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Post  Admin on Thu 26 Mar 2009, 6:46 pm

"And the LORD said to Moses: 'Take the herbs stacte, onycha, and
galbanum - these herbs together with pure frankincense; let there be an
equal part of each.'" [Exodus (Shemot) 30. 34 Tanakh, Torah]

Stacte is supposed to be the gum of the storax tree found in the East.
It is a "dew drop" like gum that can only be gathered in the morning
(almost certainly this is myrrh). "Dew" always refers to inspiration.
Stacte is mentioned first -- inspiration is needed at the beginning.

Onycha comes from a sweet smelling shell found on the shores of the Red
Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is said to increase the fragrance of other
perfumes, and to be the basis of perfumes made in the East Indies (when
burning it emitted an odor resembling musk...very costly). There are
two places where it can be obtained:
* From an "aromic" mussel from the sea. . .the shell is removed by a
concussion of sound.
* The nail is removed from certain animals and the cartilage underneath
is lifted off. These are ground up and oil is squeezed out to become a
fragrant perfume. This oil comes only after there has been a death.
There is an aspect in worship that comes only after the death of the
flesh. There are things in us that must die. . . rendered powerless.
Prophecy works, at times, as a concussion of sound. It has a message
that breaks the hardness without damaging the spirit. Prophecy can
release worship from within us.

Galbanum is the juice of a shrub growing in Arabia, Persia, India and
Africa. The shrub is slit at night, as you would slit a rubber tree.
It has a pungent, disagreeable odor and was mixed with the other
ingredients to increase and retain its fragrance longer. The gum that
oozes out is used for perfume. This speaks of woundings and brokenness
in us. Brokenness is essential in true worship. Brokenness is a process
of the SPRIT OF GOD and it comes from deep within us. Often, we are too
hard in our spirit and there is a need to be broken.

Pure Frankincense {Frankincense means "to be white"} is the most
important of the aromatic gums and is regarded by itself as a precious
perfume. It comes from a tree that grows abundantly in India. The
whitish juice hardens in forms of "tears" or irregular lumps. The word
"pure" used here refers to the free flowing and liberal giving forth of
its odors. It is useful as a medicine and an antidote to poison. Very
striking indeed is the prominence of the number five in this spice.
{Five is the number showing GOD'S GRACE, which reflects HIS GLORY in
this world.}

The frankincense flower has five petals and stamens. The fruit is
five-sided, and there are five species of the plant. It is a
preservative; this in the realm of the spiritual is GOD'S part, the
preserving. . . HE HIMSELF is the life that preserves. HIS life in us
is part of true worship.

All three spices were for the holy perfume of the Incense Altar; all
were obtained from a form of life of some kind which gave of itself.
The stacte oozed forth spontaneously from a growing tree; the onycha
came from a crab in the depths of the Red Sea which gave up its life;
the galbanum spice came from crushed leaves; the frankincense came from
a tree which was pierced. How like the HOLY SPIRIT'S work through the
ha'MASHIACH was the STACTE, spontaneous in worship; HE is the ONYCHA,
sincere in the depths of HIS heart; as the GALBANUM, broken and
contrite; as the Frankincense, the ONE WHO was pierced! All worship
must be through HIM WHO gave up HIS life that we might come into the
Holiest Place with the GREAT GOD OF ISRAEL!

All the ingredients were of equal weight and measure (perfect balance).
The work of the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD is equally given, all of it is
important. HE does not do one kind of work above another.

"When you make this incense, you must not make any in the same
proportions for yourselves; it shall be held by you sacred to the LORD."
[Exodus (Shemot) 30. 37 Tanakh, Torah] This perfume was not to be made
by man for himself or for gratification of the flesh to use
extravagantly. But, it was "holy" . . . therefore, ONLY for the worship

It is by the GREAT COMFORTER, the "COMPOSITION MOST HOLY" that is made
for the LORD by which we come into HIS ABIDING PRESENCE. We do not
enter GOD'S PRESENCE through carnal means or use methods concocted by
man; neither do we worship GOD in a manner that pleases the flesh, for
GOD is SPIRIT and seeks those to worship HIM in SPIRIT & TRUTH. There
is only one way of worship; it is GOD'S WAY. Man's efforts are
ineffective and vain for "It is not by might, nor by power, but by MY
SPIRIT - says the LORD OF HOSTS." [Zechariah (Zecharyah) 4. 6 Tanakh,
Nevi'im] How very perfect is our INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL GOD, such
amazing love.

Sha'alu (Pray) for the Shalom (Peace) of Jerusalem and all of Israel!!
GOD'S HOLY WORD regarding Jerusalem: "I choose Jerusalem - that MY NAME
be there forever. MY eyes and MY heart will be there forever - in
Jerusalem, which I have chosen - I will establish MY NAME forever." [2 Chronicles (Dibre Hayamin Bet) 5.5; 7.16; 33.7 Tanakh, Kethuvim]

When you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for the
Kingdom of Heaven to come, when God's will shall be done over the
entire earth, in perfect righteousness and peace, just as it now is, in
Heaven [Matthew 6:10, Luke 11:2]

Web Page:

Please visit our web page above for teachings on Bible texts and subjects.

Also notice the section showing the disparity between the Bible and the
Muslim Koran.

The newest section is our thought by thought study through the Bible.
Having completed the Torah (books of Moses), and the Gospels of Jesus,
we are now going through the book of; [Galatians].

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