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Post  Admin on Sat 08 Nov 2008, 12:12 am

Brokenness E2wonderfulpost
Thank you Zerich
God bless you

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Brokenness Empty Brokenness

Post  Zerich on Fri 07 Nov 2008, 5:16 pm

November 07, 2008
Brokenness: The Process
Romans 8:29-31

How tempting it is to think we need very little improvement. Ask around, and you'll hear many people concede they could probably use a bit of "maintenance" on one or two problem areas (preferably without being caused any discomfort). Yet most will add, "But I'm a good person." Don't be fooled--the Father refuses to settle for humanity's meager vision of "good enough."

God sees each believer as the person he or she will be when fully yielded to Jesus Christ. He then sets about achieving that complete renovation by transforming the individual's present self into the image of His Son. We could say that God is our "interior designer."

An essential step in remodeling involves removing whatever is unnecessary, damaged, or outmoded. In our case, what must go are the areas of self-will. I can tell you from experience that being a man under construction is uncomfortable! God targets habits, attitudes, and even relationships wherein we act independently of His purposes. Then He applies pressure to direct our attention there as well. The Lord takes hold of interests that are dear to our hearts in order to coax from us the rather humbling question, "What more would You have me submit to You?"

Conforming our will to God's changes who we are. In the midst of our transformation, pain from His tools may temporarily obscure the beauty of His design. But nothing is more splendid to God than a committed, obey-at-all-costs follower. Submit to Him so that He might remake you into the servant He desires.


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