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inapickle's testimonies

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Post  inapickle22 on Mon 02 Feb 2009, 10:57 pm

From: inapickle22 (Original Message) Sent: 02/05/2007 10:00
As promised here is testimony of my daughter's baptism last Sunday.
My daughter used to go to Sunday school etc but rebelled after she was raped and ended up leaving home. She got involved with witchcraft and was even training to be a witch. I was praying that the 3 girls she has would be protected in all this. My daughter lives in a very small village, about 7/8 houses is all there is, and a Baptist church... nothing else... blink and you've missed it.
One day an american couple were sent to be the pastor of the church, which had been struggling to keep open. Now the girls were really pleased as this family had kids... playmates at last for them ! This is how Zoe, Sam's middle daughter, ended up being friends with them and wanting to go to church with them and ended up going to Sunday School. One day Zoe came home and said there was going to be an evangerlist coming to the church and that she wanted to hear him, but as it was at night, she had to ask her parents for permission to go. Sam decided that if it was at night either her or her husband would have to go with her, and in Sam's words... she drew the short straw ! This evangelist was asking people to say their favourite verse and he'd say a little about it. The meeting had been going on a while and Sam told Zoe she'd wish it would end. It was at this time the evangelist said ' One more verse, has anyone one more verse and then I'll finish' Zoe said go on mum, give him a verse so we can go home. Only verse Sam could think of was Psalm 23:1... The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. The evangelist, so sorry I don't know his name, spoke about 15/20 minutes on this verse but God was working on Sam... sam began thinking of her life, regardless where she went, even to the witchcraft meetings, that Jesus had been there,watching, waiting for her.
This happened Easter last year, and she threw all the things in her house that were not pleasing to God... her horror movies, her witchcraft things etc away. Now one of Sam's friend, who is a practising witch, has been watching Sam and how her life is changing and out of curiosity she asked if she could attend Sam's baptism.
Last sunday, my daughter was baptised, and yes the witch did turn up, even staying in the church till after Sam's testimony, then she rushed outside, and waited there till the time it was time to walk down to the river where Sam would be baptised.
The weather was perfect and it was a privelledge for me as a praying mum, to see her enter the water and be baptised.

Thank You Jesus for being with us even when we are going our own way. Thank You thank You can change lives for Your power is greater than the power of this world. Lord I ask that You will continue to bless Sam and her family. Thank You Jesus that a month ago her husband, Andy, gave his life, to You also.
I ask this, in Your precios name Jesus, giving You all the praise and glory.


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inapickle's testimonies Empty Re: inapickle's testimonies

Post  inapickle22 on Mon 02 Feb 2009, 11:00 pm

Hi all,
Just wanted to say sorry for not being here for weeks
and weeks but I've been going through a lot of stuff
and dare I say, been struggling on faith issues too.
However, I must tell you one praise report:
I've been given a ground floor place and will be able
to move in a few weeks time, as soon as the gas central
heating has been checked. Thank you all cos this means
so much to me, esp with my knees and breathing problems.
Plus the flat has a huge wetroom, with a shower and seat,
instead of a bath yeah !! that will make things better as I've
not been able to get in a bath for over a year ... LOL, no I'm
not smelly ... I have been having washes etc.. just incase ya
thinking LOL


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