His flock in  the strength  of the Lord,  in the majesty  of the name  of the Lord  His God; and  they shall  dwell [secure] , for then shall  He be great  [even] to the  ends of the  earth.
  The birth of Jesus  is probably  the most foretold  event in history, as there are many  prophecies  stating various  details about  his birth.
 One of the greatest  is about his  birthplace  and this is  in the prophet  Micah. Surely He was going to  be born in Jerusale m. After all that  was God' s city, the  home of the Temple, but the  privilege  went to Bethlehem.
 The birth of Jesus  was planned  in meticulous  detail. Everything was  done in order.
 The choice of Bethlehe m tells us somethin g about what  God uses. It is not the biggest  that gets used,  it is not always  the loudest  and most glamorous  thatgets chosen. 
Bethlehem was  a backwater village. It was somewhere  that people  passed through, when we are on the  freeway/motorway , we go past  towns and say, “ Well there  is nothing  there. It is of no relevance.” In that day, there were 2 Bethlehem' s and God was very specific which one was going to have the blessing of the Messiah' s birth. 

Your town sometimes  has plaques  placed up for  its most famous  residents  or people who  were born there,  and so has Bethlehe m. It was the birthplace  of the ONE, the one true Saviour/ Messiah/Redeemer . The sign in  Bethlehem  today is JESUS  WAS BORN HERE.
 So if you think  your life is  a backwater,  that no one  else notices,  take heart. The sign on your  life is JESUS  LIVES HERE, and by Him living  in you, you  can share Him  with others.
 Jesus was born  in Bethlehem  and that town  has shared  Him with the  world. They have shared  the Saviour.  Now it' s your turn.
 Who are you going to  share Jesus  with this Christma s?
 God Bless you,

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Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:32 pm (PST) . Posted by: "keith hobkirk" totallylovedbygod59




The Yakut believe in the power of the Shaman and live in dense forests near the Russian border. They have heard the gospel, but have not responded in large numbers.
Over 20 years ago, several evangelists came to the Yakut with Bible stories in their language  and they received them with joy, but no church was formed; pray for this.
They have Gospel recordings and Bible portions in their own language. Please pray for the impact of these.

Thanks so much

Population 23,900
The Yiche worship a large number of god's associated with Nature, Water and Ancestors.
In the 1940's there was a revival througout this part of Yunnan province, but strong persecution wiped out many of the gains made. Please pray for the few Yiche believers and that a church would be raised up.
Please pray that they would be reached, as they are very isolated.

God bless you

These people have been described as one of the most demonic people in China, but they are loved by God. Please pray that these people who are enslaved by evil spirits would be set free.
Several Christian peoples such as the Lisu and Jingpo live near them. Please pray that God would put a burden for the Zaiwa on their hearts.
Some of them have become Christians, but they need to become disciples as morals in these people, especially among young people, are very bad. Please pray for the formation of a Zaiwa church, with it's own pastors. If someone becomes a christian, then he or she is ostracized from the Zaiwa society and that person can lose everything.  There are some Zaiwa believers in Myanmar and work is in progress to translate the Bible and to give them Bible radio broadcasts. Please pray these efforts would bear fruit.
How can this be done? it must be done by groundbreaking prayer. Many prayers must be spoken and many tears must be shed. Please join us as we sow in tears and reap in joy.

God bless,

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Post  Admin on Sun 25 Nov 2018, 9:23 pm

Please continue to lift up our little independent church, please pray for more men to be eager to join the work, please pray for unity between members and that members would give the tithe.. some refuse. Please pray for China that God would touch every part of china and the Chinese church with revival.
Please remember the minority people below, there is one for china and one for the rest of the world, please click the links and pray, maybe they have no one to pray for them, please share this on Facebook, also tweet the daily prayers. Please place on all christian social media outlets and pass on to your friends.











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Post  Admin on Wed 21 Nov 2018, 7:14 pm

Please continue to lift up the Chinese church, especially our little independent church, please pray that God's word would penetrate and soak deep down into church members. Please pray that we as a church would be in unity and that we would love and serve one another. Continue to lift the church all over China as it goes through persecution. Please pray that God would activate many men and bring many to faith. Please pray for the cities of Xian and Suzhou, please remember the church in these two strategic cities.





"It is enough that Christ is, that He reigns,
conquers, and triumphs. Christ is the pot of 
manna, the cruse of oil, a bottomless ocean
of all comfort, content and satisfaction. "
~ John Flavel

SUDAN: Apostasy Accusations Against Christians

Sources: Middle East Concern, Mission Network News, Sudan Tribune

A Sudanese reading the Bible.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Sudanese Christians are asking for prayer after a group of 12 believers were arrested on October 13th in Nyala, South Darfur. As the Christians were gathered together, officers from the National Intelligence and Security Services entered and asked if they were Christians. After confirming their faith, all the confessing believers were detained. Upon further interrogation, the three from a Christian background were released but not those who had converted from Islam.

For the next week, the nine converts faced severe pressure and torture. They were assured that, if they chose to recant and express their return to Islam, they would be freed. Finally, all but one gave in and recanted rather than face a possible death penalty for apostasy. They were released on October 21st. The one remaining, a church leader named Tajadin Idris Yousef, was charged with apostasy and released on bail the next day. Reports do not give a specific date for his court appearance.

Pray for these Christian converts and others facing uncertainty and threats from government officials. May they know the peace, strength and grace that comes from God, who embraces all who rest in Him. Pray that Tajadin will be able to stand confidently in the face of these charges and the threat of a death penalty, knowing Christ's presence is with him (Daniel 3) and that the Holy Spirit will be his advocate.

NIGER: Church Ransacked and Burned

Source: Barnabas Fund

Some of the destroyed remains in the Niamey church.
Photo: Barnabas Fund

For years, the small Christian minority in the west African nation of Niger has lived peacefully alongside the Muslim majority. In recent years, however, the rise of jihadist groups such as Boko Haram has led to an escalation in tension, including the destruction of church buildings and violent attacks on Christians.

In an October 11th incident, unknown assailants looted and burned a church building in Niger's capital, Niamey. All that was left was a charred shell of the building with debris and broken musical instruments scattered across the floor. A local church leader, Pastor Eduard, has asked: "Please pray that the Lord supports them and safeguards the churches of Niger."

Remember the Christians throughout Niger as they face pressure from militant groups seeking to divide and destroy. Pray that the members of the recently attacked church will find the resources necessary to rebuild and replace all that was lost. May each believer be given the courage needed to reach out to their neighbours with the love of Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel.


UGANDA: Abducted 12-Year-Old Survives Strangulation

Source: Morning Star News

Emmanuel Nyaiti's father, Kauta Yokosofat.
Photo: Morning Star News

While out on an errand for his grandmother on October 25th, 12-year-old Emmanuel Nyaiti encountered four men from his village. Knowing he was a Christian, the men tried to convince the boy that he should convert to Islam.

When Emmanuel refused, one of the men named Ali Lukuman slapped him. After the child started screaming, the men attempted to strangle him. There are also indications that he was given chloroform. By the time searching neighbours located him, the assailants had fled and the boy was found unconscious.

This incident is not the first encounter between the perpetrator and the victim's Christian family. Emmanuel' s father, Kauta Yokosofat had previously received text messages, as well as face-to-face confrontations.. Kauta was repeatedly told he must become a Muslim or leave the village.

This latest incident has been reported to the police who are investigating. At last report, the attackers had not been found.

Praise God that the location of the abducted boy had been discovered before it was too late, and that he miraculously survived the strangulation. Continue to remember Emmanuel as he recovers both physically and emotionally from the trauma. Pray for his family's safety, and that the Lord will give them wisdom and guidance as they navigate how to best deal with this hostile situation.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC' s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. (905) 670-9721 Website: www. vomcanada. com |

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"keith hobkirk" totallylovedbygod59
Continue to lift us up here in China, please pray for our small independent church. Please pray for the small number of men in the church. Please pray that we would wake up earlier and pray fervently. Please pray for a deep and powerful revival in the Chinese church and that it would be purified and strengthened by this current persecutionPlease pray for the cities of Shanghai and Beijing




"The prayers of the saints and the fire of God
move the whole course of the world. They are the 
most potent, most disturbing, most revolutionary,
most terrifying powers that the world knows."
~ T.F. Torrance 
EGYPT: Seven Fatalities in Bus Attack

Sources: Reuters, World Watch Monitor, Tunisie Numerique

Nadia lost family members and suffered
gunshot wounds in the May 2017 bus attack.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Seven people were killed and at least 14 wounded when a bus of Christians was attacked while travelling to a monastery in Minya on November 2nd. Six of those killed were from the same family. The attack happened in almost the identical location as a similar attack in May 2017 which killed 28 Christians (see this report).

According to witnesses, one bus managed to escape without harm but a second smaller bus was forced to stop, permitting the terrorists to open fire on the passengers. The attackers then fled the scene.

In both the previous and latest attacks, ISIS has claimed responsibility. The militant group gave the recent arrest of six women as a reason for this month's incident. Egyptian authorities announced on November 4th that they had located and killed nine members of the terrorist cell responsible for this terrible incident.

Remember those who are grieving the senseless loss of their loved ones. Pray for the surviving victims who were injured as they recover from their wounds and the emotional trauma of the attack. May the authorities be able to provide the protection that's needed for Egypt's most vulnerable citizens.
INDONESIA: Proposed Religious Education Law

Sources: UCA News, World Watch Monitor

The proposed law could impose serious
restrictions on Bible teaching.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Christian organizations in Indonesia have raised concerns about a new religious education bill that would require government permits before conducting any classes, including Sunday school, catechism or Bible classes. The law, if passed, would require a minimum of 15 participants, along with approval from the government&# 39;s Religious Affairs Ministry.

One church leader believes it will be used by hardline groups to ban church activities and harass Christians. "It limits Christians in conducting important and inseparable parts of religious activities," he states. Those concerned have launched a petition demanding that informal classes, such as Sunday school, be left to the regulation of individual religious groups.

