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Post  Admin on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 10:32 am

Posted by: "papa_de_q"

As always, I pray that God blesses me to provide accurate and timely information and that He blesses each and every one of us spiritually in such a way where a physical blessing is the result, yet physically/material ly in such a way where a spiritual blessing is the end result.

More importantly, I pray that God blesses us all in such a way, where the source of the blessings is as plain as the nose on our faces.

In this modern age that we live, we are constantly bombarded with literally thousands of toxins of every kind in our food, in the water and in the very air that we breathe. That's why everyone, from the most healthiest and physically active to the most sluggish couch potato needs to detoxify occasionally. Detoxification is essential for good health to exist. In the old days, before we were so enlightened regarding detoxification techniques, it was understood that one needed to fast at least occasionally. It was customary or traditional for people to partake of spring greens after a winter of inactivity and the constant breathing of campfire and chimney smoke. Detoxifying is a way to possibly eliminate some health issues such as frequent headaches, frequent backaches, frequent colds and sinus problems. In fact, it is recommended by many professionals that a person should detoxify before beginning any herbal/nutritional treatment program. In other words, in order for a treatment to be effective, one should start with a clean slate. That seems to make good sense any way you look at it.

Detoxification may produce symptoms of headaches, nausea, malaise and vomiting due to the toxins being released. This is called the Herxheimer Reaction. Back off and take it a little slower if this happens. Going too fast and heavy can be terrible because of the toxins being released into your bloodstream. Keep the skin clean because lots of toxins are released through the skin. Every alcoholic or drug addict knows this. Detoxification is an easier process if we ate wholesome, natural foods and live naturally.

There are four areas of detoxification. The one most commonly known is detoxifying the colon. But the kidneys, the liver and the bloodstream need to be detoxified as well.

Using clean, pure water is essential in the detoxification process. We've all heard the old adage to drink plenty of fluids to fight a cold or the flu. Water helps the body to de-toxify by helping to rid the body of the poisonous wastes (germ poop) of the viruses and bacteria. Also the dead ones have to be eliminated as well. Fruit juices and powdered drink mixes taste great. They have vitamin C. And they do contain water. But the germs and parasites will LOVE the sugar. I have a simple question that I ask that you ask yourself. Would you wash your clothes in orange juice? Would you wash your dishes in ruby red grapefruit juice? Would you shower in grape juice? In order to clean anything, the "fluid" that works best is distilled water. Distilled water contains nothing but water. No minerals. No contaminants. Just water. Do not worry about not getting enough minerals in your distilled water. We are detoxifying. Besides that, we are getting rid of some the more toxic minerals. But there ARE some fruit juices and some vegetable juices that will assist in the detoxification process.



Dr. Shawn Wells, Ph.D. states that 90% of all disease starts in the colon. There is nothing new
in that statement - It has long been asserted that "Death begins in the colon". Some of the
symptoms of a clogged colon include constipation, tiredness, throbbing headache 1 or 2 hours
after a meal, irritability, easily agitated, confusion and low backache. Most people have pounds
of dried fecal matter in the colon which is poisoning the system and hindering digestion. This
prevents you from absorbing enough vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. A clogged colon contaminates the bloodstream and from there it spreads the poisons throughout the body. Some of the poison tries to escape through the skin. This action causes acne.

First, drink plenty of pure distilled water. Since distilled water costs anywhere from 60 cents to around one dollar per gallon, buying your own distiller pays for itself in under a year. Most good distillers also have carbon filters. This is the best water you can drink.

CASA SAGRADA is an herbal laxative that doesn't have the harshness of most traditional laxatives. It also helps strengthen and tone both the large (the colon) and small intestines.

PSYLLIUM provides fiber and bulk and prevents the "runs". It helps absorb the water and the toxins. To be tactful here ... it'll keep things "long, brown and smooth". Always drink plenty of water with psyllium all the time with these herbs. As you already know, fiber scrubs out the colon.

