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Post  Admin on Tue 22 Feb 2011, 2:17 am

ELAINE/Bill EULOLGY Gneyeselaine_mmarie
Hello dear friends Elaine here,
I am very late catching up it is almost a week and I wanted to add to this thread.
Time for me to do a checkin with you, only now feeling able, things are still very raw as one can imagine.
First to thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts which we have valued, it has made a huge difference in what could have been.
A strange thing to write to say everything went well, the funeral service and celebration of the life of Bill afterwards. So many turned out at both places to say their goodbye in remberance of Bill.
To put you in the picture if you had not already known previously, Bill was an excentric, extraordinary man with many talents and his fighting for injustice, was loved and respected by many.

Bill left the home he owned, in a sidecar of a triumph motorbike, driven by a Minister who also shared Bill's love of Jazz music, particularly Django Rheinhardt and St├ęphane Grappelli.
As soon as he knew, he dug out a photograph and gave to our daughter Frances of Him at the Hot Club of France.
It was wonderful to have so many turn up to tap me on the shoulder and relate the memories of so many years time past of almost 61 years, when they knew of me through Bill. One said Elaine do you still iron your hair lol, it was Ralph who would drive us to a booking, the days before all the helps we have today, I would be ironing my hair which reached past my bottom, straight on a ironing board, I inherited a curl. I was reminded by another how I put in the coal fire a curling tongs testing on paper to get another hairdo.
Another remember me, I searched the face, brain-clogs working overtime, Malcom? you had a BSA motorbike? yep! the last time I saw you was when you were flying through the air into a tree off the back of Bill's motor-bike, I was 15 at the time.
There was lots of others I could make mention of some brought pictures of when we were on shows together like Ken one of the guitarists who had made copies of pics so that I could share with others. I had not been able to get hold of him to let him know, the last I knew he was on a yaught somewhere, its amazing how news travel.

Well I could go on and on. DVD's were played, Wayne and His son, opened up the Tribute, Bill had been a big part in their lives of learning his technique, Wayne had made a DVD aswell with pictures of Bill to contribute.
Paul my son had compiled one of Bill's life, passions and love's incorprated with some music. Paul stayed up until 5am trying to get this done as he had no expertise first time trial as someone who said would do didnt get back to him.
Paul felt it was rubbish, but I insisted he took as he felt wanted to contribute.
Amazingly many and I mean many said that last DVD was fantastic.
Ken said what he done with no knowledge is something I couldn't have done.
Bottom line is go for it!
There is a scripture in the bible which says "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.Ecclesiastes 9:10
Never think you can't!
I will get off my soap Box now and leave you with
Love hugs and blessings

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Post  Admin on Sat 12 Feb 2011, 12:19 am

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'" (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV).
Funeral; Cremation Friday 18th Feb.11.15am GMT

and Tribute to His life afterwards
will be held where many musicians will come along to Celebrate at a LOCAL VENUE.
It is so heartbreaking at this time for a family member to be able to bring the EULOGY
The life of a loved one, William Michael Gallagher.
This Mans Life embraced so much, and it is a hard task.
He will be remembered for his talent as a Brilliant Guitarist, but....
We gather to celebrate so much MORE of the life of BILLY Gallagher
which many of you may not know of, and to put into a "nutshell" is difficult, to say the least.
Billy can be found on the internet youtube (BILLYTWOFINGERS) (puffinBilly) also his blog
Best known as Lead Guitarist to many professional artists, greatly admired by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, for his finger skill which surpassed so many others; and in our memories one of the greats, to those who know music, in the league with some of his favourites, such as John Williams and Django Rheinhart
Saying this :
Many may not be aware of the wealth of knowledge of this extraordinary man. A fighter, talented, eccentric: who gained respect and admiration from all who knew him.


I say this as I write Elaine his ex wife, childhood sweetheart and friend, knowing the family from childhood and with the help of His Brother Graham and others we may bring to you a taste of this genius with a briliant scientific inventive mind.
As Graham said, into Motorbikes, Cars, Painting especially of steam trains. Astronomy stargazing, electronics, engineering, anything he couldn't buy he would make. Another of his pet projects, his letterwriting, getting Elaine on the internet typing up sending cards and cartoons to what he said "stupid legislations which a crooked government passed" with the smoking ban, he also produced a song which is in his blog space also found on Youtube.
Together with his talent of music, astronomy and so much more of this mans skillful mind.
Bill at age about 17 loved His job on the footplate of the steam engine stoking the boiler. With his passion for steam engines, for 25 years have been periodically assembling a steam engine, actually working but which is unfinished as yet, he began making with hand tools and so very much later was able to buy precision tools to assist him.

In his 20's Went to London with Robin of the Wise Boys to sign up a Contract with EMI Recordings. A hiccup occured and it didn't work out, but during that time rubbed shoulders with the now Sir Cliff Richard, A 21ST birthday party held By EMI for him. Rubbing shoulders with many famous people, and talking with Burt Weedon, he actually said "I don't like your style of music".
He appeared on The Russ Conway Show at The London Paladium which was televised.
Also appeared on ITV Wales, Afternoon Show they were dressed as Mexicans with poncho's and played El Companchero.

They beat the now Sir Tom Jones, Group in a Competition held in Aber Valley Park.
There was as TV show called Juke Box Jury, and the Wise Boys were given a HIT vote.
Billy was also an extra in the Film Rebecca's Daughters.
Sunday afternoons down for a Jam session at the Quebec Pub Docks Cardiff with another well known, the resident and close friend Guitarist Victor Parker who also accompanied Dame Shirley Bassey down at Tiger Bay.
Victor another legend died 1978 great memorable send off carrying his coffin through the streets New Orleans style Jazz Band following.
From those earlier years the The Band played all over Wales in Pubs and Clubs until...
The smoking ban! July 2007 he wouldn't set foot in a club or pub again.

He would call at Elaines regularly for a cuppa, shes a Christian also many of his family, he would call them Bible Bashers, Talaban, Jew Lovers, Got "Rocks in their head" etc. etc., but on the 31st of January, Eiriona went to visit him and he said if there is a God up there why don't he do something, she replied we are all sinners and Jesus Christ want you to say sorry and ask him into your heart and give you peace. Bill was quiet for a few moments then nodded his head and said JOB DONE.
From that time onward Fran his daught said: "he was more peaceful and restful." Within 4 days Billy went home to be with Jesus.

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Posts : 66613
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Age : 75
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