Pray that the governing officials responsible for the proposed bill will be open to input and the need for modifications to ensure religious freedoms. Uphold the country' s church leaders and congregation members, asking God to grant them wisdom and discretion as they raise their concerns. May Christian families throughout Indonesia, as represented by the churches, be free to train their children in the ways of the Lord.


UKRAINE: Registration Deadline Passes for Luhansk Churches

Source: Forum 18

Since rebels in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine declared independence in 2014, the self-declared government has oppressed religious groups in various ways. As part of their efforts to control the churches, the Luhansk State Security Ministry announced a complete ban on one Baptist denomination for not submitting to compulsory registration. For more information,  click here.

On August 20th, the ministry announced a deadline of October 15th for all church groups to re-register or be declared illegal which entails the closure and seizure of their properties. In compliance, numerous religious communities filed the necessary papers for the re-registration and awaited news. As of the deadline, however, no Baptist, Seventh-Day Adventist, or Pentecostal community has been granted registration and many were denied. Catholic churches have not yet heard the results of their applications.

To avoid property seizure, Adventist communities have discontinued activities after their applications were all rejected. Other churches have continued to meet despite the imminent threat of closure. Some religious groups chose to not attempt the registration, believing it was futile under the current political environment. Continue to pray for Christians in Luhansk as they face these ongoing threats.

PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi Released But Location Unknown

During the night of November 7th, Pakistani authorities released Asia Bibi from the Multan jail following her acquittal a week before (click here for more information) . Under tight security and a media blackout, she boarded a flight to an unknown destination. Initial media reports claim that she had been flown out of Pakistan. However, government officials insist that she is still within the country but at a safe location. Please remain mindful to pray for Asia, her family, and the nation of Pakistan.

If you would like to post a prayer of praise or petition on behalf of our persecuted family around the globe, visit VOMC' s prayer wall.

The Persecution & Prayer Alert is a ministry of:
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, P.O. Box 608, Streetsville, Ontario, L5M 2C1
Tel. (905) 670-9721 Website: www. vomcanada. com |

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Post  Admin on Mon 12 Nov 2018, 5:10 pm

Hello Dear brother or sister in Christ . Thankyou for taking time to read what GOD has laid on my heart to send. Before the devotions/prayer needs you will see four sermons in both English and Chinese. The english ones have been carefully listened to by me..the chinese have not..because I dont understand Chinese. They will all bless you...some are short in length others are longer. You can choose any or all of them to listen to. You can click on the link or copy and paste the link into your browser.  Listen with an open heart and open bible..soak up the truths of scripture. The English sermons have spoken to me and now my prayer is that they speak to you. To my chinese friends may these sermons speak to your heart. They have been chosen on the basis of relevant bible verses and,title of sermon. So relax, grab a coffee and cookie and lets listen and meditate on GOD’S PRECIOUS WORD. Let it reveal JESUS to you Colossians 3:16 Hebrews 4:16 PSALM 119. May GOD’S word do what only it can do in your life.





UNREACHED PEOPLES未得之民 WA佤族Population 373,000人口 三十七万三千人 Evangelical pop 8%福音人口8% These people were head hunters who committed many savage acts to appease the spirits. Although this has now stopped,it can happen in isolated cases. Please pray that this evil would be banished from Wa culture. 这个民族的人是一些猎头,会用野蛮残忍的行为来抚慰神明。虽然现在已经被禁止了,但是在隔绝的情况下还是会发生。请为此祷告,使这个罪从佤族文化中去除。 Although there are reports of many Wa believers, many are not well taught. Most of the people live in poverty. Please pray that a church would be established that would have it's own leaders and worship.虽然有很多关于佤族信徒的报告,但是很多人还是没有得到很好地教导。他们大部分人过着贫苦的生活。请在此祷告,让那里建立一个教会,有其带领的同工和崇拜。 Please pray that this people would have a full knowledge of salvation and that they are able to put away all evil.请在此祷告,使这些人可以有全备的救恩知识装备,并且能消除所有的邪恶。
 God bless you愿上帝祝福你Keith
Population 900,000
Evangelicals 45%
Praise God that the Lisu have turned to Christ in large numbers. Continue to pray that the church would grow in grace and strength.
Please pray that these people would continue to reach out to the many groups around it.
These people have many resources, please pray that they use them to the their full potential.

GoD bless you

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Post  Admin on Sun 04 Nov 2018, 9:17 pm

China update
Persecution is ongoing, churches are still being closed. Please pray for the church to stand strong. Please pray for the believers in Guangdong and Henan provinces. Please pray for the believers to light and salt in this situation. Please praay for a revival that would touch and strengthen the church all over china, that God would save millions of souls

Please pray for a country and people group every day, many of these people groups have no one to pray for them.. will you?. There is one country and one people group each day















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Post  Admin on Wed 31 Oct 2018, 8:42 pm

Please continue to lift up our little church, we are now independent. Please pray that God would move greatly especially among the few men and bring new men and couples into the church. The   chinese church is still undergoing persecution in many places, please pray that it would stand strong. Please pray for the pastors as they preach and teach the word of God, that the bible would be their central focus and Jesus would be lifted up all over china. Please pray for the cities of Shanghai and Chongqing


For every Christian, regardless of life's circumstances, hope is found in the promise that one day we shall see Christ face-to-face. Ultimately, we shall see suffering replaced with rejoicing, and receive our greatest reward when Christ ushers us into eternal life with Him and says, "Welcome home, My faithful servant." For many of our persecuted brothers and sisters who are imprisoned or constantly live under the threat of death, this is their one focus -- their hope. In the midst of such suffering, God provides His comfort.

"Pray for us..." is the cry of persecuted Christians around the world. Today, more than 100 million of them are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Each year, Christians in more than 130 countries stand alongside these suffering brothers and sisters through the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Please join with us as fellow Christians across Canada unite that day in prayer on their behalf.

IDOP Canada 2018 will take place on Sunday, November 4th. If you are unable to participate on this date, we encourage you to set aside time on another day to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters. The important thing is to pray! The IDOP Canada team annually creates free downloadable resources. Be sure to register to access these resources. Thank you for your prayers.

For every Christian, regardless of life's circumstances, hope is found in the promise that one day we shall see Christ face-to-face. Ultimately, we shall see suffering replaced with rejoicing, and receive our greatest reward when Christ ushers us into eternal life with Him and says, "Welcome home, My faithful servant." For many of our persecuted brothers and sisters who are imprisoned or constantly live under the threat of death, this is their one focus -- their hope. In the midst of such suffering, God provides His comfort.

"Pray for us..." is the cry of persecuted Christians around the world. Today, more than 100 million of them are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Each year, Christians in more than 130 countries stand alongside these suffering brothers and sisters through the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Please join with us as fellow Christians across Canada unite that day in prayer on their behalf.
IDOP Canada 2018 will take place on Sunday, November 4th. If you are unable to participate on this date, we encourage you to set aside time on another day to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters. The important thing is to pray! The IDOP Canada team annually creates free downloadable resources. Be sure to register to access these resources. Thank you for your prayers.

| With over one billion people, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world.
The majority of them have never heard the name of Jesus, and less than 2% of protestant missionaries are serving among them.
Centered mostly in India, Hinduism is much more than a religion; it is a way of life and a cultural identity. Acts of violence and intimidation by militant Hindus are on the rise, particularly against Christians. 
The barriers to the Gospel are many. But prayer opens doors! 
Join Christians around the world in prayer for Hindus from October 28-November 11. During this time, Hindus will be celebrating one of their most important holidays, the Festival of Lights (Diwali). 
Despite the candles and fireworks, these millions remain in darkness, separated from the only true source of light - Jesus Christ. |

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Christian Convert Released from Prison in bangladesh

A Christian convert from Islam who had been imprisoned for more than two years was released on bail recently. Sisir Islam became a believer in 2012 and immediately began sharing Jesus with others in his community, leading 17 friends to Christ. On Sept. 23, 2014, after returning home from a VOM-supported training center, Sisir was charged with the murder of a local business man. He later learned that Muslim leaders in his village had accused him of the murder as retribution for his conversion to Christianity. The prison guards and prisoners treated Sisir poorly while he was imprisoned, and he was frequently ill. Finally, in July 2018, he was released on bail and returned home to recover. Thank God for Sisir’s faithful witness, and pray for his full recovery.

Our church family in the Central African Republic (CAR) are urgently asking for our prayers following the brutal killing of 14 Christians from an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in the city of Bria. Ex-Seleka militia, a group of Islamic extremists, were behind the attack.

The attack happened around 1km away from the camp. One church leader said, “Amongst them were 10 women, two men and two children. We received word that they had been killed, but no one had the courage to immediately go and look for their bodies. It was only this morning that some youths went and retrieved the corpses. They brought them here and laid them in front of the MINUSCA [UN peacekeeping mission in CAR] office in the camp. They have since been buried." 

Open Doors workers have been informed that the male victims mostly had gunshot wounds, while the women and children died of slash-wounds. At least one of the women was pregnant. “All those women slaughtered! It is terrible," lamented Gedeon, a Christian who lives in the IDP camp. “The situation is very tense here. Although it is relatively calm right now, there no movement, nothing."


The PK3 IDP camp hosts around 50,000 people, mostly Christian and followers of traditional religions from Bria and neighbouring areas.

The Christians in Bria are terrorised by at least four factions that were formerly part of the Islamic extremist Seleka group: FPRC, UPC, Ex-Seleka and Seleka Renové. “They don't want to see any Christians here," one church leader explained. “Christians never go to town.. If they do, they are threatened, arrested, and asked to pay fines before they are released. There is no way to move to town. They have barricaded all roads, and if you venture out, you are at your own peril. We Christians have nothing else to do, no food to eat, no place to go. We rely only on prayers. Please pray for us!" 

“It is a very difficult situation for us here. We pray for God's help for us," another church leader in the camp said. 


Despite the ongoing violence in CAR, many Christians are courageously continuing to minister to their communities.

