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Song of Joy

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Song of Joy Empty Song of Joy

Post  Admin on Thu 06 Jun 2019, 11:26 am

Song of Joy
There are times when we feel that we are not as close to God as we could be. Perhaps stress, anger, troubled circumstances, fear, or busy schedules make us feel that we are not staying as open to the guidance of God and His Word as we should be. We may even feel a little alienated or estranged from fellow Christians and not quite in sync with worship. 
We realize from reading God’s Word that many Bible people experienced these times of trial, doubt, or testing, with the accompanying feelings of loneliness and separation. Some were tested and gave in to sin. Many hesitated in doing God’s will. Names that come readily to mind are Moses (who didn’t like public speaking), David (who let his desires take control for a time), Jonah (who was a little picky about where he wanted to preach), and even Elijah (who after major victories still hid-out and despaired of life). Job, ever faithful to God, is still tried and tested as are Jesus’ disciples, Peter most notably perhaps
Sometimes we grieve deeply because of recurring “triggers” in our lives that make us fall short. These aggravations and sore points conquer us again and again. With prayer and Bible reading, we can get wise to ourselves and begin to re-structure typical behavior responses so that lashing out can give way to a more controlled response or disciplined behavior.
Some, however, become so dissatisfied with their behavior that they think of themselves as unworthy and go so far as to pull away from regular worship and try to replace church and Christian fellowship with a variety of unsatisfying substitutes that only make them feel worse. In this way, they take themselves from the spiritual nourishment that could remedy their life situation and from the caring relationships that could supply comfort.
Even in all these circumstances, if we stop to consider carefully, we know that God, through Jesus, understands all these human situations and concerns. Through Jesus, he has confronted all these conflicts, trials, and temptations, and through Jesus, we can still triumph in our daily walk.
We can first of all begin by being thankful that God knows and understands and continues reaching toward us with love. We can be thankful for Bible truth and caring friends who keep reaching to us with guidance, wisdom, and love. We can be thankful for our church family and for caring pastors who love their people and live their lives in steady concern and fellowship, never removing themselves from ordinary life but participating fully with love and kindness.
And as we run back to God, he runs to us. The outpouring of joy that envelops us as we realize that nothing can separate us from the love of God, through Christ Jesus, becomes our biggest source of thanksgiving…and praise.
And in the stillness of inner peace, we find our true being and purpose in praising the Lord and in loving and serving others. We are ready to sing our song of joy and thanksgiving to our Lord.
……Mary-Ellen Grisham ( by way of “Christian Voices” (

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