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Post  Admin on Sat 11 Jul 2015, 5:34 pm

Government's planning reforms from 'Thatcher era', says Christian environmental group
Fri 10 Jul 2015
By Desmond Busteed
A Christian environmental group has launched a furious attack on the government, over its proposals to relax planning laws on brownfield sites in England, to speed up home-building.

A Rocha UK has branded the reforms as regressive, suggesting they bring environmental policy 'back to the Thatcher era'.
Developers will automatically be given permission to build on suitable disused industrial land under major reforms to boost housebuilding, George Osborne has announced.
More derelict brownfield plots could also be seized for development through beefed up compulsory purchase powers under the plan unveiled by the Chancellor.
Major infrastructure projects that include new housing will be fast tracked and Whitehall will step in if councils fail to act to meet local housing demands.
However, the government has said there is no need to build on green belt land, despite environmentalist suggesting it may be the more radical option, while some developers believe the amount of brown field land is too limited to properly address the housing crisis.
"The challenge is the terms are misleading, greenfield doesn't necessarily mean it's of significant value to the wildlife or the community, it just means that ... it is a space that is green and can include some low-grade agricultural land," said spokesman Andy Lester.
'Brown field' affectively means it's had an alternative use before, and therefore it's being put back into constructive use, but our wildlife is getting squeezed out.
So, our road verges now ironically are probably the best places for wild flowers ... and our 'brown field' sites can sometimes be fantastic for wildlife", added Mr Lester.
So treating it with such a broad brush approach is dangerous and also suggesting that somehow by protecting the 'green field' site we're protecting peoples interests is misleading.
The Church of England is currently debating whether to dump fossil fuels from its £6.1bn fund at its final General Synod of 2015, taking place in York

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Post  Admin on Sat 11 Jul 2015, 4:25 pm
Tunisia Massacre: Funeral for Christian couple
Fri 10 Jul 2015
By Marcus Jones
The funeral of a Christian couple killed in last month's shootings in Tunisia has taken place.

Jim and Ann McQuire, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire in Scotland were among 38 people killed by a gunman in the holiday resort of Sousse on Friday June 26.

Speaking on Premier's News Hour last week, Rt Revd Dr Angus Morrison, Moderator of the Church of Scotland General Assembly paid tribute to the couple.

He said: "Jim and Ann were much loved and esteemed members of our parish church in Cumbernauld at Abronhill. Jim was captain at the Boys Brigade and they were both very active in the life of the church."

Abronhill Parish Church will host the service after previously holding prayer gatherings to help the community deal with their deaths.

Speaking ahead of the service, Revd Joyce Keyes said: "The church has been inundated with messages and expressions of support in the form of flowers, cards, emails, prayers and words of comfort both for the McQuire family and for the church community.

"Many people have been touched by the tragic deaths of people enjoying their holiday, even more so when they include folks you know - people from your own community."

A book of condolence at the church, which has already been signed by hundreds of people, is expected to remain open until after the funeral service.

Meanwhile. thousands of British holidaymakers are being evacuated from Tunisia after the UK government warned a second terror attack was 'highly likely'.

But some of those who've come back say they are disappointed they've had to cut their holiday short.

IBL/REX Shutterstock
Prayers said for murdered churchgoing couple
A church in Scotland has held prayers after two members of its congregation were reportedly killed in beach attack in Tunisia.

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Post  Admin on Thu 02 Jul 2015, 6:19 pm

Tunisia Beach Jihadi “Radicalized” in London
This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

UK’s Cameron said, “I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state.”
As if ….. the Tunisian was inspired by  different jihadi group. Fourteen years after 9/11, Western leaders are still defaulting to the religion of peace myth. It’s an abject failure. Look where their denial has gotten us.
Tunisia attack: gunman’s links to Britain
Seifeddine Rezgui’s terror group broke off from al-Qaeda arm founded by a Tunisian living in London

By Camilla Turner, The Telegraph, June 30, 2015 (thanks to Nicole)
The gunman who massacred British tourists on the beach in Sousse was inspired by a fanatic who ran a terror network from London.
Seifeddine Rezgui’s terror group is believed to be Ajnad al-Khilafah. It grew out of Ansar al-Sharia, a hardline Salafi group whose Tunisian branch was founded by Saifallah Ben Hassine.
Ben Hassine, 49, arrived in Britain in the late 1990s and became a follower of the al-Qaeda cleric, Abu Qatada, who was then also based in London.
High Court papers relating to a control order placed on a British-based suspect state Ben Hassine used London as his base for founding and running the “Tunisian Fighting Group” from 2000 onwards.
The network had links to Al Qaeda and, according to the papers, “aimed to recruit new members and send them to Afghanistan for training”.
The documents add that: “Abu Qatada appears as a watermark running through the whole of this case as being the mastermind.”
Abu Qatada was eventually deported from the UK after a lengthy legal battle (AP)
Ben Hassine is thought to have spent three years in London, and by 2011 he established Ansar al-Sharia, the group which Rezgui’s family say are to blame for his radicalisation.
Rezgui’s family say he was indoctrinated while studying for a master’s degree in Kairouan, a town 35 miles from Sousse which is a hub for Ansar al-Sharia.
Ali Al-Rezgui, uncle of gunman Seifeddine Rezgui
The leader of Kairouan’s great mosque said Ansar al-Sharia was among the most likely groups to have groomed Rezgui.
The terror organisation, which was behind a suicide attack at another beach resort in Sousse two years ago, has since divided between support for al-Qaeda and for the rival Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
• Tunisia attack: David Cameron calls on UK Muslims to act if they suspect someone of being an extremist

• UK terror attack feared amid warnings gangs are smuggling in submachine guns

• David Cameron: We must be intolerant of Isil intolerance

Ben Hassine remained close to Abu Qatada, who was deported from Britain in 2013 after a lengthy legal battle.
In January last year, Abu Qatada wrote in a letter published online that Ben Hassine “is among the best of those I have known in intellect” and “the most knowledgeable of people of my intentions … for he was the closest of people to me”.
- See more at:

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Post  Admin on Wed 01 Jul 2015, 10:25 pm

Justin Welby 'deeply concerned' over redefinition of marriage
The Archbishop of Canterbury's expressed "deep concern" following the US Episcopal Church's decision to change the definition of marriage in the canons so that any reference to marriage as between a man and a woman is removed.
Tue 30 Jun 2015
By Marcus Jones
The Archbishop of Canterbury's expressed "deep concern" following the US Episcopal Church's decision to change the definition of marriage in the canons so that any reference to marriage as between a man and a woman is removed.

The move by bishops will allow Anglican churches in the US to use new liturgy to marry same sex couples, however no priest will be forced to perform the ceremonies.
The US Episcopal Church has seen big divisions over issues of gender and sexuality and in recent years they have led to a split and the formation of the new Anglican Church in North America.
Most Revd Justin Welby is currently overseeing on-going conversations on the issues of sexuality and marriage within the Church of England in light of the government's decision to legalise same sex marriage in 2014.
In response to the change in the US, a statement from Lambeth Palace said: "While recognising the prerogative of The Episcopal Church to address issues appropriate to its own context, Archbishop Justin Welby said that its decision will cause distress for some and have ramifications for the Anglican Communion as a whole, as well as for its ecumenical and interfaith relationships.
"At a time of such suffering around the world, he stated that this was a moment for the church to be looking outwards. We continue to mourn with all those who are grieving loved ones and caring for the injured from the terrorist attacks in Sousse, Kuwait and Lyons, and from the racist attacks in Charleston.
"He urges prayer for the life of the Anglican Communion; for a space for the strengthening of the interdependent relationships between provinces, so that in the face of diversity and disagreement, Anglicans may be a force for peace and seek to respond to the Lord Jesus' prayer that "they may be one so that the world may believe" (John 17: 21)."

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Post  Admin on Mon 22 Jun 2015, 10:13 pm

Don’t let your love of the underdog blind you to Hamas
Israel has the bad luck of being the stronger side in the 
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Yair Lapid
Last updated at 12:01AM, June 22 2015
I like Britain. In the early 1960s I spent the first three years of my life here. My memories are of the taste of rain, dogs barking in the park and the smell of Dove soap.
As an adult, I still feel affection for the country. But as an Israeli, in the past years I’ve suffered from one of the British traits I like the most: support for the underdog.
You always favour the underdog — any underdog. They seem to be right because they are weak, and in the best tradition of British gallantry you want to protect them and hit the stronger party over the head with your umbrella.
The strong, in our case, is Israel. We have the bad luck of being the stronger side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which causes many in Britain to prefer the other side. They like themselves much more when they stand by the weak Palestinians and miss the fact that being weak is not the same as being just. Israel’s military strength protects a fighting democracy. During Operation Protective Edge last summer, I was one of eight members of Israel’s security cabinet. It’s amazing how many hours we spent discussing how to limit civilian casualties. I can’t count how many air strikes were cancelled because satellites photographed unarmed people in the vicinity.
And still, more Palestinians were killed than Israelis. Why? Because we’re the stronger force, and we have the technology which allows us to protect ourselves. The Palestinians have squeezed every last drop out of being the underdog. While asking for your support, they fired mortar shells directly at children in their kindergartens, placed snipers in mosques and UN schools, fired rockets at Israel from hospitals and used civilians as human shields.
Why does the world believe them? Because no one who grew up in the western world can truly believe the idea that someone is willing — in cold blood — to get his own children killed just for a grisly photograph on the front pages. That’s not the behaviour of an underdog. But that’s how Hamas operates.
Support for the underdog is being translated into support for boycotts of Israel. Most people don’t know that behind the campaign is the most distorted version of Islam, hidden by heavy financial backing from Iran and the Gulf States. Maybe now is the time for Britain to act according to the second of the great British traditions: fair play.

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Post  Admin on Sun 21 Jun 2015, 10:27 pm

Muslim terror suspect doesn’t have to wear electronic tag because he thinks it’s a bomb
The extraordinary accommodation and capitulation to Islamic supremacism is astonishing. What other enemy, terrorists, or criminal would the West surrender to in this way? We are under siege by devout supremacists who are waging a holy war to destroy us and our freedoms. And yet we continue to bend and grovel to the most extreme ideology on the face of the earth — to what end?