Veronique's husband, Pastor Tokono, was killed in August last year, when an ex-Seleka group attacked the town of Gambo, in eastern CAR. Veronique and her children had left Gambo a few days before the attack because the situation had become very tense. When an Open Doors worker visited her, Veronique said, "I will continue ministering even in my husband’s absence just like I did while he was alive. I pray that the Almighty God forgives the attackers because they do not know what they are doing. And also that He will save them from that evil way.” 

She thanked Open Doors for visiting her. “Your visit really comforted us because you show that other Christians remember our plight here. You supported us and prayed with us, even without you knowing me and my husband..”


CAR is number 35 on the 2018 World Watch List. Christians have been displaced, tortured and killed as fighting between various militant factions continues. The violence that began in 2013 was largely between Seleka, an Islamic extremist group, and anti-Balaka, a group made up of animists and nominal Christians. Christian leaders have condemned the actions of anti-Balaka, meaning that Christians and churches have been attacked by both sides. Although Seleka has mostly been driven from CAR, violent splinter groups remain.

Your support and prayers enable Open Doors to support the church in CAR to provide emotional and physical relief to Christians targeted in the violence, including trauma care, economic empowerment programmes and discipleship training. £30 can provide two days of trauma care training for a church leader or lay leader in Africa, so they can help others begin to recover from their traumatic experiences of persecution.


- That God's Holy Spirit would comfort and heal the families of those killed in the attacks in Bria and Gambo
- For God's peace and protection to cover those who live in IDP camps in CAR
- That God would reveal Himself to those intent on harming Christians, that they would be transformed by His love.

Five church leaders appeared in court on Wednesday 8 August, prepared to defend the ownership of their church’s property. They were not expecting a verdict at this hearing.

However, the Sudanese court surprisingly ruled against the government in favour of the Sudanese Church of Christ’s case. This came after a long-standing dispute over ownership of the church’s property.

The judge returned administration of their properties back to the church, and the five church leaders were back in their offices the next day.

One Case Down, Many To Come

This denomination, like several others, has been entangled in an ownership battle since 2016. These legal disputes are fuelled by a rival ‘Land And Buildings Committee’ set up by the Sudanese Government.

The ruling was welcomed by Christians in Sudan, however many believe more action is needed from the government to end the persecution of religious minorities in the country.

It is still very hard to get Bibles and other Christian literature into the country, according to one believer, who said: “If anyone wants to bring in more than five Bibles at a time, they are stopped at the border and told to come back with official permission from the security office.”

Please Pray:

- Praise God for the verdict and that these churches can continue proclaiming the name of Jesus. 
- Pray for the Lord’s protection over these leaders and for wisdom for the road ahead.
- Pray that many will come to know the love of Jesus Christ.
CHINA UPDATEPlease pray for the children and young people of China, that they would come to faith. Please pray for the ongoing persecution esp in Henan province. Please stand with the church. Pray for the pastors and church workers that they have the courage and strength to go through this. Please pray that the Chinese church would bring much glory to the lord.



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I had lost contact with Keith who has asked to keep his identity secret 

Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:08 pm (PDT) . Posted by: "keith  totallylovedbygod59
Dear friends
This is let people know that I am a real person
It is a joy to share with you. Everyone calls me KK, I am nearly 60 and am married to H a lovely and wonderful Chinese lady, we have a beautiful daughter who is studying in Canada (fine arts). We serve God here in Nanjing. I am using only our first initial to protect identity
Please pray as several churches in downtown Nanjing and all over China have had to close because of govt regulations. Persecution is serious and ongoing and we need our foreign brothers and sisters standing with us. Persecution report below

Churches throughout Jiangxi received a warning in early July from authorities demanding that all crosses be removed, and instead they were to be replaced with the national flag or an image of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The warning also demanded that they keep all children away from church.

The response from churches was mixed. Many were too frightened to speak up and others openly refused to obey the orders. In retaliation, government agents demolished the cross of one church building in Xinyu, and another received a notice of intent to do the same. During a service at Kaixuan Church, two officials interrupted the believers' worship, demanding that the cross no longer be displayed. Church leaders were able to speak with them and diffuse the situation.

When confronted about children in the church, Liu, the leader of the Kaixuan Church, wisely responded with this statement: "Your policy is in conflict with the Constitution. When the children are born, they are citizens of the People's Republic of China, and they have freedom of belief. Children' s freedom of belief cannot be interfered with. They can follow their parents' beliefs."

Pray for wisdom and guidance on the part of the church leaders in Jiangxi as they deal with these unreasonable demands. May their responses be expressed with gentleness, serving as a testimony of God's grace to those opposing them and a means of demonstrating the truth of the Living Christ.

I have seen the picture of how to pray for China
Firstly buy the books
Operation world and Operation China
Secondly use website such as Joshuaproject. net and chinaaid. Put persecuted church in a search engine
Be informed.. then
Thirdly Pray
The great wall of China is an imposing thing, how can we pray to effect China. One person is like a sparrow pecking at a wall, they have no effect, even 1,000 make little effect, but when 10-20-50 million are praying for China, the effects can be felt. So please pray for China. Pray without ceasing and pray fervently
Please share China needs on Facebook and with your churches, please get your church to partner and pray for China
I will place prayer needs for China for you to pray, please share with all your contacts
Thanks for your prayers

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[size=12.727272033691406]Welcome to Notes from Nanjing[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I hope you will be blessed by what I am sharing about life in China. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Life is very different to life anywhere else, but strangely enough it is the same in many ways.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please read the website and please listen to the sermon, both are so wonderful.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]If you have been blessed by this e-mail, please share with all your friends, contacts and groups.[/size]



[size=12.727272033691406]HAIRCUT 100[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Back in Morecambe , where I used to live, there is an area where there are several hairdressers.. including one called Snip and Clip, which I used to go to.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]When I first came to Nanjing, I needed my hair cut and so Helen took me to her hair dresser called Yao Hua Men Hair.. the first time I went into it, was amazing.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I had my hair washed twice and cut and all for, the equivalent of 70 pence in UK money. the owner is a very interesting character.. his hair style changes every time.. I go in. The salon has changed location twice since I have been here.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]We went to get my hair cut last week, and found the salon being renovated and gutted by several chinese workers and so we had to find out where the had moved to now, across the road was another salon, so we asked there, still no one knew.

[size=12.727272033691406]There is a street that runs parallel to the main road, and I have walked down this street many times, but had not noticed how many hairdressing salons there were. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]It seemed every second shop was one, they were manned by very young guys with hairstyles that you certainly don't want and some which came straight out of a bottle![/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]After asking in several of these shops, we found that Yao Hua Men Hair were to open another shop on the same street..the street is only 400 yards long, but has up to 20-25 hairdressers.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]There are an awful lot of people in China and so an awful lot of hairdressers are needed, but this could get nasty.. watch out for Haircut wars.. the Movie.. coming soon!!!!.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]If this ever happened, the weapons used would be curling tongs and hair gel.. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]You are spoiled for choice.. if you don't like what one does.. you can go to another. It is like Buses.. you wait for ages for one to come... except in Nanjing of course.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]You search for one hairdresser and then you find 20.. hahahahaha [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I love having my hair cut... every one's hair in China is black.. so I do stick out like a sore thumb.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Yes I do have grey hair before you ask!!!!![/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]God bless you[/size]


Special Sermon

Please take time to listen to this sermon


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest website[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I hope this website will bless you[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest Devotion 1 by Spurgeon
If God had left me alone

(by Charles Spurgeon)

Sometimes, when I see some of the worst characters
in the street, I feel as if my heart must burst forth in 
tears of gratitude that God has never let me act as they 
have done! I have thought, "If God had left me alone
and had not touched me by His grace, what a great sinner 
I would have been! I would have run to the utmost lengths 
of sin, dived into the very depths of evil. Nor would I have 
stopped at any vice or folly, if God had not restrained me!"

I feel that I would have been a very king of sinners, if God 
had left me alone
. I cannot understand the reason why I 
am saved, except upon the ground that God would have it 
so. I cannot, if I look ever so earnestly, discover any kind of 
reason in myself why I should be a partaker of Divine grace.


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest Devotion 2 by Miles Mckee[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]The Communion of His Blood

[size=12.727272033691406]The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? 1 Corinthians 10:16.
It is marvellous to be acquitted, accepted and adopted into the family of God, but quite another matter to be continually conscious of these gospel benefits. Unfortunately, we often live our Christian lives as though the blood had not been shed. We remain fearful of God and continue to be bound and intent on securing His favour by our performance. It’s no wonder then that we lack joy. It’s no wonder then that we need confidence. It’s no wonder then that we are often weak and ineffective in our Christian service.
In His thoughtfulness, however, the Lord has left us the ordinance of Communion (The Breaking of Bread). This marvellous memorial can be a wonderful help to us. It informs our conscience that the Shepherd has already laid down His life for the sheep. It is as we break the bread, the emblem of His body, and drink the wine, the emblem of the blood, that we declare our union and loyalty to Him. As we, by faith, grasp that which the blood has accomplished, we enter into renewed communion (koinonia) with the Master. We are not merely commanded to gaze upon the emblems, but to eat the bread and drink the wine. He has set us apart unto Himself, and each time we break bread we see this afresh and declare the same.
No one has ever been as loyal to His people as has Jesus.  He loved his own and loved them unto the end (John 13:1).  He has rescued us and paid for us with His own blood. He has cared and provided for us out of His abundance. What immense loyalty!
Throughout history, certain leaders have inspired great loyalty amongst their followers. For example, in Scotland, in 1745, after the battle of Culloden in Scotland, the defeated Bonnie Prince Charlie went on the run, trusting his life to eight of his followers. Although there was a large reward out for his capture, these eight men loyally protected their young champion. When the Prince finally left from the west coast towards the Hebrides and exile, Hugh Chisholm, one of the eight, shook hands in farewell. From that day forward he never once shook hands with his right hand, but always with his left. He explained that he would never give the hand he had given to his King to another man.
So it is with us and King Jesus. We will never give our hand to another. As we come to remember Him at the Table, we remember that which He has accomplished on our behalf.  We remember how he was wounded and chastised for us. We remember that He identified with us and our guilt. We remember that He came to seek and to save that which was lost and, in His majestic faithfulness, we remember that He finds all whom He seeks. May we never give our hand, loyalty or allegiance to another King. 
As we come to the Table, we come, not as holy men and women.  We come, rather, to remember, the One who bled and died for wretches such as we. As believers, met together in the name of Jesus, we have all things in common. We share a common guilt, a common ruination, a common rescue and a common redemption through the same blood. We have all been common recipients of the glorious deliverance accomplished by the blood.
As we take the bread and wine, we by faith remember that His blood has cleansed us, His righteousness has covered us, His strength defends us, His love comforts us and His Spirit energizes us.
And that’s the Gospel Truth

[size=12.727272033691406]-- [/size]
Quotes from Great Christians

Mercy is not something God has but something God is.

