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Post  Admin on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 1:57 pm

Out of the blue one day, for no reason at all while 7
year-old Mark was sitting at his desk in the classroom,
he felt something warm and looked down to see the front
of his pants wet, and a puddle at his feet on the
floor. Mark could never remember ever wetting his pants
before. He could not believe it was happening to him.
Immediately he realized all the ramifications that this
would bring to his young life. He could already hear
the taunting of the other boys on the play ground, and
surely no girl would ever speak to him again.

He immediately buried his head in his hands and prayed,
"God I need help NOW. Three minutes from now will be
too late." 

He heard someone approaching him and looked up to see
Susie coming in his direction with a big gold fish bowl
in her hands. It was Susie's day to clean the fish
bowl. Oh no! not Susie. He had had a crush on her since
Kindergarten. She would see and he would never be able
to speak to her again."

But then it happened! Just as she got to his desk Susie
dumped the entire bowl of water, fish and all into
Mark's lap.

The teacher jumped to Mark's rescue. Scurried him away
to the boiler room, gave him a pair of Gym shorts to
wear, hung his trousers on the boiler to dry, and put
her arm around him lavishing him with sympathy and
understanding. When they returned to the class room,
all the children were busy with paper towels drying up
the floor and Mark's books, and scolding little Susie
for her clumsiness. When Susie tried to help, the
teacher said, "Susie, I think you have done enough for
one day."

The acceptance and sympathy felt so good to Mark, that
he failed to realize how rejected little Susie felt by
the condemnation of his classmates. The more sympathy
Mark received, the more rejection and condemnation
Susie experienced. This lasted the rest of the day,
until they were all out front waiting for rides home.

It was then he saw the pain in Susie's eyes as she
stood all alone, while students from other classes
heard about the incident for the first time and crowded
around Mark lavishing more understanding.

Mark went over to Susie, and whispered, "Susie, you
saw, you knew, didn't you? You dumped that water on me
on purpose, didn't you? "

Susie replied, "Mark, I wet my pants once too."1

1. This story was told by Bob Tuttle, Prof. at Asbury
campus in Florida. Submitted by Ernest Jones. Cited on

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