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____The Wailing Wall___

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Post  Admin on Mon 25 Nov 2013, 1:28 am

____The Wailing Wall___ 

Here a tear, there a tear 
Everywhere in life appear 
To take control and save us from 
All things against 
What love prays for 
In lives to come 
Where hearts are one 
In pure accord 
Where words speak not 
Of hateful things 
Which have no place 
Where pure love sings 
Its major chord 
With splendid ease 
In words so sweet and dear 
To hear what breathes 
And hopes to see and be 
So perfectly 
Neath angel wings 
With soulful sighing 
Crying unto God 
Beseeching Him 
To listen to love’s plaintive hymn 
Which only He and lovers hear 
Beyond the Wailing Wall within 

John Paul Christopher

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