AW Tozer

"A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant"

Stephen Charnock

Out of 100 people

(D.L. Moody)

Out of 100 people, one will read the Bible; the other 99 will read the Christian!


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[size=12.727272033691406]Welcome to Notes from Nanjing[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]It is great share with you  once again.. about life in China.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]So far we have told you about many aspects of life in Nanjing. Now we are going to tell about some of the shopping experiences we have round about our flat.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Thanks and God bless[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]OPEN ALL HOURS[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Shopping in China is very different to anything you will ever experience.. we have supermarkets and in downtown Nanjing.. there are very expensive shops such as Rolex, Cartier and Louis vutton.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Opposite our supermarket is a long street with various small stalls and I want to describe some of them.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Let's start with the top of the street with the Chinese Arkwright.. now for those of you who live in the UK.. Arkwright is the grumpy shopkeeper whose shop is Open All hours. He is open from the rising to the setting of the sun and is known for being stingy.. well this guy in China sells all kinds of fruit and is open from 5am to 10.30pm. He unlike  Arkwright is a very cheerful soul and when he gives you change, he pulls out an enormous wad of notes. He sells every kind of fruit and he has customers morning noon and night.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Opposite him, from mid afternoon there appears various ladies bringing their vegetables from  allotments, they just sit there on small stools with the vegetables laid out on plastic sheeting and with the most rudimentary weighing scales you can imagine. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]As you walk further down the street, you will find shops that sell fruit, vegetables and very nice cakes.  You can get your shoes mended.. your clothes sown at the mobile tailors and cobblers that operate, we have everything on tap so to speak.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Bet you don't have this kind of shop in the USA or UK.. now you may be familiar with the phrase I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT OR EVEN FINGER LICKING GOOD, well there are cages of chickens clucking away and you can have truly fresh chicken.. or you can across the road to KFC if more squeamish in nature. Some of my students are thinking of sending out change of address cards as they like KFC so much and spend so much time there.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Once you selected the unfortunate creature to be eaten, he then puts it a big bin.. probably to suffocate it and then takes it to the back of the shop.. well anyway, it comes back dressed (well it has no feathers on it!!!!!!) and ready to eat. Since Chinese new year, this shop has disappeared.. shortage of chickens perhaps?[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Next down the street is the duck shop.. we used to have a tuck shop at school..but this one has two great big ovens with ducks turning on griddles inside them and they are very tasty let me tell you. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Next up we come to our vegetable shop run by two sisters and their son.  You need to get down there  early and certainly having sharp elbows helps as little Chinese bash you about the shins and arms trying to get the best veggies. Again the veggies are on plastic sheeting and they are numerous and range from tomatoes,potatoes, ginger, aubergine, carrots and cauliflower to some not even seen in the west. Tomatoes are the eqivalent of 35p a pound or half kilo in English Money.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Next door sells great fruit.. oranges, apples etc and during the summer wonderful water melons.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I hope you have enjoyed walking down our shopping street. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]If you want the proof by photos.. I will send them[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]God bless you[/size]


Special sermon

[size=12.727272033691406]This is the fourth in this series on Moses.. please listen

Guest website

Please view this excellent website

Guest Devotion 1 by JR Miller

To be a Christian

(J.R. Miller)

Consecration to God is nothing less than doing the will of Christ, rather than our own will--doing it always, whatever . . .
  the cost,
  the sacrifice,
  or the danger. 

There is too much mere pretense in our religion. We say that we believe in Christ; but if we truly do, we must follow Him wherever He leads, though we don't know where. We say we love Christ, and from His lips comes the crucial test: "If you love Me--keep My commandments." 

To be a Christian is to be devoted utterly, and irrevocably, to Christ! 

"And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple!" Luke 14:27

Guest Devotion 2 by JC Ryle

An actual, living, personal Friend

(J. C. Ryle, "Faith!")

A man who knows nothing of an inward, spiritual, 
experimental religion--is not a true believer! 

"Unto you who believe, Christ is precious." 1 Pet. 2:7 

This text does not say "Christianity" is precious, or 
the "Gospel" is precious, or "salvation" is precious--
but Christ Himself is precious!

A true believer's religion does not consist in mere 
intellectual assent to a certain set of propositions 
and doctrines. It is not a mere cold belief of a 
certain set of truths and facts concerning Christ. 
It consists in union, communion, and fellowship 
with an actual living Person--even Jesus the Son 
of God. It is a life of . . .
  faith in Jesus,
  confidence in Jesus,
  leaning on Jesus,
  drawing out of the fullness of Jesus,
  speaking to Jesus,
  working for Jesus,
  loving Jesus, and
  waiting for Jesus to come again. 

Such life may sound like enthusiasm to many. But 
where there is true faith, Christ will always be known 
and realized, as an actual, living, personal Friend
He who knows nothing of Christ as his own Priest, 
Physician, Redeemer,  Advocate, Friend, Teacher, 
Shepherd--knows nothing of saving faith! He is 
yet dead in trespasses and sins!

The person who loves Jesus may be poor and needy in 
this world--but he is rich in the sight of God. He may
be despised and sneered at by man--but he is honorable 
in the sight of the King of kings. He is traveling towards 
heaven! He has a mansion ready for him in the Father's 
house! He is cared for by Christ, while on earth! He will 
be owned by Christ before assembled worlds, in the life 
which is to come!


Quotes from Great Christians

 "The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials."

George Muller

"Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men."

Oswald Chambers

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

William Carey

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Post  Admin on Tue 11 Mar 2014, 3:52 pm

[size=12.727272033691406]Welcome to Notes from Nanjing[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I am so glad to share about our life in Nanjing and to tell you what it is like to live in Modern China.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please read the guest devotions, click on the featured website and listen to the sermon.. the second in the series.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Thanks and God bless [/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]GREEN CROSS CODE- CHINESE STYLE[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]I remember my first day in China very vividly, not only was it the best day.. up till then anyway of my life.. until of course my wedding day, but then every day spent with Helen and Ming is better than the day before.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]We got off the bus after coming from the airport and decided to take a ride on a rickshaw like thing on the back of a motor bike.. my first experience of Nanjing traffic, was on this thing as it zigzagged through the lanes.. but I know that I was a funny colour when I finally exited the rickshaw thing.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]To get home we then took a taxi and like every taxi drivers all over the world.. they think they own the road ( sorry, if you are taxi driver and reading this). He thought he knew the correct and quickest way back to our home, much to Helen's amazement.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]After we got home, Helen said let's go to the supermarket.. well that meant crossing the road outside our housing complex, well I have crossed some roads in my time, there were not only cars, but buses, bikes and finally little scooters driven it seemed by the whole population of China. I thought Oh no.. I am definitely not going to cross you again, but now I am fine, but that first time was a little scary.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]It does help to have another pair of eyes when crossing roads in China, esp at night as people don't seem to put their lights on.. surprisingly. We had been walking in the complex and suddenly there appears a scooter driven by someone with no lights on, who nearly makes mincemeat of us.. I say in my proper English.. Please put your lights on, you clown ..or words to that effect.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Traffic lights are controlled by timing boards high above the road, and that allows you to cross safely, but it seems all scooter and bike riders ignore these and so you get across.. after avoiding them.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]The road outside our complex is very straight and indeed seems like a bit of a racetrack at times, indeed it could be the place for the First Grand Prix of Nanjing!!!![/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]In the UK it is illegal to blow your horn, although many do it, but it China it is common practice, indeed bad driving is not just for the UK, I have seen some crazy things here in China and did he not hit Him/her.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Life is China.. is great. I am still here.. just, believe you me, I have been nearly hit by electric scooter riders on several occasions...I need to remember the Green Cross code[/size]

  1. THINK! Find the safest place to cross, then stop.
  2. STOP! Stand on the pavement near the kerb.
  3. USE YOUR EYES AND EARS! Look all around for traffic, and listen.
  4. WAIT UNTIL IT'S SAFE TO CROSS! If traffic is coming, let it pass.
  5. LOOK AND LISTEN! When it's safe, walk straight across the road.
  6. ARRIVE ALIVE! Keep looking and listening

Special one for China.. Be like Usain Bolt when crossing road.. very quickly!!!!!

[size=12.727272033691406]God bless you[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest Sermon[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Here is the second in this amazing series

Guest Website

Please view this great website

Guest Devotion  by  JC Ryle

Three rules for a happy marriage

(J. C. Ryle, "The Gospel of Mark" 1857)

Of all relationships of life, none ought to be regarded 
with such reverence, and none taken in hand so 
cautiously as the relationship of husband and wife. 

In no relationship is so much earthly happiness 
to be found, if it be entered upon discreetly, 
advisedly, and in the fear of God. In none is so 
much misery seen to follow, if it be taken in hand 
unadvisedly, lightly, wantonly, and without thought. 

From no step in life does so much benefit come to 
the soul, if people marry "in the Lord." From none 
does the soul take so much harm, if fancy, passion, 
or any mere worldly motive is the only cause which 
produce the union. 