BLACK WALNUT HULLS, GARLIC, CAYENNE PEPPER and CLOVES are de-wormers. They kill parasites and worms. There are many types of parasites including the intestinal flukes, liver flukes, blood flukes, hookworms, beef worms, flatworms, pin worms and many others. Parasites wreak havoc through out the body in ways to numerous to name here. That's why we have Google.

Dr. Ross Anderson, one of Americas foremost parasitic infection specialists, stated: "... I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites. I realize that this is a pretty brave statement, but it is based on my 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 patients." Have you ever heard the expression "Where there's smoke there's fire"? Where there's disease; there are parasites.


YELLOW DOCK promotes the flow of bile and acts as a blood cleanser. It is used to treat jaundice. It helps tremendously with skin eruptions because of this blood cleaning effect. This includes eczema and psoriasis. It doesn't just treat the skin; it treats the CAUSE of the skin problem by cleaning the blood. It is often used for annual cleansing (many people cleanse their system every spring - spring cleaning involves more than just your house) and other blood detoxification programs. It is good for liver & gall bladder ailments, and glandular inflammation & swelling. It does have some antibiotic properties. It should be used with Dandelion and Burdock.

BURDOCK ROOT is your all around blood purifier. It is both a diuretic (increases the secretion and flow of urine) and a diaphoretic (induces perspiration) . Burdock has been shown to enhance liver and bile functions. It has some antibiotic properties and is said to inhibit tumor growth. Documented effects include treatment of scurvy, venereal eruptions, leprosy, and other cankerous skin conditions.

DANDELION ROOT has also been used clean to the blood. DANDELION root acts by straining and filtering toxins & wastes from the bloodstream. Thus is it a diuretic as well.


When your liver is not functioning properly, you can suffer from depression, anxiety, mental confusion, nausea, dizziness, tiredness dry mouth and sluggish bowel movements amongst other things. These are all signs that your liver may need to be detoxified. Your liver has a lot to do with your emotional state of being. Worry and anger take a TERRIBLE toll on the liver. The first thing you need to do is give your liver a little break. Remember your liver's job is to break down almost *ALL* the toxins that enter the body and all the toxins produced by the body.

In today's society - the liver is working overtime and in overdrive. Stop giving it toxins for a little while. Eat steamed vegetables and broths and raw salads. Use olive oil and garlic powder on your salads. (Sorry, ranch, French and thousand island dressings and the like would not be appropriate for cleansing) The olive oil will help tremendously. A couple teaspoons of olive oil should be part of your normal daily diet. It's good for the liver and the heart. While detoxifying, drink all your water with a squirt of freshly squeezed lemon in it.

DANDELION ROOT contains many important nutrients and nourishes the liver. Dandelion root has also been used clean the blood as well. Dandelions beneficial effects on liver complaints have been well documented by both Asian practitioners and American physicians. It stimulates bile production, and helps the body get rid of excess water produced by the diseased liver. Dandelion extracts are said to also benefit the spleen, and improve the health of the pancreas. Dandelion root has also been shown to have potential for fighting cancer. It is important to note here that this herb has been shown to uniformly remedy chronic liver congestion, and has also been used in medical practice to successfully treat hepatitis, swelling of the liver, jaundice, and dyspepsia with deficient bile secretion. Remember that Dandelion root also been used clean the blood.

MILK THISTLE contains two antioxidants called silymarin and sylibin. Silymarin is effective because it increases the level of intercellular glutathione in our bodies. Drinking alcohol depletes glutathione and damages your liver. Human studies have duplicated this evidence, and subjects with cirrhosis, hepatitis, or other liver-damaging conditions showed considerable improvement using milk thistle. Milk Thistle can actually "breakdown" harmful chemicals and pollutants. Finally, it helps your liver to grow new and healthy cells. Although milk thistle should not effect pregnant or lactating women and has virtually no side effects, one should probably still consult a doctor or a natural health practioner first. Find a brand that contains 80 percent silymarin flavonoids.