“The terror suspect who doesn’t have to wear electronic tag because he thinks it’s a bomb: Tracker ‘breaches imam’s human rights,'” The Daily Mail, June 19, 2015 (thanks to Armaros):
Judge rules the Somalian-born preacher has mental health problems
Wearing the electronic device was making him ‘delusional’
Tories have used the ruling to back the scrapping of Human Rights Act
Refugee is suspected of radicalising vulnerable young Europeans  

By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor for the Daily Mail
Tagged: A judge has ruled that a terror suspect does not have to wear his electronic tag, after he became convinved [sic] that MI5 had put a bomb inside it. The man’s mental health problems made him delusional according to the judge

A terror suspect last night won a human rights case to have his tag removed – because he thinks MI5 has put a bomb inside
A judge said the dangerous preacher of hate has mental health problems, and wearing the electronic monitoring device was making him ‘delusional’.

He ruled this amounted to a breach of Article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which is meant to prohibit torture.
As a result, the Somalian-born fanatic will be free to walk the streets untagged despite still being rated a grave threat to the public.
The judge also lifted a ban on the imam’s children having an iPad or laptop – intended to stop him poisoning minds on the internet – because it was stopping them from making friends as well as affecting their education.
The ‘absurd’ case sparked fury at Westminster, with Tories saying it showed why the Human Rights Act must be scrapped.
The man, a supporter of the Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab terror group who is known only as DD, was placed under a T-Pim terrorism prevention order almost two years ago. DD is one of only two terror suspects under a T-Pim.
The refugee is suspected of radicalising and recruiting vulnerable young people from Europe and making a powerful contribution to propaganda campaigns for al Shabaab which is engaged in a jihadist mission in Somalia and around east Africa.
The purpose of the tag was to allow the police and security services to monitor his movements and enforce restrictions on where he can go. He is considered such a threat he is banned from parts of Birmingham and Leicester.
But Mr Justice Collins ruled that requiring the 39-year-old to continue wearing the ankle tag now breached his human rights because of a worsening mental illness and delusional thoughts.
The judge said there was medical evidence that DD had psychotic and unusual beliefs that the tag was there to punish him. In particular, he believed it contained a camera and a bomb, and voices and noises emanated from it.
Two doctors accepted that DD was not exaggerating his symptoms. There was no doubt that the tag might produce a further deterioration and result in serious self-harm, Mr Justice Collins ruled.
Terror suspect: A member of Somalia’s al Shabaab militant group sits during a public demonstration in February 2012 to announce their integration with al Qaeda, in Elasha, south of the capital Mogadishu, Somalia. The preacher involved in the case is a supporter of the al-Qaeda-linked al Shabaab terror group, and is suspected of radicalising and recruiting vulnerable young Europeans to join the troops
But he refused to lift the T-Pim itself. Jonathan Hall QC, representing the Home Secretary, said the advice from MI5 was that the T-Pim had ‘significantly reduced DD’s ability to spread propaganda, radicalise, recruit and fundraise’.
Conservative MP Peter Bone said the case showed why the Tories need to get on with scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights.
He told the Mail: ‘It just beggars belief. This man is so dangerous we have to monitor him – but we cannot monitor him with a tag which is regularly fitted on minor criminals?
‘The idea this is something that amounts to torture is completely absurd.’
A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are disappointed with the verdict of the court that certain restrictions to which the individual was subject should be removed.
‘But the court found there was sufficient evidence to support the national security case to impose and keep in place a T-Pim notice. Restrictions on this individual’s activities to protect the public remain in place.’

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Post  Admin on Tue 16 Jun 2015, 6:31 pm

UK: Muslim family of 12 leaves to join Jihad in Syria 
Islamic apologists and western elites blame “charismatic recruiters” who are “brainwashing” Muslims. Let me ask you something: could any leader convince you to behead, rape, enslave and slaughter?

UK Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe warned: “Today’s terrorist may …. very well also be a lone disaffected youth radicalised by extremist material on his home computer.” Disaffected “doctors,” “lawyers,” “prep school” and “private school students”  radicalized by “extremist material”? Extremist material like what — the Qur’an? Hadith? Sira?
There are no lone wolves in the jihad war. There are millions of Muslim soldiers all over the world all following the same playbook – the Quran – and the same ideology – Islam.
No matter how many times the nonsense is disproved, they trot out the well-worn disaffected myth.

Apparently this entire family was …. disaffected. What insulting hogwash. It’s religious fervor. Pious slaughter in the cause of Islam.
“Three British sisters feared to have gone to Syria to join brother,” By Tom Whitehead, The Telegraph, 15 Jun 2015 (thanks to TMI)
The sisters and their children, aged between three and 15, were due back in the UK on Thursday

Three British sisters are feared to have gone to Syria with their nine children, one as young as three, to join their brother fighting there.
The family, from Bradford, disappeared after first going to Saudi Arabia on an Islamic pilgrimage but are believed to have then flown to Turkey and have not been heard of in a week.
Their distraught husbands fear the childrens’ lives are now in danger.
Police also faced questions after reports the sisters were under watch prior to vanishing.
It came as police chiefs and senior politicians warned how easy people are being fooled by Isil propaganda and lured to the war torn country
It is feared “charismatic recruiters” are “brainwashing” people online as community leaders urged parents and the public to help root out the groomers.
In the most alarming case to date, siblings Khadija Dawood, 30, Sugra Dawood, 34, and Zohra Dawood, 33, are believed to have followed their brother to Syria.
They took with them their nine children, five year-old Muhammad Haseeb, Maryam Siddiqui, seven, Ismaeel Iqbal, three, Mariya Iqbal, five, Zaynab Iqbal, eight, Ibrahim Iqbal, 14, Junaid Ahmed Iqbal, 15, Haafiyah Binte Zubair, eight, and five-year-old Nurah Binte Zubair.
Family chart of missing Dawood family
A lawyer acting for their devastated husbands issued a desperate appeal for their return.
Balaal Khan said: “They are concerned that their children’s lives are in danger.
“The concern is for the well-being and safety of the children. The fathers are distraught, they feel helpless and they don’t now what to do. They want the children out of harm’s way.”
The extended family went to Saudi Arabia on May 28 for a pilgrimage.
They were due to return to the UK on June 11 but it is believed they, instead, boarded a flight on June 9 from Madina to Istanbul in Turkey, which is a well trodden destination to get in to Syria.
Their relatives have now heard from their in almost a week and their Facebook sites and other social media has not been updated.
It is believed the trio’s brother is already in Syria fighting with extremists and it is feared the sisters have gone to find him.
Mr Khan said: “One of the possibilities is they travelled to Turkey to travel to Syria. The suspicion, and main concern, is that the women have taken their children to Syria.”
He said police were notified five or six days ago but were limited in what they could do.
However, a family friend claimed the sisters had been under “extensive police surveillance”, according to Channel 4 News.

The Dawood family leaving UK for Saudi Arabia (Channel 4 News)

The siblings’father was unavailable for comment but local resident Mohammed Khan, 35, said he was disabled and in ill health.
“He has his son and three daughters who would look after him and now they’ve gone. It’s terrible,” he said.
“I knew the brother had gone away about a year or so. So now the daughters have gone too he has no one.”
A former neighbour added: “They were a big family and you never had any trouble from them. They were just nice and normal.
“I’m just so shocked to hear the news. Three women and nine children – it’s unbelievable.”
West Yorkshire Police is investigating as a missing persons case and was “working extensively with authorities overseas to try and locate them”.
Assistant Chief Constable Russ Foster said: “We are extremely concerned for the safety of the family and would urge anyone with information to come forward and speak to us.
“Our priority is for their safe return; their families are gravely worried about them and want them home. One of our primary concerns is the safety and welfare of the young children.”
The growing influence of terror groups in attracting youngsters to their cause has caused huge alarm among the security services and Government in a series of new developments.
Talha Asmal, 17, was this week named as Britain’s youngest suicide bomber after blowing himself up for Isil in an attack against Iraqi forces.
• In depth: Britain’s youngest suicide bomber
And Thomas Evans, 25, is believed to have died fighting for al-Shabaab in Kenya.
The typical age range for Britons joining jihad has fallen from around 25 to 35 during the Afghanistan War to 14 to 26 now.
And, for the first time, significant numbers of Muslim women and young girls in the West are joining the conflict too.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, warned: “Today’s terrorist may of course be a hardened member of an organised terrorist ‘cell’, but may very well also be a lone disaffected youth radicalised by extremist material on his home computer.
“Some of those travelling to Syria are fulfilling a long-standing Jihadi ambition. But others who travel to Syria are youngsters fooled by propaganda – out of their depth and running out of time. The police must find a way to deal with both.”
• Battle-hardened and vengeful, 300 jihadists are back in Britain
• Parents of three runaway British ‘jihadi’ brides beg them to come home

On Mr Asmal’s death, David Cameron’s official spokeswoman said it “underlines the need to do all we can to prevent young people being radicalised and, if they are thinking of travelling, to stop them from doing so”.
Haras Rafiq, managing director of the Quilliam Foundation counter-extremism think-tank, said: “What happens is that they are driven to charismatic recruiters either offline or online and then they find a solution to their problems … which has a theological justification under it.
“Isis is almost like a corporate entity, this is 21st century jihad and getting their message out to people is very important to them.”
- See more at:

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Post  Admin on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 8:18 pm

British Muslim Killed Waging Jihad in Kenya
Another British Muslim waging jihad in the cause of Allah and Islamic supremacism. Why is it that we never hear of Muslims going to Africa or the Middle East to fight against the Islamic State?

How did this “misunderstanding” of Islam become so widespread? And why do devout Muslim converts understand Islam in exactly this same way?  It is clear the people “misunderstanding” jihad and sharia are the elites and Islamic apologists denying the theological reality. Why are so many more British, French, German, American, Canadian, Australian, etc. Muslims joining the Islamic State and now al Shabaab?

The mother of this British convert, who died fighting with al Shabaab in Kenya, said her son had called her “and told us he was in Somalia and had joined al Shabaab, and not to worry,” “In all honesty, I didn’t know what al Shabaab was.” Ignorance will destroy us. This is a consequence of a media that scrubs and whitewashes the motive behind this bloody war. That’s why we do the work we do — to educate, educate, educate uninformed free people in what is the gravest threat to our freedom.
Where are the Muslim leaders and imams in Western countries teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it? 

Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US mosques, even as increasing numbers of young Muslims from the West have gone to wage jihad. 
If the moderates really reject extremism, let them show it by instituting genuine programs to teach against this view of Islam and expunge Islamic text and teachings that call for violent jihad.
“Briton Killed’ Fighting For Al Shabaab In Kenya,” , SKY News, UK, Monday 15 June 2015
The Foreign Office says it is trying to confirm reports Thomas Evans died when al Shabaab militants attacked a Kenyan army base.
INS News Agency Ltd.. 15/06/2015
Collect picture of Thomas Evans, British man who joined Somalian terror group Al-Shabaab and was today/yesterday (Mon) believed to have been killed in battle.
Kenyan army said the Islam convert was thought to have been killed in battle fighting in Somalia with terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Thomas Evans, 25, turned to Islam in 2009
A British jihadist who left the UK to join the terror group al Shabaab is believed to have been killed in an attack on a Kenyan army base.
The British embassy in Nairobi said it is “seeking to confirm reports” Thomas Evans died on Sunday when militants from al Qaeda’s Somalia affiliate attacked the base in Baure, close to the border with Somalia.
Two Kenyan soldiers were killed and at least 15 Shabaab fighters, including two “Caucasians”, according to Kenyan defence officials.
Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Colonel David Obonyo said: “All the available data, including photographs, points to it being Thomas Evans.
“There is an investigation going on with forensics and DNA to confirm his identity.”
Video: Continuing Threat From Al Shabaab

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Kenya. We are not able to confirm them at this time.”
In a statement, Mrs Evans said: “My son, Michael and I, are currently awaiting official confirmation regarding the death of my son Thomas.
“We cannot comment any further at this time and request the press respect our privacy.”
If confirmed, Evans’ death would be the first reported case of a British Islamist militant being killed on Kenyan soil.
The Muslim convert, who is also known as Abdul Hakim, is reported to have travelled to Somalia in 2011 to join al Shabaab.
The 25-year-old’s family live in Buckinghamshire.
Earlier this year, his mother spoke of her shock over her son going to fight with the militants.
Speaking to the Home Affairs Select Committee, Sally Evans said her son was a “normal teenage lad” before turning to Islam in 2009.
Police lost track of Thomas in 2011, and in January 2012 he called his family to say he had joined the terror group.
“He rang up then and told us he was in Somalia and had joined al Shabaab, and not to worry,” Mrs Evans said.
“In all honesty, I didn’t know what al Shabaab was.”
When she realised that her son had joined a terror group and might be prepared to become a suicide bomber, Mrs Evans said it was the “biggest shock in the world”.
Sunday’s attacks saw dozens of gunmen raid a military base and briefly take over a village in Lamu County.
Officials said a major security operation was under way to pursue the attackers.
Al Shabaab is increasingly targeting Kenya after battling for years to overthrow the Somali government.
Four gunmen from the group killed at least 148 people, most of them students, at a university in Garissa in April.
In September 2013, al Shabaab gunmen killed at least 67 people in an assault on the Westgate shopping mall in the capital Nairobi.
The group was once a magnet for foreign volunteers, but their capacity to recruit has been diminished by the rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

At the weekend it was revealed a British teenager, Talha Asmal, is believed to have carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq after joining Islamic State.
- See more at:

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Post  Admin on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 9:00 am

Calls for no more Christian assemblies
Mon 15 Jun 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Schools should no longer be required to hold Christian assemblies, according to a former education secretary.

Charles Clarke, education secretary 2002-2004 says that assemblies should be left up to governing bodies and schools should publish a statement on how they promote moral and spiritual education.
According to The Times Mr Clarke and a Lancaster University academic call for a change on this issue in a pamphlet.
They stress that a religious and faith syllabus should be created on a national level and calls for admission rules to be tighter for churches and other faith schools.
Mr Clarke added that schools should hold daily acts of collective worship formed of a "broadly Christian character" and parents should be able to choose if they want to withdraw their children.
He argued that the era of daily worship is a "long gone" idea. 
About the Author
Hannah Tooley
Hannah works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

New evidence suggests church had pivotal role in Magna Carta
Sun 14 Jun 2015
By Desmond Busteed
New research into the Magna Carta has revealed the church may have had a more influential role in the development of the famous charter than previously thought.

Two days of national celebrations are under way to commemorate 800 years since the singing of the failed treaty between the 'tyrannical' King John and his rebellious barons, which turned into a decisive moment for English democracy and justice.
According to the Guardian, researchers from the University of East Anglia and King's College London's Magna Carta Project think the Lincoln charter was written by a religious scribe working for the Bishop of Lincoln, while the Salisbury charter was done by a scribe working for the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury.
Scholars believe they have uncovered evidence that proves the scribes were working outside the court, meaning the famous Runnymede deal was backed by England's bishops, as much as by the rebel barons whom King John was hoping to appease.
"To have found and identified the work of these scribes... is the equivalent of finding needles in a very large haystack," said medieval history professor Nicholas Vincent, principal investigator on the project. "But it also has important historical implications."
"King John had no real intention that the charter be either publicised or enforced. It was the bishops, instead, who insisted that it be distributed to the country at large and thereafter who preserved it in their cathedral archives," said Vincent.
"We now find at least two cathedral churches, Lincoln and Salisbury, each producing its own Magna Carta, supplying the time, the scribe and the initiative to get the document copied.
"Bizarrely enough, Magna Carta is the product of a situation far closer to that which elsewhere in today's world we might associate with the enemies of modern liberal democracy, with Sharia law or with those systems in which church and state are indistinguishable."
Four original charters bearing the Magna Carta text are known to have survived. Two of these 1215 charters are held at the British Library, one is at Lincoln cathedral and one at Salisbury cathedral. All four have Unesco World Heritage status.
About the Author
Desmond Busteed
Desmond works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

Internet churches encourage worshippers
Mon 15 Jun 2015
By Hannah Tooley
Churches in the United States (U.S) are investing in new technology after the Christian population in the country has been reported to be declining.

One church in Atlanta, Impact Church, has invested in screens and stage lights as well as updating their services.
Pastor Olu Brown even spoke of social media in his address: "The Israelites spread this bad report on Twitter around the land, and it blew up on Facebook," according to the Washington Post.
Hundreds of worshippers stream services online and watch videos after they are posted on social media websites.
Andre Barnes, technology director at Impact Church, said: "There's a massive church here in Atlanta, and one of their video producers said they were asked to look at our church for inspiration."
He has his own technology team, creating social media posts and monitoring streaming.
"We operate, and have to operate, as a business, but our bottom line is people," he said.
Maxine Fears, logistics director at Impact Church added that there are multiple ways to donate to Impact Church, "You can mail it in; you can PayPal; you can also use the kiosks. We have kiosks throughout."
"The pastors requested that we keep ESPN over the urinals," said Elvin Hawkins, a hospitality volunteer at Impact Church.
"Men need to be engaged to be in church. It tends to be mostly ladies that come to church, but we do things to engage the entire family."  
About the Author
Hannah Tooley
Hannah works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

Coptic bishop 'humbled' by OBE
Sat 13 Jun 2015
By Desmond Busteed
A bishop of the Coptic Church who regularly speaks out over the fate of Christians in the Middle East has been honoured in this year's Queen's Birthday list.

Bishop Anba Angaelos, from Stevenage, is to be made an OBE for his work trying to preserve religious freedoms.
"I'm immensely honoured and humbled by it. I really do feel it's an obligation, it's a duty for me as a Christian minister to look at religious freedom for all, because I've always said freedom is God given and only state protected," said Bishop Angaelos to Premier.
The widow of a church organist beaten to death on Christmas Eve has been appointed MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.
Maureen Greaves, a Church Army lay preacher, received the honour in recognition of her services to the community in north Sheffield.
Alan Greaves was attacked in 2012 as he walked to his church in Sheffield, dying a few days later.
Despite her loss Mrs Greaves said she had been determined to keep her up the charity work among the community.
The retired social worker was walking to St Saviour's Church to play the organ for the service, something he had done for 40 years, when he was attacked.
The father-of-four died three days later in hospital from serious head injuries.
Jonathan Bowling, 22, was jailed for life after pleading guilty to the murder.
Ashley Foster, 22, of Wesley Road, High Green was sentenced to nine years for manslaughter after a jury cleared him of murder.
About the Author
Desmond Busteed
Desmond works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

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UK: Prince William Praises Jewish Unity, Commitment to Society
Second in line to Britain's throne praises Jewish unity and commitment to society at large at first-ever address at a Jewish event.
The prince was speaking this past Thursday at a dinner in honor of the 25th anniversary of Jewish Care, the United Kingdom's largest health and social care organization for the Jewish community. It runs over 70 centers and services, caring for over 7,000 people and their families every week.

Some 1,500 guests at the dinner in Alexandra Palace heard Prince William's warm remarks, in which he said, "During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious. Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.’’
Prince William is the elder son of Prince Charles of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. He is second in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth, aged 89, after his father Prince Charles, 67. This was Prince William's first ever speaking engagement at a Jewish event, European Jewish Press reported.
“This common thread through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something that many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of," the prince said. "But you in this room deserve particular praise. The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out."
Prince William concluded his address by wishing the organization “Mazal Tov” on its milestone anniversary, EJP noted.
Jewish Care’s president Lord Michael Abraham Levy, in his speech, recalled how Prince Charles and Princess Diana had been guests of the charity on three occasions: “You and your family are very special to our community. Every Shabbat and every big festival, prayers are given and blessings said for Her Majesty and the whole Royal Family.”
Prince William: “Your unity is precious when British Jews have felt under threat”
Prince William has delivered an historic address to more than 1,400 people at Jewish Care’s 25th anniversary dinner at Alexandra Palace.

Paying a glowing tribute to the organisation, it was the second-in-line to the throne’s first speech to a Jewish community function.

Introduced to the stage by Lord Levy, he said: “Thank you, Lord Levy, for your kind introduction and, Lionel, for giving your time to entertain us. I imagine the crowd here will be rowdier that what you’ll have at Glastonbury.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to join you this evening for your birthday celebrations. Nearly two hundred years ago, in 1819, there were two quite monumental births. The first was monumental for my family – the birth of my great, great, great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who went on to live 81 years and whose daughter-in-law, Alexandra, gave her name to this amazing building.

“The second remarkable birth was of an organisation, which later became known as the Jewish Blind Society. Over the next two centuries, the world changed considerably. Yet there has always been one constant in the United Kingdom – a Jewish community which has organised itself to support those who need help and support. Whether in the time of the Jewish Board of Guardians, or the Jewish Welfare Board or, in our generation, Jewish Care, there is a proud story to be told of self-reliance and communal responsibility.

“This common thread through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something that many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of. But you in this room deserve particular praise. The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out.