There is, unhappily, only too much necessity 
for impressing these truths upon people. It 
is a mournful fact, that few steps in life are 
generally taken with so much levity, self will, 
and forgetfulness of God as marriage. Few are 
the young couples who think of inviting Christ
to their wedding! 

It is a mournful fact that unhappy marriages 
are one great cause of the misery and sorrow 
of which there is so much in the world. People 
find out too late that they have made a mistake,
and go in bitterness all their days. 

Happy are they, who in the matter 
of marriage observe three rules: 

The first is to marry only in the Lord, and 
after prayer for God's approval and blessing. 

The second is not to expect too much from their 
partners, and to remember that marriage is, after 
all, the union of two sinners, and not of two angels

The third rule is to strive first and foremost 
for one another's sanctification. The more holy 
married people are, the happier they are. 

Guest Poem by Lisa 

To love and to cherish, 'til death do us part
Is a sacred covenant, of the married heart
As before God, you pledge your vows
Trust in His love, which always endows
All that you need, the patience and strength
To make it through, each stormy length
When trials come and love seems to fade
Run to God, for He is your aid
Don't give up and turn on each other
Whether you're childless, or father or mother
Remember the time when love was enough
Forget about all the other stuff
Forgive each other and then move on
Don't rehash things dawn to dawn
Never give up, love will find a way
To make it through, the darkest day
Remember the covenant, made with your heart
Don't let yourself be torn apart
No matter what happens, or where you may roam
Remember the good times that you had at home
Come back to the love, rekindle it anew
Come back to each other, hear the gentle woo
For love is not just a feeling, it weathers the storm
Keeps going when things aren't quite the norm
For the sacred covenant of the married heart
Is to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part!!

[size=12.727272033691406]-- [/size]
Quotes from Great Christians

 "The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials."

George Muller

"Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men."

Oswald Chambers

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

William Carey

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Post  Admin on Mon 24 Feb 2014, 9:20 pm

[size=12.727272033691406]Welcome to Notes from Nanjing[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]What a joy to share with you once again.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Today we are going to share about our church. I hope you get an insight into the weekly life of our church here in Nanjing.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please share this newsletter with all your friends and contacts, also share it with your groups, prayer sites, house groups and churches.. please print it out and place on your church notice board.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please listen to the excellent sermon and also take time to view the great website[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Thank you[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]HOW TO PRAY FOR OUR UNREGISTERED CHURCH [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Last Monday, we outlined some prayer points in general for the Chinese church, now today, we want to share about our Local unregistered  church in Yao Hua men in Nanjing.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]So what happens in a typical week. We our activities are many and varied. The most important service is our worship time on Sunday. We set off for church before 8am for service to start at 8.30am.  We meet in the top floor of a tower block of 10 in the complex at the opposite side of the road to ours..[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]We have a room where people can go and prayer and also another room for teaching Sunday school, also a toilet and kitchen and storage room. We rent the flat from a good couple, who let us have it at a reasonable rent.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Our service start with worship in song and to hear the believers sing in praise to God is wonderful, sure I don't know the words, but I can just raise my hands in worship and clap my hands.. I can sing some of the songs in fact.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]We have  different preachers each week, who bring us the word of God faithfully and after the sermon, people are asked for prayer requests and we pray together for each need. The service then finishes and we have food.. either Chinese Cake or fruit with orange and this is very popular.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Fellowship takes place and we enjoy our time together, the collection has to be counted and three of us do that.. including Me. . We usually finish about 11, but sometimes Helen and I pray with people or talk with the preacher.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Midweek services include Wednesday early morning prayer meetings at 6.30am.. this is the hardest service to get too.. On Thursday evening at 7.30pm, we have our church prayer meeting and usually about 7-10 people come, we kneel on mats in the main room.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]On Friday night, bible study takes place , which Helen takes .. she is going through Luke at the Moment, once each month, Keith speaks and Helen interprets into Chinese.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Later this month, Helen is going to be doing a series on the Book the Practice of Godliness as we are seeking more co-workers, as myself and Helen are the only ones. [/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please stand in prayer for all these services.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please pray for the followings things in our church[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]We are seeking more co workers. Please pray that more people would come forward to serve.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Pray for the marriages in the church esp myself and Helen and Brother Y and Sister M. These are the only fully christian ones in the church.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Pray for the single believers in the church.. that they would find godly partners. Samuel and Sister D.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Pray that more men would come to church, there are only a couple of men committed to the church.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please pray that the church would have a deep and passionate love for each other.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please pray for the church to touch the whole area of Yao hua men and to change the whole area for the glory of God.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please pray for the growth of our little Sunday school, we are seeking a worker to take on this ministry. We had 4 of my students come at Christmas, please pray that many young people would be touched by the gospel.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]All these efforts and all these prayers are wonderful and appreciated.. but the one ingredient is this:[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]GOD'S PRECIOUS ANOINTING[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please pray for  both myself and Helen, that we would keep our focus on Christ and we would love Him and Him alone.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Thanks for praying.. please print these out and keep them in your bible.[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]God bless you[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Keith and Helen[/size]

Special sermon

[size=12.727272033691406]Please listen to this wonderful sermon[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest website[/size]

[size=12.727272033691406]Please read this exciting website[/size]


[size=12.727272033691406]Guest Devotion 1 by Willie White[/size]

Walk In Love
Ephesians 5:1-2
Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us and hath given Himself for us and offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor.
In Paul's message to the Ephesians believers he is encouraging them to walk in the love of Christ as it emulates Christ and His love for them. Paul also tells the Ephesians' believers why Christ sacrificed His life on the cross at Calvary was so that God the Father would smell the sweet savor of His Son's righteousness in every believer. Paul's message is true today.
These questions come to mind, Are you walking in the light and love of Christ? If so, do the world see the holiness of our Savior in you? Are you walking worthy of Christ atoning work on Calvary's cross providing salvation to all who believe being that He paid our sin debt? Walking in the light and love of Christ expresses our gratitude for Christ being our Savior.
Walk worthy in love.

Guest devotion 2 by James Smith

What a wonderful person!

(James Smith, "The Person and Work of Christ" 1849)

What a wonderful person
 is my glorious Lord Jesus! All the divine attributes are found in Him. As there are no limits to His fullness—there can be no limit to my supplies, or the least prospect of need.

Jesus is my divine Savior!

His bounty will supply me,
His omnipotence will deliver me,
His omnipresence will protect me,
His omniscience will guard me,
His love will animate me,
His mercy will heal me,
His grace will support me,
His compassion will comfort me,
His pity will relieve me,
His goodness will provide for me,
His tenderness will soothe me,
His kindness will encourage me,
His patience will bear with me,
His justice will avenge me,
His faithfulness will embolden me,
His holiness will beautify me,
His anger will awe me,
His life will quicken me,
His light will illumine me,
His Word will regulate me,
His joy will delight me,
His blessedness will elevate me,
His long-suffering will lead me to repentance,
His immutability will secure the fulfillment of all the promises to me,
His truth will be my shield and buckler,
His sovereignty will raise my admiration,
His condescension will inspire me with gratitude and love,
and His all-sufficiency will satisfy me both in time and eternity!

In Jesus, God has reconciled me to Himself—imputing my trespasses to Him—and His obedience to me. 

God by Jesus, takes away . . .
  all my sins, 
  His own wrath, and 
  my deserved condemnation!

All good things . . .
  are treasured up in Christ, 
  were procured for me by Christ, 
  flow to me through Christ, and
  are conferred on me for the sake of Christ!

How exactly suited is the Lord Jesus to my case! Inflexible justice demands my blood—but He becomes my substitute, and spills His own!

In Jesus, I see my sin—and God's justice meet!
He removes the one—and satisfies the other!

What is Jesus called in God's holy Word? 

Savior—in reference to my lost condition.
Reconciler—in reference to the enmity that existed between myself and God.
Redeemer—in reference to my slavery to sin.
Mediator—in respect to the disagreement between myself and the Most High God.
Refiner—with respect to my filthiness.
An Advocate—with regard to my perplexed cause.
Prophet—in respect to my ignorance.
Priest—with a view to my guiltiness.
King—in regard to my weakness and foes.
Bridegroom—regarding my lowly estate and relationship.
Physician—with regard to my many soul maladies. 
In a word, Jesus is "All In All." 

O to know more of Jesus, in . . .
  the glory of His person,
  the riches of His grace, 
  the perfection of His work,
  the tenderness of His heart,
  the strength of His love and
  the effectual working of His power!


Quotes from Great Christians

 "The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials."

George Muller

"Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men."

Oswald Chambers

"Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

William Carey

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Post  Admin on Mon 17 Feb 2014, 11:55 pm

Welcome to Notes from Nanjing

What a joy  to share with you once again. I hope you will be blessed as I share about the prayer needs about the Chinese church in general.

Please share these prayer needs and also read the website and also listen to the excellent sermon.

Thanks and God bless



China is such a huge country, indeed my land the UK, can fit into Jiangsu province, in which Nanjing is situated, three to four times over.

I am absolutely privileged, because I am one of the rare westerners, who goes to an unregistered church in China.

What are the specific challenges the church has to meet in the 21st Century. What do you need to pray for th Chinese Church?

Well people will say...China is a communist country and yes that is true. The communist party holds a defining place in the life of your country, although it is slightly declining, it is still a powerful voice.

I have lived in the USA, Canada,UK and Now China and As I see it, China is probably the most materialistic country.

The church in the Chinese countryside, was the engine room of the growth of the Chinese Church, but the government, has brought in a policy of bringing millions to the cities . This is probably one of the greatest migrations of people in history. 

It has stripped the country churches of most of the young people and has brought most of the young church leaders to the cities, but has encouraged them to seek after money. This is a crafty tactic of the devil and he has been quite successful with this. So this is the first thing to pray against. It lots of cases, the countryside church is declining. Please pray for an explosion of God's spirit in these churches. That a fresh and dynamic group of new leaders would be raised up.

That the materialistic way will not affect the Chines and that especially the young believers, would not seek after things, but after Christ.