LIVER FLUSH: To make a liver flush combine 1/2 cup of lemon juice with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice. Both should be freshly squeezed. Add a couple tablespoons of crushed garlic or fresh pressed garlic and a couple pinches of ginger. Add some water if it's too sour. Add one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Blend it. Drink it. Do this for about 5 days. Rest a couple of days and then 5 more days. This is a STRONG liver flush and if you already have liver problems it may be too much for the system. If you have liver problems, you need to see a doctor anyway. This is an old remedy that alledgely will rid the body of gallstones as well.


CRANBERRY JUICE Do not use cranberry juice cocktail which contains high amounts of sugar and/or corn syrup. Use real 100%, cranberry juice. This can be purchased in a health food shop and may have to be mixed with water or apple juice because it is EXTREMELY tart. Cranberry thwarts the ability of microbes to attach themselves to the lining of the urethra and as such good for UTI's. (urinary tract infections)

WATERMELON is just overall good for the kidneys. Always EAT THE SEEDS whenever you have watermelon. Your kidneys will thank you. A kidney flush can be made from a watermelon seed tea. Let the seeds steep in very hot water for about 1 hour. Whenever it's hard to keep food down, for almost whatever reason; watermelon will usually stay down AND help to flush out toxins. Great food when detoxifying from drugs or an alcoholic binge. Mr. Paul Bragg of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar Company and founder of the Miracle Health System recommends a watermelon fast for a couple days.

UVA URSI is an herb that cleans the kidneys and the urinary tract. But the body should be as alkaline as possible when using uva ursi. Alkaline is the opposite of acidic. That means no acids. Do not eat citrus fruits, caffeine or anything acidic while using. Also a daily apple cider vinegar tonic creates a more alkaline (and not so germ friendly) environment in your body. Uva ursi is used for both bladder and urinary tract infections as well.

BUCHU LEAF is used as a urinary tract disinfectant. Certain drugs are sold in United States that still use Buchu leaves as a urinary antiseptic. Buchu leaves can also be bought in a good health/herbal shop.

CORN SILK is helpful for any irritation of the urinary system. It is used for kidney problems in children and also used in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, kidney stones and bladder irritations. Cornsilk like chicken broth doesn't hurt anything.

PARSLEY is just a plain good blood builder and cleanser.

A very good way to rid the body of toxins and help it to rebuild itself is with vegetable juice fasts. You probably cannot eat 10 carrots, 5 stalks of celery, 3 beets, a head of lettuce, a head of cabbage, a pound of spinach, an apple and a lemon. But you might be able to drink a tall glass of their juices all at one time. The juices of vegetables contain lots of powerful nutrients and antioxidants in a concentrated form. Drinking the juice without the pulp allows you to drink far more than you can eat. And juices are very easy for you to digest. Lots of people have overcome very serious conditions and diseases such as even cancer through juice fasting. This is because vegetable juices detoxify the body and according to many nutritionists, cancer is a condition caused by far too many toxins in the body. Too many chemicals. (i.e. preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings, hormones, steroids, smoke, alcohol, drugs, pollution, solvents, sprays, aerosols, plastics, radiation etc. etc. etc) There is too much going on and the cells within your body begin to mutate.

There is a really great article on juicing at www.betternutrition .com. Better Nutrition is also a great website.

In the interest of keeping this newsletter short I will stop here. But I can not say enough about the importance of detoxification and cleansing. Especially in this day and age where we are exposed to god knows what.

But why take my word for it? IT'S YOUR HEALTH.

You can research anything mentioned on this site yourself. Some good
search engines are and www.dogpile. com as well as Google.
Enter one or more keywords to do your own research.

Until next time remember .... most illness can be attributed to FOUR important
factors that can weaken your immune system and your ability to fight off

1. Anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and other STRESS factors
2. Improper and/or inadequate NUTRITION habits
3. A sedentary lifestyle that does not include enough EXERCISE
4. Not enough rest and quality SLEEP time

The United States Surgeon General warned Americans in a landmark 1988
report on Nutrition and Health that "diet related diseases account for
68% of U.S. deaths"

Remember, we ALWAYS recommend that you ALWAYS consult a professional
herbalist, naturopathologist or physician. We are just passing along
what we hope to be useful information.

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