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Abundant Life

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Abundant Life Empty Abundant Life

Post  Admin on Wed 28 Aug 2019, 11:14 am

Abundant Life
“Everything is meaningless,” says the Teacher in Ecclesiastes 1:2b unless we “fear God and keep his commandments.” Ecclesiastes 12: 13b. (NIV)
And Jesus, the Good Shepherd, says, “I am come that they might have
life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10: 10 (KJV)
The wisdom of Ecclesiastes makes it clear that Solomon, the likely author, found everything in life meaningless without God. He found that going his own way in accomplishing works or seeking pleasure or courting wisdom was worthless unless he obeyed the word of God and kept His commandments. Living selfishly or immorally outside of God’s directions for the good life ruins self-worth and takes the joy out of what God meant to give us for a joyful, abundant life.
Accomplishments and hard won achievements bless us if we work for the right reasons and with God’s guidance. Works done for power or selfish ends, for pride or the praise of the world become a form of vanity. 
Gain that brings the meeting of genuine needs is a blessing. Amassing more than we need for the sake of possessing and controlling and manipulating ultimately brings sorrow and emptiness. Things or riches are no substitute for the blessing of God.
Love of others and love of one special spouse can bring us endless joy if we remember the advice of Scripture. Love outside of Christian marriage or without proper regard for the needs of others can bring sorrow and loneliness, with a sense of being incomplete or worthless and empty.
The list could go on, but the truth clearly emerges. The abundant life comes for each of us when we obey God and live within Bible guidelines. This blunt conclusion may seem inhuman and harsh to some, but those immersed in trying to live the Christian life find joy and fulfillment and the blessing of God.
A recent movie shown at church entitled “The Song” was a modern day rendering of Ecclesiastes that made these truths very clear. While the movie was hard to watch during some parts, it made the inevitable truths of Scripture very evident through the example of the musician who sinned and repented. 
While Jesus came to free us from slavery to sin and from self-righteous practice of God’s law without agape love, the Spirit brings truth and the conviction of sin. The Spirit brings the guidance and strength of the law lived with love.
…..Mary-Ellen Grisham ( by way of “Christian Voices” (

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