For the marriages of Chinese believers, many Christian couples who are Pastors, because of Ministry, have to live apart and this causes problems in these marriages. Marriage is under attack and divorce is becoming more common in China. Also pray because many marriages have one of either the husband or wife are believers and the other is not.

Please pray for protection upon all christian marriage and for the conversion of unbelieving husbands and wives.
Please pray for single believers would meet godly partners.

One of the most cults that is in operation in China, is Eastern Lightning, which is very dangerous and active and indeed kidnaps Christian's and seek to destroy the Church in China. This cult must be bound by the power of prayer. Please stand strong in prayer.

Here is some information about them

Many people in China have come to Christ in China, but there are not many disciples. Please pray that people would grow up and mature in Christ. 

The education system is China teaching humanism and evolution. Please pray that this system would be broken. Please also pray for the young people in China, they are bombarded by these things at school and by rampart materialism at school.

The government has been seeking to create the economic miracle for all, to fill the God shaped hole in the life of the Chinese people. It is now desperately seeking to cleanse itself of corruption to placate the people.

Please pray that the miracle of the good news would sound out throughout China, and that would stop the gospel would be being proclaimed.

Please pray for the leaders.. the President and Prime minister's children and many other leading figures Children are studying overseas. The president's daughter is at Harvard law school.. may she and others be reached with the gospel. Millions of Chinese students are studying overseas.. may they be reached with the gospel. If you have a chance to reach any Chinese students.. then take the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

Another major prayer is for deep unity.. the unregistered church is separated from the registered church..there are only 4-10 registered churches in Nanjing. These registered churches are not allowed to preach the gospel, do children's work and are watched very carefully. Some registered churches seek to get round this and will not bow the knee so to speak. We are in an unregistered church an Helen my wife has had visits by police officers coming to her school to force her to register. Pray that the unregistered church would not compromise.

Not only unity between true believers.. but deep passionate love between them.. that the Government and the Chinese people see the deep love these believers have for each other.. they cannot deny two things:

The power of Changed lives

The power of true of Christian love

Both of them drive the devil absolutely barmy.. he hates both of them.. but especially the second. Let's make him even more upset than he already is.. amen.

Please pray that the Chinese Church


Thank you for praying.. PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY...please share this, as this is an insiders guide to praying.. please share this with your churches, house groups, prayer forums/groups and contacts.

Thank you and God bless you


Special sermon

Please listen to this amazing sermon, by one of my favourite pastors.

Guest Website

These are wonderful ministries

Guest Poem by Emily Boeve

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please hear my plight.
As I pray for my loved ones...
Tonight and every night.
I pray for their salvation,
Their daily lives, their safety, 
and their health.
For You to guide their life and love...
Would be their greatest wealth.
Help them realize, in everything they do...
Nothing will succeed or be pleasing,
Unless, they've included You!
Lead and guide their thoughts and what they say.
Father, please draw them close to You
And grant them wisdom, to walk Your way.
Hold them close in Your loving care.
Help them feel Your Presence...
That You're always there!
If they're making choices, that don't reflect You,
Please open a different door, for them to walk through.
Some are hurting and struggling, with a variety of pain.
They need You to show them answers, ....
to the problems and strife.
So they will be happy again,
With You in  their life.
This is my prayer for my loved ones, Oh Father Devine.
I pray for Your answers, to be Your will, not mine!
I love You Father.........Really, I do!!
I'll say amen now.....and Thank You!
                                       (c) (Pending) Emily Boeve

Guest Devotion by Watch and Go sent by Alex Smith

Dear Saints,
    True revival is not marked by any kind of signs and wonders at the first-- but as the Scriptures say, "signs and wondersfollowing." And of course, true signs and wonders both point toward God, and they are useful and practical, not just odd and sensational.
Many people say, "O God, let Your Fire fall!" Oftentimes, they are conceiving of a "fire" of some kind of exciting sensation-- but fire in the Bible was always of judgement, purification, refining... and there was a one-time only appearance of "cloven tongues like as of fire" on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2:3, which sat upon each of them...literally, it seemed to gather over and then distribute into individual "flames"-- but it was a Visual thing, they could actually see it! This never happened before or since in the Biblical record.
   In Matthew 3:11 when John the Baptist says, "He shall baptise you with the Holy Spirit, and with Fire" the context of verse 10, verse 11, and verse 12 makes it abundantly clear that he was speaking to the two groups gathered there, the Pharisees, and the Am-ha-Arretz-- the people of the land. John rebuked the Pharisees, who undoubtedly were standing about with crossed arms of sceptism, looking on at the base humility of the "unclean, defiled" people of the land, confessing their sins and taking the faith-filled, physical step of Baptism: "And now also the axe is laid to the root of the trees [a feller, or axeman, sizing up where he would be about to chop!] therefore every tree which bringeth forth not good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire!" Then he continues on, turning to address the people there who are hungry for more of God, and are willing to pay the price of humility ["Blessed are the poor in spirit..."] to confess and forsake their sins, "He shall baptise you with the Holy Spirit" --and then turning to the self-righteous Pharisees (whose entire system would shortly be destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D.)-- "and with FIRE! Whose fan is in His hand [winnowing fan, used on the threshing floor, to blow away the Chaff, that is the light, floofely grain husks which are of no use, no nutrition, and of little weight or account, the very meaning of the word 'vanity' ] and He will thoroughly purge His floor [the threshing floor, usually a flat stone floor under a roof with no walls, on the edge of a field near the barns and garners] and gather His wheat into the garner [the grain-storage facility of the day-- wheat representing the highest quality grain of nutritive value-- representing those who the Lord will gather into the safety of His heavenly realm] : but He will burn up the Chaff with unquenchable fire!"
    We should soberly note that of the two kinds of fire, that of purification and refinement [as in the heat of the smith's forge or furnace to melt and refine a noble metal such as Gold or Silver] or the fire of Judgement-- the fire of purification is ultimately preferable! And, throughout the Holy Writ, we are enjoined to "purify ourselves" and to "judge ourselves" and to "humble ourselves before God, and He will lift us up." There is a co-working together with God, wherein we submit ourselves unto Him for His refinement-- we do our part, He does His part.
    Without this key to revival, people will despite "touches from God" remain unconverted. Jesus told Peter, who had followed Him for three and a half years already, taken part in the incredible Vision of the Glorified Son of Man on the Mount of Transfiguration [a pre-view into Jesus' return in Glory, John detailed more of it in the opening chapter of The Revelation] "When you are converted, you shall strengthen your brethren." (Luke 22:32) This was both a call to, and a prophecy of Peter's repentance after having had denied the Lord. In John 21:15-19 Jesus outlines to Peter the steps of maturing in Self-Sacrificial Love that would have its end result when Peter was an old man...
    The "fire" of purification always begins with prayer, deep heart-felt repentance, and confession. Someone is our time is quoted as saying, "The Church used to confess its sins: now, it only confesses its rights." A street-preacher friend of mine said, "Am I a 'living sacrifice' or am I a living compromise?"
Take heed, my friends, and seek only the fire that is from God.
The following is a good example.
                                                                Love in Christ Jesus our Saviour
                                                                      L. Alex Smith

JONATHAN GOFORTH - Revivalist in China!
by David Smithers      

"You must go forward on your knees," was the advice Hudson Taylor gave to a young Canadian missionary named Jonathan Goforth. Mr. Goforth faithfully and fervently followed this advice throughout all has missionary endeavors in China. Yet, after thirteen years of faithful praying and preaching, and what most would consider a very successful ministry, Goforth became restless and dissatisfied. It was at this time an unknown party from England began sending pamphlets on the Welsh revival of 1904. Goforth was deeply stirred as he read these accounts. "A new thought, a new conception seemed to come to him of the Holy Spirit..." He then gave himself to much more prayer and Bible study. Goforth now found himself being driven by a fresh vision, a vision for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 
   Soon he began to meet daily with other missionaries to pray for revival. These men vowed to God and to one another that they would pray until revival came to China. In 1908 Jonathan Goforth's prayers and dreams began to be realized. Goforth began going to different missionary stations and simply led his fellow missionaries in prayer. Then suddenly earnest prayer gave way to the open confession of sin. 
   It was when the Christians came clean, confessed and forsook their secret sin, that the Holy Spirit rushed in like a mighty wind. Truly it was this open and honest confession of sin that was the most striking feature of the revival. Everywhere Mr. Goforth went revival would spread, and almost always in the same way. First 
prayer was encourage among the Christians, which then spontaneously led to heart- breaking confessions of sin. And then like a flood, the lost were brought into the kingdom by the thousands. "Men were searched as with fire." One after another broken-hearted believers emptied themselves through the uncovering of all secret sin. Mr. Goforth clearly identified unconfessed sin among Christians as a major hindrance to God-sent revival. 
   Walter Phillips describes for us one of Mr. Goforth's revival meetings: "At once, on entering the church one was conscious of something unusual. The place was crowded to the door and tense, reverent attention sat on every face. The people knelt for prayer, silent at first, but soon one here and another there began to pray aloud. The voices grew and gathered volume and blended into a great wave of united supplication that swelled until it was almost a roar. Now I understood why the floor was so wet - the very air was electric and strange thrills coarsed up and down one's body." 
   When Mr. Goforth preached, "The Cross burned like a living fire in the heart of every address." It was the person of Jesus Christ who was exalted throughout the entire revival as a King and Saviour who must be reckoned with. In the midst of this great revival, Jonathan Goforth clearly saw that all of his previous sweating and striving had reaped only frustration. He came to the firm conviction that revival is only born through humility, faith, prayer, and the power of the Holy Ghost. Goforth writes, "If revival is being withheld from us it is because some idol remains still enthroned; because we still insist in placing our reliance in 
human schemes; because we still refuse to face the unchangeable truth that:  'It is not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit.' "  (Zechariah 4:6)



Quotes from Great Christians

"What the Church needs to-day is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods, but men whom the Holy Ghost can use -- men of prayer, men mighty in prayer. The Holy Ghost does not flow through methods, but through men. He does not come on machinery, but on men. He does not anoint plans, but men, men of prayer."