“Your care for one another has another, less tangible value. During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious. Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.

“I was reminded before I came here tonight that an ancestor of mine, a previous Duke of Cambridge in fact, visited the Great Synagogue in London in 1809 and attended a Sabbath service there with his brothers.


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UK Muslim activist claims that Zionists broke into his home and stole one of his shoes

Jew stole my shoe!

This man, Asghar Bukhari of the Muslim Public Affairs Council UK, is clearly insane, or on cocaine (see how often he wipes his nose) or some other drug. Yet he is a respected political analyst and activist in the UK. Which tells you all you need to know about the UK today.

Asghar Bukhari And The Case Of The Missing Shoe #MossadStoleMyShoe

Post on Facebook.
Asgar Bukhari June 12th
 Someone came into my home yesterday, while I was asleep. I dont know how they got in, but they didn't break in - the only thing they took was one shoe. Now think about that, the only thing they took was a single shoe - they left one shoe behind to let me know someone had been there.
Of course I cant prove anything and thats part of the intimidation. The game is simple - to make me feel vulnerable in my own home. Its Psychological. Neither can I do much about it.
It is not the first time I have heard this happening. I have had another Muslim leader call me a year or so ago, in tears - she told me they had been coming into her house and re-arranging things - just to let her know they had been there.
There is one good thing that comes out of all oppression however - for those who are smart - from my misfortune, others can learn how they operate. Share this widely, for if it is happening to me, I am sure it happening to many, many others who have not exposed it.

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 'Twitter terrorist' who posted messages glorifying jihad has been jailed
Iraqi Alaa Esayed, 22, uploaded 45,600 Tweets in just under a year
Alaa Esayed was sentenced at the Old Bailey Photo: Central News
By Agency2:18PM BST 11 Jun 2015
A 'Twitter terrorist' who posted tens of thousands of messages glorifying jihad and calling for children to be armed has been jailed for three and a half years.

Iraqi Alaa Esayed, 22, uploaded 45,600 Tweets in just under a year and used photo-sharing site Instragram to post pictures of soldier's corpses and prisoners being beheaded.
Her tweets also included a poem 'Mother of the Martyr' which told mothers to build training camps in their back gardens and give young children weapons 'instead of Playstations'.

Another post called on 'Muslims everywhere in the world to strike the English' and kill 'Crusaders and Jews'.

Esayed appeared in court wearing a full face veil and black headscarf and did not show any emotion as the sentence was passed.
Jailing Esayed today at the Old Bailey today (thurs) Judge Charles Wide said: 'This material and its dissemination is an important factor in the encouragement of young men and women to travel abroad and engage in acts of terrorism.
'This is a phenomena which has greatly increased.
'It's a matter of great and justified public concern.

'You were disseminating such material on a massive scale over a period of just short of a year.
'An indication of how busy you were in this activity is that on a site associated with Al-Qaeda your Twitter account was noted to be one of 66 important jihadi accounts.

'The material that you were disseminating encouraged young men to go to fight and you now accept that was your intention.

'Furthermore to encourage women to go to support them and indeed to bring up their children in the belief that it is their duty to take up arms, to wage violent jihad and embrace martyrdom.

'And furthermore to encourage mothers to be proud of their sons who die as martyrs.
'The material included gruesome images of corpses and prisoners about to be beheaded.
'You intended to encourage this, as you now accept and it's a feature of your case that you continually change your story.'
Esayed was accompanied to court by her father and followed proceedings through an Arabic interpreter.
She used the Twitter account @bentalislam_i to post approximately 58 tweets per day to her 8,534 followers.
Prosecutor Mark Weeks said: 'During August 2013 police became aware of a Twitter account established in June 2013 and associated to an Instagram account.

'The Twitter account came to the attention of the police because of the volume and intensity of the posts.
'The account was on open account and could therefore be seen by any user on Twitter or the internet.

'The account appears to have been set up almost for the sole purpose of spreading the material.'
He added: 'There were numerous daily graphic tweets encouraging followers actively to engage in jihad and questioning those who do not do do.'

The account's profile picture was a photograph of a woman wearing a full burqa, holding a Kalashnikov and pointing to the sky.
Mr Weeks said there were a 'vast number' of posts and were all in Arabic.
Esyaed admitted posting the material, but told police she cannot read or write Arabic.
She told officers that she was trying to 'learn about the struggles of fellow Muslims around the world'.
Mr Weeks said:'She said she didn't have many real friends and the messages were a release to her.
'She said she had no intention of becoming a martyr.'
Tanvir Qureshi, defending, told the court that the material was 'entirely propaganda' and there was no 'practical advice' for committing acts of terrorism.
Esyaed came to the UK in 2008 with her family to join her father, who fought in the Iraqi military and fled to Britain in 1999.
'She was born and brought up in Iraq as a Muslim and all she ever saw was war-torn Iraq, people getting killed around get and explosions around her which shocked and horrified her,' he added.
He said that Esyaed is a Sunni Muslim and claimed she was trying to 'galvanise those fighting the Shia militia in Iraq'.

Judge Wide replied: 'She has changed her story so often that bluntly at the moment I would find it difficult to believe anything she says about it.'
Mr Qureshi continued: 'She was concerned about what was happening to the Sunni community.

'Yes, she is a Twitter terrorist but one who lacks creativity, she didn't have her own blog or YouTube videos or original material, she was copying and pasting.
'What we have today is not a hardened terrorist.
'She was socially isolated as a result of the experiences of her childhood.'
In her basis of plea Esyaed said: 'I accept I published a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram and in doing so I was reckless as to whether members of the public would be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention (of European Human Rights) offences.

'I accept on my Twitter account I provided a service to others that enables them to obtain, read, listen to or look at a terrorist publication, namely providing links to poems and other propaganda and at the time of doing so I was reckless as to whether members of the public would be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit or prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention offences.'

Esayed, of Austral Street, Kennington, Southeast London, previously admitted disseminating terrorist material and encouraging terrorism.

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Grand Imam visiting UK against Western military action on Islamic State
Wed 10 Jun 2015
By Desmond Busteed
The most senior Sunni cleric in the Middle East has urged against further military intervention by Western allies against Islamic State.

Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar made the comments following a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby at Lambeth Palace.
Speaking through an interpreter the Grand Imam told reporters that "Arabs as well as the Free World has to work side by side to defeat this [Islamic State] organisation."
Asked by Premier if he believed military intervention or a diplomatic was the best course, he said: "I prefer the diplomatic solution because I represent an organisation which refuses bloodshed, no matter where is this bloodshed and where from."
After clarifying his remarks, saying he preferred political over diplomatic means, the Grand Imam said: "So if political efforts do not combine, we will all pay the price. I hope to see political solutions that will put an end, a stop to what is happening."
Asked by Premier what he meant by "political solutions'' to reach peace in the Middle East, he said: "Being non-political, I would think that there is the United Nations, there is the Islamic World Organisation and there are other bodies that are there in order to bring peace. Also the GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council.
"If you look at the UN charter, you will see that there is an article, there is an item that talks about imposing peace in the world, if you apply this item then you will be able to hope to see peace."
The US and its allies, including the UK, have conducted thousands of strikes in Iraq, since August, and Syria since September. Isis militants hold large swathes of territory in the two countries and have executed captives and western hostages and destroyed ancient cultural sites and artifacts.
The Grand Imam is on a two-day visit to Britain as a guest of the Archbishop.
The visit builds on an agreement aimed at promoting dialogue between Christians and Muslims which was signed in 2002 after the 9/11 terror attacks.
This is the first time that the two leaders have met as part of this agreement.
The Imam said: "Of course we all agree that Israel is there and there are problems that people suffer.
"We need assistance from world powers so that peace can prevail in the Middle East.
"I do not know who is behind Daesh (Islamic State). I have no idea where they get their support from.
"There is a major terrorist organisation that the whole Arab (world) are paying a price for.
"The Arabs as well as the free world have to work side-by-side to defeat these organisations."
The Archbishop said he agreed with what the Grand Imam said.
He also said a "significant" discussion took place in which both religious leaders "stressed the importance of the continuation of the dialogue in the midst of the very difficult circumstances that the world is facing".
The Archbishop noted: "We have witnessed much violence and terrorism in the name of religion."
Both men said they wanted to "build bridges of peace" among communities of both faiths.
Representatives of the Anglican churches worldwide and the Grand Imam are to hold further talks at a special session in Cairo in December.
About the Author
Desmond Busteed
Desmond works as a multimedia journalist at Premier

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Archbishop tells MPs to "do right"
Tue 09 Jun 2015
By Desmond Busteed
The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged MPs and peers to "seek to do right" as he delivered his sermon at the Service for the New Parliament at Westminster Abbey.

"We have to seek to do right, but we can trust in the providence and salvation of God for the future. That is the promise made to the people of Judah, and thus they were to settle down amongst their enemies; to make the best of their situation, to bless the communities in which they lived, and look to the moment of their redemption," said Most Revd Justin Welby.
There is no coded political message in this, but there is a very un-coded theological one: God can be trusted, but we must do our part. And I know that is the belief and desire of the vast majority here today," added Archbishop Justin.
The event which took place in St Margaret's Church in the grounds of the Abbey on Tuesday, was attended by 250 MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, marking the new Parliament with prayer and worship.
About the Author
Desmond Busteed
Desmond works as a multimedia journalist at Premier.

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Foreign aid could be diverted to control Africa borders to stop migrants at the source
MILLIONS of pounds from Britain’s overseas aid budget could be diverted to border controls in Africa to stop migrants leaving their home countries
PUBLISHED: 06:35, Mon, Jun 8, 2015 | UPDATED: 08:20, Mon, Jun 8, 2015
David Cameron has ordered Department for International Development officials to look at doing more to block would-be travellers at the start of their journeys to Europe. Niger, Somalia and Eritrea are among countries to be targeted with measures including security fences at borders and more coastguard patrols to prevent boats crossing the Mediterranean.

It could help counter criticism of Government spending on foreign aid.
At a debate on tackling the Mediterranean migrant crisis at the G7 Summit in Germany yesterday, Mr Cameron pointed to a Spanish government initiative to improve border controls in West Africa. A UK government official said the border enforcement plan was “under consideration”.
The source said: “One of the things we are looking at is whether we could be doing more at the source of the problem. That doesn’t only mean border security, it could be economic development.” Mr Cameron has faced criticism for refusing to cut Britain’s £12billion overseas aid budget while squeezing spending at most other Whitehall departments to reduce the deficit. He has asked International Development Secretary Justine Greening to look at ways aid spending can be diverted towards tackling security threats and rebuilding failed states to lower the incentive for migration.
In a break from the summit, Mr Cameron said: “There is an example in recent European history of a government that did successfully manage this problem. That was the Spanish government when people were leaving West Africa, arriving in the Canary Islands in large numbers.

