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Post  Admin on Wed 07 Aug 2019, 9:45 pm

When I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and life, I knew that there must be a place for me to serve Him in the local church. As I asked the pastor what I could do, he gave me the job of keeping the bathrooms neat, tidy and full of the essentials that were needed. After a short while the pastor noticed my work and gave me a “promotion” to usher. The head usher proceeded to give me the instructions on how to be an usher for the House of God. I went away impressed that I must do my best to be the best usher in the service for the King.
As I was performing those duties, I began to put names to the faces of those in the congregation and greeting them before the services. Again, the pastor had seen this gift of greeting and once again “promoted” me to the position of a greeter. I thought such a job was very simple: just greeting everyone and handing them a bulletin as they entered. I was elated know that I was serving Jesus and offering my hand of fellowship to those who came regularly and the visitors.
Daily devotions became a part of my life and I read and studied the Bible as much as I could. On one of my devotions I came upon this verse: Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. (Psalm 84:10, NIV) Curiously, I thought, he was a king of a large nation who followed God and yet he wrote this: be a doorkeeper.
Whoa! Wait a minute! This man has all the riches of the nation, living in a palace, surrounded by servants at his every whim and calling, and not wanting for anything, and yet he was wanted to be a doorkeeper. So, I began to research this and found 8 different events calling someone a doorkeeper. (See 2 Kings 22:4; 2 Kings 23:4; 2 Kings 25:18; I Chronicles 15:23-24; Jeremiah 35:4; and Jeremiah 52:24.) There are many different definitions for doorkeeper, i.e, porter, doorman, gatekeeper, etc. and they all point to someone guarding the door of the temple and were next in rank to the High Priest. Therefore, this was a high honor to be the guardian of the door and the Ark of the Covenant.
Guarding, marshalling, being a security or an usher in the Lord's gate is far more better job than any other work, as long as you're inside God's house and temple, nothing could go wrong. It's the perfect place for us every Sunday, or not even Sunday for your ministry involvement. Each ministry you are involved in might require a different schedule, but go on with it, commit with it, you have to do extra day in the Lord's house, it's perfectly alright just to work for the Lord, don't mind the hard work, it's much better a 1,000 day elsewhere, commit with it, support it will your life and pocket. You need extra blessings to impart the same blessings to others as well, you can't give what you don't have. First, have everything in yourself so you can impart, if you don't have much of the Lord, how can you impart much? Ministry involves hard work, hard workers get it all, prosperity, success, and your dream of being with the Lord, there's no short cuts, no easy way in the house of the Lord.
A doorkeeper opens more than just doors, you open the opportunity for the unsaved to be saved, the downtrodden to be lifted up, and the weary to find rest. Sunday has been set aside to show just how much you care. It has been set aside to tell you to carry on being a doorkeeper. In the military after an inspection is made and everything is found to be in order, the inspecting officer gives the command to carry on. SO, CARRY ON, YOU DOORKEEPERS.
Do you want to be a blessing to God’s Kingdom and inspiring others, urging others to worship the Lord Jesus Christ? Then become a doorkeeper for Him.
…..Edd Wilder ( by way of “Christian Voices” (

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