Em Bounds

"All roads lead to the judgment seat of Christ."

Keith Green

"I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God; first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done."

Hudson Taylor

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Post  Admin on Tue 28 Jan 2014, 4:03 pm


What a joy to share with you once again, sharing about my adopted Home. I hope you will be blessed as you read this article and also take time to click on the link at the bottom of this article.

Thanks and God bless



After church on Sunday we went to the market, near Helen's old school to buy some vegetables and fruit. We stopped at one stall to get some bean curd, this stall was run by a couple with a young son, who is one of Helen's students. They asked us to come into their home, which is in the back of  the shop, I have seen many things in my time, but never anything so small, the young man slept on small ledge up a ladder and his parents had a small bed. It makes you think, we are so lucky, that we have what we have. I know Helen and I have a nice flat and many of you, who in in the west, live in luxury compared to what I saw yesterday.

It was only later did the full reality of what I had seen dawned on me. As we sat in KFC  eating an ice cream, Helen explained that those people probably were more wealthy than us.  Well Helen explained that people like those we saw this morning, were farmers who have come from the country to make money. 

Many people in China are chasing the economic miracle and to earn more and more money. Helen said that many who come to the city from the country and live in the most cramped conditions ever, have 2 storey houses in the country, but they choose to come and live in the city, because there is more opportunity to make more and more money.

We have a man who sells fruit not far from us, he works from 5am to 10.30am at night, His God is money, his aim is get more and more wealth, he told us, he had bought another flat with what he had earned and that he would buy other flats

What is important to focus on is this, the church started in the rural areas, that was the birthing place of the church, but now many rural believers are moving to the cities, and when they get to the cities,many of them,leave the church and go chasing material things. Many rural churches are dying because the only believers that are left are the old and the infirm, as all the young people leave.

You think of China as a communist state, but in reality, it is a state consumed by materialism. In downtown Nanjing, there is an area where there are the highest quality shops you will find anywhere in the world.. shops you would expect to find in London and New York. There is a showroom selling Rolls Royce Cars for 1 million pounds each.

Please pray especially for the Chinese church, which has been brought up on sound principles, would not have it's edge blunted by the believers chasing after material things. The devil can hurt this unique church, by blunting it's effectiveness, the riches of the world and the praise of men can and will strangle it and any church for that matter.

May we all focus on the things that are really important.. CHASING AFTER CHRIST..getting to know Him Matthew 6:33, Phil 3:7-14

God Bless you


Special sermon

This is the final one in this amazing series

Guest Website

Please join these believers in praying for their nation

Guest Devotion 1 BY Mary Wimslow

You cannot weary nor wear Him out!
([url= Winslow books.htm]Mary Winslow[/url], "Life in Jesus") 

The humble, penitential, minute 
confession of sin will . . .
  keep the conscience tender, 
  create a watchful spirit within, 
  sanctify the heart, and 
  draw us closer and closer to the Cross, 
and to the Christ of the Cross.

Thus go to Jesus.
He is with you . . .
  in all your concerns, 
  in all your trials, 
  in all your blessings, 
  in all your sorrows and 
  in all your joys.

His dear eye is ever upon you for good.
He loved you with an everlasting love, and 
with loving kindness drew you to Himself.

Veil no secrets from Him.
Keep an open heart with Christ.
If your love is cold, He will warm it.
If your spirit is depressed, He will raise it.
If your corruptions are strong, He will subdue them.
The oftener you come the more welcome you will be.
You cannot weary nor wear Him out!

Guest Devotion 2 by Jr Miller
To be a Christian

(J.R. Miller)

Consecration to God is nothing less than doing the will of Christ, rather than our own will — doing it always, whatever . . .
  the cost,
  the sacrifice,
  or the danger. 

There is too much mere pretense in our religion. We say that we believe in Christ; but if we truly do, we must follow Him wherever He leads, though we don't know where. We say we love Christ, and from His lips comes the crucial test: "If you love Me — keep My commandments." 

To be a Christian is to be devoted utterly, and irrevocably, to Christ! 

"And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple!" Luke 14:27


Quotes from Great Christians

"We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them."

Robert Moffat

 "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."

Ct Studd

 If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, then how are you going to handle forever and ever in His presence...? You'd be bored to tears in heaven, if you're not ecstatic about God now!

Keith Green

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Welcome to Notes From Nanjing once again

This week I want to share about the man, both I and the Chinese church revere. Please take time to check out the links at the bottom

God bless

Keith and Helen

Before we start.. I have sent all of you a christmas card.. please check spam to see if it is in there.. please view your card if you already haven't


Many of you know I am British and some of you know that I come from the biggest (and best) county in England.. Yorkshire. I want to talk about a fellow yorkshireman, JHT.. or James Hudson Taylor, who founded the China Inland Mission, who are now the Overseas Missionary fellowship.

One of his quotes

Christ is either Lord of all,
or He is not Lord at all.

We are showered with Christian books from celebrity christian authors and indeed celebrity pastors.. who tell their readers their formula for living the Christian life.. they talk of your best life now, but Hudson Taylor had the EXCHANGED LIFE.

Let me tell you of the connection I have with this man..just after I came to faith back in 1975, I read his biography, 500 pages long, sometimes with the light of a torch under my blankets, the story challenged me, entranced me and made me even more fascinated by China, than I already was.

Here is a man who lived as close to God as you possibly could live, who trusted God totally and who served God faithfully,but the principles he practised have been washed away in the rush of so called Christian books by authors who know nothing of true Christianity. These authors write from spacious heated  studies with plush carpets and from beside heated swimming pools, and then tell their readers to trust God for everything. He wrote from the front line, he wrote whilst in pain in his bed.. he had to lay aside the work to return home to recuperate

JHT learned that the secret of the Christian life, was to exchange his life for the Life that Christ gives, he knew the reality of Verses like Galatians 2:20, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Phil 3:7-14.

He did not launch appeals for funds, he went to the source of all his funds.. that is to His Father and he supplied all his needs. Even in his early years in Hull, he relied upon God, he didn't make mention of a single need, he just let God take care of it, he let God remind his employer to pay his salary. The story is that his Christian employer had forgotten to pay his salary and then one late Saturday night, one of his wealthiest clients had come to pay his doctor's bill.. at 10pm!!!. God had moved that unbeliever to pay the doctor and so JHT was paid.

He had no big budgets.. no gimmicks. He set out missions in the cities and the missionaries trained up the local people, they did not hold a two week crusade and disappear on their private plane back to their comfy house, like many evangelists do today.

I am so happy to talk about this man.. he is buried in Changsha and one of my aims is to visit his grave. He died in 1905.. significantly this was the last time a true revival happened in the UK.

Please read his story and go to your local Christian bookshop and read his biography.. put away these celebrity preachers who talk about your best life now. Read about this true man of God.. not about what some perma tanned preacher has to say.. most of whom are not fit to called Preachers.

Please read about this awesome man of God.. I am honoured to be following in his footsteps so to speak

Thank You

God Bless

Keith and Helen

Special sermon

This is the first in this amazing series.. the next 4 Mondays.. we will hear these excellent teachings on God's precious word

Guest Website

Please read this amazing website.. please pray for the Japanese people to be won for Christ

Guest Devotion 1 by JC RYLE

These are the words which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself employs!

(J.C. Ryle)

Settle it firmly in your mind, that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself has spoken most plainly about the reality and eternity of Hell. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus contains things which should make men tremble! But it does not stand alone. No lips have used so many words to express the awfulness of Hell — as the lips of Him who spoke as never any man spoke:
   the damnation of Hell,
   eternal damnation, 
   the resurrection of damnation, 
   everlasting fire, 
   the place of torment, 
   eternal destruction, 
   outer darkness,
   the worm that never dies, 
   the fire that is never quenched, 
   the place of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, 
   everlasting punishment — 
these are the words which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself employs!

Away with the miserable nonsense which people talk of in this day, who tell us that the ministers of the gospel should never speak of Hell! They only show their own ignorance, or their own dishonesty — when they babble in such a manner! No person can honestly read the four Gospels, and fail to see that those who would follow the example of Christ, must speak of Hell!

Guest Devotion 2 by Jerry miller

Don’t Settle For “Your Way”
Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will show you great and mighty things,which you do not know.”
In today's society fast food is making billions. Its slogans are have it your way and have it hot and have it now. How easy it is for us to fall into this fast food mentality.” It has almost become who we are. But in God’s kingdom there’s no fast food. We cant always have it our way now. When we are caught up in this fast food mentalitywe lose the true meaning of patience. True Patience is the ability to wait on the Lord through trials without complaining and worrying; it is to be tested and persevere through trial!
But in Gods kingdom theres no fast food. We cant always have it our way and nowWhen we are caught up in this fast food mentality, we lose the true meaning of patienceTrue patience is the ability to wait on the Lord through trials without complaining and worrying; it is to be tested and persevere through trial!
Lets not settle for a hamburger, fries and coke — when the Lord has a delicious, heavenly feast prepared for us!


Quotes from Great Christians

"We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them."

Robert Moffat

 "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."

Ct Studd

 If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, then how are you going to handle forever and ever in His presence...? You'd be bored to tears in heaven, if you're not ecstatic about God now!

Keith Green[/font][/color]

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Welcome to a special Notes from Nanjing

My first full year in China.. so much has happened.

Let me share some memories of the year.. so many changes have happened to me and Helen.

Please share with all your friends and contacts

Thanks and God bless

Keith and Helen


The  above title is a play on words on a British TV programme.

As I walked to church one Sunday, I passed a group Of twenty somethings and they took great delight in saying GOOD MORNING IN ENGLISH.. I REPLIED BY SAYING ZAO SHANG HAO.

I thought maybe I am a little bit of a celebrity, well I am not even the most famous Englishman who has visited Nanjing this year even.. that is David Beckham..where hasn't he been!!!!!

2013 has been an incredible year, so much has happened to both myself and Helen.Let me take you through some of the most exciting events.

