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Wayne's testimony

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Wayne's testimony Empty Wayne's testimony

Post  Wayne on Mon 02 Feb 2009, 11:25 pm

This Testimony was first made 12/3/07 the Day i started.

Praise the Lord One and all, thought i'd give you an update to what's been going on, some of you know 'some of you dont. I've been asking God to get me out of my present job, as i've been unhappy with it lately. I tried a couple of job interviews but, nothing came of it, so just trusting God to get it and I didnt worry about it. I was telling my supervisor, that i may be moving to Melton, to be near my brother and sister-in-laws, because i was struggling for a baby sitter if i had to swap shifts, so my supervisor said, "wait there a minute ive got something for you" and he disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with a piece of paper in his hand, "Here you are, give this man a ring, he's looking for someone else for his place, you may as well give them a try, being your thinking of moving there", so i rang up and asked if i could have an application form. A couple of days later, a letter came through and they asked for a C.V and a cover letter, so i got to work on the CV and cover letter, prayed over it and asked a sister here on wwc and a friend at work, both gave me some good advise and used them both, Thank you Lord for them again,prayed over my letter and CV then posted them off, couple of days passed then i got a telephone call asking if i was available to come for interview, got there pretty early let them know I was there, then was told to wait until manager was ready, an hour passed still waiting pretty patiently, the assistant manager came, "have you just got here" ,"no ive been here since 5:25pm". He couldn't apologise enough, but i said no problem, took me around the plant, then spoke about my duties and about weekend working, then i thought ok here goes nothing. I told him I dont mind working weekends but i cannot work on a sunday, as a practising christian, sunday belongs to God, the room went quiet ,then i thought ive blown it now, well thats your choice i respect that,then he left me in the office to do an appitude test, it was 4 pages long and i went through quite well than i got to the last page, SHOCK horror, maths, im not brilliant at maths. I can add subtract and multiply, a bit dodgy on division but i get by, but sequences of numbers.I'm terrible, i tried a couple of times and i couldnt do it, my heart sank, then i turn my back to the window and started praying, I said to our Lord ,if you want me to have this job, im asking you to help me with the answers, cause ive got no idea, after i prayed i looked again and again then all of a sudden numbers fell out of my head, i thought, where did that come from, and when i wrote them in it made sense, thank you Jesus.Well I went home and in a couple of days the phone rang and the man from the new place said, when can you start, I was so excited, I jumped in the air like a big kid, praise Jesus, thank you Lord, God you are awesome.
I've just been and finished my first shift today, all went well so far, excellent place good prospects they look after you well paid pension, i dont pay a penny, so i keep my old one going as well, Continue to pray for me Brethen, God Bless Bro Wayne


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