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Published: June 7th, 2015 | 

Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedom| Sarah Mbuyi
A Christian nursery nurse who was sacked after airing her views on homosexuality and marriage in answer to a question from a homosexual colleague has won a discrimination claim against her former employer.
Sarah Mbuyi (31) was fired from her job at a nursery in West London after having a conversation with a homosexual colleague in which she explained the biblical position on homosexuality and marriage. On 6 January 2014 her colleague at the nursery initiated the conversation and had asked whether she would be welcomed at church and whether God would approve of her civil partnership and allow her to marry in church. Sarah said that “God is not okay with what you do” but that “everyone is a sinner and God offers forgiveness”. Miss Mbuyi recalled: “When I said ‘No, God does not condone the practice of homosexuality, but does love you and says you should come to Him as you are', she became emotional and went off to report me to my manager.” Following a complaint made by her colleague, Sarah was investigated and sacked for gross misconduct within three days of the conversation (9 January 2014). She was told by her employers that her comments breached equality policies and that she had harassed her colleague.
Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, and represented by leading human rights barrister, Paul Diamond, Belgian-born Miss Mbuyi fought the dismissal. She submitted an internal appeal but this was dismissed. She then commenced a claim at the Watford Employment Tribunal on the grounds that she had been discriminated against because of her Christian belief that the practice of homosexuality is a sin, arguing that she had the right under EU law to enter into conversations with adult colleagues subject to the normal principles of engagement in speech.
In a brave judgment, the Watford Employment Tribunal chaired by Judge Broughton, found unanimously that Miss Mbuyi had been directly discriminated against because of her belief that homosexual practice is contrary to the Bible. The Tribunal recognised that while the employer was “not anti-Christian” Miss Mbuyi had not been treated fairly and that the decision to sack her may have been made on “stereotypical assumptions about her and her beliefs”.
Miss Mbuyi’s belief was described by the Tribunal as one which is “worthy of respect in a democratic society, is not incompatible with human dignity and is not in conflict with the fundamental rights of others” and that the employer’s policy that there was a “prohibition on employees expressing adverse views on homosexuality and/or describing homosexuality as a sin” would have a “disparate impact on Christians holding similar views to Miss Mbuyi on the biblical teachings on practising homosexuality. That is not merely because a significantly higher proportion of Christians would hold such views but also because many evangelical Christians feel their faith compels them to share it.”
The Employment Tribunal found that:
Miss Mbuyi’s colleague had clearly indicated that she had first expressly brought up her sexuality in conversation with Sarah
She was the first to raise the issue of Miss Mbuyi’s church
She asked if she would be welcome in that church, and
She asked what Miss Mbuyi believed God thought about her living arrangements
She acknowledged that she took the conversation into the arena of homosexuality, not Miss Mbuyi
There is little or no evidence to suggest that Miss Mbuyi targeted her colleague in an attempt to force her faith on her
The employer’s lawyer sought to characterise Miss Mbuyi’s Christian beliefs as discriminatory, homophobic or akin to racism, which the Tribunal described as “unhelpful”
The employer did not treat Miss Mbuyi fairly and there were concerns about the way that the investigation had been carried out, particularly the questions asked during Miss Mbuyi’s disciplinary hearing
This was a case of ‘direct discrimination’, and finally
Given all the evidence it was not proportionate to dismiss Miss Mbuyi

The Tribunal made clear that the internal investigation by the employer was hampered by the “stereotypical assumption about evangelical Christians” and that the employer either “pre-judged the outcome accepting unchallenged evidence that supported the stereotypical assumption and/or interpreted Miss Mbuyi’s evidence in an almost impossible way”
"Freedom to live"
Andrea Minichiello Williams, barrister and CEO of the Christian Legal Centre said:

“This is a brave judgment and comes as a great relief to Miss Mbuyi and to all of us at the Christian Legal Centre.
“This judgment is a ‘common sense’ judgment which shows understanding of the Christian faith and Miss Mbuyi’s freedom to live and speak it out in the work place.
“We have been in the employment courts for over a decade now and at last we have a sensible decision.”
Miss Mbuyi is now working successfully as a nanny elsewhere. Today, she spoke of her immense relief at the outcome. “I only ever responded to questions that my colleague asked me and wanted the very best for her. I give glory to God for the decision and say ‘well done’ to the Christian Legal Centre.
“I hope that my previous employer and colleagues are well and will understand from this that my intention was for their best”

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"If you despise our Christian values, please leave", says MP
Wed 03 Jun 2015
By Antony Bushfield
A Christian MP has said that people who do not agree with the principles of the UK as a Christian country should "leave and go somewhere else".

Sir Gerald Howarth told a Commons debate on immigration that Britain was "a Christian country".
The Conservative member said: "Our services simply cannot continue to accommodate a quarter of a million new arrivals a year, quite apart from the serious cultural issues arising from people taking advantage of our liberal society while seeking to impose their medieval ways on us."
Sir Gerald was the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence as Minister for International Security Strategy from May 2010 to September 2012.
His statement has prompted an angry response from the National Secular Society.
Campaigns manager Stephen Evans said: "His remarks are completely at odds with reality in Britain today. By some measures, Sir Gerald is excluding around two-thirds of the population from his definition of who belongs in Britain.
"What are 'Christian values'? The phrase is as ambiguous as 'British values'. We're going to need to find more inclusive language if we want people to buy into notions of shared citizenship and universal values.
"While there are significant problems around integrating religious minority groups into wider society - appealing to this outdated notion of Christian nationalism is completely wrong, inaccurate and counter-productive."
At Easter the Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated that Britain was a Christian country.

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Post  Admin on Sat 30 May 2015, 6:31 pm

Amid rising national anti-Semitism, British evangelicals step up
Christians Des and Remeny Starritt hope to stir up support for Israel with a new Christians United for Israel branch office in London BY JENNI FRAZER May 29, 2015, 3:46 am 25

LONDON — A seemingly unassuming husband and wife, Des and Remeny Starritt, are at the forefront of a new unlikely British initiative. Next month the Starritts are formally launching a UK chapter of Christians United for Israel, or CUFI, at a rally in Westminster, the heart of political London. And helping CUFI off to a rousing start will be Pastor John Hagee, founder of the group in the United States, one of the most thunderous of evangelical preachers.
The Starritts are quietly spoken and reticent — except when it comes to Israel. They were in London last week to take part in the annual Christian Resources Exhibition, which offers a wide spectrum of Christian takes and accoutrements, from different kinds of church furniture to the coolest sorts of clerical outfits.

And there, right in the middle of the exhibitors, is a stall emblazoned with the slogan “Christians Against Antisemitism,” CUFI’s first British campaign, with its logo of a burning Star of David. These evangelicals are clearly no shy British wallflowers, but an extremely out and proud group who are determined to get their message across. (To be on the receiving end of this passionate outpouring, as a British Jew, is slightly overwhelming.)
Des Starritt has given up his Swindon-based family business providing management and administration services to become the CEO of British CUFI. The couple’s three sons, aged 22, 30 and 34, together with their wives, are also part of the CUFI team
“It was held in a field in Dorset, 2,000 people in a marquee,” he says. “Be Not Silent, Day or Night,” chimes in wife Remeny, remembering the central theme of the conference.

“It had a very strong pro-Israel message,” recalls Starritt, “and for us it was a reconnection with the Jewish roots of our faith.” The Starritts began working with various pro-Israel Christian charities and eventually met John Hagee through this work. CUFI currently has some two million supporters.
“We were excited about what John and his wife were doing in the US and wanted to do something like that here. We’ve recognized the need for CUFI here… with the rise in anti-Semitism in the UK and across Europe. So we spoke to Pastor Hagee and we agreed that we would lay aside all our other activities to set up CUFI,” says Starritt.
At the moment CUFI has been set up as a not-for-profit organization as it has been refused charitable status by the UK Charity Commission. Starritt explains that the Charity Commission does not accept that CUFI’s educational work is balanced.
“We had too much of a pre-conceived idea of support for Israel, according to the commission,” he says, but laughs this off as a minor setback.
The Starritts have been regular and frequent visitors to Israel for just over 10 years, sometimes as private tourists and sometimes as part of evangelical tours of Christian pilgrims.

“For us as Christians, seeing the land reaffirms much of what we’ve been taught since childhood. We see our relationship with Israel as putting things in context,” he says.
Starritt is far from naive and is aware of the politicized attitude to Israel of many of the Christian churches in the UK.
“We think you can be pro-Palestinian without being anti-Israel. Our approach is more grassroots and we think the churches shouldn’t be exclusive, one or the other,” he observes mildly.

For the last few months CUFI has been busy recruiting on social media and in Christian publications, with the aim of persuading 1,000 people to attend its June launch. Starritt steps delicately through the potential minefield of his group’s engagement with the Jewish community by declaring that CUFI’s work with the Jews will be “unconditional” and definitely not proselytizing. With some amusement, he says that even if there was be Jewish support for CUFI’s launch event, it being held on “the longest Shabbat of the year, Saturday June 20” may well deter any Jewish presence.
Besides, both Starritts insist, their message is one of outreach to the Christians in Britain, not the Jews.
“We’re not looking to get people singing [the traditional folk song] ‘kumbaya,’” says Des Starritt. “But we are hoping to develop a strong voice for Israel, an awareness of anti-Semitism and why Christians should combat it. You could say that this is, literally, a leap of faith.”
Remeny Starritt wipes away tears as she agrees. “We really need to stand up for Israel,” she says. It’s not the kind of statement typically heard in Britain: maybe CUFI will change that.

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UK: 5-year-old girls dream of becoming jihadi brides
Imagine, little Muslim girls as young as five misunderstanding Islam.

“British girls as young as FIVE dream of becoming jihadi brides, claims police chief,” By Emma Glanfield for MailOnline, May 22, 2015
Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner concerned about jihadi brides
Simon Hayes claimed to know of girls as young as five wishing to flee UK
He said the ‘problem is current’ and ‘we need as a society to deal with it’

Experts believe around 250 British jihadis are now living with ISIS in Syria
Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, claimed in a televised interview that girls as young as five in Portsmouth had expressed wishes to travel to Syria and become jihadi brides

Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, claimed in a televised interview that girls as young as five in Portsmouth had expressed wishes to travel to Syria and become jihadi brides
A police chief has claimed to know of British girls as young as five who want to flee the UK to become jihadi brides in Syria.

Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, claimed that young girls in Portsmouth had expressed wishes to travel to Syria and become jihadi brides.
He said in a televised interview that there are issues within the Portsmouth community of youngsters wishing to flee to ISIS strongholds.
During the BBC interview, he said: ‘I have no malicious criticism of the city council whatsoever.
‘But I do know that there are still, in recent months, young girls in schools in Portsmouth saying that they would wish to become jihadi brides.
‘These are young girls at the ages of five and six so these are problems that are current, that have not been dealt with and we need as a society to deal with it.’
It comes amid growing concerns about the number of teenagers – and particularly young girls – who are travelling to Syria to join ISIS.

There are now around 60 British women and girls who have fled the UK to become jihadi brides – an increase of ten over the past year, experts say.
In all, around 250 British jihadis are thought to be now living in Syria – though some groups believe the true figure is much higher.

In most cases, teenagers who travel to the Islamic State are believed to have been groomed online – including three girls from Bethnal Green in East London who ran away to the Islamic State in February.
Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, crossed over the Turkish-Syrian border last February and are believed to be living in an ISIS-held city in Syria where militants operate.
Despite Mr Hayes’ concerns, not all agreed with the comments he made during the televised interview, with the leader of Portsmouth City Council saying she is ‘deeply, deeply concerned’ by his handling of matters of national security.

Donna Jones has even written an open letter to Home Secretary Theresa May to report Mr Hayes’ behaviour which she describes as ‘extremely disappointing’.
In her letter, Mrs Jones claimed that Mr Hayes required ‘enhanced’ training by the police to deal with matters on national security.
She said: ‘I am extremely disappointed and have serious concerns about these inaccurate allegations, which have politicised and trivialised this important national security issue.

‘We have forged strong links with residents, community leaders and organisations and work is under way to raise awareness of hate crime and extremism, as well as establishing what more can be done to prevent young people travelling to Syria.
‘I would like to take this opportunity to request that you direct special branch to provide Simon Hayes with enhanced training on how to deal with critical matters relating to national security.’
Mrs Jones added: ‘What he is doing is sending out the wrong message and managing this the wrong way. The lack of professionalism is unbelievable.’
Her letter came after the pair came to blows on Twitter, with Mrs Jones claiming that the police chief had done nothing to help Portsmouth in its efforts to curb extremist activity.
Portsmouth has been classed as a second-tier area under the national counter extremism Prevent scheme, meaning there is a higher risk of radicalism.
Polly Honeychurch, headteacher of Cottage Grove Primary School, in Portsmouth, Hampshire – which has a large percentage of Muslim pupils – accused the police chief of scaremongering.
She said: ‘I am absolutely incensed by Mr Hayes’ claims. Sixty per cent of my school pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, and a large proportion of those are Muslim.
 There are still, in recent months, young girls in schools in Portsmouth saying that they would wish to become jihadi brides

Simon Hayes, Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner
‘About half of my Muslim pupils are girls. I haven’t heard a single five or six-year-old Muslim girl saying they want to be a jihadi bride.

‘I am very aware of the Portsmouth Muslims who have been killed in Syria and aware of the families who have been charged with terror offences.
‘I have tried to get the police into school to work with the children on this whole issue, but the Prevent strategy and the police involved in it are only going into secondary schools.
‘What Mr Hayes said is scaremongering. We need people to understand different faiths and where people come from.’
In response to Mrs Jones’ letter to the Home Secretary, Mr Hayes accused the council leader of ‘launching a personal attack’ on him.
He said: ‘What I would have expected from Donna was her to say we are taking this seriously, to say this is what we have done, these are our plans for the future, instead of launching a personal attack around my professionalism saying I have made the situation worse in Portsmouth.

‘What I am looking for the council to do is reassure me, reassure the wider public and reassure the home secretary that the city council have a plan to take on the responsibilities which the government has given them.

‘Hampshire Constabulary is engaging with primary school children in Portsmouth. They are aware that primary school children in Portsmouth are at risk of being radicalised.’

His comments about jihadi brides come just a week after he said radicalism is not being taken seriously by the city council at a public meeting.
- See more at:

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David Cameron discussed government plans to control immigration ahead of the Queen's Speech.

​Two weeks ago the people of Britain spoke. They voted for a majority Conservative government. In doing so, their message was clear: they wanted a government that was on their side; that backed them; that would help them get on – a government for working people.

Across the spectrum it was a clear command to deliver – sound finances, lower taxes, better schools, more homes, an improved NHS. Included in those demands was something else: immigration properly controlled.

That desire is in no way at odds with how proud we are of our diversity: Poles who fought with us in the Battle of Britain; West Indians who helped rebuild our country after the war; Asians from East Africa and the sub-continent who have brought enterprise to our country; all those who have come to make a life, work hard, back our public services – these people help make our country strong.

So while a strong country isn’t one that pulls up the drawbridge – it is one that controls immigration. That’s what people – people of all backgrounds – voted for. And they were right to do so.
Why is it right? Because if you have uncontrolled immigration, you have uncontrolled pressure on public services. And that raises basic issues of fairness.
Uncontrolled immigration can damage our labour market and push down wages. And working people want a government that is on their side. Uncontrolled immigration means too many people entering the UK legally but staying illegally. And people are fed up with a system that allows those who are not meant to be in our country to remain here.
What we’ve done
The British people want these things sorted. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been working towards that. We’ve fundamentally changed the approach taken by Labour.

Bogus colleges – we shut them down. Paying the rent and dole of jobless migrants – we stopped it. Illegal immigrants driving on our roads – we revoked their licences – over 9,000 of them. People from outside Europe using the NHS for free – we’re now charging them and putting the money back into our health service.

We clamped down on the fake brides and grooms entering into sham marriages; brought in exit checks so we will know who is here, and whether they should have gone home, and said to all parts of government: controlling immigration isn’t just a job for the Home Office – it’s a job for health, employment, housing, education, business – everyone.
It’s what I call a whole government approach, and I want to thank everyone here, from all different departments as well as the Home Office, for the role you play in that.
We also recognised that we needed to reduce the demand for migrant labour by making our own people able and willing to do the jobs this country needs. And with 2 million more apprenticeships, radical welfare reform, and a system where it pays to work, we are getting there.
There were times under Labour when 90% of job growth was taken up by foreign nationals – under us, the majority of the rise in employment – a record 1,000 jobs for every day we’ve been in office – has gone to Brits.
But today’s figures show how far we have to go to reach our goal.
They show that more than ever, this country needs a majority Conservative government – one which aims to get net migration into the tens of thousands – and that remains our ambition. I said on the steps of Downing Street we would be a ‘one nation’ party. That means governing for every single person in Britain: for the mum worrying about her child getting a school place; for the pensioner fearing he won’t get the hospital appointment he needs; for the Asian family whose business is being undercut by illegal traders; for the young couple praying that someone won’t jump ahead of them on the housing list and yes – for the migrants trafficked here to live in appalling conditions on pitiful wages. We are for them. We are for working people. For them, we will control immigration.

Now we’re on our own in government, we can be stronger. Our ‘one nation’ approach will be tougher, fairer and faster. That starts next week, with a new Immigration Bill included in the Queen’s Speech. That Bill, and the further measures we’ll pursue, will focus on 3 big things:
Dealing with those who shouldn’t be here, by rooting out illegal immigrants and boosting deportations.

Reforming our immigration and labour market rules, so we reduce the demand for skilled migrant labour and crack down on the exploitation of low-skilled workers.
Addressing the spike in EU migration by renegotiating in Europe.
They’re the 3 big things we will do – the 3 things I want to talk about today.

And I can announce that we will push them forward with a new Immigration Taskforce, one which I will chair, and which will hold every part of government to account on our relentless drive to control immigration.
Illegal migrants
So first: dealing with those who shouldn’t be here. That starts with making Britain a less attractive place to come and work illegally. The truth is it has been too easy to work illegally and employ illegal workers here.

So we’ll take a radical step – we’ll make illegal working a criminal offence in its own right. That means wages paid to illegal migrants will be seized as proceeds of crime and more businesses will be told when their workers’ visas expire, so if you’re involved in illegal working – employer or employee – you’re breaking the law.
There are other ways we can identify those who shouldn’t be here, for example through housing. 
For the first time we’ve had landlords checking whether their tenants are here legally. The Liberal Democrats only wanted us to run a pilot on that one. But now we’ve got a majority, we will roll it out nationwide, and we’ll change the rules so landlords can evict illegal immigrants more quickly.

We’ll also crack down on the unscrupulous landlords who cram houses full of illegal migrants, by introducing a new mandatory licensing regime. And, a bit like ending jobs when visas expire, we’ll consult on cancelling tenancies automatically at the same point. It’s not just through housing and jobs; we can track down illegal migrants through the banking system too.
We’ve already made sure banks can’t let illegal immigrants open new accounts. With our new Bill, we will ensure banks take action against existing accounts held by illegal immigrants. Of course, once we’ve found the illegal immigrants, we need to be tougher in removing them.
We’ve already introduced a “deport first; appeal later” rule for foreign criminals claiming a so-called right to family life. It means if you’ve committed a crime and you’re not meant to be here, you have to go home before you can appeal. Next we will extend that to all immigration appeals, except asylum cases.

That’s a big step: preventing people from staying on and on with appeal after appeal. And for those criminals due to be deported, we will introduce satellite tracking tags, so we always know exactly where they are.
Immigration and labour market rules

Secondly, we will reform our immigration and labour market rules – reducing the demand for skilled workers, and cracking down on those who exploit low-skilled workers. That starts with training our own people.

For too long we’ve had a shortage of workers in certain roles. Engineers, nurses, teachers, chefs – we haven’t had enough Brits trained in these areas and companies have had to fill the gaps with people from overseas. With Sajid Javid as the new business secretary we’re going to get far better at training our own people.

