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Post  Admin on Sun 28 Mar 2010, 6:38 pm


Our life is a vessel formed for two functions; one is to hold, the other
is to pour.

Everything was ready for GOD to speak. A LITTLE BABY, a LAMB, was born
in a stable. HE was the first-born, an unblemished male. It was a
perfect place for this LAMB to appear, and it seemed that the ALMIGHTY
was making HIS purpose known to those who loved HIM and wanted to know
HIM, those whose eyes were fixed on the COMING ONE. This LAMB was
gently laid in a manger where animals come to feed. There among the
other newborn lambs this LITTLE BABY gave HIS first cry. Then angels
spoke to men and one was heard to say, "You shall call HIS NAME "YESHUA
(JESUS)" for it is HE WHO will save HIS people from their sins."
[Matthew 1. 21]

Time passed quickly and in three-and-a-half-years from the beginning of
HIS ministry, a group of people had gathered and followed HIM to
Jerusalem. The crowd was greatly excited with HIS coming - - shouting
and rejoicing! At last, "THE COMING ONE, THE KING" had arrived to
deliver them! No one noticed the shepherds leading the sheep from the
Tower of the Flock in the small town of Bethlehem toward Jerusalem. It
was the 10th day of Nisan, when they were "each one to take a lamb for
themselves...an unblemished male." As the LAMB entered the Gates of
Jerusalem led by a throng of people, the Passover lambs were being led
into Jerusalem in preparation for the Passover Feast. Everyone knew
that the way to be redeemed was to sacrifice a lamb, as the prophets had
called HIM, "your REDEEMER, the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL" . . . but they had

The ONE in WHOM dwelt all the fullness of deity in bodily form was
facing the Serpent (Satan) - preparing to destroy his evil works. The
blood sacrifice had been a symbol of this final, once-for-all-sacrifice
which would redeem mankind from the curse of sin and death. Utterly
defenseless, like a lamb led to the slaughter, MESSIAH YESHUA offered
HIMSELF as a ransom, an offering, a sacrifice for sin and sinners. This
PASSOVER VICTIM became the SACRIFICE of the NEW COVENANT which was for
all men.

The LAMB died, wearing a crown of thorns! Men placed a sign over HIS
head on the Altar\Cross "JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS" - - it
appeared in the languages of all peoples. The heavens rolled up and
darkness covered the earth. A strangeness beyond understanding existed,
nothing like it had ever happened before.

On the first LORD'S DAY, a GREATER LIGHT began to dawn. The time was
right, heaven and earth were prepared. History records that the Temple
was destroyed and has never been rebuilt, the priesthood ended,
sacrifices could no longer be offered, and genealogical records were
destroyedÂ…and the scattering of the people was total. The ancients
had demanded that the COMING ONE present proper credentials; moreover
after the great dispersion in AD 70, it would have been impossible.

The LAMB OF GOD, standing on the altar as if slain, described as
innocent, meek and mild, represented the emblem most suited to the
MESSIAH OF ISRAEL. There were many types of sacrifices in the OLD
COVENANT, most were due and belonged to GOD ALMIGHTY. All the lambs
that had been slain from Moses to MESSIAH YESHUA, lambs without number,
were always men's lambs. They were men's provision for sin. But this
LAMB was unique, this LAMB was different, this LAMB was GOD'S LAMB,
this was GOD giving of HIS OWN.

All Passover sacrifice lambs were to be the firstborn, without blemish
or spot, whose blood was to be applied to the doorways as protection
from the Angel of Death.

YESHUA ha'MASHIACH was the FIRSTBORN LAMB, from the line of David,
without sin, beyond reproach, WHOSE blood over our hearts and lives will
protect us from GOD'S righteous judgment. Through the applied blood of
GOD'S PERFECT PASSOVER LAMB we are spared again -- and for all time, and
granted new life and freedom in the Promised Land.

Our LOVING HOLY GOD sacrificed HIS ONLY LAMB on the Altar of the Cross.
Those wooden beams became the doorpost for the world's home whereon the
LAMB'S blood spilled. GOD promises to "Pass Over" us from HIS Judgment
of Death as we are willing to stand under its protection. This is what
we remember and why we celebrate Passover year-after-year; and
spiritually, day-by-day. We are a blessed people in that our LORD GOD,
CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE left us such festivals to remember HIM by until
HE comes again. Thank YOU! LORD GOD for such amazing grace and
magnanimous love!

Sha'alu (Pray) for the shalom (Peace) of Jerusalem and all of
As we bid farewell to Sabbath, may the HOLY ONE bless and fill you with
HIS Holy Commandments and call us to occupy ourselves with the
LIFE-GIVING WORDS OF TORAH. And, may your ever-growing faith grant you
the privilege to witness and experience the marvelous miracle of being
delivered from the yoke of slavery to sin.
Blessings to each of you this Passover/Resurrection Season and always.
Wishing you a blessed week filled with the sweetness of Sabbath. Shalom!

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is praying for the return of Messiah
Jesus and His Kingdom.

Email: delrifkah.kralman@comcast.net
Web Page: http://delrifkah.homestead.com/

Thoughts Archived: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/delrifkah/

End-time Events: http://delrifkah.homestead.com/Facepage.html

Please visit our web page for teachings on Bible texts and subjects.

Also notice the section showing the disparity between the Holy Bible and
the Muslim Koran.

The newest section is our thought by thought study through the Bible.
Having completed the Torah (books of Moses), and the New Testament, we
are now going through the book of; [1 Samuel].

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