Chinese new year is the highlight of the whole year for the whole country. We spent that evening at Helen's parents.. watching the annual Chinese New year TV spectacular featuring  Celine Dion and various others.. including a woman singer.. well she was dressed as a woman.. had make up like a woman, and sang like a woman.. but turned up to be a man.

At midnight.. the Chinese set off fireworks.. they do before midnight.. and just before midnight. I decided to walk round our complex.. the sky was lit up and I couldn't hear myself think. Firecrackers were going off everywhere, including in the middle of the main road.

We are part of a group of 15 churches Pastor Ji, and during Chinese new year, we had a three day conference s led by believers from another of Chin's many provinces. 53 graduated from the course.. 52 Chinese and an alien!!!!!.

If someone had told me that I would teach English to Chinese students, I would of said.. 'dont be nuts'.. but I am. My First lesson stands out.. with the teenagers.. I asked what are your English names.. I was teaching a 


So class started.. until of course I asked Michael and Jackson to read together,' would Michael Jackson, come out to the front please'. By then I had completely lost it,everyone knows I giggle, but I was literally rolling around in agony. We now have 25 students in our own home.

On Easter Sunday morning, we joined with the rest of the churches to celebrate Jesus's Resurrection in a beautiful spot by the side of the Yangtze river.. it truly was a wonderful time.

Summer came and in June- September it was very hot.. in fact at the end of July.. I was laid low for three days.. all I did was lay on the bed.. no food at all.

In July we started to teach  New concept English for 12 students three mornings per week, that was so much fun.. exhausting yes.. but Fun..singing songs and doing actions to the wheels on the bus go round and round and head shoulders knees and toes was something to behold.

We have so many good times visiting Helen's dear parents.. joining with Helen's brother couple and daughter. Helen's mum cooks so beautifully for us.

Helen's brother takes us out once a month  to a different restaurant every time, it was lovely to meet Helen's cousin Willi and His Mother who came from Singapore.. Willi is study in Shanghai.

Other highlights include going to the international church on the invitation of William and Hazel and Meeting David.. who is from Preston.. 20 miles from Morecambe.. you come all that way and you meet someone from 20 miles from you.

Our trip as a church to Qian lake was memorable , our conference with Pastor Xu.. the singing pastor were also highlights.

Our Christmas service on the 21st Dec was another memorable experience as we had a full church and Helen and I sang Jesus Name above all names.. indeed I sang one verse solo and didn't empty the church, indeed I was given a round of applause.. maybe out of sympathy!!!!!. Cotton wool was provided!!!

The funniest thing that I have heard was from Helen's lips.. going to see David at his flat.. Helen said to me.. 'I DONT UNDERSTAND HIS ACCIDENT''.. I think you mean accent my love.

Spending time at home cooking and sharing love, and laughter with Helen and Ming.. just sitting round the table listening to them as the chat back and forth.. I can't understand what they say.. but to see the deep love they have as Mother and daughter is so beautiful.

Ming lights up our life.. her painting and her piano playing lift our spirits.. she just starts playing on the piano and just plays from memory. Getting to know Ming has been an adventure.. she is a teenager.. very different to what I have ever encountered before.

Our church here at Yao Hua Men and our mother church is full of so many wonderful brothers and sisters, who have blessed us so much. Thanks to Pastors Ji and Pung who have blessed us so much and suggested that I write Notes from Nanjing in the first place.
Helen is so wonderful, she is my sweetheart, love and inspiration. Over the year Helen has been so patient, and caring. Thank you my CHIN AI DE (SWEETHEART)

Finally thanks as ever to our faithful Lord, the one who we love, the one who guides and sustains us.  The love He gives us is so incredible.. to be his Son and Daughter is the most amazing privilege.

I hope this gives you a broad sweep of what has happened during this year.

God bless you all

Keith Helen Ming

Special Sermon

Please listen to this excellent sermon BY Pastor John Barnett

Guest Website

Please take time to read this wonderful website

Guest Devotion 1 by My Manna

My Manna

"...O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand." Isaiah 64:8.

During the Great Depression, a good man lost his job, used up all his savings, and forfeited his home.

His grief was multiplied by the sudden death of his wife just weeks later.

The only thing he had left was his faith.
And it had been weakened. 

One day, the man walked about looking for work when he stopped to watch some men doing stonework on a church building.

One of the men skillfully chiseled a triangular piece of rock that didn't seem to fit in the formation they were creating.

So the man shouted to the artist, "Where are you going to put that?"

The man pointed toward the top of the building and said:
"See that opening up there near the spire? That's where it goes. I'm shaping it down here so it will fit up there."

Tears filled the poor man's eyes as he walked away.

The worker's words rang clear and spoke deeply to his heart giving new meaning to his difficult situation.

You may be reading this and going through a difficult time yourself right now.

It may be something even too troubling to talk to anyone about.

But you can know for certain-
- "that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28.

Each blow of the hammer and chisel in your life may hurt.

But have faith.

These difficulties are only temporary!

Sometimes the most painful blows bring about the greatest inner strength.

Keep praying and believing that-
- the Master is shaping you down here so you will be fit up there.

Ask the Lord to turn your tragedy into triumph-
- and strengthen your spirit when life painfully hammers you from all sides.

Guest Devotion 2 by Richard Baxter

Your chief study

(Richard Baxter)

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it
 is the wellspring of life!" Proverbs 4:23

See that your chief study is about your heart:
  that there, God's image is planted;
  that there, His interests are advanced;
  that there, the world and flesh are subdued;
  that there, the love of every sin is cast out;
  that there, the love of holiness grows.

"I, the Lord, search the heart and examine
 the mind!" Jeremiah 17:10


Quotes from Great Christians

"We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them."

Robert Moffat

 "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."

Ct Studd

 If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, then how are you going to handle forever and ever in His presence...? You'd be bored to tears in heaven, if you're not ecstatic about God now!

Keith Green


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Dear Friends

Sheng Dan Kuai Le

It's Christmas day and so myself and Helen (and Ming our precious daughter) want to wish you a very happy Christmas from us all here in China. Christmas day is not celebrated here, so am sending out a devotion and a poem along with a card, most of you will be with your families, but some HRISTMAS SPECIAL DEVOTIONof you will be alone this Christmas.  Christmas is just a normal day for people in China.. Helen will be teaching as usual..Please pray for us as we proclaim that Jesus is Lord

God bless you

Much  Love and Many prayers

Keith Helen and Ming in Nanjing China

Special Christmas card

Let us remember who Jesus is a this special time

Special sermon

Please listen to this sermon which tells the true story of Christmas

Guest Poem 
Written by George Edward Noe

Come Rejoicing

Dear Friends, come rejoicing 
giving praise for this Christmas Holy Day. 
Daylight is breaking so do not 
let anything get in your way.

For our Lord has been born into 
our world, this beautiful Earth. 
Sing praises to His name. 
He is the Author of our rebirth.

Let our songs gladly ring out to 
everyone about God's Holy Son. 
Jesus, our Savior, took away our sins 
and into His glory one day we'll come.

Come, I write, rejoicing with great 
expectation about our Savior's birthday. 
For it was God's plan to give His Son to us 
in His own awesome way. 

Guest Devotion by Debbie

Every heart that is aching, every heart that is breaking, every heart that is crying, He sees you, He hears you Indeed, Jesus loves you. He will quiet you with His love, show you the good way, hold your hand from above, and will not let you astray. Yes, Jesus loves you. Never blind to your tears, never deaf to your prayers, and never silent to your pain. Know now and don’t forget again that Jesus loves you. When I look at you, crucified on the cross, I come face to face with the evil of sin. When I look at you, abandoned by man, I just want to sing to you in the best way I can. I love you, Jesus I love you, so much stay with me, don't leave me, I want to love you until the day that I die.  When I look at you, hung on the cross, I look into your face, I see my friend. When I look at you, forsaken by man, I feel sore to my bones, but forever to you in debt. I love you, Jesus I love you, so much stay with me, don't leave me, I want to love you until the day that I die. When I look at you, in pain on the cross, my heart miss a beat, tears run down my face. When I look at you, insulted by man, I feel your love inside me, your love with no end. I love you, Jesus I love you, so much stay with me, don't leave me, I want to love you until the day that I die. Jesus loves you, like no one else ever will no other could impart the joy that He can instill. Jesus wants you, like no one else could aspire no other could arouse your soul or in you, so inspire. Jesus cares for you, like no one else could ever do no other can incite the peace inside of you. Jesus cherishes you, like no one else could entertain no other could hold the treasure that in Jesus you can obtain. Jesus loves you, all He wants is your love back no other would die for you so that you would never lack! This is why Jesus birth should be so special to us all!!

Romans 5:8
“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us.”

Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready. He presented himself for this sacrificial death when we were far too weak and rebellious to do anything to get ourselves ready. And even if we hadn’t been so weak, we wouldn’t have known what to do anyway. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.

True Christian Christmas
Christmas isn't showy gifts or glittering decoration. It's honoring our Savior, Jesus Christ in humble adoration. It's serving those less fortunate, meeting their needs before our own. It's making sure at Christmas time that no one is alone. It's taking what we would have spent on things that no one needs, and using it to help someone. With service and good deeds. Our Savior showed us how to live with charity, faith and service. It makes the holidays a joy, more peaceful, and less nervous. So let's remember Christmas is about our Savior's birth. That's the way to happiness, the way to peace on earth.

Guest Website

Please say a prayer for our beloved brothers and sisters who are suffering persecution


Quotes from Great Christians

"We shall have all eternity in which to celebrate our victories, but we have only one swift hour before the sunset in which to win them."

Robert Moffat

 "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."

Ct Studd

 If your heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, or watching TV, or going to the movies, or talking to friends, rather than just sitting alone with God and embracing Him, sharing His cares and His burdens, weeping and rejoicing with Him, then how are you going to handle forever and ever in His presence...? You'd be bored to tears in heaven, if you're not ecstatic about God now!

Keith Green

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