This involves creating 3 million more apprenticeships – and we will consult on getting the businesses that use foreign labour to help fund them through a new visa levy.
And today I can announce we will consult on another big change. As we improve the training of British workers, we should – over time – be able to lower the number of skilled workers we have to bring in from elsewhere. So as we embark on this massive skills drive, we will ask the Migration Advisory Committee to advise on significantly reducing the level of economic migration from outside the EU.
We should be getting to a place where we only bring in workers from outside Europe where we have genuine skills shortages or require highly-specialist experts. Some professions are on the Shortage Occupation List year after year and nothing is being done about it. That’s not good enough. So we will seek to limit the length of time professions can be classed as having shortages.
So sectors that have become over-reliant on migrant workers will be encouraged to train Brits instead. What’s more, we’ll make it illegal for employment agencies to recruit solely from abroad without advertising those jobs in Britain and in English.
But it’s not only our skills gaps that act as a pull factor for migrants; it’s the businesses who exploit cheap labour from overseas.

That’s why, in the last Parliament, we quadrupled the penalties for those not paying the Minimum Wage, and why – for the first time – we’re naming and shaming those businesses. But while one employer or gangmaster can still exploit a worker in our country, luring them here with the promise of a better life, but delivering the exact opposite – low or no wages; horrendous housing; horrific working conditions - our task is not complete.
So we will make a crucial change: creating a new enforcement agency that cracks down on the worst cases of exploitation. Responsibilities for this are currently split between 4 different departments. They will be brought into one body – so businesses can’t bring in cheap labour that undercuts the wages of local people.
Let me be clear: none of these measures will stop us from rolling out the red carpet for the brightest and the best: the talented workers and brilliant students who are going to help Britain succeed – as I’ve said before: no cap on the number of overseas students who come and study at our universities.
But, as we promised in our manifesto, we must go further on curbing abuse, shutting more bogus colleges, being more robust with institutions that have high rates of students overstaying and looking to toughen English language requirements for students.
In fact, it’s not just students coming here who need to speak our language – it’s everyone who works in our public sector. In our manifesto we said we’d make sure those who deal with the public will speak our language – and our Immigration Bill will deliver on that too.

So that’s our stronger approach: filling the shortages with our own workers, stopping the exploitation of migrants that can push down wages and making sure that, through it all, we remain open to the world’s best talent.
EU renegotiation
But to truly succeed in controlling immigration, we also need the third part of this approach: reducing the incentives for people coming here from within the EU. Largely because of our economic success, many are: we have seen a big spike in the numbers coming to Britain.

I support free movement. It allows over 1.3 million Brits to live abroad; our students to study at great European universities; our business people to tap into new markets; our pensioners to retire to their place in the sun and it allows Europeans to come here – working in our NHS; teaching in our schools; setting up businesses and creating jobs.
But I am not alone in arguing to change the system or wanting to allay those concerns, here and in Europe, that under the free movement rules, national welfare systems can provide an unintended additional incentive for large migratory movements.

That’s why I and many others believe it is right for us to reduce the incentives for people who want to come here. I set out the clear steps in our manifesto that need to be taken with respect to welfare. Changes to welfare to cut EU migration will be an absolute requirement in the renegotiation.
And once we have negotiated that settlement, we will put it to the British people before the end of 2017 in an in-out referendum.
And there is another pressing issue facing all our nations – the ongoing tragedy of those crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. I am absolutely clear that we must help address this.

Britain is a compassionate country – and we will play our part, not least with our development aid to Africa and the Middle East. HMS Bulwark is patrolling the seas, just last week rescuing 600 people from rubber boats – 600 men, women and children who may not have survived otherwise.
At the emergency summit in Brussels, I made clear that we needed a comprehensive plan, addressing the conditions that make people set off on such a perilous journey. But 2 fundamental things need to happen to really get to the root of this problem:
a properly functioning government in Libya with which we can work to go after the gangs, traffickers and owners of the boats who are profiting from this human tragedy
dissuading people from taking those terrible risks – by fundamentally breaking the link between setting off in a boat and achieving settlement in Europe
Britain is one of the most successful multiracial democracies in the world. I am so proud of that. But to sustain that success, immigration needs to be controlled. After all, that was the clear instruction at the election.

With this Immigration Bill, with these other measures, with our EU renegotiations, and with a fully conservative government, we will do just that.
Our approach will be tougher, fairer and faster.
It will put an end to the houses packed full of illegal workers, stop people stalling deportation with spurious appeals, give British people the skills to do the jobs we need and deliver what people want – what they voted for.
We’ve got the majority to do that now. We’re not wasting a second. So we’re going to get on – and we’re going to do it.

Theresa May's plan to censor TV shows condemned by Tory cabinet colleague
Exclusive: Former culture secretary Sajid Javid told prime minister he was unable to support home secretary’s proposal as it infringed free speech
A plan by the home secretary to introduce counter-extremism powers to vet British broadcasters’ programmes before they are transmitted has been attacked in the bluntest terms as a threat to freedom of speech by one of her own Conservative cabinet colleagues, the Guardian has learned.

Sajid Javid wrote to David Cameron to say that, as culture secretary, he was unable to support Theresa May’s proposal to give Ofcom the new powers to take pre-emptive action against programmes that included “extremist content”, in a letter sent just before the start of the general election campaign.
Javid, who moved from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to become business secretary after the election, said the plan would move Ofcom from a regulator “into the role of a censor”. It would involve “a fundamental shift in the way UK broadcasting is regulated”, moving away from the current framework of post-transmission regulation which takes account of freedom of expression, he said.
First page of Sajid Javid's letter to the prime minister

The leaked memo from the then culture secretary came in response to a request made by May on 6 March to ministers on the cabinet’s home affairs committee and the national security committee. She was seeking clearance for publication of her extremism strategy, which included the broadcasters’ censorship proposal. 
It is not clear exactly what the outcome was following Javid’s objection. Next week’s Queen’s speech is expected include loosely specified powers to “strengthen the role of Ofcom to take action against channels which broadcast extremist content” according to a statement released by Downing Street last week.
The home secretary last hinted at her wish to see the introduction of pre-broadcast banning powers in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich two years ago, when Conservative MPs expressed strong criticism of a BBC Newsnight interview with the radical Islamist activist Anjem Choudary.
May questioned what the BBC was doing in interviewing Choudary and said the government had to look at the role of Ofcom in relation to “what is being beamed into people’s homes”. But when the prime minister’s extremism task force reported in December 2013, it did not include any moves towards pre-broadcast censorship and the subject was presumed to have been dropped.
At the time the idea was compared to Margaret Thatcher’s move to tell broadcasters to deny terrorists the “oxygen of publicity”, which led to a full-scale row over a BBC decision to broadcast an extended interview with Martin McGuinness. That led to a journalists’ strike and, two years later, the resignation of the director general.
In Javid’s letter, dated 12 March, the minister voiced his concern about the risk that the revived censorship proposal would be used “otherwise than intended, not least given the difficulty of defining extremism, and the consequent likelihood of the government being seen to be interfering with freedom of speech without sufficient justification”.
Javid even went as far as adding: “It should be noted that other countries with a pre-transmission regulatory regime are not known for their compliance with rights relating to freedom of expression and government may not wish to be associated with such regimes.”
Objections from Javid and to a lesser extent from other senior Conservative cabinet ministers, including Eric Pickles, Theresa Villiers, Nicky Morgan and Chris Grayling, prevented the home secretary from publishing her extremism strategy, A Stronger Britain, before the election. The Javid leak undermines claims that it was the Lib Dems alone who blocked May’s extremism strategy in the coalition.
Last week’s Downing Street statement also confirmed there will be legislation to introduce new banning orders for extremist organisations, and extremism-disruption orders to “combat groups and individuals who reject our values and promote messages of hate”, which will deny their access to the airwaves and to social media.
May has already revealed plans to require the Home Office “extremism analysis unit” to set out clearly for the first time which individuals and organisations the government and public sector should or should not engage with: “This will make sure nobody unwittingly lends legitimacy or credibility to extremists or extremist organisations.”
The commitment to produce legislation giving Ofcom a stronger role to take action against channels which broadcast extremist content suggests next week’s Queen’s speech will go much further than simply keeping its powers under regular review.
Ofcom, Javid’s letter said, already has strict rules to ensure that material that is likely to “incite hatred” is not broadcast on radio, television or in on-demand programmes. He says Ofcom has already taken “robust action against UK broadcasters which have breached these rules”.
The minister told the PM: “However, Ofcom does not have the powers to approve programmes before they are broadcast and nor do we consider that it should have these powers as has been proposed in paragraph 111 of the strategy.
“Extending Ofcom’s powers to enable it to take pre-emptive action would move it from its current position as a post-transmission regulator into the role of censor.”
The then culture secretary said he was unable to agree to the publication of May’s extremism strategy with the wording in paragraph 111 and suggested it be replaced with a paragraph setting out the previously agreed position that Ofcom’s powers be kept under regular review.
The Home Office said they refused to comment on leaked ministerial documents.

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Queen Elizabeth II to bestow 'rare honor' on Israeli university president
Professor Rivka Carmi, president of Ben-Gurion University, is being recognized for her work on strengthening scientific and academic cooperation between the U.K. and Israel.
By Haaretz    | May 18, 2015 | 2:36 PM

Queen Elizabeth II will bestow a "rare honor" on Ben-Gurion University President Rivka Carmi, Buckingham Palace has announced.
Professor Carmi, the first woman president of an Israeli university, will be made an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), for her part in strengthening scientific and academic cooperation between Israel and the U.K.
A founder and co-chair of the U.K. Israel Science Council, established in 2010, which promotes academic collaboration between the two countries. Areas of focus have included "cutting-edge stem cell research to tackle some of the world’s most dreadful diseases," the British Embassy in Israel said on Monday.

"I am thrilled to accept this honor which recognizes the increasing links between the U.K. and Israel, especially in science," Professor Carmi said. The Science Council "has been a flagship initiative, demonstrating the great potential for collaboration between our two countries. We are committed to improving the health of all nations and sharing our scientific discoveries," she added.

British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said  he was "delighted" at the news.
"Rivka is an inspiration, to me and many others. Her leadership and commitment to strengthen science collaboration between our countries has made a huge difference. Israel is lucky to have her as a leader; Britain is lucky to have her as a friend," he said.

According to the embassy, there has been an increase in scientific collaboration in recent months. This has included "the second round of projects of the BIRAX joint medical research initiative, launch of several student exchange programs and scholarships in top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and a unique cooperation agreement between the UK’s prestigious Royal Society and the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities."

