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Strength Comes with Waiting Dr. Charles Stanley

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Strength Comes with Waiting  Dr. Charles Stanley Empty Strength Comes with Waiting Dr. Charles Stanley

Post  Admin on Wed 19 Jan 2011 - 16:26

Strength Comes with Waiting
Isaiah 40:28-31
Exhaustion is a by-product of overcommitted schedules and never-ending
responsibilities. In an effort to accomplish all that is expected, we often
try to
move faster and cram in more by multitasking. But in the process, we end up
emotionally and physically fatigued. The Lord offers a radically different
mode of living and grants renewed strength and stamina.
Those who wait upon the Lord are promised His supernatural energy. In fact,
Scripture says it will surpass the natural strength and endurance of the
Access to this divine power is achieved not by moving faster but by going
slower-stopping to take time to focus on the Father, seek His direction, and
ask for His strength to accomplish what He is calling you to do.
Earlier in my life, I wore myself out by impatiently pushing ahead, trying
to do ministry in my own way and time. Since then, I have learned that when
pause and humble myself, admitting that I have no strength without Him, the
Lord sustains me with both emotional and spiritual energy. There is no human
explanation for what God is willing and able to do in a yielded human body.
His Holy Spirit is like the wind beneath our wings, enabling us to soar like
The next time you are at the point of exhaustion, take some time out to
focus on the Lord. Are you walking in step with Him, or have you gone ahead
on your
own? Align your pace with His, and take the energy He freely offers to those
who walk obediently in His will.
For more biblical teaching and resources from Dr. Charles Stanley, please

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