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What they won't tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration: meet less than 2 weeks

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What they won't tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration: meet less than 2 weeks

Post  Admin on Sun 02 Dec 2018, 12:35 am

What they won't tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration
In less than two weeks, the United Nations is convening a secretive conference in Marrakech, Morocco.
They are meeting to create a new “human right” for foreign migrants to come to Canada (or any other country that signs the deal).
The full name of the agreement is the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: Intergovernmentally Negotiated and Agreed Outcome”. And that tells you a lot about it — it’s already a done deal; the outcome is pre-determined; and it normalizes mass immigration, turning it into a human right.
It’s terrifying — which is precisely why the mainstream media are ignoring it.
the word “right” appears more than 100 times in the agreement
the word “democracy” doesn’t appear once
migrants are given legal rights to everything from social services to health care
migrants are given the legal right to bring all family members with them, no matter their skill or fit
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to erasing international borders, this UN deal also targets any local citizens who might object to their country being turned into a massive refugee camp.
it requires pro-migrant information to be part of school curriculums
it requires governments to “sensitize" and “educate” the news media, and to punish any media that don’t support mass migration
There is almost nothing that this deal doesn’t touch — and Justin Trudeau, and his immigration minister Ahmed Hussen, have sworn that he plans to force it onto Canada!
Here’s a terrifying interview I did today with Guidy Mamann, a Canadian immigration lawyer with 30 years experience. The more Guidy told me about this deal, the more afraid I became.

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