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Islamic Women’s Group in UK Defends Islamic State, Predicts Expansion to Western Countries

What do Western governments and media think is coming if they appease the jihadis by censoring themselves and pretending that Islam is a religion of peace? Do they think that if they give welfare benefits and preferential treatment to people like these women from Campaign Islam that they will stop supporting the Islamic State and wanting it to expand to Britain and elsewhere in the West? They’re in for a rude surprise.


“Islamic Women’s Group in UK Defends Islamic State, Predicts Expansion to Western Countries,” by Alyssa Canobbio, Washington Free Beacon, May 13, 2015 1:52 pm

Aws Al-Jezairy of Vice met with the group of women who run Campaign Islam, a UK-based organization that defends the Islamic State and maintains a strong YouTube presence.

The group uploads videos of its interruptions of Islam and criticisms of policies, government, and society of the West.

“The symbol of oppression is not the Muslim woman—it is, in fact, the Western woman,” one of the members of Campaign Islam said in a video from Vice.

Campaign Islam holds weekly meetings were they discuss life under Islam and the utopian vision of a perfect Islamic State. Umm Dujanah, one of the campaign’s organizers, said she believes that the dream state is in its infancy in both Syria and Iraq. The group draws its teachings from Islamic scholars and talks about every detail down to the measurements of their homes.

One group attendee said they would have to demolish everything in Britain and start over to achieve this. The comment was met with giggles from Dujanah, who agreed that within the UK but the group did not need to do that because IS would expand into other Western countries.

As the talk progressed Dujanah discussed non-Muslims that would be in their utopian state that they would have to pay a tax, if non-Muslims did not want to pay the tax they would need to convert or be killed. Dujanah argued giving them a choice.

Al-Jezairy asked Dujanah about how she knew IS regulations were working, and Dujanah defended the videos and material that IS puts on the Internet, slamming the Western media for creating propaganda against IS.

Al-Jezairy asked the group if the girls wanted to go to Iraq or Syria to join IS and if they would be disappointed if it was not what they expected. The group said that it would not even have to go anywhere because they know from the evidence from the Sunnah that Islam will prevail over the Earth.

“We are grateful to live and see one of the great prophecies come true,” said Dujanah.

 - See more at:

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Surge in UK Terror Arrests as Scotland Yard Warns of ‘Massive Threat’ to Britain
Mind you, this is on top of the “record number of Muslim terror related arrests in 2014-2015.” What is the US doing to actively root out jihadists in our midst?

Barring Robert Spencer and me from speaking in the UK was very effective for these dhimmi clowns.
Everyone is holding his/her breath, waiting for the shoe to drop, instead of implementing a real strategy to defeat the global jihad. It will require a revolution of sorts.
Surge in UK Terror Arrests as Scotland Yard Warns of ‘Massive Threat’ to Britain,” by Nick Hallett,   Breitbart, may 13, 2015
There has been a surge in counter-terrorism arrests, with 338 people held across the UK in the past year, new figures reveal.

The numbers mark a 33 per cent increase on the year ending April 2014, with 56 per cent of those detained being under the age of 20.
The figures come as Scotland Yard’s top counter-terrorism officer warned there was a “massive threat on the streets of the UK” from jihadists who were returning from fighting with Islamic State and engaging in “barbaric” atrocities.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley added that police were “wrestling to tackle” the dangers of “complex, organised plots” as well as more “chaotic” fundamentalists whose aims are constantly changing.
The Evening Standard reports that Rowley also warned of a “startling” trend of vulnerable young people to be tempted by terrorism, often lured by “recruiters and marketeers” despite police efforts to crackdown on them.
He said: “I won’t discuss live intelligence but you see a continuing picture of individuals who want to travel to Syria and individuals who want to stay at home and commit terrorism acts.
“There are significant numbers of each. I can think of cases involving individuals wrestling with ‘shall we travel or shall we stay here and do something?’ It’s a very real choice for some of these characters and those are some of the cases that we are currently investigating and prosecuting.”
Speaking about those who decide to remain in the UK, Rowley added: “we have individuals inspired by the rhetoric and ideology who either on their own or in small groups are thinking of acting and can be chaotic and volatile in their behaviour.
“Their plans and ambitions change on an almost daily basis — part of the challenge for us. Counter-terrorism officers in London are working flat out.”
Over 110 terror suspects are currently awaiting trial, four in five of whom are British citizens.

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Post  Admin on Thu 14 May 2015, 9:32 pm

“ISIS Supporters Threaten a #LondonAttack,”  Breitbart, May 15, 2015

Whether there is or isn’t an actual attack, make no mistake, these threats are a form of terror, too. Considering how craven and cowardly the West has responded to Islamic imperialism and savagery, these threats are given even more power. The quivering kuffar…… - See more at:
 A week after a pair of “lone wolf” jihadis were killed in an aborted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, ISIS supporters are generating a wave of social media chatter under the hashtag #LondonAttack, promising a new wave of terrorist violence.
It is not clear if any of these threats are serious, or even what Islamic State’s fan club means when it speaks of a “London attack.” Some of the tweets harvested by Vocativ originate in the UK and talk about carrying out operations in the city of London proper, while others appear to use the memory of the London terrorist bombings in 2005 as generic imagery for mayhem in any large European or American city.

For example, one jihad enthusiast tweeted, “Brothers and sisters, if you are in Europe, stay away from police stations or government buildings,” and looped in the Twitter accounts for the American FBI and Department of Homeland Security.
Another #LondonAttack message sent on Monday warned of a specific and imminent attack on the Covent Garden district in London and warned Muslims to clear the area but, as of Tuesday evening, no such attack has occurred.
Some of these messages employ a second hashtag spun off from #LondonAttack, #QaribanQariba, which means “Coming soon.” Many of the posts include photographs of guns and bombs, including bombs packed with nails and ball bearings to inflict maximum carnage. Some contributors to the #LondonAttack thread are known to have disseminated ISIS propaganda in the past.
Vocativ reports Scotland Yard is “aware of the threats.” The UK Mirror adds that metropolitan police and MI5 are also monitoring #LondonAttack messages.
According to the Mirror, British government sources say “none” of the bomb threats against London targets have originated within the UK—many of them appear to emanate from Syria and Iraq. However, the threats are being taken seriously, and the United Kingdom’s terror threat level remains at “Severe.”
The Mirror also claims all of the accounts issuing threats have been suspended from Twitter
- See more at:

 BRITAIN NEWS AND ALERT's - Page 24 Anjem_Choludary_Rad_Cleric
BBC compares jihad preacher Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela -  
Freedom is dying in Britain, and the BBC is leading the charge to kill it. Real defenders of democracy and freedom are barred from the country, while jihad preacher Anjem Choudary is celebrated as a hero.
“BBC under fire after Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton ‘compares extremist preacher Anjem Choudary to Gandhi and Mandela,’” by Steph Cockroft, MailOnline, 14 May 2015:

The BBC is under fire after the Home Affairs Editor appeared to compare notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
Following a lengthy report on last night’s BBC News at Ten about Choudary’s ‘radicalising force’, Mark Easton appeared to question whether there were similarities between Britain’s most famous extremist and two of history’s greatest civil rights campaigners.
Referring to Theresa May’s pledge to clamp down on extremism, the journalist said that Gandhi and Mandela had both been ‘extremists’ and that extreme views ‘are sometimes needed to challenge very establish values’.

But outraged viewers slammed the comparison as ‘disgusting’ while experts said the ‘ludicrous’ comments could give credence to Choudary’s ‘complete rejection’ of democracy and tolerance.
After a ‘special report’ which gave further airtime to Choudary and his radical views, Mr Easton said: ‘It’s one thing to ban someone for inciting hatred or violence, but quite another to pass a law that silences anyone who challenges established values.

‘I was in Parliament Square today – a statue of Gandhi looking down at me who was jailed for being extremist; Mandela who was jailed for being an extremist.
‘History tells us that extreme views are sometimes needed to challenge a very established values that people at the time hold so dear.’
Adam Deen, founder and executive director of The Deen Institute, a Muslim debating forum and think-tank, said the journalist was trying to make the point that dissenting views are essential in a democracy.

But he said that Choudary’s views ‘completely reject’ democracy and tolerance – the very values by which Gandhi and Mandela’s views were inspired.
Mr Deen said: ‘I think the journalist’s point is underpinned by the view that dissenting views are important for a democracy and that these voices can highlight areas where a society may have gone wrong.
‘But the error is that he is assuming that Anjem is arguing in the same way or dissenting in the same way as the likes of Mandela or Gandhi, both of whom were dissenting with a backdrop of views that the establishment already held.
‘Unlike Mandela and Gandhi, Choudary completely rejects those values of democracy and tolerance which makes the comparison completely false.

‘Anjem rejects democracy, is very non-Muslim and is very much anti-western. So to regard Anjem as a legitimate dissenting voice – and to open up this topic, saying that “maybe we’ve got it wrong to clamp down on his organisation” – is absurd.’
Anjem is not “very non-Muslim.” He is very Muslim
But leave it to the clueless and ridiculous Daily Mail, which ran a series of anti-free speech articles after the jihad attack on our free speech event, to obfuscate that fact.

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Cameron's large electoral victory heralds further enhancing of Britain-Israel relations
Written by Henri Stein
Friday, 08 May 2015 14:59    

JERUSALEM/LONDON  (EJP)---Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has congratulated his British counterpart David Cameron on his "impressive victory" in Thursday's general election.
 Cameron’s Conservative Party garnered an effective parliamentary majority. "I look forward to working with you on shared goals of peace & prosperity," Netanyahu said in a tweet. Cameron had made clear during the election campaign his commitment to continuing his support for Israel. ‘’We look forward to the new government further enhancing the bilateral relationship,’’ said BICOM, a pro-Israel group in the UK. 
An opinion poll published by the Jewish Chronicle just before the election suggested that 69% of the Jewish community supports the Conservatives while just 22% would give the Labor Party their support. During the campaign, David Cameron has reminded Jewish voters how resolute he was last summer in supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, and how he would never “blow in the wind” when it came to Israel. He also promised extra money to protect Jewish sites in the country and emphasized his commitment to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive with a government donation to build a fitting combined Holocaust memorial and educational center. 
Around 300,000 Jews live in the UK.
 Ed Miliband, leader of the Labor, who is Jewish, resigned Friday after the bad result of his party in the election. Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats – who are persistent critics of Israel – also resigned for the same reason. 
George Galloway, a vehemently anti-Israel British politician has lost his seat in parliament. . The controversial MP for Bradford West has been vocal about his dislike for Israel and "Zionists".

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